Bryan Tew Relocates to New York & New Jersey

This is more of a recap than an update but the previous thread was getting long with updates, so it’s a good time to make a new one.

If you want the full update, please see the comments of the previous story, but these are the highlights:

Bryan misbehaved and got kicked out of the VA shelter in Los Angeles, so he booked a ticket to New York. For several weeks, Bryan was living out of a rental car he got at JFK Airport while he searched for a suitable used car to purchase.

The search took a while because car dealers couldn’t or didn’t want to sell a car to someone with out-of-state residency. This resulted in Bryan issuing bogus legal threats to car dealers (that went nowhere, obviously). Then Bryan gets in touch with a TI in Stewartsville, NJ who agrees to let Bryan use her address to claim residency.

Bryan purchases a 2006 Toyota 4Runner in New Jersey and he’s been living in the car since. He shifts between a parking lot in Valley Stream, NY (Long Island) next to a Dick’s Sporting Goods and Buffalo Wild Wings, and a Walmart / Costco parking lot in Teterboro, NJ as his actual spot to live.

Today Bryan purchases yet another laptop (a MacBook Air) that he says will be used to file more frivolous lawsuits. While Bryan is setting up that MacBook, he is driving his car around the parking lot and the police get called on him.

Bryan very deservedly receives a citation for driving around with a phone in his hand and a laptop in his lap.