Candy-ass Candy Grandpre Harasses People, Police in Pensacola, FL

So the gist of this is that a group of outdoor partygoers decide to play some music in a parking lot near wherever Candy is hanging out and Candy decides to go interrupt them and tell them they’re not allowed to play music because of her alleged condition of “hyperacusis”.

They get fed up with Candy’s non-stop harassment and call the police, the police tell Candy that they are breaking no laws, Candy starts verbally abusing the police officers, calling them expletives, and etc.

The whole thing is very pathetic, Candy believes she is entitled to control other people in public spaces and throws a childish tantrum when she doesn’t get her way.

By the way, I’m sympathetic to the concerns about loud noises and loud music, but context is key. There are places and times of day where you are allowed to do that and places that you aren’t. Get your ass somewhere else if you want it to be quiet and stop being an entitled brat.

Bryan Tew Relocates to New York & New Jersey

This is more of a recap than an update but the previous thread was getting long with updates, so it’s a good time to make a new one.

If you want the full update, please see the comments of the previous story, but these are the highlights:

Bryan misbehaved and got kicked out of the VA shelter in Los Angeles, so he booked a ticket to New York. For several weeks, Bryan was living out of a rental car he got at JFK Airport while he searched for a suitable used car to purchase.

The search took a while because car dealers couldn’t or didn’t want to sell a car to someone with out-of-state residency. This resulted in Bryan issuing bogus legal threats to car dealers (that went nowhere, obviously). Then Bryan gets in touch with a TI in Stewartsville, NJ who agrees to let Bryan use her address to claim residency.

Bryan purchases a 2006 Toyota 4Runner in New Jersey and he’s been living in the car since. He shifts between a parking lot in Valley Stream, NY (Long Island) next to a Dick’s Sporting Goods and Buffalo Wild Wings, and a Walmart / Costco parking lot in Teterboro, NJ as his actual spot to live.

Today Bryan purchases yet another laptop (a MacBook Air) that he says will be used to file more frivolous lawsuits. While Bryan is setting up that MacBook, he is driving his car around the parking lot and the police get called on him.

Bryan very deservedly receives a citation for driving around with a phone in his hand and a laptop in his lap.

Bryan Tew Banned from VA CTRS Shelter

I commented about this on the previous post but it deserves to be mentioned in its own post.

Bryan says another veteran elbowed him, likely unintentionally, and Bryan responded by shoving him, cursing him out, and trying to get him to fight him:

Of course Bryan’s reaction is perfectly normal and totally reasonable. Unfortunately the VA does not see it that way and has chosen to eject Bryan from his ”pallet shelter” for violating the VA’s zero tolerance rule on violence:

Do I feel sorry for Bryan? No, he has acted out this way on numerous occasions over the years. It’s why Bryan is missing so many teeth and why his back/shoulder is messed up as badly as it is. He keeps starting fights, getting his ass kicked, and losing with no remorse.

Bryan is lucky that the other guy didn’t take a swing at him and knock out his remaining teeth. But what Bryan didn’t receive in physical injury he received in loss of shelter placement.

He hasn’t learned his lesson before and likely hasn’t learned it now. He blames everyone else but himself.

Bryan Tew’s Living Conditions in Los Angeles

Bryan often makes videos inside of his “pallet shelter” at the VA campus in Los Angeles. The camera will sometimes start with the forward facing camera for a fleeting moment before he switches it over to the selfie camera.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

What is the yellow substance in the bottle of coke? Is it, uh, piss?

What is up with the multiple bags of sugar (the pink ”C&H” sugar bags)? I assume it is for the coffee. How much fucking sugar do you take in your coffee? That’s not healthy. I mean I’m not the healthiest person in the world (I’m working on changing that) but one of those bags of sugar would last me like two years. I see three bags in this photo with one bag nearly empty. He has only had that coffee maker for like a month or two!

But I guess I shouldn’t expect any better from the dude who 24 hours after he supposedly was having congestive heart failure to go out to Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

Pills on the floor.

Stuff blocking the area that is clearly marked ”KEEP CLEAR”.

Candy Grandpre’s Obsession With Star Bricker

(Guest Post by Star Bricker)

So. I have been told by Candy Grandpre that I am obsessed with her, stalk her, traffic her for sex, lust after her, worship Satan, sold my soul, get paid to do everything she thinks I “do to” her, exert my vast powers over the population of Pensacola, Florida to get her banned and/or fired, that I am mentally ill, that I am FBI or CIA with my powers of finding out where geographically she is, and all other types of bat-shit craziness.

Uh, no. Below is a list of 35 videos (including today), posted in the same period as I very much on purpose did NOT mention Candy online to anyone, anywhere for the same period. So, who is stalking who again, Candy? Who is obsessed with WHO? I watch your videos and read your writings. And comment back when you lie about me, or say something…..uh,…..not very bright. That is “views” and “visits,” isn’t that what you want? And I am 61, not 62 and am NOT dying of cancer. Just two more things you get wrong about me.

Wait, four things. I am not jealous of you in any way, shape or form and I really do think your writing sucks. Completely. I haven’t yet decided if it is sad or just reeks. Probably both.