Candy Grandpre Returns to Pensacola / Tew Updates

After spending the last several months in low income / Section 8 housing in Bloomington, TX (an unincorporated town just outside of Victoria, TX), claiming that she needed to flee from the gangstalking and unjust bans from various establishments in Pensacola, FL, she has decided to return to Pensacola.

In Pensacola she did not have any housing apart from temporary stays in motel rooms from donations she received from her pity party audience. The rest of the time was on the street. Regardless of what I think about her personally and her behavior, I’m happy that she found a place to stay.

I would say that while Bloomington is obviously a very boring town compared to Pensacola, it was great that she had a roof over her head and the decreased amount of social interaction was to her benefit as it meant less episodes where she got into trouble with other people. (There were incidents in Bloomington caused by her paranoia, but they appear to have been fewer and far between as compared with Pensacola).

She is back in Pensacola in what appears to be a low-income housing community. Again, it’s great that she has found a place, but it’s not going well. The density of people appears to be higher, which means she’ll run into other people more often and hear their music and conversations more, to her detriment and annoyance.

As far as Bryan Tew goes, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. His Toyota is supposedly infested with bed bugs. Any new juicy Tew Tidbits will go into the comments.

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  1. Wow. Candy’s latest blog should be present in any meeting or discussion about her. She disrespects everyone, neighbors, police, the housing authority….why would they do anything to help her? And the cop even mentioned about working within her limitations. This is usually a doctor’s report, which she will not have. But her inappropriate behavior of late will be noticed. I included a link to both her YouTube channel and her blog when I reported her to Adult Protective Services. Because she makes it a point to not tell anyone but those who are like-minded (aka batshit crazy) and the entire world through her social media presence, it should not be that hard to find the problem. If they do something, it will be protect the rest of the community and get her out of there without first being treated and assessed. Because it is the reason she gets SSDI, her mental health should be treated. She is not getting better, she is getting weirder and more nasty. And her lack of respect for anyone? Not the kind of thing that people will want in their community.
    Heck, why call the police if you are just going to turn around and disrespect them, call them names, and show how intolerant and ignorant she really is. They need to know about her paranoid delusions. Without treatment, she will only get worse. And she will piss off the wrong person. It’s happened before in the same community.
    In my letter to APS, I pointed out her videos about her neighbors would piss off Mother Theresa. I was thinking about where she would be able to live, and realized that even Trappist monastery no longer is totally silent, there would be bells calling them to prayers, and they, being Catholic, would not pass Candy’s idea of Christian.
    But Candy, disrespecting people the way that you do, making up lies and stories about people, calling them childish potty-mouth names, invading their privacy, telling lies about just what your disability actually is, and being an all-round narcississtic total bitch are not Christian ideals, either. If you think you are right, you need to find Jesus all over again.

  2. Candy is officially back homeless again, which is probably the fault of everyone else except Candy Grandpre.

    All she had to do was to get a proper pair of noise-cancelling over-the-ear headphones (those earbuds are obviously not enough) to deal with the music and to stop thinking innocuous things are gangstalker/Freemason/Satanist/human trafficker signals and she’d still have a home.

    • I am awaiting the announcement that I was the instigator. While I was wondering how and if I could do something, nothing will stop her behavior and she will never admit that. She is the one who trashed her cabin, made herself a nuisance in the new place, alienated her entire community, make videos and comments about strangers, passive-aggressive beg for things, refuse to try to make a good try, blame everyone else for her problems, eat out or get delivery, become exhausted while doing absolutely nothing, say Star Bricker did it….it is her choice to be what she has become.
      Yeah, Candy, you are your own worst enemy. You did this by yourself because you have no self control. While I know you tried to reconnect in a vocational program, once it was started and you needed to be reassessed, you would quit. You’ve done it before, and you’ll do it again. You need treatment, and counseling. And someone to help you make better decisions. You got through college, with people keeping you on track. Then you went rogue, and haven’t had a stable life since. You need to change, or what happened here will happen again. Stop wasting your life.

      • I get the feeling that Candy would rather be homeless than just learn to put up with admittedly somewhat obnoxious neighbors (specifically, the next door neighbor seems to be an obnoxious person; I don’t think that family that was dancing like 100 yards away in a different block was a problem).

        If the neighbor’s music is within legally-permittable decibel levels, Candy should’ve just found a way to manage, like with noise-cancelling over the ear headphones, like I said before. Having to wear headphones to find peace is an annoyance, to be sure, but it’s still a lot better than being homeless.

        • Long video with Candy describing the meeting.

          Around 16 minutes in, Candy mentions that Whitney’s brother died in May and Candy says that she told Whitney that Whitney “blood sacrificed” her brother which caused Whitney to leave the room.

          Candy Grandpre is being a capital C cunt again.

  3. Amen on the C word. That is the lowest of the low things I’ve seen her admit to doing.
    Had i been in that meeting, the choice of dropping her lease or eviction would have been changed to just eviction. I know they were trying to be kind, but Candy doesn’t respond to kind, and can be a real C.

  4. An open letter to Candy Grandpre:
    Candy, you have spent your entire life being told that you not only have challenges that you cannot help, but also that you have mental illness, for which you should be receiving treatment.
    And you want everyone who has seen you, whether on the street begging change, in a rental unit, or online, that you are doing great, you make wonderful decisions, that your behavior is commendable, and you don’t need help with anything but money, to fund your lifestyle of escaping all responsibility for your actions and choices. You don’t need a job, because you have employed yourself to write for a living. No one can tell you anything, no one can question anything you do, and no one can even give you some suggestions or advice. And the people who do comment about you are all wrong, and part of a paid, organized team, who keeps track of your every movement, to annoy you in countless ways, so many that a running list needs done on a computer to keep track, and which only you understand. Not only are we all paid, we are also human and sex traffickers, Satanists, Masons, and homosexuals, something you can discern by the way they merely look at you. In fact you can, of those you meet in person, know what they are thinking, and what they are going to do. And to what end? Why the selling of your precious soul, which is in non-pristine condition, but better than anyone else, because all these people have sold their souls to have anything in life that they have, hard work, skill, and saving their money be damned.
    Do I have it right? You are the only one smart enough to connect all these dots into one huge picture of you on the cross, a victim since birth, doomed to roam the world (well, at least the US, because Bryan Tew is the one who got the world) in abject poverty, despite all your efforts to get and keep a job, save your money, and keep yourself healthy, naturally, in the only way God wants us to be.
    So now your actions are once again so exemplary that they have ramped things up high enough that you cannot continue to live in the only housing you have been able to afford in YEARS, forced out by the people who purposely wore red clothes, played music you could hear, watched TV, played with children outside (and those children who played outside without adult supervision,) drove a car with a light problem, looked at you funny, and complained about how you took their videos and pounded on their doors to turn down music no one but you could hear? Have I got the latest chapter right? I think so.
    And all these people, paid to think about what you are doing and try to stop your soul from reaching perfection before you decide to sell it yourself for some Irish Butter, Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, and barley flour, delivered to the motel you were able to pity beg from someone who knows how great you are, and how well you handle everything that has been put in your path?
    And as proof of your splendor, you have a college degree, in Spanish, but cannot speak Spanish, because racism.
    And you would be healthy and slim, if only those foods that you need to keep buying and eating were not somehow drugged up to be addictive, and you can’t take the strain of perfection, so sometimes eat as a treat to help calm you in your misery? And must eat at restaurants, because you are not a cannibal and everyone knows that fast-food is cheap because it is the meat from all the blood sacrifices that need to be done to get a car or a house or a job or a family or a life?
    Oh, and that there are billions of dollars of engineering and maintenance on drones and satellites to keep track of every move you make, and the weapons to beam down and make your feet vibrate or your temple hurt? And when you are inside you are watched every moment because there are men lusting over seeing you getting naked before a shower, when they are not taking pictures of you huffing and puffing your enormous backside down the street, because, you know, that is what sex traffickers do?
    If you could write that into a book, no one would believe it, and it would have to be placed in the “Fantasy” books, because the entire sane world sees you and shudders with a mix of pity and disgust.

  5. I think Candy’s correct about having autism. I don’t think autism is fully responsible for her bizarre belief systems and paranoia about near anyone and anything within visual range but she also shows plenty of signs of being autistic.

    That being said, I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist who can officially diagnose someone with autism. And here’s the dilemma for Candy.

    “See a psychiatrist or psychologist and get an official autism diagnosis”


    “Continue avoiding anything to do with mental health and never get a diagnosis”.

    Pick one, you can’t have both.

    • Amen. In a recent video she actually says:
      “…people only want to us use the mental health things you know as for revenge and as a weapon they want to weaponize mental health now I have to realize well oh ain’t nothing mentally wrong with with me after all these years…(sic)?”
      So, Candy, who took six years to get a useless degree in Spanish is now smarter about mental health than all the doctors and clinicians who had seen her from the time she was a small child. She is that narcissistic, she knows everything is fine with her, her depression, her anxiety, both things she whines about often, are all just nothing. She’s fine.
      Considering she has been getting SSDI for over 20 years for mental illness and challenges, she should just stop the future payments and pay back all the money given under the mistaken reports of her mental illness. It would be the only honest thing to do.
      But Candy doesn’t seem to think honesty is something she needs to worry about. She was caught putting things in her pocket in a store. A child knows not to do that. Candy doesn’t, she was the victim of profiling and prejudice, because she is targeted and homeless. No, Candy, you were stopped from shoplifting. You’re getting sloppy. Usually when you do shifty things they are antisocial, but not crimes. Good luck in your future.
      She also has built in a reason to beg for extra money, by packing two bags full enough she is having a hard time carrying them, and not a stitch of clothing but what she was wearing. She should know after four years that when she’s on the street, she might have episodes of incontenence, like she has before. Then she can whine and wheedle with her hand out “I need to get some more clothes, because I don’t have anything to wear and I had forced urination last night…” And stupid people will fork it over.
      But I am jealous of her, so what do I know? I can change my underwear anytime I want.

  6. I just read a .pdf about how to tell if you are being gang-stalked, and have come to the determination that I am being gang-stalked.
    No kidding, and so is everyone else, because the things that are listed are all common, every day life things that happen randomly to everybody. It’s just that people have read the list, applied it to themselves are gullible enough to think that it is somehow true. And who goes looking for a list like this? People like me, looking for gang-stalking tactics for research, and the people who have been told by someone online that they might be gang-stalked, feeding an existing paranoia and/or delusions.
    The first thing I notice is that there is no accreditation. Who wrote this? How were these particular things chosen? What does the person who wrote this do, whether from experience or education, that makes them competent enough to make the list? Does this person believe they are gang-stalked, or was the list compiled to help others? How do they account for the randomness of everyday life?
    I was searching for this because of red shirts. Several posts ago, I stated that Candy doesn’t understand that certain words and phrases can mean different things; the example I used was Candy believes someone is saying she does not have permission to write anymore books or blog posts, when what was said was “Candy can’t write,” meaning “Candy is unable to write well.” She does this many times, taking and believing everything only superficially. She also seems to have a mind like a bear trap, in that once she believes something, it will remain with her, despite evidence to the contrary or finding contradiction between things, or just plain ignorance. An example of the first part of that is insisting I am a lesbian and the second, that she is being human and or sex-trafficked.
    Here’s from that .pdf file:
    “…an overt use of colour in peoples clothing (like everyone you see wearing red)…”
    So Candy, who doesn’t understand that “like” also means “a POSSIBLE example,” read that same phrase, and decided that people wearing RED shirts are gang-stalking her. Not just because she sees that color overtly, but that the actual color red is the problem. Then her OCD means that she will automatically find and connect dots that are not really there, and claim, when there is no red clothing around to trigger her, that whatever color she happens to be looking at is a “sign.” Because she saw it on the internet during her “research,” wondering if she is a targeted individual because being challenged and mentally ill is not something she wants applied to her, even though it is something she was diagnosed with as a small child. By people who were educated to identify and treat such things.
    With as much as her mental issues have colored her life in the past month, alienating herself from the entire community, invading the privacy of her neighbors, making up stories about people simply by seeing them walking into a unit, and ultimately getting told she could leave voluntarily or be evicted from the only apartment she was able to afford for a very long time, and as much as her choices are a detriment to herself, her living, and her health, I hope that the APS forwards concerns onto similar people in NOLA. She needs help, and is unable to understand that. And she has decided that “standing up to” the gangstalkers is a good idea, so she is still at risk of pissing off the wrong person, only this time it will be on the streets, where they won’t be so easy to identify and find.
    Get help, Candy. You are worth more than you let yourself have. There is nothing wrong or shameful about having to take medications to normalize your moods, speaking with a counsellor who will help you understand what is going on with you, and having someone help you make better decisions, possibly in a group home. It will mean you will finally have a chance to be happy. You cannot help the way your are, but you can help the way it affects you. You cannot possibly be happy now, you haven’t been happy in all of the time I’ve followed you, and by your own stories you have never really been happy with your very existence. Your way is not working for you.

  7. Candy suspects that “Mary” the DoorDash driver is perping her with a fake name because someone else from the housing agency in Pensacola also had the name “Mary”, as though “Mary” isn’t a super-common female name.

    Is “name-perping” a new schizophrenic delusion for Candy?

    • My husband and I laughed about that, too. Ain’t no one named Mary gonna show up in two cities two hundred miles apart in just three days of each other. Because gosh, Mary is the seventh most common woman’s name in the US, with over two million people having it.
      Her foster mother and all the other people in Candy’s past were right. She has no sense, of any type. If there is a fact she can look up online, she will not look it up. If there is the same light in two different skies, like there will be tonight, it’s not a known planet, orbiting how it has been known to travel for several hundred years, it’s a drone. She has no monetary sense, no social sense, no common sense, no sense of time, no sense of direction, no sense at all.
      And no self-control, but how can she have self-control with all the stuff every person she sees is putting her through? Because everyone she sees, no matter what they are doing, no matter what they are wearing, no matter if they are on foot or in a vehicle, EVERY SINGLE PERSON SHE SEES IS A GANG-STALKER, A CRIMINAL, A HUMAN AND SEX-TRAFFICKER, and even sometimes a pedo. Because Candy is not mentally ill, she is perfectly normal, and every one of the health reports to the contrary are just wrong.
      Candy, that is called “paranoid, persecutory delusions.” No one is doing anything to you, no one is videoing you, no one is taking your picture, no one is aiming weapons at you, no one even knows you are there until you do something that pisses them off. Then they notice you, and give you looks because they want you to leave them alone, and they realize after looking at you, that you are not quite right, maybe a bit slow, definitely weird, and they don’t want to confront you because you could be dangerous. That is why people move when they are around you. They realize you are crazy and are afraid to trigger you to violence. When you finally are either beat down or worse, from crossing someone who is not as mentally deluded as you, and is also more prone to violence, the police will look at your videos and see why. You are doing dangerous things, with no sense of yourself and no sense of control.
      Enjoy NOLO. I believe you won’t be there long. They don’t put up with stuff there. It’s not a safe place to be on the street, and you have no idea how the world sees you. And it’s neither good nor friendly, because you are not either of those. And panhandling in the wrong place might get you in trouble. There are people who consider spaces “theirs,” and will expect you to leave without a problem. So far, you cannot do anything without a problem, and they don’t want yours.

  8. Candy says that it ought to be a “felony crime” to “gangstalk” someone into homelessness.

    I definitely think that the person most responsible for Candy leaving her section 8 housing in Pensacola should be placed into an institution of some sort (because she’s incapable of making good decisions about her own housing).

    • Isn’t that the truth?
      And some bleeding heart gave her money for another night in a motel. Because they obviously are either uninformed about Candy or just as batshit crazy in the same way. It is an internet shared delusion after all.
      If she keeps harassing these people who have likely spent a lot of money to have a good time in NOLA, because they have a job and have worked hard and saved to take this trip, she will not be allowed in front of the Casinos and other touristy attractions there. No one wants a 300 pound short woman, heaving around two bags, huffing and puffing after them, interrupting their conversations.
      And she has already said if someone is rude to her, you better believe she will curse at them, because they are gang-stalking criminals and she is “exposing” them. How she knows this is still unknown, because she sees these people for a second or two before whining at them.
      And I have helped out homeless people before, but if someone who was that obese asking for money for food? No. She is not anywhere near to starving, far from it, although she probably does have diet related health issues. Going without food for a day or two would likely be a help.

      • I buy my own socks so it’s moot anyway but the only problem with wool socks is that some people have wool allergy (or lanolin allergy for people who want to split hairs about wool itself being non-allergenic).

        I wish I had known when I was still at school that I had a wool allergy, it would have explained why I kept on getting serious allergy symptoms in the dead of winter (because my mother got me a lot of wool sweaters).

  9. Does Candy even realize that, the richer people are, the more likely they are to make purchases via plastic or app and, therefore, the less likely they are to have cash, and therefore change, on them these days?

    If I absolutely had to panhandle, I wouldn’t have a phone out because many people will just assume I’m faking poverty because of the “can’t afford food but can afford a mobile data plan?” assumption (whether that’s fair or not).

    • It is a thing that some beggers have a QR to their money transfer of choice to make it easy for the “no cash” people. I would never think that was a safe option. It sounds really shady, doesn’t it.
      I’ve helped people before, asking what they need. One guy standing at a corner by a Walmart and a Wendy’s said he wanted a cup of cocoa, so I went through the line and got him some cocoa, and some nugs. He was thrilled. Then I did my shopping, and got a 6 pack of the thing most asked for of homelessness: SOCKS. I noticed he had boots on, so I got the thick, wooly ones for boots. Wool can be wet without you losing heat. And as I went past him on my way home, I gave him those. He cried. So did I. It was 10 minutes and about $15, and was both needed and wanted. I have only given money to someone who I saw could not count out her coins for a bus fare and the busdriver was motioning like “hurry up,” so I rolled down my window and gave her a few ones and a five. She NEEDED money for the bus. I was glad to help.
      Seeing a creature of Candy’s size and demeanor, interrupting people have a conversation, yelling after people, and then hearing the things she says about people who don’t give, I would report her to the nearest business as a nuisance.
      She has no sense of self. She thinks she is kind, loving, polite, and a fellow Christian who is in need. The only thing she uses religion for is to put that “a good Christian” would help her. Just like she has done at every chance, she USES Christianity, for whatever she can get, then bashes the people for not giving enough. It’s why my Church doesn’t give money. We pay bills, even mortgages. We give food. We offer mental health help, and employment help. She doesn’t like my Church, and I think most people in my Church would not like her. But they would still give her food and clothing and maybe a night or two in a motel, paid by them, not money. We think you should work hard, be as good at your job as you can be, and save for hard times.
      One thing that has always bothered me about getting Candy money for rooms. How many homeless people have enough different programs and points and whatever else to get a discount or even a free night? That’s a lot of motel living right there. For someone who begs as homeless? No, just periods between motel nights, sometime for weeks or even months, then she gets kicked out of the place she is living at, then right back into motel rooms again. She only needs $400 a week, plus food and expenses, but won’t go to a shelter because they TAKE YOUR MONEY? I’m betting they don’t take $400 a week. She’s just greedy.

      • Yeah, I’ve become reluctant to give money to panhandlers because there are so many scammers out there. Asking them what they NEED is one way to filter out the scammers b/c the scammers only want cash. Those in need actually want the meal or the goods for survival and will happily take it.

        You give Candy cash and she uses it to splurge. Not saying it’s wrong to splurge on something nice for yourself once in a while even if you’re poor, but for Candy she’s always splurging esp. when she’s out on the street.

        I’m also thinking, if I’m at my lowest like that and the difference between me having a roof over my head and a place to go to the bathroom is having to spend a night at a “masonic shelter”, I’ll take the g—damned “masonic shelter” over pooping myself on the street.

  10. This video is kind of a goldmine, highlight at 14:00, she’s whining about Stefan Adams giving Candy a taste of her own slanderous medicine and then she implies that the Whitney Hotel (which has been around since 2000, and it was named after the Whitney Bank which occupied the building starting in 1929) is called the Whitney Hotel just to remind her of Whitney from Pensacola.

    She also complains at 4:25 about Reginelli’s Pizzeria not hiring her several years ago. I find their decision not to hire Candy perplexing given her impeccable hygiene and customer-friendly demeanor.

    • She must be digging through my old YouTube community posts. I called her a sex worker some months ago when she was going on her “Stefan Adams is a sex trafficker” tirade and I haven’t since then. But yeah, she dishes it out but can’t take it.

  11. She is on a tear. And doesn’t realize it.
    I find it really interesting that people who sound like they don’t follow her see her videos and tell her about her inappropriate behavior. Which of course makes them a perp, but what you gonna do.
    In one of her latest videos, at the present (10/15, 241a my time, cancer pain is a bitch) she actually yells all her slander at a car. And says the owner should be in prison and the car confiscated. By what law, Candy? Your delusions are not proof of anything except that you are an awful person with paranoid persecutory delusions, just like all the other people who claim to be TIs. Your wishes about things are worth less than you are, and you are begging for food so you don’t starve. And believe everyone should give you money to not do a damn thing because you are paranoid and deluded. You already make over $900 a month for not doing a damn thing, and you want an extra $2000ish a month? Are you familiar with the classic “seven deadly sins?” You really should look them up because in one video alone you are committing most of them. They are, since I know you won’t look things up unless you are cherry picking for things, pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.
    So you display pride, unwarranted, by saying people on a public sidewalk need to get out of your way. That’s you narcissism talking. You thing the world needs to obey your wants.
    You display greed by asking for $400 a week, plus money for food in exchange for nothing.
    You display lust be breaking everything down to “sex-trafficking” thinking someone would actually want you. Please think back on many posts for why people would NOT lust after you, most of which are hygenie related. Nothing about you is sexual, except your baseless lies.
    You display envy everytime you whine about how you are not “allowed” to do things. You are allowed to have a nice car, a good job, all life has to offer, but you don’t work and can’t save so you cannot afford things. Which is on you.
    You display gluttony be just saying you, an almost 300 pound 5’2″ tall woman, are freakin’ starving. And combined with the envy, always have both money and room for dessert.
    You display wrath because that is your only true emotion. You swear at people for not giving you money, calling them names when you know nothing about them other than they didn’t give you money. You get mad when you smell smoke in PUBLIC OUTDOOR PLACES. And think you are righteous in doing so.
    And you display sloth because you put no effort into anything. You might think you are working hard, but you are not. You are having difficulties because people who do work hard and actually save money don’t see you as money well spent. You do nothing but beg and make videos of you being a horrible person and begging. Many times just laying in bed flattening your head. If someone does give you a job, you try to do as little work as possible, but still find time to make videos. And then you look for an “out,” so you can go back to begging on your back.
    You need help. You say people can’t diagnose you with things because they are not doctors. Well, you read a doctors/clinician review of your disability status in one of the first videos I watched. HE said you had paranoid delusions. And many doctors/clinicians before him said the same thing. You don’t accept their diagnosis, either. You accept only what you want to accept, truth and facts be damned. Nothing you say about any person, no matter where, no matter who, no matter why is believable because of your delusions. Nothing you see people doing is about you. I can drive in my own hometown and see the exact same things you do, but I know I am not gangstalked. You choose to be triggered, because it makes you a victim who has no responsibilty over anything negative in your life. Which is narcissistic, paranoid and delusional.

    • You need help. You say people can’t diagnose you with things because they are not doctors. Well, you read a doctors/clinician review of your disability status in one of the first videos I watched. HE said you had paranoid delusions. And many

      Someone can’t officially diagnose someone else with schizophrenia (or other delusional disorder with very similar symptoms) without a medical degree but, if someone is at least familiar with the major schizophrenia symptoms, you don’t really need a degree to see something that’s so patently obvious with Candy.

      Those videos with Candy walking around New Orleans have her saying something delusional several times a minute. (Obviously, Candy actually is seeing cars with one headlight, people driving or wearing red, or people with one arm out of the window, but the delusion is thinking there’s a sinister meaning behind it. Even that one video with the pickup “following” Candy in the park seems to be just a park worker driving very slowly precisely because it’s a park path and not a public road.)

  12. A mother minding her own business only for Candy to creepily film her kids and then accuse her of sex trafficking actually called Candy “mentally ill” to her face.

    Well done!

    • I would have stood up and cheered. Candy is getting worse. Her personal space seems to be growing, claiming people were in her way. I know she is obese, and she has the burden of two bags to lug around with her, but there is no sidewalk big enough for her. Or park bench. Or even the whole of the great outdoors, because no one can say or do anything without her complaining. Someone smoking? So what? They are outside, and no one can filter the air only she will breathe, which seems to be what she wants. Sitting on the same bench? You can’t because she needs all the space around her. Her ass is large, but she doesn’t need that much space. She sees someone for a second or two, and decides that the person is filming her for sex trafficking, a Mason, a Satanist, a pervert, and that they are going to hell. Someone has a car and the lights don’t meet her standards, that person needs to be imprisoned and his car confiscated.
      I think it has reached the point that there is no person on the entire planet that wouldn’t be triggering for Candy. She is that mentally ill.
      Who am I kidding? She is batshit crazy.
      When she is finally approached by the police, (there are several facets of the panhandling laws in NOLA and she can break most of them in a single “perp walk,” so I predict the police will be in her future) she will be rude, will fight, will try to get away, and they will understand they have a problem bigger and more pervasive than originally thought.
      Unfortunately, one of the things they take away from you and bar you from using is your phone. So she will someday thankfully just disappear. They might try to reach family, the closest being Brandy, and we will find out only second hand.
      Unless there happens to be a video from someone filming the crazy lady fighting the cops.

      • And Candy seems to cocky and sure of herself and downright smug.
        Someone needs to bitchslap her. She should be happy she didn’t get into it further with her former neighbor. Whitney has been arrest for assault before. More than once. So she showed great restraint with Candy.
        Damn. I need a new hobby…

      • Unfortunately, one of the things they take away from you and bar you from using is your phone. So she will someday thankfully just disappear. They might try to reach family, the closest being Brandy, and we will find out only second hand.

        If Candy suddenly stops uploading while in New Orleans, the first thing I’m going to check is the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office Inmate Query page.

        I would not be surprised if that bus driver Candy calls a “gangstalking Satanic criminal” right at the beginning of the video radio’ed in to dispatch about a woman having a mental health crisis.

        • She mentioned that she went past the house of the foster sister, and that her foster mom might be staying there; I think she had a stroke or something. So she is wandering around her former section (ward?) of NOLA, Gretna.
          And six hours ago, she tweeted that the Gretna police are following her around. i wonder if the former foster family saw her and thought she was stalking.
          Because, she is stalking them. I have no doubts about that at all.
          She is looking for a cheap place to have a room, meals, showers and a toilet. So she can lay in bed and make more videos about how everyone thinks she is worthless.
          Well, yeah. I know I do. She contributes nothing to anything. She is one constant complaint. And a constant pity party. Or pity whoring. I think that is the better analogy. People give her money because they are mentally ill and think she is one of them, and people give her money because they have and she has so little, it’s the right, Christian thing to do and it makes them feels as if they have helped someone in need. But they haven’t seen the whole sordid saga of the Mentally, Emotionally, and Intellectually challenged person who is also mentally ill and with several personality disorders, who has chosen to be untreated so she can beg for money and live in motels with food being delivered. And dessert.
          It’s her entire schtick. If she didn’t have the internet, she would have no life.

  13. Once again, Candy sees a “drone” in the sky.

    Once again, it’s almost certainly the planet Jupiter.

    She’s on the “East” bank of the Mississippi River looking towards Algiers Point and Whitney. I’m not going to dispute the terminology “East bank” since if she follows the river upstream, it would be the east side, but, at this point, since the river juts northwards, New Orleans is to the west and Algiers Point and Whitney are to the east, so she’s looking east. Checking Stellarium Web Online Star Map for New Orleans on the evening of Tuesday, October 17th, if you look to the east, Jupiter is the brightest thing in the sky. You can also see the Pleiades star cluster to the lower right of Jupiter tonight.

    • Yep, it has almost always been Jupiter. Once it was a Grand Junction event, and it was Venus, Jupiter and Mars in a cluster.
      It’s definitely NOT a drone. Nor a satellite, unless you want to spread the logic out really thin and say Jupiter is a satellite of Sol.
      But this is knowledge, which Candy tries to run away from because knowledge will prove that she is not seeing what she thinks and says she is seeing and is just believing her stupid paranoid delusions again.
      I suggested she look up the “aggressive panhandling” laws in NOLA, because she is breaking most of them in a single video. To be lawful you cannot:
      Panhandle in a Park
      Panhandle in Public transportation or at a publich transportation facility
      Panhandle people who are in line waiting to enter a commercial establishment
      Follow people who do not donate and saying bad things
      Go within three feet of someone unless they are giving you a donation
      Panhandle between 7pm and 630am
      And if you choose to sit with a sign, you cannot vocally panhandle, unless you are talking to someone who asks you about it.
      The penalties are either fines or community service. They won’t get either, because she has no money and she only does things for herself. I’ve told her to spend her time volunteering before, and it was not a welcome suggestion.

  14. Hi, Candy! You did not say you were on a bus when you saw your former foster family’s house, so I apologize.
    You cannot write is what I have told you, but what was meant is you do not write well enough to read more of you material, nor buy some of your books. You are welcome to write and online self-publish as much as you want to do, or at least as much as you feel you are able to do, given that you keep finding yourself too exhausted to do much of anything, even bathing, for the entire time you were living with a roof over your head from April until you lost your housing opportunity in Pensacola. So the only thing holding you back from writing is you. Like all your other problems.
    And you keep saying you want to be “entrepreneurial.” No one is holding you back from that either. You don’t have an opportunity to be entrepreneurial. You have no idea what you want to do, so you want someone to give you an idea. You don’t have any skills, so you want someone to train you how to do something. You don’t have any money to purchase materials, nor a place to do anything, which also takes money, so you want someone to donate that capital. You don’t have any idea about the legalities of having a business, like for taxes and regulations. You don’t have a customer base. You don’t have ANYTHING that it takes to start a business. And as far as someone funding you and showing you how to do things? When have you ever taken directions from anybody for anything? You don’t. Why should someone give you an idea and money to start a really prosperous business, but not have that business themselves? Or would you take someone’s idea and just copy that? That happens all the time. No one will train you to be their competitor. That’s not good business. And as far as anyone donating or even loaning you money to do this? You have never shown that you can save anything, and that you can and will spend all the money you can get in unwise ways. No one will give you money to someone who has never been able to spend money or time wisely.
    Just that you had to pack only what you could carry and didn’t pack clothes shows you are not a good thinker, and that you do not think ahead. Ever. For four years you have said that if you only had a roof over your head you would be able to accomplish so much. You had a roof over your head beginning in April, and by your own blog, accomplished nothing of worth. You also have shown you are not a good steward. You were going to be billed for damages to the cabin in Texas. I think they probably knew they would never see any money from you, so you might not ever get billed. You likely ruined the room you had in Pensacola, too. You COST people money. The money you “needed” in Texas? Left in Texas for someone else to throw away. The money you “needed” to get you into a home in Pensacola, and all the money you “needed” to set up housekeeping? All thrown away in a month’s time. The money you “need” now? For what, again? A motel, food, and expenses. And you beg from people who worked and saved to have a nice trip to NOLA, so they had money for a motel, food, and expenses while there.
    YOU WANT A PAID VACATION. You don’t need a job if you can beg enough. So that is what you do.
    From people who saved their own money. Who see you and see you don’t NEED money for food. And when you get money? Dessert. Because you are stressed. You are pathetic. No kidding. No one does anything to you, you don’t see anything I wouldn’t see just driving to the grocery store, and it’s only proof that you see the whole TI schtick as a way to live without responsibility, because nothing you do is ever wrong, and all your problems are someone else’s fault.
    You are the only reason you have not been successful. You are the reason you no longer have housing you can easily afford. You are the reason you don’t last at jobs. You are the reason people don’t give you money. You are the person who is so deluded and so narcissistic that you believe you are the center of the freakin’ universe. YOU. You have challenges, you have personality disorders, you have a major mental health diagnosis, for which you have willing taken money for 22 years now. And you say you are not mentally ill at all. You are mentally healthy.
    No, you are having paranoid, persecutory delusions. Nothing you say is the truth or even real.
    So you are also a liar, to the SSA, the IRS, the people who give you money, the college loans you took out and have yet to pay back, to everyone you speak to, and yourself. You need a mental health evaluation and also an evaluation of the level of independence that you need to successfully have as close to a normal life as possible. Otherwise, you will end up hurt or dead from pissing off the wrong person, or in jail for being violent when you have a meltdown, or when the police try to arrest you.
    Save yourself. Do some research on something real and google “New Orleans laws about aggressive panhandling.” You are breaking several laws each video you make panhandling.

  15. Bryan is now claiming he has a law firm in Tehran, Iran helping him to file a lawsuit against the US Government. It’s not clear if they will be on a separate lawsuit or collaborating with the Chinese law firm he was boasting about a few weeks ago. I’m also wondering if the Chinese law firm is even still on the case.

    I’m also wondering how this even works logistically. The United States has no official diplomatic relationship with Iran which means there are no visas for Iranian nationals to come over and interact with our court system. I also do not see how an Iranian lawyer can get barred (is that the right term?) with our courts to be able to become the counsel of record for Bryan.

    Bryan likes to boast that he was a law student for a period of time with the University of Liverpool (hence his email moniker “liverpoollaw”) but he doesn’t seem to be able to grasp some of the basics of the legal system before he squanders away thousands of dollars on vanity lawsuits.

    He also doesn’t realize (or doesn’t care) that these lawyers that agree to represent him have nothing to lose by doing so. They get thousands of dollars, do very little work (since they’re never going to step foot in the USA), and can string along Bryan until they get tired of him with no realistic chance of professional consequences.

    Even if Iran or China has some sort of state or national bar, there is little chance of them coming down on these lawyers because Bryan has no way to lodge a complaint and it’s unlikely those countries give a crap about what happens to random US nationals like Bryan.

    • Bryan makes a short video about this here. He doesn’t really answer my questions. He says some of the “attacks” happened on Iranian territory, which I don’t really understand. Bryan to my knowledge has never been to Iran (he chickened out, if you remember). Maybe he’s counting the brief time he was inside an Iranian embassy. But the original point still stands, Iranian nationals cannot enter the United States to represent Bryan Tew in legal matters.


      International Law Firm in Tehran, Iran accepts Bryan Tew’s lawsuit against American government for Directed Energy Torture, Organized Stalking Violence, etc Joined with today Oct 17 2023 Major Global Law Firm in Beijing China, Wolster & Co., already fully retained and preparing to file lawsuits in domestic and international courts for Directed Energy Torture, Violence, etc. Russian Law Firm in Moscow fully retained and examining evidence and documents

      ? original sound – bryanktew

  16. My mind cannot pass over those glasses. Not many men can pull off cateye frames.
    How does he expect to have business with two enemies of state?
    More paranoid delusions.
    And more unscrupulous lawyers.


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