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Kevin Christian a/k/a Targeted Individual and his relationship with meth

Thank you to Mr. Nayrb for providing these files to me.

This is about the TI Kevin Christian who also goes by “Targeted Individual” on YouTube and elsewhere. He is a resident of Jonesboro, GA and produces daily videos (usually several per day) detailing the disturbing hallucinations that he frequently experiences as well as the technological struggles he has with his phones and computers.

All of these troubles he blames on a household on a nearby street called Howard Circle. He frequently refers to them as the “Howard Circle Gangstalkers”. He believes that this household possesses sophisticated mind control technology that is used to beam voices into his head (or cause itching and/or pain sensations) and has the capability to hack all of his computers, phones, and etc.

Mr. Christian has an extensive record with law enforcement; he frequently calls law enforcement agencies to report this household for their supposed crimes against him and insists on his videos that he will have these people jailed. Of course it goes both ways – I have just learned that Kevin has a rap sheet for possession of meth, a substance which is known to cause the hallucinations and psychotic behavior that Kevin exhibits.

Kevin will not acknowledge or admit to his probable (opinion) drug use; he insists in harassing this innocent household and accusing them of bizarre crimes. He frequently names members of this household much to their distress.

Here is a gallery of images: (1) is a police report plus accompanying documents from his arrest at a Red Roof Inn and (2) is an incident report from what appears to be his house during one of his frivolous calls to the police


  1. Wet Nayrb

    Here’s a Kevin video that’s actually a little bit interesting, or at least the last minute or so is.

    Kevin finds a trail camera strapped to a tree. I’m guessing it has something to do with whatever’s hanging from those hooks, possibly bird feeders, but Kevin just snatches it without even trying to figure out what it’s used for.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, I saw that and his spiel about gangstalkers attacking his abdomen. Sure it wasn’t just some undercooked Taco Bell Kevin?

      I’m guessing it belongs to his landlord or maybe another resident (if that home is something like a duplex). Can’t imagine what it’s like to have to share a property with that dude.

      • Wet Nayrb

        I predict that Kevin will get a knock on the door in a day or two with someone asking about the location of a missing camera.

  2. Wet Nayrb

    Kevin claims this will be his last video.

    Kevin claims that he will either get his “remote neural monitoring” or else he will “die trying”, which is a little concerning considering that, even if he broke into Jack M.’s house, he’s probably not going to find any sci-fi synthetic telepathy devices.

      • Wet Nayrb

        As I expected, he lied (and he even starts off the next video by saying “I lied”).

        Kevin is too much of a narcissist to stop posting Youtube videos voluntarily.

  3. Martin Chrisk/Kevin Christian

    Y’all want to bring personal stuff into things. These files are fake and can be made up anywhere. JACK, Marcus!!! main hacker!!!!! Ricky Patron Y’all getting busted soon I have all the evidence on my devices and Stefan Adams you’re just a small cog in the engine of this perverted little game.
    I hope youre proud of what you do. Doing this sht to little kids too. Sick sick

  4. Martin Chrisk/Kevin Christian

    Omni eris a satirical in nature comedy channel you’re printing as gospel ???

    Couldn’t make that sh’t up

    What’s wrong you never covered me before. Am I getting near pmsl

    • Stefan Adams

      You couldn’t help but to make yourself known here. So I decided to check into you. What I found was disturbing so I had to dig deeper and start discussing what I had found.

      Your history with the courts and police are a matter of public record, despite your denials.

      The hallucinations you experience are well-known symptoms of meth abuse. Even if you’re not abusing drugs today, the damage to your brain may already be done but there are treatments available. You need to take the first step in getting treated.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Omni-Eris didn’t make up what’s in the public record, unless he’s also in control of the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department website where the arrest record can be verified.

  5. Martin Chrisk

    That ain’t even me Kevin Christian is my pen name a YouTube name you morons ?????
    That information is to fool idiots like you who will use anything whatsoever to divert attention away from wrongdoing and use of this technology. And you couldnt even get that right.

    A bit overkill to have a website dedicated to discrediting TIs lol… So if we’re nuts why so defensive? It’s the same MO all the time with you buffoons . DDD and all that ?

  6. Martin Chrisk/Kevin Christian

    I ain’t your bro..
    Anyone can print and doctor documents.
    Just like your little program.
    It’s all photo-fraud.. Fabricated bs
    And you use outlets such as these to discredit anyone speaking out about your torture program

    Yeah yeah yeah it’s always hallucinations isn’t it.
    You have to say that cos your paid to do so
    But the truth shall prevail eventually..

    And criminals such as you will be caught.

    What you seem to forget is one day they will turn on you. You know about it too (as much as you’d like to discredit the victims of the technology)
    But you know about it… And that’s enough in their eyes.
    Maybe you should think about that before you try and speak up/divert blame for these terrorists.

    • Stefan Adams

      You’re a really terrible liar. At least delete the videos off your channel that show you admitting to being arrested and walking out of jail if you’re going to play this game.

  7. Wet Nayrb

    “Gangstalkers” “destroyed” a “1.7 TB Micro SD card” that Kevin was using to backup files.

    Considering that the highest capacity MicroSDXC card that SanDisk sells only has a 1TB capacity either Kevin misstated the capacity or he’s got one of those scam fake high capacity Micro SD cards of the sort that permeate AliExpress and Wish but which also show up on Amazon where the real capacity is probably only 2GB but they’re able to make the computer detect it as whatever ridiculous capacity number they’re advertising it as and, if you even try to put more than 2GB onto it, it just goes straight back to the computer hard drive or SSD and can do serious damage to your computer. These scam cards also frequently include malware.

    Category5 Technology TV video about fake high capacity MicroSDXC cards:

    That video is from 2018 so the prices of legit 256GB cards have come down and the top end storage capacity of MicroSD cards has gone up but everything else besides price and capacity is still relevant.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Re-watching it, to be fair to Kevin, he did misstate it since he said “1.7TB” but the capacity listed on screen is only “1.07TB” so, given that 70GB is within the rounding off for simplicity’s sake range of what the actual capacity of a 1TB SanDisk MicroSDXC may be (dunno, I have no intention of ever buying a card that big when it’s more cost effective to buy many smaller cards), it may be a legitimate card (but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it’s not).

  8. Wet Nayrb

    Hey, I think Kevin is doing a Holly impression here.

    I’m half expecting to walk into the empty debriefing room on the Red Dwarf just for Holly Kevin on the screen to start informing me, “Everybody is dead, Dave.”

    • Wet Nayrb

      Just in case it’s not clear, I was saying it’s a Holly impression just because most of the video is Kevin’s face on a black void (very similar to how the ship’s computer’s avatar looks on Red Dwarf), not because he actually was doing an impression of the British actor Norman Lovett who was Holly for most of the series.

      I’ll see myself out.

  9. Wet Nayrb

    Here’s a pattern I notice with some Youtube replies, first half of comment logical (re: there’s probably no X-Men Cerebro-like device capable of reading anyone’s thoughts remotely, certainly not without some kind of physical direct neural interface), second half of comment not-so-logical (I don’t care one way or the other if someone is a Freemason or not but I don’t think they’re even close to being 90% of the population and even if there are some extremely small communities where the majority of adult males are Freemasons, so what?).

  10. Stefan Adams

    More distracted driving (looking at the camera vs. the road) and not wearing a seat belt (ding – ding – ding – ding) from meth boy:

    • Wet Nayrb

      Like Kevin, I wake up all of the time with gunk in my eyes, especially this time of year. I generally blame seasonal allergies caused by pollen (or the occasional cold) instead of a bunch of neighbors connected to an X-Men Cerebro device projecting electric broadcast people that act like tiny Warner Bros. Gremlins on my forehead making my eyes run with mucus but what do I know?

  11. Stefan Adams

    Today’s voices in Kevin’s head include drug users and drug dealers (meth was specifically mentioned) that he admits to having previously associated with in real life (that is, outside of just hearing their voices in his head).

  12. Stefan Adams

    Kevin doesn’t like it when “they” mention his history of meth use. His response? “They’re the ones using meth, not me!”

    He thinks his audience won’t bother to look up his easily searchable meth charges.

  13. Wet Nayrb

    Why does Kevin keep on giving us the case number for his nuisance reports to the police? (What was it that Chief Handler told us about the police acronym for people who submit obviously delusional complaints? Something like “EDP”, “Emotionally Disturbed Person”, I think it was.)

    I’m pretty sure they don’t make complaints and other information submitted to the police by citizens publicly searchable otherwise drug syndicates would have a field day looking to see who snitched on them.

  14. Stefan Adams

    Kevin Christian thinks They(tm) are writing letters onto his arm using “broadcasts”. He says you can see it. I don’t see anything other than a convicted meth user’s hairy arm.

    He also won’t tell us what he sees – if there are letters there then he should be able to spell them out for us. (clipped from a longer video)

    • Wet Nayrb

      Obviously it’s mainly pareidolia but sometimes you can see vague blocks that I think are JPG compression artifacts that are normally practically invisible unless you start screwing around with the levels the way he does.

      He also adds a bunch of garbage not in the original photos such as fake film scratches with the filters he piles on until he starts seeing what he wants to see.

  15. Stefan Adams

    Kevin thinks he knocked up some TI woman and that said woman is now hanging out with one of the voices in his head. Something like that, anyway.

    • Wet Nayrb

      If there actually is a “fan” of Kevin’s videos messing with Kevin in real life (i.e. the field camera strapped to the tree outside his house, parking on his driveway and honking their horn just so that he sees them giving him the finger, and leaving that baby hat on his car), assuming that it isn’t Kevin himself putting those things there, I think they should stop as you don’t want to give any air of plausibility to his otherwise delusional claims.

      • Wet Nayrb

        Ah, apparently the person who has been showing up outside Kevin’s house is the mother of the baby he quite likely fathered and for which he will have to pay child support assuming a paternity test comes out positive. (See 10:30 in the video where he says it’s the same car as the one he saw someone give him the finger from a few weeks ago although he talks about the baby before.)

  16. Stefan Adams

    Kevin says he is going to file a lawsuit in the morning of 7/6/2021 against Clayton County, GA for their failure to take his police reports against the various Howard Circle people seriously.

  17. Wet Nayrb

    Kevin is looking to file a warrant against Ricky P.

    Let’s look at the rules for filing a warrant in Clayton County.

    >The applicant must provide the full name, complete current address, complete date of birth,
    and a physical description of the person whose arrest is sought. If you file an application
    without this information, the Judge will deny your application. If you are missing any of this
    information, you need law enforcement assistance.

    Yeah, I suspect the “complete date of birth” and “physical description of the person whose arrest is sought” parts might be a little difficult to discern. Also, if there’s nobody by that name living at Jack’s house, I don’t think they’ll look for this totally-not-a-figment-of-anyone’s-imagination individual at any other address.

  18. Wet Nayrb

    Uhh, Kevin, that kitten looks so young that I think you need to buy some nutrient-dense kitten food (plus kitten formula), not adult cat food, and you need to serve it in small portions on a plate rather than just taking the lid off the can.

  19. Wet Nayrb

    Kevin, I honestly think that Robert Lackey is too pre-occupied with the current legal proceedings against him for assault and battery in Paulding County to have the time to go on Jack M’s (non-existent) X-Men Cerebro machine to harass you telepathically.

    I’m not sure if I should post the documents here since it’s about him and not you but you can search case number 21-CR-000529-P2 at to see the current litigation against Robert Lackey.

  20. Wet Nayrb

    Kevin’s now claiming that he’s never replied to this post and it’s you pretending to be him, which is quite a stretch.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah just saw that. Hilarious. I’ve actually gotten bored of Kevin the past several weeks but I guess he missed the attention.

      I’m just noticing that many of his videos have disappeared. Guess *that’s* not the attention he wants.

      As for the comments, I’m definitely not posting as him. It’s of course possible someone is impersonating him on here but I have no way of knowing for sure.

  21. john graham

    Re: pic 2, 3, 4 of the above 6 pics: who is MICHELLE NYIMA LEWISON [as declared in said 3 pics] and what do these docs / this person have to do with Kevin Christian?

    • Stefan Adams

      From the document in the 2nd pic, it appears she worked as a security guard at the Red Roof Inn where Kevin was staying when he had his psychotic outburst. I would guess she was the one to phone police.

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