Candy Grandpre’s Obsession With Star Bricker

(Guest Post by Star Bricker)

So. I have been told by Candy Grandpre that I am obsessed with her, stalk her, traffic her for sex, lust after her, worship Satan, sold my soul, get paid to do everything she thinks I “do to” her, exert my vast powers over the population of Pensacola, Florida to get her banned and/or fired, that I am mentally ill, that I am FBI or CIA with my powers of finding out where geographically she is, and all other types of bat-shit craziness.

Uh, no. Below is a list of 35 videos (including today), posted in the same period as I very much on purpose did NOT mention Candy online to anyone, anywhere for the same period. So, who is stalking who again, Candy? Who is obsessed with WHO? I watch your videos and read your writings. And comment back when you lie about me, or say something…..uh,…..not very bright. That is “views” and “visits,” isn’t that what you want? And I am 61, not 62 and am NOT dying of cancer. Just two more things you get wrong about me.

Wait, four things. I am not jealous of you in any way, shape or form and I really do think your writing sucks. Completely. I haven’t yet decided if it is sad or just reeks. Probably both.

VA CTRS Shelter Where Bryan Tew Was Staying Burned Down


Bryan posted a live video to his Facebook on the evening of 9/9 from inside of his pallet shelter. He made no mention of the fire that happened but it appears Bryan and his belongings are just fine, as well as his cabin.

Original post:

Thanks Sasha for the news tip.

This happened early in the morning of Friday 9/9. They say 15 of the ”pallet shelters” completely burned down and many others were damaged. Nobody is reported to be hurt.

They are blaming a battery charger but it is unclear which resident it might have been. No updates from Bryan as of the time of this posting, it is not yet known if his belongings burned.

I do want to mention, even though its not going to serve any helpful purpose now, that I noticed the smoke detector in Bryan’s cabin appeared to have been tampered with or otherwise damaged or somehow became detached.