Candy Grandpre Writes Dumb Ebook, Melts Down Over Honest Reviews, Slanders Reviewers

Candy has another ebook out. It is supposed to be a cookbook based on the cover of the book, but many (most?) of the recipes are non-food related. One is a recipe for a “detox” bath and another is a “cure” for menstrual cramps, which I’m sure any person hankering for a tasty meal wants to hear about.

In the book is a diatribe about gangstalking, directed energy weapons, and a preemptive warning that people who might leave her bad reviews are actually sex and organ traffickers that you should ignore.

If you were hoping for wonderful food recipes from a Louisiana native, well, you’re going to be disappointed.

Another bizarre thing about this ebook is the heavy use of URLs. The reader is expected to read those links. The problem with this, apart from being tacky, is that eBook readers generally disable copy-and-paste, so good luck copying those links to a web browser. You might be able to click on them if you’re lucky. This would be rather annoying if you printed out pages hoping to have a hard copy of recipes only to see a URL on your paper printout.

And yes, true to the warning in her book, she does melt down about people who leave bad reviews. She made a video accusing one reviewer, Star Bricker, of being a “sex trafficker” without any evidence whatsoever. She said Star’s review was “fake”, despite Star’s review being a verified purchase!

There is another bad review and yeah, Candy Ass melts down over that too.

Drama Queen TIs

Sorry, not really a news post. Just a funny observation about how overly melodramatic TIs tend to be.

Saw several “I’m dying” posts today and started laughing. If you’re dying then call 911 / go to the hospital you lunatics!

Oh they are killing me! In fact they have been killing me for the last decade, this is an emergency!
What if I told you that nobody is “gang stalking” you and your problems are of your own doing? Your health isn’t great but you aren’t at death’s door you drama queen!
Bryan has been so “silenced” and “killled” that he was barely able to get this post out before they finally got to him. Lucky for Bryan he was able to get the same post out (or variations of it) about 500 other times over the past ten years. Any moment now Bryan will croak!

Candy Grandpre Bails From Pensacola, Moves to Cincinnati

Candy Grandpre says she has a “gangstalking emergency” and had to leave. She references being banned from so many places (for her bad behavior) and the locals becoming increasingly aware of her antics that she was becoming such a celebrity (in a negative way).

By the way, this video seems to be clipping / stuttering really badly.

I predict she will have the same luck in Cincinnati as she did in Pensacola, because the problem is not the city, the problem is her:

Bryan Tew’s Impaired & Distracted Driving

Bryan posted a video in the parking lot of what appears to be the Teterboro, NJ Costco parking lot, frantically stating that “they” almost caused an accident due to driving while sleep impaired.

It is also against the law in New Jersey to use a cell phone while driving, something Bryan already received a court summons for.

(Hmm, YOU are the one driving and YOU chose to drive while impaired!)

Edited 01/30 to add a second reckless driving video

On 1/30, Bryan posted this video from behind the wheel in Valley Stream, NY. He rants and raves about how the CIA is making him crave hamburgers from Checkers and peanut butter.