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Month: July 2018

Bryan Tew allegedly threatens innocent bystander with violence

The two videos are related. Key word here is allegedly.

Normally I wouldn’t post something like this without more substantiation but Bryan has made threats multiple times on YouTube and Facebook that he would kill various people if he felt the need to. So what Bryan is being accused of sounds similar to what he has said in the past.

Again, I can’t substantiate the claim in this video, I’m just expressing my opinion based on his pattern of past behavior.

Bryan Tew absentmindedly puts $1000 laptop down and walks away

Why does a homeless man on Social Security need a $1000 laptop? Shouldn’t that money be spent on food, shelter, and medical needs instead? As opposed to buying a $200-$300 model that will work just as well.

The laptop supposedly contained “evidence” for a frivolous lawsuit that he is filing (either his lawsuit against the Ecuadorian government or his lawsuit against the federal/local government here in San Diego).


Daniel Boden, insane screaming TI with homicidal fantasies

I just discovered a TI named Daniel Boden of Somerset, PA. He is a screamer who is upset at law enforcement and local churches, to the point where he advocates for the murder and torture of the children of law enforcement officers and preachers. He believes they are responsible for the use of directed energy weapons to torture him.

For now I just present a selection of videos with no comment. I will definitely be adding this guy to my reading/watching list. (Note – This one has a Facebook content warning so it won’t embed here, you’ll have to click the link to view it after logging in to Facebook).

Bryan Tew talks about orgasms and mind control

Scientists discovered if you could hold the point where the person was about to have an orgasm but not have the orgasm, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind would lock together as one which is why forced orgasms are induced repetitively upon the mind control victim.

Taken from an insane Facebook rant about mind control and sex: