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Bryan Tew Flees New York, Returns to San Diego / Open Thread

Quickie post, maybe I’ll expand later.

Bryan got into a lunch room fight at the homeless shelter with another bum and decided to leave a few days ago. He was briefly in Los Angeles but has since moved on to San Diego.

The last I saw of him, he was camping outside of the “Old Town Church” and later that morning, he went to the DMV to attempt a renewal of his California driver license. Does this mean he wants to get another vehicle (car and/or scooter as before) and possibly live out of the car? We’ll see how this unfolds.

(Note – Video embeds from Bryan’s Facebook page. The embeds will not appear if he has you blocked – use Incognito Mode accordingly)

Bryan Tew Returns to America / Open Thread

(Note: some of the embedded media is Facebook videos from Bryan’s Facebook page. If you’re blocked by Bryan, the embeds will not be shown. I recommend opening this post in an ”Incognito” mode window to bypass the block if you are blocked.)

Bryan’s adventures in Panama have come to a halt. He applied for asylum and even attended an interview, but claimed the translator was corrupting his testimony (no evidence provided) and decided to leave several days after the interview.

Bryan ends up taking a flight out of Panama back to New York City where he passes through immigration and returns to American life. For how long is not clear.

Here’s the adventure so far:

Bryan gets into an argument with police officers at JFK Airport. The officers have zero tolerance for Bryan’s bullshit and lies:

After being given the bum’s rush at JFK Airport, he ended up at a city-run veteran’s shelter:

Bryan left the veterans shelter after a day or less, apparently because he thought they were harvesting his DNA through the use of COVID testing, which makes no sense at all. DNA doesn’t change, so if they actually care to catalog his DNA, they need only take it from a single sample, not from countless continued samples taken on an ongoing basis.

Bryan Tew in Panama / Open Thread

Bryan Tew finally left Ecuador a few weeks ago and arrived in Panama after failing to find any cheap air tickets to Nicaragua.

Some highlights of the adventure so far (in no particular order) –

Bryan was unhappy with the clinic who performed his PCR test and belligerently demanded his money back. Security was called which Bryan suddenly says there was “no reason” for:

With absolutely no evidence whatsoever, Bryan proclaims that he is “surrounded” by Panamanian “special operations soldiers”:

Bryan has more bizarre sexual nightmares. This time involving fucking a woman that was “possessed”. I guess this is an improvement over the time he had a nightmare about dropping the soap in the locker room for the Georgia Bulldogs:

Bryan can’t seem to figure out how to reach Nicaragua. In several posts and videos he’s said that Nicaragua is unfriendly to the US and he would be able to get help there. Oddly enough that’s the same thing he said about Ecuador several years ago but we saw how far he got with his asylum claim.

Anyway, depending on which posts and videos you watch, he either didn’t get the PCR test results on time, or he slept through the bus departure time and didn’t make it to Nicaragua. Now he wants to try the asylum gambit in Panama:

Brain Damaged Meth Addict Kevin Christian Threatens To Sue Clayton County, GA For Not Taking His Butthole Zapping Complaints Seriously

Yeah, pretty much as the title says. Kevin Christian says since Clayton County won’t take his complaints that essentially match the symptoms of long-term drug abuse (such as methamphetamines, which he has a criminal record of possessing) seriously, he’s going to sue them and use the proceeds to fund his own “investigation”.

Bryan Tew Harasses, Assaults, & Batters Innocent Stranger in Ecuador, Calls Him “Informante”

According to Bryan’s own definition of assault and battery, he just committed assault and battery against this individual. Bryan provides no context other than to claim “high tech entrapment”, i.e. the CIA beamed thoughts into his mind to make him lash out.

“Assault is Deliberately placing another human being in the immediate fear for their personal safety.

Battery is the slightest touch in anger.”

Bryan Tew

Professional TI Beggar Candy Grandpre Discovers This Website

Is it time we have a Candy Grandpre thread? I think so. Candy won’t stop talking about me, despite me NEVER making a post about her on here. I don’t find her interesting – she’s just a paranoid vulgar professional beggar wanting attention. Well here’s your attention!

I don’t have a lot to say about her. She has a YouTube channel where she frequently posts about her adventures being homeless on the streets of Pensacola and accusing random innocent people of gangstalking her. The people who respond to her have no fucking clue what she’s rambling on about and deny the accusations which makes her in turn accuse the innocent victims of “gaslighting” her. Notice how these paranoid nutters always like to accuse people of gaslighting them?

She also has an ongoing feud with her twin sister Brandy, you can see Brandy’s frequent responses to Candy’s bullshit over on her channel here.

Here’s a video she posted today going over my posts accusing me of slander, lies, etc. Nothing I’ve posted is a lie. She also briefly weighs in on Kevin Christian’s butthole zapping.

(The stuff about tiwatch starts around 1m 40s)

Bryan Tew Departs Spain, Arrives in Quito, Ecuador

Bryan finally figured out that he wasn’t going to get asylum any time soon in Spain so he tucked tail and ran back to Ecuador.

He’s currently in Quito whining about how terrible Russian people are for not wanting to entertain his bogus claim for asylum:

Bryan is now claiming that the Ecuadorian Gov’t / CIA is running honey traps at him:

If you remember from a few years ago, Bryan engaged in the services of a prostitute but ended up arrested after the prostitute stole his cell phone and he caused property damage to the hotel he was staying at: