Candy Grandpre Posts Racist Rant, Attempts to Dox Social Security Employee

Candy is very upset about her latest interaction with a Social Security Administration employee. Without any evidence, she accuses her of being an “illegal” and posts what she believes to be the employee’s LinkedIn profile.

I don’t have a lot to add here. It’s complete nonsense. She thinks the employee is “masonic” because the call came in at 33 minutes past the hour. Are businesses and government agencies supposed to completely stop working on the 33rd minute so as to avoid these accusations?

I reported the post for doxxing and harassment, though I have not found Google to be very responsive to these reports:

Candy has been ranting and raving like crazy the past few days. She is mentally unwell (more so than usual):

138 thoughts on “Candy Grandpre Posts Racist Rant, Attempts to Dox Social Security Employee”

  1. My faith in the system following the rules has taken a beating. I still think the program getting ready to pay her entire is unaware that she is technically no longer a resident of Pensacola, but once she is in, she is in.
    Somethings to note:
    Despite what she learned from the IRS and the SSA, she seems to be using only her SSDI for “income.” Which is dishonest, especially that she is needing to beg already, which means she will be begging all month long, making her income for next month her SSDI and all the donations. Will she? No.

    It is a given her neighbors will be enemies. They have had time to set up only gangstalkers all around her, neighbors, people passing through, anybody on the street, any workers in stores…everyone. And she has more access to people, because of the bus is available. I think the big questions are who is she going to alienate first, and how long before she flees again?
    But, this is something ahe has complained about without cause about people not being handicapped, but still having handicap plates or placards. I have one, yet still drive and walk anywhere. My physical signs are not apparent. The last time she was in Pensacola, she had a handicapped bus pass. A FAKE BUS PASS, because her handicapsmare not physical, because they haven’t been diagnosed by a doctor. So she is dishonest there, too.
    She has only her phone hot spot for internet. She likely would need a deposit to set up her place for internet, since she has no address before April Then she’ll have another bill. She thinks she can get an online job. With her skills, she needs to reconsider that. When people started working their jobs from home, many found they liked it and chose to remain at home. So there are lots of people, with more training and experience looking for online jobs. And all online employers will Google her, which is it’s own tell.
    Candy, one sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over, and expecting a different result. Pensacola, Cincinnati, Bloomington, Pensacola. Why and how were you expecting something different? You now have a roof over your head? You did in Bloomington. You are in the part of town you can afford, so why do you have any expectations of anything vut kids and neighbors with kids? You left everything you could not carry, much of it purchased with donations; how can you expect the same people who donated then to donate now?
    So now, she has a roof over her head, a bigger refrigerator and a range. And what she carried in one backpack. No bed, no free power, no free internet, shared walls, no job, nothing in the apartment to even sit on, and no way to get her stuff from the storage unit.
    Oh, but in her unit she has a crib mattress she dumpster dived after a flood years ago. She good! No chance that is mildewed, like some ofnher clothes were found to be, or bedbug infested, because she didn’t see any and she “sanitized” at one point. What she doesn’t know about bedbugs is staggering. My husband had to deal with them in the units he worked on. You don’t see them, that I’d what makes them so insidious. The only two,sure ways to be rid of them is to either heat up everything to over 120°F or freeze them with liquid nitrogen. Even being stored away for years without a meal doesn’t get rid of them.
    This is just Candy, Menace to Pensaxola and Her Own Self, Redux.
    I was going to say “2.0” but that requires changes and improvement over the original.

  2. Well, she is miserable.
    But she is always miserable.
    I figured she was in the same neighborhood as the Budget Inn. Why? She’s already seen a hearse. The Budget Inn is no more than four vlocks from THREE CEMETERIES. She will be perceiving “death threats” all the time.
    She has been in the place for one day.
    She already needs “as much help as she can get.”
    It is August 2nd. Her next check is 31 days away.

    • I figured she was in the same neighborhood as the Budget Inn. Why? She’s already seen a hearse. The Budget Inn is no more than four vlocks from THREE CEMETERIES.

      The Tom Thumb convenience store where she saw the hearse is near the “Area Housing Commission” office that she went to afterwards. I don’t think it’s that close to where she’s staying as I’m only seeing single family homes nearby, not rows of single storey apartments (which don’t look that bad from the outside either, if that’s “ghetto”, it’s a very tame ghetto compared to most larger cities).

  3. Yeah, she saw roaches, but the apartment is in Florida, where bugs, and reptiles are very common.
    She did say one really smart move, by not having a neighbor help her move for pay. My own Mom has a “helpful” neighbor, and it has turned into him needing money, so he finds something to do so they will pay him. I can easily see the same type of thing happening with her. She is obviously challenged, and would be taken advantage of. Or be pressured by fear, and she is afraid of everything.
    That she is so close to the the office, they probably have lists of furniture banks and thrift stores that will supply necessities for living. And food banks. And clinics for her teeth….when she gets Medicaid from Florida, having a broken or infected tooth qualifies as an emergency, and is covered. But that would mean her “natural cures” did not work, and she would be given and expected to take antibiotics.
    Candy, you have proof your way does not work. You still have warts , so you are not healing those. Your skin on your face? You need something for your skin condition. And your teeth need fixed, and could have been fixed when it happened. Growmup and take care of yourself. Neglecting yourself is more ammunition for Adult Social Services to take care of you.
    And since you are paying your won power bill, get used to a more moderate temperature setting for your AC, and likely whatever heating you will have. Those two things alone will eat power faster than you will be able to pay for it. And getting power turned off is more charges to turn it back on.
    Used Google for the date, as I do not have a working calender in my head. They said 31. Which is better than a calendar site, who,said 33. WTF ?

    • I just meant that it’s September, not August, which you accidentally wrote earlier, and September’s one day shorter, but I didn’t actually know which day in October that her next check is coming in so I stand semi-corrected.

  4. Oh, dear. If Candy sees this, it should give her pause the next time she moves according to her hopes and dreams and not researching if someplace is really going to be somewhere she wants to live, like her past moves.
    The apartments she is living in have a high major crime factor. Including shootings, because someone thought another person did something…..which is pretty much how she treats neighbors. Her videoing people and showing license numbers and watching everybody with a face that looks mad 100% of the time will not likely be welcome by the people there. She was very much hated for her weirdness and invasions, whether itmwas peeking out her door when she heard something or holding up her camera. She “charged at” someonenin Texas, which could have gotten her hurt; where she is now, that kind of thing could get her shot.
    She is so antisocial, expects people to live by her wants and “needs”, and can get confrontational. Not a good place for that combination of behaviors. If she doesn’t try to rein it in, she just might not be safe. Usually I doubt her when she says that, because she is sooooo paranoid, but here? I don’t think she can handle this situation. Question is will she learn from her mistakes and stay or flee back to the streets.
    Candy, you need tomgrow up and practice some self-control. Your behavior will not only be noticed, it will be seen as suspicious. That is bad. People will answer your paranoia with paranoia ABOUT you, and they might act. Especially when they realize you are challenged.
    I think this was a really bad move, that could have been avoided with information easily found online. You should have stayed in Texas. How and where will you panhandle for food?
    And because your rental is assisted by HUD, knowmthat they consider donations and gifts to be reportable income, so if you start fundraising for a living without reporting it, you can be evicted and banned from housing assistance for ten years. You need to be truthful. You need to adult up. You need to notify all the assistance you got in Texas, like food stamps and Medicaid that you are no longer in Texas. From what I read, the time is 10 days. First thing Tuesday, you need to contact them and cancel everything. If they aren’t and your card gets,recharged and you use it? Fraud. You also need to contact the SSA with your change of address, before they start thinking you are just avoiding them and cut your funds off completely. Like I said, you need to adult up.


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