Bryan Tew visits ER, rambles about the CIA, flees after docs try to put him on psych hold

Pretty self-explanatory. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. He goes to the hospital whining about his ears and rambling on about the CIA/DIA and their fancy mind control beams. Nurse humors him and then quickly leaves to (presumably) tell the doctor and start the process.

He manages to escape in time before he could be restrained and committed.

Scooter Scuffle: Bryan Tew tangles with a fed-gov driver on the road

I’ll update this post if more information becomes available.

Drama queen Bryan Tew posts a video in which he accosts the driver of a black SUV with GSA plates (federal government) and accuses him of almost running him over. In the video title, Bryan says it was a “DELIBERATE ACCIDENT” and it was an “ATTEMPTED(sic) ON LIFE”.

Bryan, it’s only an accident if there was injury or property damage. Given that you are mobile, walking around, and talking, it’s hard to say there was an attempt on your life. Besides, if that was his goal, he would have just gone in for the kill as you were yelling at him – and he probably wouldn’t use a government fleet vehicle to do it – plausible deniability you know.

What actually happened here? Not exactly sure, but I wouldn’t trust anything Bryan says about it. Nothing was damaged so it’s difficult to say what really happened.

Bryan Tew posts bizarre video about random people in a park

Bryan visits Presidio Park in San Diego and starts pointing his camera at random people, accusing them of being members of a “hive mind team”. He even goes so far as to identify a specific individual as his “clone”. What’s with conspiracy loons and their obsession with human cloning? He provides zero evidence for his claims and then backpedals later in the video saying he doesn’t actually know that they are.

It’s cringing all the way through as he very clearly is making people feel uncomfortable with his behavior while making a complete fool of himself.

EDIT: A reader in San Diego brings to my attention the fact that this particular park is actually well-known in the city for gay hookups. Bryan incorrectly calls this park “Old Town Park”, perhaps on purpose?

I want to make it clear that I do not have any problem with gay folks, unlike Bryan who frequently calls them “fa**ots” and other disparaging things.

I don’t know that Bryan has any kind of gay inclinations, and I really don’t want to level that as some sort of juvenile accusation at him because it doesn’t matter if he actually is or isn’t. Plain and simple, I don’t really know.

I do, however, want to point out that being openly very homophobic and then later being caught in some sort of gay sexual activity is something that happens on a semi-frequent basis with politicians, public figures, and etc.

Presidio Park listed on a “gay cruising” website

Bryan Tew fails to make flight to Ecuador, another YouTube shoutout

If you didn’t catch this last month, Bryan had made a brief Facebook post about booking travel to return to Ecuador. He was supposed to fly out on 09/08. Obviously he has not made his flight (today is the 15th).

He has made no explanation, only a very brief mention of not being able to “get out of San Diego back to Ecuador” in a video he made on the 12th.

My educated guess is that the airline refused to allow him to board because he doesn’t have a passport in his possession. Way back in December he forgot about a bag containing his passport and other items and never recovered it.

The problem is Bryan has lost his passport several times before. The first few times the State Department was willing to give him replacements. The last time he got a replacement, he was warned that there would be no more replacements.

Apparently that is still the case – Bryan has not made any posts or videos stating that he was able to convince them to give him another passport. He did mention attending an interview with the State Department to make an appeal but I assume that appeal was denied.

Last night Bryan posted another rambling delusional video about “the technology” used against him.

Not really worthy of a post in its own right but he did give me a shoutout saying that “FBI” and “alphabet agencies” have entire websites dedicated to him. To my knowledge this is the only website that frequently discusses him. Thanks, Bryan!

No, I don’t work for the FBI or any other alphabet agency or any other governmental entity. You are delusional and need help.

(Fast-forward to 1:40 or so if you only want to hear the shoutout)