VA CTRS Shelter Where Bryan Tew Was Staying Burned Down


Bryan posted a live video to his Facebook on the evening of 9/9 from inside of his pallet shelter. He made no mention of the fire that happened but it appears Bryan and his belongings are just fine, as well as his cabin.

Original post:

Thanks Sasha for the news tip.

This happened early in the morning of Friday 9/9. They say 15 of the ”pallet shelters” completely burned down and many others were damaged. Nobody is reported to be hurt.

They are blaming a battery charger but it is unclear which resident it might have been. No updates from Bryan as of the time of this posting, it is not yet known if his belongings burned.

I do want to mention, even though its not going to serve any helpful purpose now, that I noticed the smoke detector in Bryan’s cabin appeared to have been tampered with or otherwise damaged or somehow became detached.

Deranged TI Stephen Marlow kills 4 in Ohio

Porter said he was aware of a TikTok video in which Marlow appeared to provide his explanation of the slayings, identifying himself as a “targeted individual” and claiming he was a victim of mind control.

In the video, Marlow said he was planning a “counterattack” and would “gladly die to expose this.”

So this guy kills an elderly couple as well as a mother and her young daughter because he believes they are somehow part of a conspiracy to mind control him. Never heard of him before.

The TI community will react in a predictable way to this – claiming that he was not responsible for his actions (it was mind control after all) or that he was an ”perp” sent out to make TIs look crazy / bad. TIs never do bad things because of their beliefs, according to the community.

Just documenting the dangerous cancer that is the community of untreated mentally ill people known as ”Targeted Individuals”.

Bryan Tew Leaves San Diego for Los Angeles

Other thread is getting large so thought I’d make a new one to reduce the clutter.

After being ejected from two facilities in San Diego (Veterans Village and Neil Good Day Center) for misbehavior, Bryan decides to leave San Diego for Los Angeles.

LA VA hooks Bryan up with shelter but things don’t appear to be going well: