Kevin Christian Has Meltdown Over Me/Website

Bryan isn’t the only one having a meltdown over me, Kevin Christian had to have his own meltdown too. Claims I’m slandering him and that he could sue me.

Just for the record, everything I’ve posted or commented is based on his own videos, many of which he appears to be embarrassed about and has deleted. I do have his entire channel archived and may re-upload them later. If not videos then it’s based off of public police records and transcripts of 911 calls.

So yeah, good luck with any future lawsuit, it will simply cause all that material to be displayed in open court.

Additionally, I am not writing comments as “Kevin Christian” as he accuses me of. It’s entirely possible someone else wrote them but I have no idea if it’s him or someone else.

He denies past and present drug use and thinks the incident at the hotel (see previous thread) was some sort of police setup.

Note that I haven’t been talking about Kevin for the past month or two but he apparently missed the attention. Well here you go buddy!

Kevin Christian’s most recent stint in prison:

Kevin also deleted a video on his channel that shows him walking out of prison. I’ve re-uploaded the video to rebuff Kevin’s claim that he doesn’t have an extensive criminal record:

Bryan Tew Discovers My + Omni Eris’ YouTube Channel

He has a predictable response which is to label us and our content as created by a computer rather than a real person. He says some CIA agent wears a special helmet that feeds into the RNM Supercomputer to generate the videos on my channel. Apparently the graphics on Omni Eris’ channel are just too sophisticated for a human to have created too.

He proudly claims that “Well I must be doing something right” and “anyone who comes across as credible they need to target” (LOL). Bitch you aren’t credible, you’re just hilarious. Delusional narcissist.

Bryan, your #1 problem is that you make wild fantastic claims that have no supporting evidence. Where is your evidence that a CIA agent is wearing a special “brain to computer” helmet to create my videos? You just pulled that straight out of your shit-covered asshole.