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Bryan Tew starts a fight in Hong Kong, decides to return back to Ecuador (or Moscow)

So it really depends on how you want to interpret Bryan’s story, but it sounds like to me that he refuses to watch where he is walking and constantly walks into people. He gets called out on his behavior and strikes the man, then gets punched.

Just imagine going into a crowded street in New York City but refusing to look around because you think that looking at people is somehow validating the mind control technology, and then end up walking into people because of it. That’s what it sounds like is happening. But somehow Bryan is the victim here, not the man who got run into and struck by Bryan.

That all said, it’s not 100% clear what his plans are. He started out saying he wanted to return to Ecuador to continue his frivolous asylum claim and where he may very well have pending criminal charges waiting for him (see my “Drunk and Disorderly” post):

I am also curious which attorney is handling his case now; he had a falling out with his previous attorney, Diego Corral, after he finally came to the realization that the rest of us did right away that he was just taking his money and giving him false promises.

Now he says he wants to file for asylum in Moscow, where he was previously denied asylum once before:

Edit: Now it seems he may be wanting to return to the United States. He’s sending mixed messages so take this all with a grain of salt. It’s probably all part of his plan to defeat mind control or whatever by being indecisive:


  1. Stefan Adams

    Bryan didn’t make his flight after purchasing the ticket. He’s still posting from a hostel in Hong Kong with no stated plan for leaving.

  2. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I think he is slipping fast. Must be the easier access to drugs. He doesn’t seem to know what to do, so is “stuck” repeating his former disastrous mistakes. He is bound to get into trouble, wherever he goes. He is now claiming his foot drop was retriggered by the (not so) violent attack, so he must be seeking drugs. He still doesn’t know where to clutch for heart pain, but is still capable enough to frame up his selfie videos, then publish onto YouTube and Facebook. He’s a living, breathing walking contraindication.

  3. AA

    Love how he needs to get to China for refuge, then says that China does not value human rights. That’s something everyone knows, that China doesn’t value human rights. So who in their right, sane mine, seeks asylum in China? He’s just so crazy. The drugs will eventually do him in or he’ll wind up in jail somewhere where our country won’t bother trying to get him out – and his badmouthing the US won’t help him on that front.

  4. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He can’t get another passport until August, when hs other passport expires. At least that is what he is saying. I would this this is true because of the sale of passports. Considering how much money he wastes on unused, non-refundable plane tickets, I wouldn’t be surprised at least one has been sold,by him to support both his delusions and drugs.
    Speaking of drugs, he is now claiming to triple his dose of sleep meds. That and a trip to a bar will kill him. If found before his brain gives up completely, he will end up in a psych ward as suicidal. And be forced to stay there for as long as they choose. Maybe he will get some help.

  5. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He is an absolute idiot. He thinks that 911, the US emergency phone number is going to work anywhere he goes on the globe. Nope. Each country seems to have it’s choice of number to use. In Hong Kong, that number is 999. He called the police, sounded like the looney he is and they tell him they can’t help him. He did the same thing the last time he was in Ecuador. They do not use 911 for emergencies, it’s a number for information. So his pleading for medical help is not going to work. Unless he is in the US. I am probably blocked on my regular FB account now, because I told him that little nugget of info there. But I have a sock puppet there, so can still follow along.
    He’s already been told he is not considered a refugee and Hong Kong won’t give him asylum. Now he is going to piss off the local police.
    He is the worst tourist in the world.

    • Stefan Adams

      He has a ticket to Beijing now and has another passport that expires in about a year (or he lied on the booking – in which case he’ll get refused at the airport). We’ll see if he makes it and what sort of antics he engages in.

      About the emergency numbers, I’m not 100% sure but I think if you try to dial “911” in another country from an American phone number, it will redirect to the correct emergency services line for that country. It may be dependent on the particular phone and such though. At least that’s what I’ve heard, I don’t have personal experience with that.

  6. Stefan Adams

    Bryan now claims to be taking Zopiclone at triple the recommended dosage. Zopiclone is an insomnia drug chemically similar to Lunesta (it’s not sold in the US).

    These types of drugs are only recommended for short-term treatment (two weeks or less). Tolerance to the drug can build up, causing it to become less effective over time, which is most certainly what Bryan is experiencing and causing him to increase the dose to offset that effect.

    The other problem is that he is also likely chemically dependent on the drug due to his long usage of it and increasing the dosage is only going to make it more difficult to stop taking. When he runs out, he’s going to experience even worse insomnia than he has now as well as much more anxiety and rapid heartbeat.

    It is also contraindicated for people who suffer sleep apnea, which I am certain Bryan suffers from being as overweight as he is.

    He’s playing a dangerous game with these drugs.

  7. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan’s in Cambodia now, allegedly on his way to Moscow and not just there because it’s easier to access drugs and/or sex in the highlands of Southeast Asia compared to Hong Kong.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Bryan has already gotten into a fight in Phnom Penh.

      If you read in-between the lines of what he’s saying, I think the other guy was probably a pickpocket but, inevitably, Bryan blames the American government.

      Also he’s going back to China (as in Hong Kong) already. Maybe illicit street drugs aren’t as easy to come by in Cambodia as I would have guessed, at least not in Phnom Penh.

      • Stefan Adams

        Could be the case. He’s had so many run-ins on the street that I just have a hard time giving him the benefit of the doubt anymore. He seems to get some sort of perverted sense of satisfaction out of getting his ass beaten just so he can show everyone what a victim he is.

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