Bryan Tew Posts Concerning Video Showing Distracted & Impaired Driving

This is becoming a common theme for Bryan: admitting that he is severely impaired due to lack of sleep while driving around erratically with a camera/phone in his hand.

He comes very close to some pedestrians while he is distracted and gets honked at.

I’m trying to get this video in the hands of Moonachie Police, MPD covers Teterboro where this took place (Walmart parking lot).

45 thoughts on “Bryan Tew Posts Concerning Video Showing Distracted & Impaired Driving”

  1. Bryan has a new post up on Twitter, it’s w/r/t his passport. I guess they want his old expired passport back before they’ll give him a new one. This is also probably one reason why he didn’t leave for that flight at the end of May like he was supposed to. (Why didn’t he take care of his passport long before then?)

    He left his most recent passport in a storage unit somewhere in San Diego and he doesn’t want to go back for it.

    He filled out (and posted a copy of) an affidavit explaining what happened to it. He stated that vague threats of “violence” prevents him from returning to retrieve it. Not sure what that means exactly. With Bryan, time tends to blur so I forget details. It might be referring to that storage unit that kicked him out for trying to live inside his unit. Good chance that they threw out the contents already if that’s what happened.

    They’re also asking him how many times he lost his passport which he simply replies with a question mark “?”. I laughed. I doubt they will be giving him a 10-year passport since he repeatedly fails to demonstrate that he can hold on to his passports for any length of time.

    I would link the post in question here but I would prefer not to since it contains his social security and other details that Bryan did not care to blur out. You know where to find his Twitter I’m sure.

  2. Bryan has some kind of incident at the gym. Police were called.

    There is a “Just Press Record” audio recording that is a bit gross. There is some kind of issue with the gym staff, followed by Bryan recording himself taking a piss and flushing, followed by Bryan coming out of the restroom and berating the staff.

  3. Bryan has another fender bender in the Teterboro, NJ Walmart parking lot. I’ve lost count how many accidents he’s been involved with.

    At some point you’d think Walmart and the local authorities would notice it’s the same guy getting into fender benders every other week and trespass this guy off their property.

    Bryan blames his “sleep deprivation” in the title but in the video he blames the other driver. Bryan can’t get his story straight.

    • How can he possibly pay auto insurance? Surely by now someone has checked him for what is legally needed to drive. If he doesn’t have insurance any state will pull his license. If he has insurance, it must be both crap coverage and expensive. And he would be paranoid enough to report any accidents he has, but aurely he is not hit and skipping everywhere, is he? Someone should have reported to his insurance provider.
      He’s a menace. I just hope he doesn’t hurt or kill someone.

      • Need to dig through older posts but I do believe he has insurance. He posted the policy page, I seem to remember it being Progressive but not 100% sure.

        I remember this because he told insurance his garaging address was that TI woman’s home in Stewartsville, NJ. If you remember, late 2022 and early 2023 was when he was trying to buy cars. Dealers weren’t wanting to sell to him because he was a non-resident (still had his California driver’s license at the time). Either Bryan or that lady (sorry, I am having a brain fart and don’t recall her name ATM) came up with the idea of using her home address as Bryan’s residence so he could apply for New Jersey residency and get a DL.

        He definitely does not garage his vehicle there. She just allows Bryan to use her home as an address to claim residency and receive mail.

        The garaging address is insurance fraud, though it’s not like big time insurance fraud, he’s likely just getting a cheaper rate claiming to garage in a small NJ town in the countryside vs. a busy suburb like Teterboro.


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