Bryan Tew spends $1500 on gadgets and boner-killing drugs instead of actual medical treatment

From the comments of the previous article. A brief recap:

Bryan just purchased a $200 espresso machine (actual price may be higher depending on options and accessories).

(The obvious question is – how does he plan on lugging this machine around from country to country? I mean yeah, sure, he can check it into his luggage, but when you own like 3-4 cell phones, multiple tablet and laptop computers, and other gadgets, it starts to become a big chore to get from point A to point B as a homeless person, especially one that complains that both of his shoulders are damaged in addition to his spine.

And, as is plainly obvious, you can get your caffeine/coffee fix from something as simple as a shared coffee maker in your dorm, a coffee house, or even from instant coffee and hot water. Why this machine?)

Bryan just spent $600 on chemical castration drugs while whining that the Spanish government should have provided this medically unnecessary treatment to him for free. He’s getting tired of having boners that “force” him to masturbate to images of football players:

(and if you think I’m being unfair to Bryan, it’s Bryan who has made posts about homosexual fantasies involving football players and having “forced orgasms” while hanging out in notorious gay hookup spots in San Diego)

and Bryan spent $700 on an Apple Watch that he says is required for him to “function and survive”. Odd, I’m functioning and surviving without one. What a fucking douchebag!

(No offense to Apple Watch owners who aren’t crazy like Bryan, but c’mon, it’s hardly a necessity for a homeless person to have a fancy watch like this)

Then today, Bryan emails his attorneys and whines that he can’t afford medical care in Spain!

That’s right folks, Bryan will spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy coffee machine (here I am getting by with a $20 coffee machine from Walmart), $700 on a retarded watch for hipsters, and $600 on drugs to kill his boner (because he can’t confront his homosexuality honestly and openly).