Kevin Christian a/k/a Targeted Individual and his relationship with meth

Thank you to Mr. Nayrb for providing these files to me.

This is about the TI Kevin Christian who also goes by “Targeted Individual” on YouTube and elsewhere. He is a resident of Jonesboro, GA and produces daily videos (usually several per day) detailing the disturbing hallucinations that he frequently experiences as well as the technological struggles he has with his phones and computers.

All of these troubles he blames on a household on a nearby street called Howard Circle. He frequently refers to them as the “Howard Circle Gangstalkers”. He believes that this household possesses sophisticated mind control technology that is used to beam voices into his head (or cause itching and/or pain sensations) and has the capability to hack all of his computers, phones, and etc.

Mr. Christian has an extensive record with law enforcement; he frequently calls law enforcement agencies to report this household for their supposed crimes against him and insists on his videos that he will have these people jailed. Of course it goes both ways – I have just learned that Kevin has a rap sheet for possession of meth, a substance which is known to cause the hallucinations and psychotic behavior that Kevin exhibits.

Kevin will not acknowledge or admit to his probable (opinion) drug use; he insists in harassing this innocent household and accusing them of bizarre crimes. He frequently names members of this household much to their distress.

Here is a gallery of images: (1) is a police report plus accompanying documents from his arrest at a Red Roof Inn and (2) is an incident report from what appears to be his house during one of his frivolous calls to the police