Bryan Tew Still Thinks I’m a Supercomputer

It seems like Bryan does one of these videos every year or so now.

Bryan searches for his own name, finds mostly videos from my channel, gets upset, claims I’m “drowning out the truth” and posting this stuff to make him look crazy. Then he says I’m am “AI supercomputer” controlled by the “CIA contractors”.

Bryan, I make these videos because you ALREADY ARE crazy. My videos just highlight the craziness and add some comedy relief.

I mean if you’re doing livestreams where you’re playing with your penis or flopping around on the floor in third world countries, are people supposed to think you’re mentally sound?

Bryan’s ego is so big that the only people who could possibly find any fault in what he does are secret government agents with billions of dollars worth of budget and hundreds of employees (or contractors) on their payroll dedicated *just to making fun of him*.