Bryan Tew has confrontation in hostel, meltdown

So there was some quarrel between Bryan and the hostel management over the state of the toilet. Allegedly he was rude to the manager/owner and it resulted in another guest getting involved and threatening to clean Bryan’s clock. See the videos below.

I certainly wasn’t there and I can’t pretend to know what REALLY happened, nor can I condone violence (or threats thereof) but Bryan has a documented history of poor social behavior and outright lying that I will generally disbelieve anything he says.

Here’s an incident from several years ago in Costa Rica (see link and the response from the hotel owner). He has similar complaints about the state of the toilet but it turns out he was the one who got the toilet into that sorry state to begin with!

Bryan further complains that the Internet always stops working. Turns out Bryan was consuming pornographic material around little children which forced the management to turn off the WiFi. Bryan left that detail out in his review.

Although Bryan has never admitted to this specific incident, he has repeatedly accused the CIA of forcing him to touch his sexual organs and have orgasms so it is likely that the owner’s response is accurate.

Basically Bryan has no self-awareness regarding his own behaviors and insists that everyone else is the problem. The fact that he gets called out on his bad behavior and thrown out often to him is “proof” of a conspiracy against him, in his severely warped psyche.

In the “meltdown” video, he talks about how nothing is his fault and his difficulty in getting an outbound airline ticket. (the confrontation) (this is what I consider the “meltdown” video)