TI Kevin Christian thinks his neighbors are zapping his butthole!

A little change of pace here.

Some of you are already familiar with him. He’s some dude who lives in Georgia who believes a family living close by on “Howard Circle” is collectively harassing him using V2K (the schizophrenic voices in his head) and other types of supposed electronic weapons.

He also has many videos up accusing this family of hacking into his phone, YouTube account, and etc. The reality is that like other TIs (i.e. Bryan Tew) they don’t understand how technology works and just think their phone running out of space is some sort of gangstalker conspiracy.

He apparently regularly calls the police on this innocent family when he hears these voices or has technology troubles.

He goes by “Targeted Individual” as well as his real name online. (If anyone has a better introduction to Kevin, let me know and I’ll link it in here).

He wasn’t that interesting to me until this morning when he started complaining of butthole and genital attacks. I snickered.