Bryan Tew’s Impaired & Distracted Driving

Bryan posted a video in the parking lot of what appears to be the Teterboro, NJ Costco parking lot, frantically stating that “they” almost caused an accident due to driving while sleep impaired.

It is also against the law in New Jersey to use a cell phone while driving, something Bryan already received a court summons for.

(Hmm, YOU are the one driving and YOU chose to drive while impaired!)

Edited 01/30 to add a second reckless driving video

On 1/30, Bryan posted this video from behind the wheel in Valley Stream, NY. He rants and raves about how the CIA is making him crave hamburgers from Checkers and peanut butter.

Candy-ass Candy Grandpre Harasses People, Police in Pensacola, FL

So the gist of this is that a group of outdoor partygoers decide to play some music in a parking lot near wherever Candy is hanging out and Candy decides to go interrupt them and tell them they’re not allowed to play music because of her alleged condition of “hyperacusis”.

They get fed up with Candy’s non-stop harassment and call the police, the police tell Candy that they are breaking no laws, Candy starts verbally abusing the police officers, calling them expletives, and etc.

The whole thing is very pathetic, Candy believes she is entitled to control other people in public spaces and throws a childish tantrum when she doesn’t get her way.

By the way, I’m sympathetic to the concerns about loud noises and loud music, but context is key. There are places and times of day where you are allowed to do that and places that you aren’t. Get your ass somewhere else if you want it to be quiet and stop being an entitled brat.