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Bryan Tew posts bizarre video about random people in a park

Bryan visits Presidio Park in San Diego and starts pointing his camera at random people, accusing them of being members of a “hive mind team”. He even goes so far as to identify a specific individual as his “clone”. What’s with conspiracy loons and their obsession with human cloning? He provides zero evidence for his claims and then backpedals later in the video saying he doesn’t actually know that they are.

It’s cringing all the way through as he very clearly is making people feel uncomfortable with his behavior while making a complete fool of himself.

EDIT: A reader in San Diego brings to my attention the fact that this particular park is actually well-known in the city for gay hookups. Bryan incorrectly calls this park “Old Town Park”, perhaps on purpose?

I want to make it clear that I do not have any problem with gay folks, unlike Bryan who frequently calls them “fa**ots” and other disparaging things.

I don’t know that Bryan has any kind of gay inclinations, and I really don’t want to level that as some sort of juvenile accusation at him because it doesn’t matter if he actually is or isn’t. Plain and simple, I don’t really know.

I do, however, want to point out that being openly very homophobic and then later being caught in some sort of gay sexual activity is something that happens on a semi-frequent basis with politicians, public figures, and etc.

Presidio Park listed on a “gay cruising” website


  1. AA

    Well, he’s not really in “Old Town park.” He is in Presidio Park above Old Town. The area is famous for clandestine homosexual encounters. Everyone in the area knows that is where closeted straight guys go to have anonymous sex with other men.

    • Stefan Adams

      Thanks. Post updated.

      Bryan has admitted to having gay nightmares. He did say in a previous post that the CIA forced him into “unwanted sexual activities”. I won’t jump to any conclusions just from that though.

      No idea if that meant he couldn’t help himself from jerking off or if he had that type of encounter you describe. But it is apparent he has no self control over his impulses, regardless of what he thinks about during those activities or who he might be sharing them with.

      • AA

        He either has no self control over impulses – or he simply uses this whole charade as an excuse to not be held accountable for his own thoughts and actions. The government is his convenient scapegoat.

        I bet he’s reading all this and we’re likely to never see a video of him in Presidio Park again now that ‘we’ know what goes on up that hill at night – and during the day.

        It is a very dangerous place, especially at night. It hides burrows of homeless, mentally ill and drug addicted people, most of whom prostitute themselves to survive, as well as robbing and attacking people. If Bryan wants to be genuinely attacked, this is the area for him to recieve such treatment. If he wants to be robbed and raped and maybe killed, this is the place for him. At least most of Old Town is out in the open and filled with tourists, and a good amount of police presence. Only a fool uses the Presidio Park’s public restrooms, which are often locked because of the frequency of sexual activity and the health risks from the hepatitis running rampant through the area.

  2. Stars15k

    I can’t imagine anyone wants to be video Ed and talked about without permission, but doing that here is just dumb. And he looks like a fat, out-of-shape easy target for a beating.

    • Stefan Adams

      Sometimes I think that’s what he wants. If he can provoke someone into attacking him then he can prove to himself that they really are out to get him even though he was the provocateur. Plus it makes for great videos – the guy that was about to shank him with a machete in Central America was something else.

  3. Anonymous

    Lol. He looks like a fat Captain America! Poor guy. He was using the word “schizophrenic” in this video, which he has never really said before. And, he sounds way more unhinged than usual. He is either having an “attack” or he is spouting his theories. This time, he sounds like he is not right in the least.

    • Stefan Adams

      I just watched that! LOL. He’s such a drama queen – says he almost lost his life. Whatever actually happened, it probably was his fault.

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