Bryan Tew threatens lawsuit against San Diego YMCA

Bryan Tew has sent a legal demand letter to the YMCA telling them to put a stop to all of the supposed stalking and harassment that is going on against him or else.

Think of it as a “thank you” for all of the free/low-cost community services that the YMCA of San Diego has provided, services that they don’t even have to provide (it’s a non-profit, non-gov’t entity), to Bryan Tew.

YMCA management, if you are reading this post, please understand that Bryan Tew is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder by a psychologist and suffers from paranoid delusions. While you have a noble mission, Bryan Tew has a criminal record of physical violence¬†and there will only be more drama if you allow him to stay. Talk to your lawyers but I would advise banning him from your property and having SDPD issue a “trespass warning” that makes it an arrestable offense for Bryan to return.

Michael J. Murphy allegedly trafficking stolen goods to fund meth habit

Michael J. MethheadMurphy continues to ramble on about his nonexistent inheritance while high on methamphetamines.

Nothing has really changed; he is still a street bum living behind the cleaners in Inglewood, CA and he has made no attempt to accept the free offers of drug rehab from his friends and family.

What’s new? Murphy is allegedly trafficking stolen goods on the “OfferUp” website (basically a fancier version of Craigslist). I say this simply because he’s a bum who has no job and no legitimate way to obtain these goods

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