Bryan Tew has falling out with attorney, lies to obtain controlled substances

Just a couple of quick updates. Bryan wants to leave Ecuador for China because of the usual psychotic nonsense.

He’s not happy with his attorney right now because he won’t help him get a new Chinese visa. He thinks it is a conspiracy to force him to fly to Hong Kong first where it will be easier for the spooks to do their spooky things to him.

He also says the attorney won’t even let him into his office; all of their discussions happen in their lobby. I can’t say I blame him. The firm probably has serious clients who would be put off by a smelly disheveled schizophrenic that thinks they are all stalkers.

Bryan admits to experiencing extreme anxiety today, probably related to the fact that he is planning to travel and thinks the CIA spooks are going to do things to him. So he goes to the clinic to get some benzodiazepines (Xanax or Valium are his preferred drugs of choice here). He admits to lying to the doctor to obtain the controlled substances which may be a crime.

He returns with an Rx for Ativan.