Bryan Tew’s Impaired & Distracted Driving

Bryan posted a video in the parking lot of what appears to be the Teterboro, NJ Costco parking lot, frantically stating that “they” almost caused an accident due to driving while sleep impaired.

It is also against the law in New Jersey to use a cell phone while driving, something Bryan already received a court summons for.

(Hmm, YOU are the one driving and YOU chose to drive while impaired!)

Edited 01/30 to add a second reckless driving video

On 1/30, Bryan posted this video from behind the wheel in Valley Stream, NY. He rants and raves about how the CIA is making him crave hamburgers from Checkers and peanut butter.

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  1. Now this is scary. Is he driving on the wrong side of the road? Maybe I’m seeing that wrong, maybe the camera he’s using is set to mirror. I don’t know. But that looks like he’s driving into oncoming traffic.
    What happened with the dash cam that Best Buy was supposed to professionally install after he couldn’t get it to connect? I thought for sure we would have video of vehicular stalking by now.
    I wonder if it will ever occur to Bryan that he is sleep deprivation torturing himself? Downing a half gallon of Red Bull per day is going to give you the trembles, make your heart race, and keep you awake. The rapid, split second intervals of drowsiness while reading and listening to preaching (except that hellfire and damnation one we sometimes hear) is going to make you drowsy. Maybe if he would give in and doze off, rather than chug an energy drink to combat the drowsiness, he would not be as sleep deprived?
    Bryan also posted lengthy videos (voice recordings) of his doctor visit 1/26, where the surgeon he was consulting with doesn’t feel that he needs whole shoulder replacements, but rotator cuff repairs, which are evidently a simpler surgery and possibly outpatient (I did not hear the doctor specifically say this, however Bryan states it in a follow up video). Bryan tells the surgeon he wants a second opinion and the doctor obliges by offering him the files needed to see another physician.
    In the follow up video I mentioned, Bryan recaps the appointment, saying something is terribly wrong, he is being forced out of the country again due to the torture and blames the supercomputer and Medical Co-Intel Pro for blocking his total shoulder replacements.

    • Yep. It’s extremely obvious that his problems are being exacerbated by the Red Bull, not helped.

      Bryan seems extremely worried that his doctor at NYP only spent a short period of time with him. But at least in my experience that is extremely normal. You spend most of the time with the doc’s staff (nurses, techs, etc.) who ask the questions, take notes, and put your file together. The doc comes in, looks at your file, and then decides on the treatment. Some doc’s are more impersonal than others, it’s how it is, not a conspiracy, but ultimately they’re busy and unless your case seems overly complex, there’s no need for them to spend more time with you.

      At the end of the day, medicine is an industry and spending more time than needed makes the clinic less efficient and lose money. Especially if you’re getting medicaid which only some doctors take because it’s more of a hassle and harder to get paid for.

      I get the vibe from Bryan that he’s going to discontinue his treatment. I hope he doesn’t. But if I were in his position, I would prefer the less intrusive treatment over the more intrusive surgery that’s likely to have a lot of downtime for you. If the less intrusive treatment isn’t helpful, I doubt it will rule out a more aggressive treatment later on.

    • Now this is scary. Is he driving on the wrong side of the road? Maybe I’m seeing that wrong, maybe the camera he’s using is set to mirror. I don’t know. But that looks like he’s driving into oncoming traffic.

      Yeah, it’s set to mirror. If you look carefully, the dashboard and steering wheel appear to be on the right while the Toyota Bryan owns is a left-hand drive American spec model. Plus, there appears to be a green sign on the “left” and a line of headlights in the “right” lane, a backwards “ONLY” on the road, and a blurry backwards Costco logo.

  2. Bryan is having difficulty getting his prescriptions for Oxycodone and morphine filled. It seems some places don’t want to fill it and the places that do want to fill it only want to give him a little bit at a time and giving him other trouble like making him wait a day or two before they’ll actually hand it to him.

    Bryan says this is an example of “medical cointelpro”. This is more likely an example of pharmacists playing hot potato with opiate prescriptions, especially with someone who LOOKS and ACTS like a junky.

    I don’t know how much Bryan’s mannerisms play into the way pharmacies are handling his meds but I do know that in the last 10-15 years America as a whole has become far more strict with opiate dispensing just because of all the people getting hooked and ODing to such an extent that it became a big national crisis.

    Now doctors don’t really want to prescribe painkillers anymore, because it invites scrutiny from the DEA and other law enforcement. They’re turning the screws on pharmacies as well, reducing the amount of pills they’re actually allowed to have in stock, and I’m sure they’re looking at the pharmacists more too, to the point they don’t want to dispense them.

    I don’t have all the answers on how to fix the opiate crisis, but I know people personally who are compliant and suffer from chronic pain that tell stories of how they’ve been treated like criminals in recent years because of the way attitudes have changed.

  3. This is a random comment but I was recently browsing eyeglass frames and this particular store (Target) was advertising the Rayban Stories in-store. They had a display that said they were “now” available with prescription lenses.

    That made me think of the incident a few weeks ago where Bryan got kicked out of the mall after throwing a fit when he could not get prescription lenses fitted and they denied him a refund.

    I’m guessing Bryan’s Ray-Bans are going unused. He only posted one video clip from them that I’m aware of.

  4. There is a clip on Bryan’s Facebook page from a few days ago where he visits the Social Security office. It only lasts about 4 minutes. He’s trying to get his direct deposit changed and get his benefits restored.

    He briefly tells the clerk his sob story about how he needs his SSI so he can seek medical treatment abroad. (The people behind the counter at the SSA offices aren’t the ones making decisions about your benefits, they’re only there to answer basic questions and do basic account management tasks so its really a waste of time pleading with them).

    From there, the clerk is asking basic questions to authenticate that Bryan is who he says he is and wants his address. He’s moved so many times it’s not really clear which address SSA has on file for him, so Bryan rattles off several addresses way faster than the clerk can possibly type them out or remember.

    The clerk asks Bryan to repeat himself a couple of times (the two addresses in NY and NJ, I guess, aren’t in their system) so Bryan rattles off his address at the Los Angeles VA. I think he went too fast for the lady and she asks him to repeat yet again.

    Bryan gets angry about having to repeat himself and raises his voice and we can hear a co-worker or supervisor chime in and tell Bryan to “calm down”.

    Bryan says “I am fine” but very quickly walks off in a huff.

    (Which is probably smart. I’ve been to the SSA office to present some documents in person, can’t do that online. They had an armed federal police officer there because I guess people becoming irate and sometimes violent has happened enough times to warrant such a presence.)

  5. Bryan does another livestream from behind the wheel. He complains about how he has these cravings for hamburgers and peanut butter and that those cravings are actually the “system” trying to influence and censor his thoughts rather than psychological mechanisms that every human has (normally called hunger by non-schizoid people).

  6. Kevin Christian rambles on about his knee being attacked by Robert Lackey.

    It would otherwise be a non-noteworthy video but for the fact that he is wearing a Motorola lapel microphone. It’s the style of microphone you see cops wearing. I know he wouldn’t pass a background check for that kind of job so I know it’s not that but it does have me curious as to what he would wear that for.

    Thought he was flinging packages for FedEx?

    He says his job involves climbing 40ft up a ladder to “inspect” something. Says his knee got zapped and he almost fell off.

    • I assume Fed Ex has ladders at the warehouse although I’d imagine 40ft is an exaggeration.

      As long as Kevin isn’t inspecting Fed Ex planes to see if anything required to keep a plane in the sky works properly and isn’t cracked, I’m not too concerned.

      • Is Kevin in California now? It’s somewhere with green leaves in February and where he doesn’t need to wear a winter jacket and I don’t think it’s Florida because I think he said it’s at least 1000 miles away from Jonesboro. It’s gotta be either California or really far south Texas.

  7. Bryan is making a vague claim that his account is “wiped out” which is preventing him from buying a passport and paying his medical co-pays. He provides nearly no elaboration on that statement.

    He posts a couple of screenshots from his email showing that the contact information associated with his US Bank ReliaCard has been changed.

    Implying, I guess, identity theft / account hijacking and unauthorized diversion of his funds but he doesn’t actually come out and say this is what happened. I mean, if he just got his ID stolen, you’d think he would say that, otherwise for all we know he is the one who changed his contact info and he has just been poorly managing his funds.

    • Bryan has literally broadcast his full name, addresses, email addresses, social security number, phone number(s), and all sorts of other personally identifiable information on multiple social media networks frequently. His disability/SSI income was suspended for unknown reasons and after the visit to the office where he leaves in a huff for having to repeatedly give addresses and getting attitude with the employee, we don’t know if that was ever resolved. The first of the month when his funds from that would likely be deposited, just passed. He may have had his account hijacked, or he may have a low/no balance because he’s not getting the deposits anymore.

      The screenshots of changing emails and phone numbers on his accounts leads me to believe he did that himself. Two factor authentication isn’t perfect but it works pretty well. Unless someone conned him into sending them the code the bank sends via text to verify identity, which isn’t outside the realm of possibility, it would be hard to get around.

  8. Bryan is now announcing to the world that he’s beating his meat. Inside the Toyota at the Walmart or Costco parking lot?


  9. Candy Grandpre got on a Greyhound night before last and rode out of Pensacola. She now posted a video saying she’s in Cincinnati.

    I’m not sure what prompted the trip to Cincinnati, I haven’t watched much of her recent videos but if I manage to piece it together I’ll put up a post about it.

    Not sure if this is just a “trip” or an actual move.

  10. No no no, Bryan must be stopped from getting yet another passport. His constant references to sexual programming and lust make him a dangerous individual to be going to countries when there are vulnerable people. He mentions children often. He’s had pictures of children that he took from families websites. I actually contacted one woman whose young daughter’s photo was stolen from her site to be shown on his Facebook.

    • Yeah. I don’t know how he can be stopped legally until / unless he actually gets caught doing something inappropriate. He heavily implied that the French police were on to him w/r/t something sex related several years ago but nothing came of that AFAIK.

      He posted a video on Twitter recently where he spends 7 minutes talking about masturbation and pornography. He “lives” in that Toyota, usually parked outside of Walmart in Teterboro or occasionally outside of the VA hospital in Manhattan or the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream. I would prefer that Bryan not discuss his masturbatory habits but since he does, one wonders if he does it in the car in broad daylight and what efforts he takes to conceal his activities with all the people milling about the parking lot.

      He does lie a lot in this video. He says he doesn’t consume pornography, but we have it on record from a hostel owner that he was consuming pornography at a hostel in Costa Rica back in 2014. I remember when he complained that “they” (being the CIA) turned off the Internet, it was actually the hostel manager turning off the internet feed because they were getting complaints about Bryan’s pornography consumption in public.

    • Even if Bryan got a new passport, I doubt he’d stay out of the United States for too long before returning because he no longer looks healthy enough to travel for any extended period of time and I can see some countries refusing him entry just based on how sketchy he appears now.

  11. Bryan is having a manic episode. His car won’t start and he has no money (so he says).

    He has no clue what’s going on with his Social Security.

    It sounds like whatever supposedly happened with his US Bank pre-paid card (has some of his Ohio BWC funds on it) has resulted in his account being temporarily frozen while an investigation takes place.

  12. It’s probably the alternator, I’ve had a car die in the parking lot for the exact same reason. On the plus side, of the major things that can go wrong with your car, the alternator isn’t too pricey to replace. It’s not like replacing a timing belt, which is much more costly.

  13. Bryan continues being rude and belligerent with the Social Security employees. I didn’t listen all the way through uninterrupted but I gather that the main issue is that his checking account got closed and his address changed which is why his benefits stopped. Not sure if my understanding is 100% accurate.

    The clerk remarks that Bryan’s account is flagged due to him being rude and aggressive and warns him that he could be banned from SSA offices if he continues behaving like the way he behaves. This was right after Bryan complained that he was being routed to another SSA office (apparently the walk-in office can only handle some of the basic tasks of managing his address and direct deposit info, whereas he needs to call in to a call center to get the benefits restarted and request previous months’ payments, which made him become rude again)

    He is slightly less rude in this recording than the previous but not much better. Only this time the federal police don’t have to get involved.

    • What does he mean his Zip Code is there “in plain English”? Isn’t it written in numbers or did he write out each number in letters?

      If the Zip Code includes a string of eights, assuming it’s handwritten, it’s possible that some of the eights might look like zeros with the dash through them depending on how clear his writing is.

    • Bryan reveals both his account number and routing in this video. Coupled with the rest of his personal information that he has revealed in countless other videos, I expect his account to be compromised soon.

      • Yeah, you’d think Bryan would go to some effort to cut that out of the audio. He claims that his US Bank pre-paid account was hacked and had its funds stolen (granted I don’t completely believe him, but that’s besides the point) so why isn’t he paying attention to that?

        From the audio it does seem like Bryan tried to shove the phone in front of the clerk for her to read but she refused it and made Bryan read out the numbers.

    • Period Cramps Simulator (electric) causes one man among many to have involuntary leg muscles contractions. External EMF can also cause this and is used by the criminals behind Havana Syndrome.

      By directing electromagnetic energy at victims legs, involuntary movements are caused. This can be used to cause what appears to be human error but is actually malicious sabotage.

      • That muscles respond to electrical stimulation is not a new idea. It’s what makes defibrillators work. It is also how TENS units works (an electrical stimulator you can stick on different parts of your body, supposedly helps soothe sore muscles, can’t say if it actually works for that purpose, but it does make you twitch so its the same idea).

        Your comment about “external EMF” is not supported by the tweet you referenced and is something you just made up on the spot.

        • Anyway, Bryan’s problem is not directed energy or someone zapping his muscles with electricity. Bryan has actual physical damage. His spine is damaged from a vehicular accident many years ago and I know he has foot problems that is secondary to the spinal damage he received or is from some other physical incident, such as the many times Bryan has gotten beaten up from his poor behavior.

          He has never received proper therapy for his spinal damage (docs note in his record that he is noncompliant with treatment and rehab) and presumably is in a similar situation with the other times he’s been put in the hospital overseas only receiving minimal care.

          (Note – not justifying any acts of physical violence towards Bryan, just saying Bryan is not street smart and that getting beaten up is a predictable consequence to antagonizing the wrong people and bullying them in their face like he tends to do.)

        • Wait for the scientific papers detailing the growing number of affect victims if you want (details on the tech will continue to be scarce because of the real time surveillance), meanwhile I will be providing the means for victims to defend themselves.

  14. How about this one? It was the newest study I could find.
    Conclusion, first paragraph: The results presented at the workshop did not show any sound scientific evidence of adverse effects of low-level anthropogenic RF-EMFs at frequencies exceeding 100 MHz on animals or plants under realistic environmental conditions. Extrapolations from laboratory animal studies, often performed at higher exposure levels, do not allow conclusions on ecological effects of RF-EMFs at low levels. Field studies of an appropriate quality are scarce in both animals and plants and so far do not show clear evidence supporting adverse effects of RF-EMFs. Some correlations between RF-EMFs and adverse biological effects were observed, but bias and confounding factors cannot be excluded. If the effects of weak RF-EMFs were confirmed independently by high quality studies, a logical next step would be to seek the corresponding biophysical mechanism(s).

    In contrast to EMFs with frequencies below 100 MHz, for which there is evidence supporting several potential interaction mechanisms based on both theory and experiment (as discussed at the workshop; BfS 2020, Pophof et al. 2022), only the conversion of electromagnetic into thermal energy has been substantiated as a biophysical mechanism for frequencies exceeding 100 MHz. The efficiency to induce biologically significant temperature effects at a given SAR in animals is inversely dependent on body size and mass. For critical body heating, high exposures are required, which non-flying animals typically do not experience outside of the laboratory. The lack of a potential biophysical mechanism that could convincingly explain effects of low-level RF-EMF exposure complicates the design of future laboratory studies. So far, no clear suggestions for further laboratory research on effects of weak RF-EMFs on wild animals have emerged. In flying species (insects, birds, bats), which can approach typical RF-EMF sources closer than can humans, biological effects should be further investigated in the field.”
    So, ….what study should we be looking for?

  15. Bryan is blowing up the phone lines of various foreign embassies and/or news organizations (Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China) this morning and last night. Iran seems to be curiously absent from his list of phone calls.

    I don’t know what he said on these calls (or how many of them actually took his call) but lately he has been complaining about his butt, his thighs, and his private areas as well as swelling in his hands so I see this as him trying to find an outlet for his frustration.

    He sees this as being attacked with directed energy rather than years and years of his poor health and lack of treatment progressively taking a larger toll on his body.

    On that topic, is there any evidence that Bryan has received ANY treatment in the many months he has been in the United States?

    I know that his moving around from city to city is part of the issue and so his him blowing off appointments so frequently (drinking too many Red Bulls and not getting much sleep).

    I know he has received many tests at this point as well as recommendations from specialists on what to do. No surgeries have been scheduled and no rehab or physical therapy that we know of.

    I know he has received painkillers (he loves those).

  16. Bryan is blowing up the phone lines of various foreign embassies and/or news organizations (Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China) this morning and last night. Iran seems to be curiously absent from his list of phone calls.

    I wonder if any of those embassies/consulates already have his number blocked?

    Not sure who he expects to speak to at the embassies/consulates overnight on a weekend.


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