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Author: Stefan Adams

I debunk ill-conceived theories such as chemtrails, flat earth, NWO, gangstalking / targeted individuals / mind control, and etc.

Bryan Tew Leaves Spain, Has Fit of “White Hot Rage”, Dislocates Shoulder

So Bryan decided Spain isn’t cool anymore and has left, much to the relief of the Spanish people.

He was supposed to make his way from Spain to France to Serbia but as is typical for Tew, he always does something stupid to get himself into trouble.

He claims the CIA has mind controlled him to lash out in rage. He doesn’t really give out much context but says he tried to swing his suitcase at someone he claimed to be a stalker and ended up dislocating his shoulder.

He’s currently stuck in Paris wearing an arm/shoulder cast that he says will have to stay on for three weeks.

Of course it’s everyone’s fault but his own. He didn’t want to swing that suitcase at an innocent person. The CIA corrupted his mind, convinced him that some random dude is a stalker, and pressed a button that made his arm swing impotently.

I don’t like to laugh at people’s misfortunes … but it’s Bryan and watching his life unfold is just a slow motion comedic disaster of his own making so I can’t help it.

Bryan Tew Spanish Refugee Shelter Adventures

New post since the comments section on the other one was getting long.

Bryan has left the shelter. Not really clear if his departure was voluntary:

His departure comes less than a day after he got in trouble for handling out religious tracts to other refugees. I’m not really one to impugn on his religious beliefs but I could see why it could cause problems in a refugee shelter that probably has a lot of Muslims and the staff are probably just wanting to keep everything peaceful.

I think it’s funny that he talks about “I went to law school” and claims to know the law, yet his legal education as far as I know did not cover the legal system of Spain so he’s full of shit in that regard.

Another reason why the shelter would want to be rid of him, apart from the fact that his claim to be a refugee is completely bogus, is the fact that he was living like a total pig in unsanitary conditions:

Bryan Tew Hospitalized

After about 4-5 days of no activity, Bryan has just posted a new update on Facebook indicating he was hospitalized with symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

He says his symptoms began around April 2. He did not mention anything about it until now and we can see videos from around that time forward where he’s interacting with people which is incredibly irresponsible on his part.

He claims that his test came back negative, which I find dumbfounding. He has either gotten over the virus by the time he was tested or that this is just an incredible coincidence that he has COVID-19-like symptoms that were caused by something else. Or he’s lying about it.

Adios, Hong Kong. Hello Madrid.

Been busy with life but had to stop by to share some updates.

Tew has been busy the last few days too. A lot has happened since then. His legs/feet are acting up again and he is claiming to be so crippled that he can barely move.

The theme for him right now is getting medical treatment. Doctors in Hong Kong are brushing him off, especially after he assaulted one of them (see below). So depending on the flavor of the day, he’s either off to Moscow, Beijing, Los Angeles, Quito, or whatever.

He’s booked but not taken several flights for various reasons; “they” blocked the ticket or “they” crippled him so badly that he can’t make the flight that particular day.

First it was Moscow through Beijing but that fell through.

I see that he then tried to book a ticket back to LAX but now he says he couldn’t make that one either.

A more recent post has him traveling to Quito, but apparently he’s only made it as far as Madrid:

Before finally leaving, he said an ATM “ate” his credit card. This was apparently the last straw as that credit card was the only form of payment he had in Hong Kong. He can’t buy anything without it!

Here’s a recap of events over the last several days:

He was laying on the floor of the airport and apparently given a deadline to get out of dodge or else. Not clear to me why he’s forced to lay on the floor when he has a wheelchair and crutches. Looks like he’s putting on a pity show to me.

He’s been in and out of the ER and airport clinic the past week. Apparently in the ER he was accused of assaulting medical personnel and thrown out. He denies it. The same accusation was made of him back in California last year. Seems to be a theme with him.

Here’s him being carted off to the airport clinic in the airport version of an ambulance:

More videos on his channel and crying on his Facebook page.

Bryan Tew tries to surrender to HK police, FBI

This is a repeat of what happened about this time last year when he was in San Diego and tried to get the FBI to arrest him. He confesses to committing disability fraud in the hope that he can resolve the supposed investigation against him that is behind all the “targeting” he experiences every day.

HK police weren’t particularly interested in his outrageous story after running his name through their database and seeing that he is not a wanted man.

Now Bryan wants to return to the USA via JFK airport to meet with the FBI although it’s far from clear if he’ll actually do it or if he’ll chicken out like the last time (he said he was attacked by “directed energy” at the door and had to be taken away by ambulance before he could meet with them).

Bryan, while I do believe you are guilty of exaggerating your physical injuries, I don’t think there is actually an active investigation against you right now.

The only person you need to surrender to is a psychiatrist who can actually help you with your mental troubles. The longer you play games and deny the reality of your situation means you will suffer longer. You need to accept that you lack a healthy mental state and are not capable of soundly judging your own situation.

Bryan Tew has confrontation in hostel, meltdown

So there was some quarrel between Bryan and the hostel management over the state of the toilet. Allegedly he was rude to the manager/owner and it resulted in another guest getting involved and threatening to clean Bryan’s clock. See the videos below.

I certainly wasn’t there and I can’t pretend to know what REALLY happened, nor can I condone violence (or threats thereof) but Bryan has a documented history of poor social behavior and outright lying that I will generally disbelieve anything he says.

Here’s an incident from several years ago in Costa Rica (see link and the response from the hotel owner). He has similar complaints about the state of the toilet but it turns out he was the one who got the toilet into that sorry state to begin with!

Bryan further complains that the Internet always stops working. Turns out Bryan was consuming pornographic material around little children which forced the management to turn off the WiFi. Bryan left that detail out in his review.

Although Bryan has never admitted to this specific incident, he has repeatedly accused the CIA of forcing him to touch his sexual organs and have orgasms so it is likely that the owner’s response is accurate.

Basically Bryan has no self-awareness regarding his own behaviors and insists that everyone else is the problem. The fact that he gets called out on his bad behavior and thrown out often to him is “proof” of a conspiracy against him, in his severely warped psyche.

In the “meltdown” video, he talks about how nothing is his fault and his difficulty in getting an outbound airline ticket. (the confrontation) (this is what I consider the “meltdown” video)

Bryan Tew in Cambodia

Bryan finally left Hong Kong, now he’s in Phnom Penh where he’s bitching and yelling about the same mind control delusions as usual. He’s only been here for a few days and already is talking about leaving to go *back* to Hong Kong so he can make it back to China.

Apparently he wants to try the asylum gambit in Beijing which is laughable. Unfortunately he’s stuck for a little while longer since he doesn’t know how to plan a trip or take a trip without a million pounds of luggage:

Since he’s stuck here for a while, he wants to make the best of it. He’s at some loud bar right now where the fun is happening.

Bryan claims he was sexually assaulted. I don’t think sexual assault is funny but I think his over the top reactions and obliviousness to his surroundings are.

He’s either in a gay bar and the waiter gave him a tug and he feels insecure about it or (much more likely) he’s in one of those “girly” bars common in South Asia where it’s socially acceptable for bar patrons to take the girls back to their rooms for fun stuff and one of the girls (rather than a “waiter”) simply did what is expected by westerners who visit those types of places.