TI Roundup – 4/26

Bryan Tew’s Chase Bank account was closed. Banks are notoriously opaque when it comes to disclosing why they close accounts, but Bryan hasn’t posted any of the correspondence from Chase which makes me think he knows damn well what the reason is and it’s something he did wrong.

In the past Bryan has had garnishments, I think it is from delinquent taxes (in Ohio?), I suspect that might be what is happening here.

In normal circumstances when one gets “de-banked”, you are allowed to take your money out and take your business elsewhere. If Chase isn’t returning Bryan’s money, it’s either because they suspect fraud / crime / terrorism or because he has been garnished.

Candy’s court date for the trespassing / criminal mischief charge is on May 1. She doesn’t have any proper clothing to make herself appear presentable in court.

She also has swollen legs again. She definitely should get that seen by a doctor and get on an actual treatment plan, but she won’t. She falsely states that doctors refuse to see her (her own videos prove this is a lie).

All she wants is $600 so she can lie on her back for 20 hours a day in a hotel room.

Back to Bryan again. Y’all can correct me with the correct understanding of this bible verse, but Bryan just posted this video that *to me* is describing homosexual sexual intercourse:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feAuKQu_sII (embed not working on this one)

This comes recently after another video where Bryan describes himself as being “too drowsy” to visit the ER and instead forced to nod off and fantasize about his supposed stalkers running around naked at church. Followed by Bryan immediately talking about how he takes Propecia to tame his sex drive.