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Scooter Scuffle: Bryan Tew tangles with a fed-gov driver on the road

I’ll update this post if more information becomes available.

Drama queen Bryan Tew posts a video in which he accosts the driver of a black SUV with GSA plates (federal government) and accuses him of almost running him over. In the video title, Bryan says it was a “DELIBERATE ACCIDENT” and it was an “ATTEMPTED(sic) ON LIFE”.

Bryan, it’s only an accident if there was injury or property damage. Given that you are mobile, walking around, and talking, it’s hard to say there was an attempt on your life. Besides, if that was his goal, he would have just gone in for the kill as you were yelling at him – and he probably wouldn’t use a government fleet vehicle to do it – plausible deniability you know.

What actually happened here? Not exactly sure, but I wouldn’t trust anything Bryan says about it. Nothing was damaged so it’s difficult to say what really happened.


  1. AA

    He’s in Seaport Village, and parking there is a bear and he’s probably weaving in and out of that parking traffic like an imbecile, like most people here do while on bikes, scooters, etc.

    As far as a ‘deliberate’ accident, well…there’s no such thing. Though I do believe that Bryan saw the government plates on this arriving/departing vehicle and decided to create a scene that he could video for his own perceived benefit. Not an effective endeavor; he just comes off looking like a crazy jerk.

  2. AA

    Bryan has made it pretty clear that he knows about this blog, and therefore he most likely reads this blog – he’s a classic narcissist, it’s all about him all the time – so he knows by now the allure that Presidio Park – NOT “Old Town Park” – is best known for these days.

    Yet – he cannot seem to stay away from this area – where he claims he’s constantly stalked. Yes Bryan, you WILL be stalked in this area, by homeless drug addicts and prostitutes. Not by the government. The cops are sick to death of the place.

    So here’s today’s video about his Christian activities up on the mount of Presido, lest anyone suspect he’s up there for the more common reasons people consistently hang out up there for.

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