Bryan Tew Has “Gay Panic”, Flees From Shelter, Demands Shelter Where He Won’t Be Tempted By Unclothed Men

Okay, this is just an update to something that happened three or so weeks ago.

Bryan’s surgeon won’t agree to operate on him until he finds some place to live besides his Toyota. Bryan says this is “MEDICAL COINTELPRO” but whatever. I’ll side with the doc on that determination.

So Bryan did get a place to stay in New Jersey but was there for like 24 hours or so before he ran away, because he was “harassed” by a nude man. No elaboration but it was serious enough that upon (presumably) seeing this man’s penis, he ran away as quickly as possible.

(Side note – Bryan did serve in the US Army. How did Bryan survive a sausage fest like the Army being surrounded by other men in various states of undress?)

Today, he’s emailing the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, rudely demanding private accommodations where there is zero chance of him encountering another man’s genitals.

His stated reasons are, of course, irrelevant. It’s because he saw a naked man and freaked out.

40 thoughts on “Bryan Tew Has “Gay Panic”, Flees From Shelter, Demands Shelter Where He Won’t Be Tempted By Unclothed Men”

  1. He is a piece of work. Implants are expensive and rarely covered by regular insurance. This includes both Medicaid and Medicare. It is considered a cosmetic procedure, therefore not necessary. If he has access to those kinds of funds, why does he sleep in his car? This is puzzling. A whole mouthful of implants would exceed the amount of money you can claim as a non-taxable gift. Heck, one jaw would exceed that.
    As for his fear of penises, no clue at all. Perhaps he trips someone’s gaydar. But really, communal living with a bunch of men means penises will be flopping all over the place. Unless someone is smacking him with one, he needs to chill out. Just like living with a bunch of girls. Tits are flopping around all the time. It’s part of life.

    • Probably something to do with Bryan being belligerent in every social situation he gets into. Not saying Bryan was dangerous, just that cops tend to overreact whenever someone gets mouthy.

      • Yeah if someone looking as disheveled as Bryan looks, babbling almost incoherently as Bryan babbles, and him going all belligerent anytime he has to talk to anyone, I would lock my doors and wait for the police, and tell the 911 operator that is what I was doing.
        To someone with no clue to any of his problems, ost of which are major, he would be down right terrifying.

  2. Bryan is complaining about the hospital cancelling future appointments because he missed three consecutive appointments for PT. He’s now threatening to go back to Los Angeles.

    I don’t personally care where Bryan ends up, but he’s not doing his treatment plan any good by moving back and forth between cities like this. It will probably set him back by many months and missing appointments will get you shitcanned by the provider no matter what city you’re in.

  3. Is Bryan still in the hospital?

    He posted some emergency room tweets yesterday and nothing since (as of around 5pm on July 4th). His usual pattern is that he posts from the emergency room but then, within 12 hours, is back to his normal “torture”-posting from his car in Teeterboro as though nothing has happened but that does not seem to be the case this time.

    • Most current update I can find was one from this morning where he records a conversation with the doctor in the hospital. I didn’t have a chance to listen (have company over for the 4th, not interested in explaining who Bryan is to them):


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      ? original sound – TargetedActivista3

      I kinda expect that they gave him some of the “good stuff” like Valium to calm him down.

      • Oh, right, I forgot that he’s also on TikTok now. I don’t understand why anyone over the age of about 25 posts on TikTok, it’s an utter garbage website and I especially hate how you can’t play a video and then listen to it while doing things in other tabs, at least not in Chrome. The video just pauses until you return back to the tab.

        Anyway, the video is the usual “Bryan sees a doctor, doctor gives sensible, educated opinion of a possible diagnosis, then Bryan starts his schizophrenic rambling while the very patient doctor smiles and nods” kind of hospital audio.

        • There’s a few other TIs on there. Candy is one of them. Bryan has also said he believes TikTok is a way to get his message in front of the Chinese government.

  4. Bryan had oral surgery at NYU a few days ago. Not clear exactly what procedure(s) he received. He has swelling in the face that he claims is an infection. He says doctors won’t prescribe him steroids for the swelling.

    Not a doctor obviously, but I’ve had surgery in my mouth before, they gave me some painkillers and recommended ice packs for the swelling, which was considered normal. I’m a bit skeptical of Bryan because I remember him trying to sue a church’s free medical clinic in San Diego because he had a bit of swelling when he had some dental work done there. He’s a big baby.

    Also, attaching a screenshot from the video here. He’s staying at the Veteran’s Haven shelter in New Jersey. Unsure if they relented and gave him a room with a private bathroom, or if Bryan just accepted the fact that he might have to see an occasional wiener other than his own once in a while.

    Anyway, in this screenshot, you can see an assortment of “stuff” he has laid out on his table, including a large package of sugar, an OJ container, a six pack of beer, some medicine, and what appears to be chlorhexidine mouthwash (available by Rx only – this is what I got after getting oral surgery myself).

    Anyway, I’m not negatively commenting on the beer simply because I drink myself and I don’t consider this in of itself evidence of alcoholism but I find it interesting because this is the first time I’ve seen Bryan in possession of alcohol.

    We’ve only heard about Bryan drinking from third parties who left comments here, and from Bryan himself when he admitted to some bad behavior in Ecuador with a prostitute that one time.

    (Oh, as a final comment, there’s actually only a single beer visible in this photo. You can see the entire six pack if you watch the video. This was the clearest still I could get so that’s why I used this one.)

        • I recognized the white-text-on-red-diamond Stewart’s logo immediately even if it was too fuzzy to read. It’s not the cream soda brand I usually buy but it’s still really good if you prefer the refreshing premium cream soda taste over the cheap cream sodas that are way too oversweet.

    • Bryan is in the hospital again. He’s complaining that his nurse is a perp because she keeps feeding him Tylenol every four hours.

      I guess his actual complaint is that it is disturbing his already erratic and poor sleep habits but presumably the Tylenol is actually supposed to help with his post-op pain.

      Well Bryan, do you want treatment or do you want to whine about being treated?


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  5. The TI folk hero, Robert Duncan, who is often erroneously referred to as a “Dr” and proclaimed as one of the inventors of mind control technology and as a CIA turncoat says his Facebook account was hacked by people from “Islamabad, Nigeria”. Only problem is there is no Islamabad in Nigeria. Islamabad is a city in Pakistan.

    • There will be no computing freedom until the silicon trojans embedded in all US designed CPUs are removed. If you want freedom, you will have to ensure that no unseen radiation is enabling remote control of your devices. Ask me anything about BadBIOS and hardware trojans.

  6. Bryan gets rude and uppity with the staff at the Veteran’s Shelter in NJ; slams the door when they go to talk to him.

    Bryan claims that the staff over there found out about his social media and he is apparently extremely unhappy about that.

    I’m not sure why he accuses the staff of being “rude” for merely discovering his social media. Bryan goes out of his way to spam / broadcast his (mis)adventures off to the whole world with no privacy settings, what does he expect? Everyone but the people who are there to help him (doctors, social workers, etc.) can see it?

  7. Sounds like Robert Duncan wants to get on the “V2K jammer” grift. Says he is developing a machine that will block mind control / V2K.

    There are countless devices like this already for sale. Of course none of them work because the hallucinations are not caused by external influences that can be blocked.

    Duncan is respected by a lot of TIs so I guess now is a chance for him to make a few more bucks off of mentally ill people looking for a solution other than psychiatric treatment.

    • He’s already tempering expectations about his device, stating it won’t work on all TIs. So if you buy this and it doesn’t do anything, well, it’s not his fault, he warned you, and you can expect to pay big bucks for it.

      Of course he won’t state WHAT it is or the theory of its operation. We can’t have a community of open-source hardware hackers contributing to this nor can we have it studied by actual scientists. Because after all, if mind control / V2K is real, we certainly wouldn’t want academics getting access to any information that would prove that conclusively.

      If he’s actually waiting for FDA approval, well, that’s not going to happen. The FDA isn’t going to approve a treatment unless it can be shown to be safe and effective. While I’m sure the gizmo will be perfectly safe (it likely won’t do anything at all other than maybe light up), it won’t be effective beyond the placebo effect. None of the other “V2K” gadgets out there have FDA approval.

      If this were actually real (it’s obviously not) all he need to do is just explain the theory of operation and publish schematics. The FCC and FDA would have no jurisdiction over someone publishing plans. But it’s not about helping people, it’s about the grift. He wants the cash by selling a solution that only he has.

  8. Bryan repeatedly claims that his hearing is “severely damaged” and has difficulty understanding the lyrics of music but today has no problem understanding the lyrics of music played at Powerhouse Gym in Saddlebrook, NJ in which “I’m fucked up and drinking with Jesus” was heard playing.

    I don’t have an opinion about the music itself, just thinking that people with delicate sensibilities may not be the target audience for this particular gym.

    Complaint letter attached.

  9. He is such a panty waist! To be that offended by things you have to look for those things. Just like Candy, who knows about, or says she knows about, Satanic ritual high days and selling your soul. I don’t believe any of that is real.
    Just another facet of the TI mindfck. And like Bryan, the fckery is self-administered.
    I have always thought Candy uses food and her imagination I n instead of sex. Who else can will themselves to have an*l orgasms?

  10. According to Bryan’s Facebook, Bryan is back to his old tricks and resorting to crank calling 911 for attention. No other information.

    • For the past week or two, Bryan has also been using what appears to be Whatsapp to contact many foreign-based lawyers with what appears to be no success in actually retaining one.

      Not sure what he plans to do, but one would think that after spending many thousands in Ecuador with Diego Corral with no results he would have learned his lesson. But he hasn’t and probably never will.

      Chances of successfully applying for asylum in any foreign country is about zero. Ecuador didn’t buy your story. Russia didn’t buy your story. Iran didn’t buy your story. You even praised the Iranian regime but didn’t have the stones to even go over there as a tourist.

      You owe a hospital in China thousands of dollars after committing insurance fraud. If you make it to China, you might have an exit ban slapped on you until you pay your bill. Look up “China exit ban” on Google and see for yourself. China has been doing this to people who have unsettled legal matters, including foreigners. China isn’t going to roll out the red carpet for you – they most certainly don’t believe your story and aren’t in the business of admitting refugees beyond whatever limited UN obligations they might have.

      Nobody outside of the fringe TI community believes you are being afflicted by secret government technology. Your lawsuits have ALL failed.

      • Funny interaction with this particular attorney. Bryan contacts attorney, attorney asks Bryan if he can pay him for any services he may offer which is a reasonable question. Bryan freaks out calls him a “government patsy” and blocks him.

        Hey Bryan, you’re the one who reached out. He could care less if you block him. He’s going to spend his time and energy on clients that either have winnable cases or are willing to pay them.

        For reference, this is a video Bryan made a couple of years ago to prospective attorneys saying that he wants their services on contingency. He seriously thinks he has a winnable case, or at least he wants his attorneys to believe that.

  11. Bryan Tew annoys a lawyer in (I think) Hong Kong by spamming medical records in chat.
    Lawyer asks if Bryan can pay legal fees.
    Bryan calls him an “agent provocateur patsie” and rage blocks him.

    I’m not sure how to interpret this. Is the lawyer just asking to be paid in advance if Bryan wants him to examine the medical records or is this a lawyer whose services Bryan has already used with whom Bryan still has existing unpaid fees?

  12. Minor Tew updates..

    Bryan appears to have retained a lawyer, Russian I think.

    Again I have no idea what he wants to accomplish. But he and the lawyer have been chatting the past few weeks with Bryan complaining that he’s been too drowsy to compile all the information he wants to send.

    Bryan still doesn’t have any housing and his doctor isn’t budging on the requirement for him to live somewhere else other than the back of his Toyota. So his medical situation is making no progress.

    Bryan tried to get housing help from the VA in New Jersey (I think) but apparently the VA has some flag on his record that requires him to have a psych exam before any social services are rendered to him. Bryan is deathly afraid of shrinks and won’t talk to one, and having told off the staff at the NJ state-run shelter (when he came back the second time after his homophobic freakout), he doesn’t seem to have anywhere to go unless he wants to go into a city-run shelter like in NYC or something.

    Also, Bryan has some sort of freakout at a Wendy’s drive thru a couple days ago.

    • Also, I just wanted to mention this as a bit of trivia. Donald Trump’s latest criminal indictment is in the DC District Court. He has been assigned to judge Tanya Chutkan. Chutkan is the same judge that oversaw Bryan’s frivolous failed lawsuit against Spain (the country) back in 2021.

      • So there is some reason to give her respect.
        While I’m not a lawyer, I have read the Constitution many times , with understanding, and am a Conservative. I think there a few problems with the case, and that it will, eventually not pass muster.
        And I have a reason to believe that, since it has been suggested that a new power needs to be given the POTUS to overturn SCOTUS if they rule in a way which the POTUS does not agree with. THAT is a unconstitutional shift of power. Any power who suggests or likes that is scary. And those that do, seem to not like Trump.
        As a person, I do not like Trump, even a little. But I just paid over $5 for a loaf of toasting bread that was “expensive” at about $3 before the Biden administration. And gasoline prices? Yeah, day-to-day expenses were better with Trump. That is what affects me the most.

    • Bryan appears to have retained a lawyer, Russian I think.

      It’s bound to happen occasionally, a random foreign lawyer gets contacted by an American and has visions of a big payoff for him coming down the line, probably unaware that Bryan lives in his car.

  13. Bryan is complaining about bed bugs in his Toyota. Bryan is clueless how they got there.

    My car has been infested with bed bugs for days but I didn’t bring anything into the vehicle. 1630 hrs Aug 12 2023

    • On the topic of the lifestyles of the homeless and mentally ill, Bryan has a TikTok video where he records a Buick that is parked near his Toyota. The Buick is in disrepair, full of junk, and has a registration sticker that is way out of date.

      Bryan uses this Buick and its owner as an example of how gangstalking isn’t an occupation but rather a lifestyle, implying that gangstalkers are filthy and homeless (and poor, I guess).

      Bryan doesn’t explain how this guy is a gangstalker and from how Bryan describes the condition of his vehicle, I assume he was parked there long before Bryan. So someone else can be a gangstalker even if they were there first!

      Bryan says all of this but is apparently unaware that his Toyota is a beater, full of bed bugs, discarded food containers, piss jugs, and occupied by a homless man who showers but maybe once a week and changes his clothes with about the same frequency. Does that make Bryan a gangstalker too?

      The owner isn’t present but Bryan claims to have seen him eating at the local Panera in Teterboro.


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  14. Bryan says he is headed to Boston to seek shelter since I guess he’s burned bridges with the veterans shelters in New York and New Jersey. I assume he’s going to find something set up by local authorities since he’s nationally flagged as requiring pysch screening by the VA.

    But he’s having car trouble. His transmission is “locking up” and smoke is coming out of the vents – all the fault of gangstalkers of course. It wouldn’t be because he bought a 20 year old beater from a sketchy small town car lot.

  15. I don’t know if this is new footage but I haven’t seen it before.

    Bryan shows up at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan that had been trying to call him but, for whatever reason, when he tries calling back, the calls won’t go through and he has a situation with security where it seems that they won’t let him through without an appointment even if it’s just to speak to someone at the front desk. Personally, I’ve never had to go through a security checkpoint like that just to get to a front desk at a hospital but I’ve never been to a hospital in New York City where I suppose that could be the norm? I’m not sure what’s going on and I have a feeling there’s more to this than he’s showing. He does see a doctor at the end, unless that’s old footage?

    Unrelated to his hospital woes, according to his Twitter (I refuse to call it X), Bryan’s been trying to sign up for Turo, the car sharing service. Is he trying to rent out his Toyota for some extra cash?

    • I forgot about the smoke coming out of the vents. Bryan signing up for Turo probably means that the 4Runner has gone to the SUV version of Pickup Truck Heaven.

      • He was complaining about bed bugs too and bought some kind of poisons from a “DIY Pest Control” website.

        I don’t know what the mechanical status of his car is. Seemed like it was still drivable but he was vague on the details. Given how old it is, the sketchy place he bought it, and the number of times he’s been hit, nothing is surprising.


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