Candy Grandpre Returns to Pensacola / Tew Updates

After spending the last several months in low income / Section 8 housing in Bloomington, TX (an unincorporated town just outside of Victoria, TX), claiming that she needed to flee from the gangstalking and unjust bans from various establishments in Pensacola, FL, she has decided to return to Pensacola.

In Pensacola she did not have any housing apart from temporary stays in motel rooms from donations she received from her pity party audience. The rest of the time was on the street. Regardless of what I think about her personally and her behavior, I’m happy that she found a place to stay.

I would say that while Bloomington is obviously a very boring town compared to Pensacola, it was great that she had a roof over her head and the decreased amount of social interaction was to her benefit as it meant less episodes where she got into trouble with other people. (There were incidents in Bloomington caused by her paranoia, but they appear to have been fewer and far between as compared with Pensacola).

She is back in Pensacola in what appears to be a low-income housing community. Again, it’s great that she has found a place, but it’s not going well. The density of people appears to be higher, which means she’ll run into other people more often and hear their music and conversations more, to her detriment and annoyance.

As far as Bryan Tew goes, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. His Toyota is supposedly infested with bed bugs. Any new juicy Tew Tidbits will go into the comments.

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  1. Bryan is having another whiny dramatic night. I’ll summarize:

    • Complaining about “head and ears”
    • Crank calling 911
    • Driving around the hospital (no evidence he has INSIDE the hospital yet) recklessly.
    • After he blows through at least one stop sign, he whines that “they” almost caused a wreck. Whether it is Bryan, Candy, or Kevin Christian, TIs love to blame somebody else for their problems. It’s never their own fault that they drive like shit, have health problems, or whatever.

    Edit: Bryan deleted his TikTok’s from last night. Probably wise. But I had the foresight to download the videos and archive them.

    • Bryan is having too many erotic dreams about tennis stars and transgendered women so he has scheduled an appointment to get another shot of Lupron, a drug that is sometimes prescribed off-label for chemical castration.

      • I really have to wonder about the doctors who do this “for” him. It’s kind of creepy knowing that anyone can just call up a urologist and get chemically castrated. I guess it is better than the people who will do it for real, using rubber bands, until it all turns black, grows really big and falls off. There was someone doing THAT near where I live a few years ago. It is an apparent fetish of sorts. The pictures are not pretty, and probably not available anymore, but I looked. It is gruesome. At the time, one of his happy customers said he was happy with the job, it was done well, clean, and didn’t become infected, and that he was a willing adult, and it should be his right to have it done. Or these men will end up botching the job, trying to do it to themselves.
        So we can thank God that Bryan seems to be a bit of the woose when it comes to pain, and self-inflicted pain? He’s not going to do that.
        After all, if he did it himself, who could he sue?

        • I will admit that I am not very familiar with the legal standards of medical practice (in terms of what doctors are allowed to do, when a patient asks for something, especially when it might be life-changing) or medical ethics generally.

          I am just thinking, Bryan’s problem is not with his genitals or his reproductive system. So why is he going to see a urologist? Maybe a urologist is the only person who is qualified to determine whether it is safe to administer this type of drug to someone and ultimately authorize the Rx.

          However it just seems to me that a urologist isn’t qualified to diagnose someone who is in psychological distress because they’re having erotic visions of football players, tennis stars, and Caitlyn Jenner (or whoever it happens to be that Bryan is dreaming of).

          Again, I didn’t go to med school and I didn’t take classes on medical ethics. I am just thinking, if I were that doctor and someone came to me saying they wanted to castrate themselves, I’d want a lot of supporting documentation that it’s the right thing to do in case this turned into a malpractice lawsuit or a medical board investigation.

          I guess since these Lupron doses are temporary maybe it’s not as big of a deal. I’m just thinking aloud here..

          I would be thinking: “I want to see a report and a referral from a board-certified psychiatrist before I prescribe and administer this for you”.

        • Yeah, I know about the rubber bands around the scrotum. Its something often done to livestock. Some people are into it. There’s a subculture of people who are into “nullification” which the goal is to remove either the scrotum or the whole package.

  2. And Candy is still Candy. She can do no wrong, she is always a victim, and I seem to be at the head of her list of “People Who Mess With Me” List. I did not report any of her videos in months. After she violated my privacy, ACCORDING TO TOS at YouTube and was not made to remove that video, I have given up, unless she is being openly repulsive in behavior, and she usually only has one loooooongggggg ass video a day, so why bother. Her voice and the speed at which she speaks, and the number of times she repeats everything (I shared something with my husband, verbatim, and he counted she had said the same thing four times, then she said it all again, later in the video), I just wait until it is available to read as a transcript. She still is repeating stuff she said three years ago, and the same setting, her nappy head on a pillow. Talking about how exhausted she is from doing actually nothing but eat. It was really enlightening to see those videos from three years ago, whining about the same thing, but she has moved on to passive-aggressive begging, instead of the in your face she used to do. I guess there is a small improvement if only for that. She is still having the same problems. Not enough food to fill her, not enough money, not enough time to do anything with her hair.

  3. At the request of his lawyer(s), Bryan has typed up a timeline of his “targeting”. It is a 758 page long Word document. Note that Bryan has been sharing this all over social media the past 24 hours so I do not feel like I am doing anything wrong by posting it here. He intended to make this public.!470&ithint=file%2cdocx&wdo=2&authkey=!AFJ0Cq2cFK_jwZo

    This contains for the most part just copypastas of his social media postings. The first several pages is an introduction of sorts where he (imo) unwisely gives the full names and locations of his parents and siblings. I hope everyone here can respect their privacy and not bother them since Bryan is the problem not them.

    • I’m not going to download a Word file that big, I just gotta figure that it’s the sort of endless rambling document that’ll convince even a lawyer whose first language is not English that his client is not playing with a full deck.

    • Bryan posts the agreement between him and the law firm which includes the name of the parties he intends to sue (US Gov basically) but blacks out the amount of damages he is seeking. Not sure why he would black that out. His lawsuit is going to fail regardless.


      Major Global Law Firm in Beijing China, Wolster & Co., with offices & attorneys in USA, accepts Bryan Tew’s Lawsuit against American Government for Torture, Violence, etc

      ? Gratidão – AltairMakin

  4. Bryan is threatening the Hospital for Special Surgery with a lawsuit and trying to shake them down for a settlement.

    Not the first time Bryan has tried this. I don’t think he has ever had any success with this to my knowledge. It is entirely pathetic.

    • “I do not have permanent housing in the New York City (NYC) area because I have it in another where I stayed and lived while seeking Asylum and Humanitarian Protection from American Government and was only forced back to New York to receive medical treatment.”

      Where and when was this? I don’t remember him having permanent housing anywhere. Aside from getting to stay in the nice-seeming airport hotel for months on end during the peak of Covid in Spain, all I remember is Bryan hopping from seedy hostel to seedy hostel punctuated only by him maybe spending a few nights in a refugee center after arriving in a few countries.

      Even if I’m forgetting something and he had more permanent-seeming accommodations, he probably stopped having that the moment he left whichever country that might have been at either to go to another country or to return to the United States.

      • Yeah, it’s embellished nonsense. He tried to get asylum in Spain but they didn’t take him seriously and complained when they took his passport and sent it to the American embassy. That was the catalyst (as I recall) for Bryan trying (and failing) to sue the Spanish government.

        I do remember that between Spain and Austria he did shuffle around some asylum centers but left on his own accord.

        What Bryan has is a list of grievances, not a list of actionable legal torts. It will get reviewed by their general counsel who will advise the hospital officials that it’s highly unlikely Bryan would prevail in court.

        Complaining that the doctor didn’t proceed with surgery when she felt it was inappropriate is not actionable. He mentions vague “complications” that he doesn’t go into any detail about, probably because there are none. Then he complains about security guards screening people at the door, which I’ve seen at hospitals before. That’s not actionable either.

        He might also find that individual doctors aren’t actually employed by the hospital. When I had to go to the ER some years ago, they had this weird setup, presumably for liability reasons, where the doctors were just people who were permitted to use space and resources at the hospital. Doctors had to do their own billing and the hospital, at least on paper, claimed to have no direct control over treatment. It’s like the medical system is used to malpractice lawsuits and has set themselves up to minimize their exposure to it.

  5. He is a waste of time and money. Every single time he has actually got close to a courthouse, his case has been dismissed. Most of the time, it’s done with remarks about how things were not done properly.
    If a doctor doesn’t think surgery will be successful or is not needed, they will not do it. Even with patient rights, you do not have the right to have surgery that is not warranted, whatever the reason. Since Bryan is not a medical professional, nor trained in medicine in any way, he cannot diagnose and prescribe himself surgery, or medication. I still have the tumor, now no longer cancerous, that I can feel if I move a certain way, or lay on my right side. But since I am a breast cancer patient, the only surgery that would be do is a mastectomy. My bad. I thought a little slit, some tweezers to pick out the little stones, and a few stitches. The surgery he wants is on his spine? No way.

  6. I think Candy might be having some kind of medical incident where she falls in a spectacular manner while opening the door, and she says that she had fallen just before she started filming the video, but of course she’s blaming these very nebulous “directed energy weapons” rather than calling an ambulance.

    • I saw that, too. My husband had been falling down and not telling me, and then he fell down in a physical therapy office. Turns out his weight loss, combined with blood pressure meds, lowered his blood pressure so if he moved too much, like bent over to pick up something and then stand up, he would pass out.
      This cannot be the cause with Candy.
      Candy, I know you read these posts and then can’t say anything because that would show you come here to lurk and see what is being said about you, you need to get the Medicaid from Florida and get a complete physical. It is a requirement here in Indiana, that if you have Medicaid, and I do because of my cancer, you need a complete physical done every year, complete with what the doctor needs to check.
      In order for the DEWs to work, they have to have a direct line of sight. The power of whatever the energy being beamed is such that it would be making holes in everything between you and it, like buildings, trees, etc. As having a house, or even just a window or door between you and a DEW would be enough to either stop it or it would make a hole, before it can hit you; that includes any beam from a satellite. It’s ENERGY. Energy does not skip. It is a continuous line. Some lasers can be bent, but that still does not fix the problem of you being hit by DEWs. It would be directly in front of you, and not very far away. And since you would be the supposed victim, who ever would use something like that would make sure that there was nothing in the way, because for the power to be low enough to just make you “vibrate?” It would be a waste of a lot of money, as they will cost millions of dollars and be quite large. You would be able to see someone doing something. As you haven’t seen that, it’s not a DEW. Grow up, life, even yours is not a comic book.

  7. Candy, I know you have been here, reading what people say. I wish when you did you would fact check what we say, because what we all say is all based on fact. Your assumptions of what is happening to you is not.
    You are even now whining that someone is perhaps going to show your videos to your neighbors. I hope it is true, but if it is, your life will not improve. Calling someone a “skank” like you do? That is not the reporting person’s fault if you get some trouble from it. Like always, the problem is your content. You did say that about a neighbor, several times. It is offensive. It is nasty. It is not nice thing to hear your neighbor calling you, and will likely be spread that you make videos about the people you see living around you, calling them names and saying they are criminals. Wow. Someone might not like that as well. And tell you about it.
    It would be a good idea to turn your channel to completely private. Because your videos show you to be a problem neighbor. You spy on people, making videos of them through your windows and even stick your head and arm out your door to catch them doing…….what, actually? Walking to their car? Talking to people on their porch? Kids just playing in front of their unit? You don’t know these people, yet you are making videos of them calling them all kinds of things. If you value your privacy, why do you invade everyone else’s? Because that is what you are doing.
    You also continue to say I and everyone else is paid to “do things” to you. You could not be more wrong. The money I get a month from SSA is because I worked most of my adult life in a full time, well-paid job. But, unlike you, that is my only income. Why would someone pay anyone to do anything to you? You show your entire life online, whether through video or blog. No one needs to shame you, as you do that all on your own. No one needs to expose you, because you do that all on your own, too. What could I possibly say or do?
    You also keep wondering why you are not “allowed” to make a living writing. You are allowed to do anything you want, within the laws of the land. But why you do not make a living at writing is not because of ME, it’s because your books are not good. I cannot help that you do not write well. But I read them, you get a fee since I read them on my Kindle, and I review them. Why am I the (usually) the only reviewer? Have you thought about that? Where are your supporters? How many books have you sold? Why is that my fault? It’s not.
    You are not authentic in your writing. You write about things for which you have no experience, and it shows. You have a neighborhood of kids getting hit with a belt by a neighbor they were not even related to. NO. That is child abuse, both for the belt being used, and to have discipline put upon someone not involved in their care. It is obvious that you have never had children, or even much experience with other people’s children. You write about a puppy, injured by burns, and how someone starts are fund to raise money to get the dog cared for. NO. That is animal abuse and neglect. When an animal is injured, it requires immediate attention, not waiting for a GoFundMe to happen. Especially burns.You had a story about a party, and a woman is taken into a bathroom and beat. NO. That is domestic abuse, and no one stops it or calls the police? You have never been in a proper, loving relationship, and it shows. You wrote a cookbook, with “cures” for things you have not cured yourself. You have recipes that make no sense. You have tips for cooking rice and beans, yet you ruined the rice and beans you cooked. You called something you baked “bread,” yet it had no leavening. You baked a brick with $10/lb flour. And you just said you have never purchased or used regular flour? NO. You are not a cook, and your cookbook speaks that clearly. That’s not me, that’s YOU.
    You are not self-aware. You are narcissistic. You have zero-low self-esteem, despite your seeming to believe that laws do not apply to you. What you do with your videos is wrong. You are wrong to make them, because you are invading your neighbors privacy. If they are YouTube savvy, they can work to get you permanently removed from every platform you use. Think about this: I could start a blog, just talking about what you do and say. Would you like that? You do the video version of that on your neighbors.
    And stop with the double standard. You whining about someone possibly exposing what you say and do about your neighbors is kind of laughable, since you wrote a letter (letters?) to my local church, “exposing” me? That’s kind of funny. Given your handwriting and your weird writing style, I’ve been asking so when whoever gets that letter, I would like it to document how you have been telling stories about me. To keep as evidence, should you decide to call for my murder again. Now that you are back in Pensacola, I’m sure the local police has a file about you already. And a copy of that video, because they are the police, and that is evidence of a pretty major crime.
    Have a good night.

  8. Oh, there is another thing that made me laugh.
    Now she is saying, having figured it all out through her massive hubris and miniscule, well, everything, that if someone is a “real” Christian, they do their good deeds without showing it to the world, and if someone is a Satanist, they do their good deeds publicly so everyone can see how they are “good,” when in fact they are “evil.”
    So if someone is treating her well, they are evil and if someone treats her “bad,” they are evil.
    It is a back-assward way of saying no one will ever meet with her approval. They are all to be taken by her as “bad.” Which explains a lot about why she has no friends and not even family wants to be around her, because no matter what, they are going to be seen as evil.
    She hasn’t thought it through, but does she ever? Because a Christian is ALWAYS going to be trying to do good, whether other people see it or not. Christians do not only do things good because they want people to know, but if you are always trying to do good, people notice.
    It’s why she can damn everyone she sees. The only person able to get in Candy’s heaven, isn’t even her. Jesus likely facepalms every time she speaks. And rolls his eyes. And shakes his head sadly. But knows she is challenged, and will welcome her into heaven anyway, because he’s JESUS CHRIST, and it is for him to decide, not her.

  9. Candy’s in full creepy “filming neighbors kids having fun outside on a nice day” Karen mode.

    Also filming laundry drying outside as though there’s anything wrong with wearing red.

    • I’m honestly beginning to wonder if she is not putting herself at risk, in a major way. With her calling people she knows nothing about “criminals,” and that she is living in the type of establishment she is, there might be people who don’t like that word applied to them. And her neighbor might be a mama bear type. Heck if I found a video of my children complete with her running dialouge I would be majorly pissed off. And do something, but I am not a physical fighting type of person. Would being a troublemaker, easedropping and videoing people without their knowledge be reportable to management? I would try there first.
      And with her getting less support, the chance she will be moved or kicked out, would mean back on the street with only her SSDI check, which in Pensacola is not going to spread very far.
      But whatever happens will be the consequences of her actions and she proclaims herself to be a “grown ass 40 year old woman,” so, oh well.
      Because I cannot stand her voice and her many “ummm,” “you know,” “I said,” having entire phrases of speech being given about four times, and having the same stories about how her family hates her, because she hates her family, because they hate her, I just wait for the transcript of her videos, and read that. It takes a lot less time. When does my pay get here? She has made claims that her life’s ups and downs are being caused by paid perps, and I’ve not seen any pay at all, even the “gift cards” she used to claim were used for tax avoidance.
      It just shows how deep her narcissism runs…she is so important and so smart that people are paid to annoy her with music and colors and owning cars.
      Candy is a good example of why the whole “state school” system was a good thing. Her self-care is appalling, her finances are squandered, and she has no regard for doing things that are socially unacceptable and having inappropriate behaviors. Her step mother is to be commended for getting her as far through life as she did. A lot of people would have moved her out to someone else when the problems first started showing up. She kept her and allowed her to return while an adult, and got her through college with a degree. Even if it was a “mainstreamed” degree.

      • I agree. My early K-12 days were in a low-income area. My observation was that you could get your ass whooped not just by other kids, but by mom and dad and the rest of the family if you talked smack about other people or just got on their bad side somehow. This didn’t happen to me, because I didn’t run my mouth like Candy, but I saw it happen. It’s just a matter of time.

        I don’t WANT Candy to get her ass beat, but it’s a predictable outcome if she keeps doing what she is doing. You can’t just go around calling people’s kids “666 children”. These people knowing that her disrespectful comments about them and their children are online for the whole world to see will just add insult to injury and make it even worse.

        She’s so dumb but she thinks she’s really smart.

  10. Candy, the reason people watch your videos is because it is part of the human psyche to watch a train wreck. No one is doing anything to you to make you uncomfortable in any way. You are just triggered by everything, all the time. No one knows or even cares what you do or say. You are just an narcissist who thinks the world revolves around you. If you were so knowledgeable and exposing anything important, you would not be able to post it on the internet so freely. If someone wanted you dead, you would be dead.
    That you are invading the privacy of your neighbors, calling them names, claiming things about they you cannot know, and then posting on the internet? Not your best decision, but you can’t be told what to do, and even if you were, you would do it anyway. You’ve shown that often enough. So be an adult and accept the consequences of your actions for once in our life.
    And once again, the “drone” you see is the planet Jupiter. You really need to research real things you don’t understand. Like DEWS and planets. It has been a planet every time you have seen and reported a drone. Get smarter and you will have less to worry about.

  11. Hey, Candy! My name is really Star, my middle name is Lynn, my maiden name is Firnhaber, and my married name is Bricker. There are pictures of me on the web, one quite recently, so I won’t post that here. I also have a picture that you know about, because you have posted it twice.
    So, listen up, Little Girl. I am OLDER than you, which seems to matter to you. You disrespect everyone no matter the age of the person, so why should I respect your demands for respect, when I know you will not respect me? That’s double standard behavior, part of being a narcissist. You are several years younger than my own child, so you are a LITTLE GIRL to me. If you don’t like that title, try acting your age. [,confident%20yet%20are%20terribly%20insecure.]
    I will gladly converse with you, no matter the platform. As I look back on the “history” of my following your public videos and blogs, YOU are the one who is a coward. You never answer back, at least not directly. You know if you say something about a blog that you do not participate in, saying you saw it would prove you stalk the web, looking for things to trigger you. So there is that… Why do you never reply to anything here? Scared? Can’t figure out the polysyllabic words? Don’t want to mess with your own “reality” when it is proven here that you are off based by a long shot? Cannot censor everyone, everywhere? Censorship is cowardice, too. Every time you delete a comment you don’t like you are being a coward.
    The “drone” thing you keep whining about? I have looked at a star map for Pensacola every time you see a “drone,” and I have found that there is always some astronomical reason for that bright light. Right now that is Jupiter. If you had a telescope, you would see it is Jupiter, but for now you will have to trust that the proven orbit of Jupiter makes it visible in our night sky right now. To disprove that, you will need to debunk the known orbit, but that is something people have known for millennia. Good luck, it takes higher math.
    In order to claim anything you claim as evidence is something you have to actually PROVE, too. Like colors someone is wearing means more than they like to wear red. And that the person driving past you is aware of your presence, and is driving that path because YOU are there, not because they are going somewhere. Or the reason why someone does not hire you is because of a “black list,” and not because you are not a good hire risk. Or that the people you record talking on their porch are talking about YOU. Or that someone playing music, or kids playing, or watching television, or anything else is being done because of YOU. Surprise! You are not the main character in anyone’s stories but your own. These people don’t even know you are alive, much less getting ready to take a shower, or trying to make a video, or trying to sleep, or anything else. To think they are is narcissistic and paranoid. Which you have been diagnosed with by more than one person with a lot more intelligence and experience than you, so the facts are on my side. You claimed in the now lost video that the report you were reading was entirely wrong. No, it is not. Everything that was said in that report you have proven by your actions.
    You have never provided even the slightest evidence of being “sex trafficked,” either. You choosing to not wear clothes in the shower? Normal. Who do you think is possibly trying to make money off of the chance you have removed your clothes to bathe? Who would want to purchase that? You don’t really know what sex trafficking means, do you? You saw it mentioned online, by someone else who doesn’t really understand what it is and how it does not apply to them, and you claimed it as your own. Victim much? Because only someone who WANTS to be a victim would say they are being sex-trafficked because they took their clothes off to shower.
    You cannot stay employed. When you admit that every place you have ever worked has had a problem with you? That means the common denominator, YOU, is the cause. Especially when the stories, job to job, are the same. You don’t work fast enough, you are not a productive worker, and everyone was allowed to eat before you were. Remember your two hour job in a linen service? You couldn’t get the handle of the job to do it at the rate that is needed and they didn’t give you the time you needed to eat something. You also do use your phone while on the job and provide video evidence of that, conveniently time stamped by you. There is a difference between wearing a hoodie or a “jacket” and a puffy coat. The first two are often worn inside, a puffy jacket is not. A slim girl is going to look better than an obese one in whatever clothes they were wearing. Heck, I even remember a story you told about washing dishes somewhere when you took an extra long toilet break, came back and then told everyone you were going on your break. You would have been gone for likely an entire hour, which is too long to not be working. And that every job you have had has been altered once you started working, giving you something easier with less hours and less customer contact. That is not done on people who are working hard and well. When more than one job says you spend too much time on your phone, you need to work faster, you need to work better, your appearance needs to be improved….how many times do you have to hear the same thing over and over for you to believe it? Do you ever have any insight?
    You feet hurting? Too bad. Do you not think everyone’s feet hurt standing or walking for a work shift? And it’s not a disability, either. And your hearing problem? It’s a YOUR problem, and no one else has to do anything about it. Go try treatment, which is usually training you to not be triggered, hyperacusis being thought of now as part of anxiety and not your ears. So besides your challenges and untreated mental health, what exactly are your disabilities and do you have the documentation to prove it? Without, no one has to consider you as disabled physically. And yet you see a disabled license plate and call THEM fake? Who is the coward here? YOU are. You hide behind your mental disabilities and expect respect for doing that. No. No one will respect someone who shows no respect to anyone, unless that person is giving you something. Because that bias is clearly shown in your videos.
    You once wrote:
    “…How do they go from that, & then once they get to know me, they go to telling me that I’m a divisive, trouble-making drama queen who’s too negative, energy-draining & complain too much? & that I make people not want to be around me? Especially when I “throw them under the bus…(sic)”
    When the entirety of your life’s acquaintanceship is said by you to not like you? Look for the common denominator. Get help. At the very least, get counselling. Your personality disorders are negatively impacting your life.

  12. Well, sorry for the verbage. I am not feeling well. I hoped to be processing a peck of apples into applesauce today, but won’t be able. So I watched some videos.

    Candy, once again you are highlighting your narcissism and choice to remain ignorant.
    Little Girl, you don’t know about your neighborhood? How close a really large hospital is to you? That’s why you hear both helicopters and ambulances, and you always will. Sirens are to warn people on the road to get out of the way. Once they have a clear line to the hospital and no traffic, they turn them off. No one can possibly know that you woke up and started to video. They are doing their job. All sirens are turned off when they have a clear shot at the location. You are narcissistic to think otherwise. I, too, live close to a major hospital and to a EMS firehouse. I get sirens a lot. I, and anyone who has had an emergency. are grateful for sirens. And the helicopter flight path is right over my house, so I get those, too. It means someone is getting help. You have never actually needed an emergency run, known because you have never been admitted because a health emergency was found. If you ever are, you will welcome a siren. Stop being so narcissistic.
    And because you have so obviously avoided learning about where you live, there are several cemeteries very close to you, so you will be seeing hearses. It’s not about you, and it never has been about you. It’s not a death threat, no one is sending you a message. People are grieving and taking the last trip they ever will with a loved one. Show some respect about that at least.
    Claiming you have been “victim blamed” your entire life? Narcissistic, because you are not a constant victim. You have been made to go through the consequences of your actions. If you were always picked out by teachers for being a “bad kid,” you needed to be disciplined. No one sat around a table and said, “Let’s all pick on this one child, no matter what she does.” They all saw the same things, your behavior, which needed correction. Face it, Little Girl, you have been told your entire life that your actions are not the best. And because you are the fount of inappropriate behavior over just about everything, you will continue to be corrected for the rest of your life. Until you learn to differentiate between what is appropriate behavior for a grown-ass 40 year old woman and what is not, you will be continue to be corrected for the rest of your life. The way you document and name-call your neighbors? That is inappropriate, and will likely get you in trouble. It’s not victim blaming when you are doing things to those people that they have the right to be angry about. You will be corrected. You NEED to be corrected. Stop playing the victim card every time you don’t get your way.
    Calling any donation “cheap ass”, when you have nothing and you are unaware of the finances of someone is inappropriate behavior. It wasn’t that long ago that you were begging “change to spare for food to eat,” or did you forget that? Did you have a way to magically make $10 magically appear without someone donating it to you? Ungrateful, rude, ignorant and inappropriate behavior. I chose to give you money because you were having a meltdown that it was going to get cold and you had no place to go. I gave you as much as I could, more than I should have, with the thought that it would get you a while as a customer in a restaurant, out of the cold, as a paying customer. But nooooo………it was cheap ass because it didn’t get you food and lodging in a motel in a resort town on the Gulf? This is why I have said many times that you just want a free paid vacation in a beach community. And yes, they consider Pensacola to be a “middle-class resort,” and a beach community. This is why people say the things they do about you that you don’t like: YOU do unlikable things.
    And then you announce you are doxxing someone’s email account? Really? Hello? Have you not been warned about TOS enough yet? Do you like strikes against you accounts…..oh, wait, you do like those because it somehow makes YOU the victim. No, it shows that you have inappropriate behavior on social media. Which is what all your strikes have been about. “I can call anyone anything I want because I am just exposing the truth,” right? Wrong. Anyone calling anyone a slur, whether it be about race, religion, or sexual orientation, is WRONG every time it is done. Doing what you do? Inappropriate behavior.
    People who are giving you advice are not bullying you. What he said was something that could have been helpful to someone who didn’t know. No one demands you do anything. He was actually being kind. Do you not understand doxxing people and calling them names is bullying? Posting their lives with your inflammatory remarks is bullying. Calling your entire family names and spilling their secrets? Bullying of the highest order. Damning people to hell? Bullying. Yelling at people as they drive past? Bullying. All done by you, all documented in video form, all posted on the web. Evidence that you are a particularly nasty bully. I don’t think you understand the concept of “bullying” any more than you under the concept of “sex trafficking.” Or “inappropriate behavior.” You don’t understand that at all.

  13. Well, well, well…….After her stupid, narcissistic tirade against someone who gave her a donation and offered a few suggestions, that person reported her for privacy violation. I hope he finds this blog, so he can see that she violates privacy all the time, and there are not many times that she has had a video removed. My second privacy report was ignored, despite using the same information as she had in a past, removed video. I don’t know what went on there, and it very much made me question their integrity at the POS team on YouTube. When you share the same information and it is removed once, it should be removed the next time it is used. Just in case he ever looks, #HeikoHomfeldt
    But someone is fighting back. Good on him! He was not bossy, he was polite, he was making some good suggestions and some insight into the seeming continuing problem of supposed Tis attacking each other. I hope there is at least a strike against her account. It’s the least they can do, enforcing their TOS.
    Candy, full names are not to be used without permission. I know you have had videos removed for that before, because mine was one of them. Yet you continue? And YOU are the victim of someone’s kindness for giving what could be helpful information?
    Ingrate. <<This word is not racist, nor does it slur your ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. It is an observation. It is an insult, if said without cause. There is cause. The extension of this word also means “unwanted person.” So there is that. I think it fits quite well. See? Look it up:,persona%20non%20grata%2C%20unwelcome%20person
    UGH…”it’s 7:38 (or whatever) AM in the morning.” Redundant. Look up that word, too, Candy.

  14. Candy, you said you wanted brownies. I make the best from scratch brownies most people have ever eaten. Really, they are that good. And they are easy enough for a kid to make. And it allows you time to get your mise en place. You need a medium saucepan and a 13×9 pan. Preheat your oven to 350F. Spray the 13×9 pan well.
    In the saucepan, over medium heat, melt two sticks of REAL butter (Margarine does not work, people have tried many times and found that out.)
    When half melted, add 3 oz. of unsweetened bakiing chocolate. I do not recommend “Baker’s brand.” Almost anything else is better than that stuff.
    Turn the stove to “low.”
    Now for the mise en place:
    1 3/4 cup sugar
    3 eggs
    2 t. vanilla extract
    1 t. salt
    2 1/2 t. baking powder
    1/3 c unsweetened baking cocoa (I use good stuff, get the best you can afford)
    1 1/4 flour
    Chocolate chips, nuts (I use walnuts) quantities up to your taste
    When the chocolate and butter have melted (I can do this recipe in about five minutes),
    remove pan from heat and beat in each ingredient above, in order.
    Spread into the greased pan, and bake for about 25 minutes, or until they look done.
    Here’s a cooks hint: When baking, keep within smelling range, especially with chocolate things. Brownie batter doesn’t smell like brownies, but after it is cooked, it will smell like brownies are being cooked. Your brownies are done within five minutes of being able to smell them. It also works for banana bread. When I smell banana bread, my bread is done. I don’t even have to set an alarm, unless I am going to be busy or away from the kitchen area.
    Properly baked, they will have a shiny, almost papery layer over the top, and just a bit of a chewy edge.
    I developed this recipe from a recipe that my neighbor made and shared. She had in her recipe to use either the baking chocolate OR the cocoa, but they never tasted quite right. So I tried using both, using a bit less of each. Voila.
    I have had people who tried to use something but butter, and it didn’t work. They have tried to use just the chocolate or just the cocoa, and that didn’t work. They have tried all kinds of things, but they only got good brownies if they followed the recipe, exactly as written. They learned. They thought I was just being bougie. Nope, I was baking brownies. And instead of melting chocolate, transfering it to a bowl to cool, mixing the dry together, and all that other time-wasting, need-to-wash-more-things, and takes more time, it’s mixed in the pan, using the sugar to cool down the chocolate/butter enough to add the eggs without worrying about them scrambling. Someone added the eggs first, and they had a problem.
    If you use a silicone spatula to mix everything, you have to only wash a pan and the spatula. I like that. I also save time by having measuring cups as scoops in my canister for both flour and sugars, use my eye to measure everything else. But I’ve been making these for almost 50 years. This? All from memory. I do my banana bread by memory, too. i am a cook, a good cook. I can get these in the oven and cleaned up in about 10 minutes.

  15. Bryan with no sense of self-awareness scoffs at several TIs who come at him with ridiculous claims. This is the same Bryan who regularly accuses me of being a supercomputer. Bryan made a new video a few days ago going over some of my silly videos of him and saying I was a military AI sent on a counterintelligence operation against him (lol):

    Bryan mentions a lady in New Jersey who calls herself a super soldier. This is almost certainly Holly Baglio of Stewartsville, NJ. You can Google her name + super soldier and get posts of her describing herself that way.

    Bryan has been using Holly’s residence and mailbox to falsely claim residence in New Jersey and commit insurance fraud. Holly appears to be a nutbag too, so the spurious claims about Bryan are not surprising.

    Bryan of course thinks all of his own claims and his own false accusations are actually truthful and sane.

  16. Wow…..two women dancing with a little boy? SO WHAT? The only thing worrisome about that video is that someone is videoing and publishing a video showing neighbors, for whom she has no information about, thinking that something nefarious is going on. Women dance with kids. They were the best dancers, and their style is not to my liking, but they are just goofing off with a kid. Candy, you have no right to be taping people, intimating that something bad was going on. I kind of wished she had called the police, so they knew someone was being so invasive, mean and nasty.
    And then we move onto the mythical “Mop Drying in the Sun.” Because no one has ever taken a wet mop outside to dry out, have they? What? That is common? For her to think that someone doing what a person with a wet mop does is somehow malicious and mimicking her shows the depth of her narcissism. And that she is taking a video and publishing it online, as though placing a mop in the sun to dry was somehow a weird or possibly a crime doesn’t make her look even a little sane.
    Then she goes on that when she went outside a few days after moving in, the woman with the common sense <<<<<Ah, there it is! Candy doesn’t have common sense, and thinks those who do are after her>>>> to place her mop in the sun to dry gives her a patented “hate-anger look.” I say “patented” because “hate-anger look” is something she uses enough she entered it into the Urban Dictionary. Wouldn’t the ability to somehow know what a person is thinking clairvoyance? And isn’t such things are to be considered unChristian, likely evil? But Candy can tell just be a glance what someone is thinking. Looks like she must dabble in the evil arts, too. Any way, likely the woman was responding to what Candy was doing, holding her phone, probably out at arms length, looking like she was taking a picture or video of the neighbor without the decency to even introduce herself. Yeah, that’s it. Common sense says that if someone you do not know and who does not introduce herself to you looking as though she is taking your picture, you might get mad and think the person was weird and rude.
    Finding something on your screen means something from outside was blown onto your screen. It is something that happens on screens every single day, all over the world. I checked when I was watching a hawk in my backyard, and I have those dark dirt things, too. All over my screen room. I went outside and saw some were parts of leaves and some were bird poop. It’s called being outside. Nature. Bird shit happens. And the white marks on her front door screen are obviously white paint, and it is showing now because she pushes on the screen instead of the door frame, which is pulling the screen out from under the spline. My husband used to work on unit maintenance, and he saw this all the time.
    Finally, she actually did not deny that she said I needed to be murdered, and said that I have said she needed to be killed, as though we are even Steven. Except I’ve never called for anyone to kill or even hurt her. I have always told her that she needs to accept the responsibility and suffer the consequences of her own actions. Like making her videos with no evidence of what she is saying, and calling her neighbor names. She has yet to figure out that the only evidence she is filming is the evidence that she has inappropriate social behavior, is paranoid, and has delusions. Also that she is not very bright. She doesn’t seem to know that putting your mop in the sun is NORMAL and a good idea because the sunlight will kill some of the bacteria.
    She continues to believe that someone has told her she is not “allowed” to write and publish books. I’ve never seen proof of that, but she sure says it enough. I have said her stories and books are not something that are well written, nor something people would likely want to pay to read. And I can say that is the truth, based solely on the book sales, and the lack of reviews praising her work. But have I ever said she CAN’T do it? No. I said she can’t write, as in write well. If she thought I was saying she is not allowed to write, she is dumber than I thought, and I think she is about as smart as a challenged 10 year old. There is a difference. Can she write well? No. Can she write short stories? Yes. But can she write well-written short stories? No. That she doesn’t seem to understand words and phrases mean different things shows why she does not produce well-written things. Or even speak well.
    I am seriously thinking of carving a pumpkin from a certain scary face I saw online. I remembered the graphic it brought to mind. Considering the narcissism and the general “you have to do what I say!” attitude, it really fits.

  17. Whoa. I grabbed a quick, free photo editor out of the Play Store.
    I knew when I saw the Candy version, it reminded STRONGLY of something, but couldn’t quite put my finger on what. My first thought was maybe a poster for Orwell’s “1984.” I looked and saw something similar, but it was a photo. I came to me later. I have also always thought that headshots of Candy reminded me of the Olmec Heads, but this is the absolute graphic I was thinking of.
    The first time using this app without reading anything like directions and taking no more than three minutes version? It is almost a perfect match, although the eyes are a bit higher than the original graphic. I don’t think Candy would know about this graphic, or that she would even know anything about the Emperor, but it is kind of spooky how well they meld together.
    If I was a different type of person, I would print several copies of this to post around a certain neighborhood in Florida. I’m too cheap and don’t want the bother. I will likely make a pumpkin, though. Because it’s is too………good of a match to not make a pumpkin.
    It’s weird, almost eerie. No kidding. When I first got them centered…..yep. Here’s the three minute quicky.

  18. “Stalking primarily concerns the actions of individuals. However, some victims report stalking by organised groups, this being known as ‘group-’ or ‘gang-stalking’. This phenomenon has not been subject to systematic study. An anonymous questionnaire was completed online by self-defined victims of stalking. One thousand and forty respondents met research definitions for stalking, of which 128 (12.3%) reported group-stalking. One hundred and twenty-eight individually stalked cases were randomly selected as a comparison group. All cases of reported group-stalking were found likely to be delusional, compared with 3.9% of individually stalked cases. There were highly significant differences between the two groups on most parameters examined. The group-stalked scored more highly on depressive symptoms, post-traumatic symptomatology and adverse impact on social and occupational functioning. Group-stalking appears to be delusional in basis, but complainants suffer marked psychological and practical sequelae. This is important in assessment of risk in stalking cases, early referral to psychiatric services and allocation of police resources.”'gang-stalking'_an_exploratory_study_of_their_nature_and_impact_on_complainants
    Candy, this is why there is no one believing you in the police department. When people report gangstalking, there is no evidence that anything is going on except someone isn’t getting their way.
    Boo-hoo, I can hear their music! Too bad. It’s your sensitive ears, not their music being too loud.
    Waah! They have red shirts on! Too bad. People will wear what they want when they want to. Where is your hard facts that a specific color means anything?
    That person is driving! I’m not allowed to have a car! Wrong. You don’t have a car because you don’t save up any money to be able to buy a car, and you don’t have the income to finance a car, and you don’t have the extra money you need to fuel, fix, and insure a car. It’s called REALITY.
    People complain if I eat…..well, you are obese, you believe things about both health and food that are not based on facts, you waste a lot of money on food, you don’t know what you are doing when you cook the food you get, you complain how you have only enough food for a few days yet have a meal delivered, you say you shouldn’t eat things you buy, you eat a lot……there are reasons, all based on the information you provide. If you don’t want people to judge you about your food and eating, don’t make videos. Problem solved.
    But your whole purpose and worth in life is your videos and what people say, how many likes, how many shares, how many subs, how many people unsub….This last, throws you into a “traumatized” state. Your worth is what a stranger thinks about your videos? Yeah, German guy was right.
    And your listing of stuff you need to “budget” and “save” for? Cut the act. You have never budgeted and saved for anything. You just know the in-your-face begging is over, now that you have been informed it is both taxed and considered as income by the SSA, and you want to hide donations, so you don’t have to worry about all that. Ask about HUD’s interpretation of “income.” It includes any income, including gifts and donations that are not regular. They can kick you out, and ban you from further assistance for ten years. You might want to ask about that.

  19. Whelp…..I did something.
    I got a message from the person I was talking to from Bloomington, Texas.
    She sees it the way I do, Candy is out of control and does not realize how much trouble that the videos she makes might possibly bring.
    When I talked about it with my husband, he thought I might just have the right thing.
    So I did it. What’s the worse that can happen?
    Until something does happen, I’ll keep it to myself. And we know Candy comes here to see what people are saying about her to get her all worked up. Because her whole, “If you don’t like me, don’t watch my videos,” schtick is just another one of those things she has a double standard about such things. Hi, Candy!
    With her latest being a shout out between her and her neighbor, the one she calls a “skank,” who has as many baby daddies as babies, and has a male friend of undetermined relationship, when the neighbor was absolutely right. When not done between the stated hours, having music on that Candy can hear is just too damn bad. Her attitude also makes me think that Candy is in way over her head. When her neighbor hears what Candy has said about her, it is going to be fireworks. Since Candy has decided to contact the police directly, which was noticed by another neighbor, she is likely not going to get “Neighbor of the Year” award anytime soon. Even the cops thought she was being weird. From her house, you can hardly hear the music. EVER.
    With luck, Candy will be shown the errors of her ways. Like going to an ear doctor to see about her claimed disability. I think that is what makes me the most mad. She calls people who she knows nothing about “fake” disabled because they have a disabled license plate. But her TRUE disability is her challenges and untreated mental illness, and she doesn’t admit it and makes up disabilities, looking for “respect.” Hyperacusis is not considered a disability, it has treatment, is now thought of as being part of an anxiety disorder, and it is something that does not matter just how loudly something really is, instead is the inability of the person to cope with a sound they cannot control. So the sounds she calls excruciating are normal, and no one has to turn down a normal level sound because a big baby demands it.
    She also pulled the “Respect my age, I’m older than you.” Really, Candy? When have you showed respect to anyone because of their age? When have you shown respect to anyone for any reason. You haven’t. Even the cops, or that Court Investigator. You were a brat, you act like a brat, and you should be treated like a brat. You can’t claim one thing and then do another.
    Your neighbor knows how to treat a brat. She ain’t gonna put up with your shit, and she doesn’t have to because she is not doing anything wrong. YOU are.
    I kind of hope she is making a video of her neighbor after they see the videos. That’s can’t go well. At least not for Candy.

    • The management lady had a conversation with her. It sounds like things are going downhill quickly for her. By her own doing.

      She says she is going to withhold rent. I’m guessing she will be evicted soon.

      No I don’t find any joy in this Candy, it’s just a predictable outcome when you behave badly and become a pest. Your complaints are exaggerated (the music is inaudible or very soft in your videos) and you would rather be homeless than have to see people wearing red clothes or see people with burned out headlights. That is not the action of a reasonable person, that is the action of someone who is mentally ill and oppositional defiant.

      • If she’s homeless, she’ll still have to see people wearing red or cars with one headlight, she just won’t have a place where she can close the blinds and ignore it.

        I highly advise Candy to reconsider her “not paying rent” plan. It won’t end well for her.

  20. Today was a lot to unpack. And none of it looks good for Candy.
    I made mention of this on YouTube, but I will mention it here as well. I did not contact anyone in the Housing Commission. I did report her as an adult with challenges, mental health issues that are untreated, and someone who is potentially putting themselves in danger, considering the names and assumptions she is making about every single person she see, especially her neighbors. Because it was after hours, I sent a fax. It will be passed onto someone in the right region, then the right division, then to a caseworker, if it is even considered. So anything I did will not be evident until after tomorrow, and likely longer than that. She will not believe it, but that’s the truth.
    Candy, when you whine and call the police on someone for saying they are going to kick your ass, and then walks away, it is another example of your narcissistic double standards. You said I needed to be murdered. Not that you would kick my ass, actually MURDERED. I reported that to the police, not as a crime, but as a mentally ill challenged person doesn’t know they should be saying such things on YouTube. And the police agreed with me. Were you arrested? No. Were you jailed? No. Were you even threatened? No. They offered to take you someone to get your back checked because you were complaining about sciatica. If you felt threatened by that, it’s because you are paranoid and delusional.
    I agree with all the comments above about you not paying rent. That WILL get you evicted, because it is a matter of rules. You don’t pay rent, you don’t live in their units. It is the surest way to be evicted. It shows bad faith in management, too. You also should realize that disrespecting management is a bad idea, and can get you evicted. So is harassing neighbors and videoing everyone for no reason other than your paranoid delusions.
    You also are going to need to be honest with the Housing people about your disability. Not only is hyperacusis NOT a disability, it is lying to them. Your disabilities are mental, with challenges and mental health issues that you do not treat in any way. In order to be accommodated for a disability under the ADA (which has said that hyperacusis is NOT a disability, BTW), you will need to produce a doctor’s statement that what you have is a disability. You do not have that, nor will you likely to get one, because it is not your ears, it’s how you react to noise. It’s ANXIETY, a mental health issue. And you receive SSSDI because you have challenges and mental health issues, which at the beginning was called schizophrenia. The latest way of saying that is you have “paranoid, persecutory delusions.” THAT is you disability. Not your ears, your feet, your organs getting squished, your feet vibrating or the little pangs you feel every now and then. YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL. If you refute that, turn off the SSDI, at least until you get a proper notification from a real doctor that you are mentally well, and the hearing thing cannot be fixed. How your ears tie into to feeling your organs, feet, or anything else to vibrate painfully is going to be hard to prove, because the ears are not connected to any body part except those for hearing. But for something to be declared a disability, it has to be determined that all treatment has failed to provide relief, something you will have to find hard to do since you have never been treated for hyperacusis. You got the diagnosis. And you, in your choice of wording for this type of thing, WEAPONIZED it. Really, that is what you have done; if something doesn’t go your way, you pull the “disabled due to my ears” card.
    Next, despite your wishes to the contrary, people have the right to do what they want, especially within the confines of their home. This includes playing music you don’t like at a volume that is audible to you. You share a wall, you are going to hear noises. It’s on YOU to fix that, not the rest of the world. People also have the right to dance with children, wear whatever color they want, drive how they are comfortable, even have a headlight out. I have no idea how long my headlamp was out because no one told me and I never saw the front of my car while it was running. It happens. And in no way does it affect you, except because you saw it on the web, got the diagnosis, and WEAPONIZED it, be claiming trauma. Just like you don’t understand “sex trafficking,” you don’t understand trauma. And none of it is YOUR business, never has been and never will be. You are just a narcissist and everything has to be about you and your wishes. Surprise! No one cares and no one needs to care.
    Your behavior to your neighbors is inappropriate social behavior. You are invading their privacy. You don’t even know their names. Calling people names and making judgments on them based on nothing but your paranoid delusions is not going to be welcome in any community.
    It’s JUPITER. It is almost always Jupiter. If it’s not Jupiter, it’s Venus. Look it up.


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