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Bryan Tew thinks he is being attacked by a system from a video game

So Bryan made this long rambling post about the system that he thinks is tracking his every movement. It’s called CTOS 2.0.

For shits and giggles, I Googled this. It’s from a fucking video game. I don’t know if Bryan actually realizes this and just wanted to write some dystopian Sci-Fi fantasy for us to read or if he just read this somewhere else without knowing that it came from a fictional game while merging it with his other delusions.

Yeah Bryan, people mock you. ‘cuz you post insane shit that is easily disproven.


  1. AA

    I love how he references the “lifestyle” of the supposed gang stalkers. So, who is paying them? Or do they spend their days praying they’ll get a call to harass Bryan Tew – just for fun?

    Do they do this for free, Bryan? Or is there a payment system? How exactly does this logically work?

  2. Wet Nayrb

    Is he trying to fly back to Frankfurt?

    I guess his China asylum claim was rejected again… couldn’t even make it on to the mainland this time it would seem.

      • Wet Nayrb

        Oh, Bryan’s going to Laos, is he?

        I wonder if he’s going to indulge in a little Golden Triangle tripping of the narcotic variety?

        • Stefan Adams

          I want to make it clear that I have no convincing proof of this but I am beginning to think there is a LOT more than what meets the eye with Bryan.

          He keeps re-posting articles in which he complains about how the CIA is forcing him to view kiddie porn in his mind.

          When I see him post this stuff and know that he’s hanging out in places like Ecuador or Laos, it really doesn’t take much effort to put two and two together and just wonder what he is REALLY up to.

          Again, I can’t prove that he is doing anything like this, but when you have a guy who talks about how he is burning with lust and complains about mental images of child porn, all while spending LOTS of time in poor countries where people are often sexually exploited, it’s really hard to avoid these difficult questions.

          • Wet Nayrb

            I wasn’t going to accuse Bryan of that, not that I’m saying you’re not making an interesting point.

            I basically just assume it’ll be a lot easier for him to get drugs, specifically opium, in Laos compared to Hong Kong .

  3. AA

    He’s been quiet for a week, wonder what’s going on with him? I suppose he’s gotten the drugs he was after.

    • Wet Nayrb

      He’s still posting on his Facebook. He’s still in Hong Kong, I think he was supposed to fly out today or tomorrow to get to Laos if I remember correctly but nothing in his Facebook that he posted in the past few days seems to mention that he’s still planning on going.

      If he does travel to Laos after all, I’d expect his updates, even on Facebook, to be less frequent due to third world Internet infrastructure and maybe also drug binges in the Golden Triangle.

      • Ima Nonomus Tew

        Surely you mean the CIA/DIA/FBI/HLS/PDQ/OMG/FFS will censor him by hacking into his electronics making his ability to spam around the world all his delusional information that shows he is an expert on the stuff they do to him, but still unable to help himself, don’t you?

      • Stefan Adams

        Yeah, he’s still signing his posts from Hong Kong. He hasn’t explained why he couldn’t make it to Laos.

  4. Susan

    I’m very concerned about his posts regarding children.
    He’s trying to make a case that his lust for them is all a government plot and if he acts on it, it’s not his fault.
    I do think that at this point, the State Department need to round him up and stop the crazy globe trotting.

  5. Dave

    Unfortunately the fbi and govt wastes their time with people who are five feet and 70 lbs rather than actual nutjobs who clearly lose a threat to himself and all others, foreign and national governments. If you ever want the alphabet groups to find you in a ping of an instant Bryan all you have to do is openly threaten someone online bryan. Not that I recommend it. It’s so not.totally. Fun.

    • Stefan Adams

      Bryan has made “threats” before but they weren’t specific enough to get interest from the FBI or San Diego PD. One time he said the CIA was going to turn him into a mass shooter. I reported that to SDPD, they said they couldn’t do anything since it wasn’t specific enough. Another time he threatened to kill a random woman in Thailand. I also reported that, nothing happened. FBI never replied to my report.

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