Candy Grandpre Arrested

Hey all, very belated happy new year to you all (except maybe Candy, who is the subject of this post).

Candy has had several run-ins with the police ever since coming to NOLA.

Most recently she was harassing some teenagers who called the Gretna, LA cops on her over the harassment she gave them for eating the wrong color cake. Now Candy was arrested by the Gretna PD for criminal mischief.

Like I said on YouTube, Candy’s status of being a homeless female has likely given her harassment and loitering a lot of deference from police departments everywhere she goes, but that finally came to a brief end and she is having to face some small measure of justice for her bullying and bad behavior in public.

Christmas Season 2023 Updates

Just want to have a fresh comment thread since it has been a couple of months.

Bryan’s life has been mostly uneventful, or at least he hasn’t obsessively documented his life as much as he used to.

This week Bryan suddenly appears in an arm sling with no explanation. It’s not clear if he was further injured or if doctors are telling him he needs to wear it until he gets surgery.

Bryan does not elaborate meaningfully but it appears he has surgery scheduled soon. Someone (hospital, VA, insurance, etc.) is paying for him to be put up in a hotel, which I am not opposed to, but Bryan is complaining that the hospital is “two hours away” and he says he cannot safely drive. I guess it is implied that the big bad “They” did this on purpose but it just sounds like bureaucratic incompetence to me.

If I were in that situation I would just ask them to pay for a cab or Uber if I couldn’t afford it myself.

Bryan had some kind of altercation at the New York Presbyterian Hospital on or around 12/11 where he claims he was physically assaulted by a nurse and had security called on him. I doubt this happened the way he tells it.

Candy is currently using the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport as her personal homeless shelter. For the most part, this is being tolerated other than the occasional security officer telling her she’s not allowed to sleep there.

I’m generally in favor of leaving homeless people alone if they’re not actively causing problems. However Candy is definitely causing problems. Candy thinks nobody else is allowed to charge their phones and that anyone who charges their phone in her vicinity is a satanist and a gangstalker. The idea that airports especially during holiday travel season can get busy is lost on her.

Bonus clip: Candy lies about her panhandling activities. She says she is polite and never gets rude to people; it’s always everyone else that is rude to her. This clip is followed up with another clip of Candy being rude and nasty to someone who doesn’t give her any money.

Candy Grandpre’s “hypersensitive ear condition” Magically Disappears in NOLA

Candy Grandpre’s stay in Pensacola only lasted a few weeks. She freaked out at her neighbors for wearing the wrong colors and playing music. Her “hypersensitive ear condition” was one of the reasons she gave for having to leave.

Now suddenly today in New Orleans, where she is living on the streets, she wakes up from her nap to some live jazz music that she characterized as being “nice”. She had NO complaints about the music and did not refer to the musicians as being “perps” or anything like that.

Candy Grandpre Returns to Pensacola / Tew Updates

After spending the last several months in low income / Section 8 housing in Bloomington, TX (an unincorporated town just outside of Victoria, TX), claiming that she needed to flee from the gangstalking and unjust bans from various establishments in Pensacola, FL, she has decided to return to Pensacola.

In Pensacola she did not have any housing apart from temporary stays in motel rooms from donations she received from her pity party audience. The rest of the time was on the street. Regardless of what I think about her personally and her behavior, I’m happy that she found a place to stay.

I would say that while Bloomington is obviously a very boring town compared to Pensacola, it was great that she had a roof over her head and the decreased amount of social interaction was to her benefit as it meant less episodes where she got into trouble with other people. (There were incidents in Bloomington caused by her paranoia, but they appear to have been fewer and far between as compared with Pensacola).

She is back in Pensacola in what appears to be a low-income housing community. Again, it’s great that she has found a place, but it’s not going well. The density of people appears to be higher, which means she’ll run into other people more often and hear their music and conversations more, to her detriment and annoyance.

As far as Bryan Tew goes, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. His Toyota is supposedly infested with bed bugs. Any new juicy Tew Tidbits will go into the comments.

Candy Grandpre Posts Racist Rant, Attempts to Dox Social Security Employee

Candy is very upset about her latest interaction with a Social Security Administration employee. Without any evidence, she accuses her of being an “illegal” and posts what she believes to be the employee’s LinkedIn profile.

I don’t have a lot to add here. It’s complete nonsense. She thinks the employee is “masonic” because the call came in at 33 minutes past the hour. Are businesses and government agencies supposed to completely stop working on the 33rd minute so as to avoid these accusations?

I reported the post for doxxing and harassment, though I have not found Google to be very responsive to these reports:

Candy has been ranting and raving like crazy the past few days. She is mentally unwell (more so than usual):