Bryan Tew in Cambodia

Bryan finally left Hong Kong, now he’s in Phnom Penh where he’s bitching and yelling about the same mind control delusions as usual. He’s only been here for a few days and already is talking about leaving to go *back* to Hong Kong so he can make it back to China.

Apparently he wants to try the asylum gambit in Beijing which is laughable. Unfortunately he’s stuck for a little while longer since he doesn’t know how to plan a trip or take a trip without a million pounds of luggage:

Since he’s stuck here for a while, he wants to make the best of it. He’s at some loud bar right now where the fun is happening.

Bryan claims he was sexually assaulted. I don’t think sexual assault is funny but I think his over the top reactions and obliviousness to his surroundings are.

He’s either in a gay bar and the waiter gave him a tug and he feels insecure about it or (much more likely) he’s in one of those “girly” bars common in South Asia where it’s socially acceptable for bar patrons to take the girls back to their rooms for fun stuff and one of the girls (rather than a “waiter”) simply did what is expected by westerners who visit those types of places.

Bryan Tew starts a fight in Hong Kong, decides to return back to Ecuador (or Moscow)

So it really depends on how you want to interpret Bryan’s story, but it sounds like to me that he refuses to watch where he is walking and constantly walks into people. He gets called out on his behavior and strikes the man, then gets punched.

Just imagine going into a crowded street in New York City but refusing to look around because you think that looking at people is somehow validating the mind control technology, and then end up walking into people because of it. That’s what it sounds like is happening. But somehow Bryan is the victim here, not the man who got run into and struck by Bryan.

That all said, it’s not 100% clear what his plans are. He started out saying he wanted to return to Ecuador to continue his frivolous asylum claim and where he may very well have pending criminal charges waiting for him (see my “Drunk and Disorderly” post):

I am also curious which attorney is handling his case now; he had a falling out with his previous attorney, Diego Corral, after he finally came to the realization that the rest of us did right away that he was just taking his money and giving him false promises.

Now he says he wants to file for asylum in Moscow, where he was previously denied asylum once before:

Edit: Now it seems he may be wanting to return to the United States. He’s sending mixed messages so take this all with a grain of salt. It’s probably all part of his plan to defeat mind control or whatever by being indecisive: