Bryan Tew Banned from VA CTRS Shelter

I commented about this on the previous post but it deserves to be mentioned in its own post.

Bryan says another veteran elbowed him, likely unintentionally, and Bryan responded by shoving him, cursing him out, and trying to get him to fight him:

Of course Bryan’s reaction is perfectly normal and totally reasonable. Unfortunately the VA does not see it that way and has chosen to eject Bryan from his ”pallet shelter” for violating the VA’s zero tolerance rule on violence:

Do I feel sorry for Bryan? No, he has acted out this way on numerous occasions over the years. It’s why Bryan is missing so many teeth and why his back/shoulder is messed up as badly as it is. He keeps starting fights, getting his ass kicked, and losing with no remorse.

Bryan is lucky that the other guy didn’t take a swing at him and knock out his remaining teeth. But what Bryan didn’t receive in physical injury he received in loss of shelter placement.

He hasn’t learned his lesson before and likely hasn’t learned it now. He blames everyone else but himself.

Bryan Tew’s Living Conditions in Los Angeles

Bryan often makes videos inside of his “pallet shelter” at the VA campus in Los Angeles. The camera will sometimes start with the forward facing camera for a fleeting moment before he switches it over to the selfie camera.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

What is the yellow substance in the bottle of coke? Is it, uh, piss?

What is up with the multiple bags of sugar (the pink ”C&H” sugar bags)? I assume it is for the coffee. How much fucking sugar do you take in your coffee? That’s not healthy. I mean I’m not the healthiest person in the world (I’m working on changing that) but one of those bags of sugar would last me like two years. I see three bags in this photo with one bag nearly empty. He has only had that coffee maker for like a month or two!

But I guess I shouldn’t expect any better from the dude who 24 hours after he supposedly was having congestive heart failure to go out to Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

Pills on the floor.

Stuff blocking the area that is clearly marked ”KEEP CLEAR”.