9 thoughts on “Bryan Tew’s Social Security Cancelled, Checking Account Cancelled”

  1. Unless he starts posting on Youtube again, the final update (for a while) about Jacob Mills/Nappy Head Roots according to the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara website is that he has a hearing scheduled almost a year from now, January 12th, 2024, with the description “Review: Mental Health Case Status”.

    The Santa Clara jail website shows that his bail has been reduced to nothing but they don’t list a release date, so I’m not sure if Nappy’s still in custody or not.

    I presume this means he was found mentally incompetent to stand trial and is receiving psychiatric treatment, hopefully as an outpatient.

  2. I’d like to know why his SSDI was canceled. Part of SSDI this scammers do not seem to understand is that if you are not getting correct treatment and stay compliant you lose your $$. They want to avoid paying for people milking the system, like people getting $$ for a back injury, yet still being able to scuba, climb cliffs, ride motorcycles… I get it, he really is disabled, but his activity level at times shows him doing things he shouldn’t be able to do and whining about little things that should be no problem, back injury or not.
    Like Candy Grandpre. Yes she is mentally disabled by several avenues, but she also is doing nothing about it. And claims she is NOT disabled like SS says she is, yet still takes their money. She actually feels entitled to it, because she has looked back and sees she had such a horrible childhood, she was forced to be disabled. And has claimed her disabilities are her “Tourette’s ” and that she had two strokes as a child, although she does not ever define her deficiency. She has even stated in the past that one disability she had was her feet got sore if she did a standing job. 🙄 which is just dumb. She needs to be reassessed and cut off if they find her mental illness and various conditions are what she gets paid for and she is purposely untreated. Like it or not, that is the law. And face it, if she is accepting money for something she says is not a problem, that is committing fraud.

  3. Bryan made many $1500 (iirc) transfers “from this card to this card” before the purchase of the Toyota, every day. I was thinking this might be the untoward activity that the bank called out. There’s so many things it could be though, and I doubt Chase is obligated to explain or break it down for him. Either way he views it as entrapment so he can’t flee to another country.
    As for his disability payments there are several reasons they would cancel this, one being they can’t verify his address, he hasn’t shown up to doctors appointments that they schedule to verify he’s still too disabled to work, or some other verification process that they’ve either been unable to contact him regarding or he missed. I was really looking forward to him fleeing the country again, it’s part of his misadventures that I really enjoyed.

    • I was really looking forward to him fleeing the country again, it’s part of his misadventures that I really enjoyed.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Bryan were to try leaving the United States again at some point this year but his physical condition over the past couple of years has deteriorated to the point that I don’t think he’ll be able to stay out of the country for very long. He’s now in the late stages of middle age and is looking so much more like a senior citizen than he did before, I don’t think he can handle hopping from country to country and hostel to hostel without a definite plan beyond his unrealistic hopes that he’ll be accepted for asylum.

      Even in the unlikely event that Bryan was accepted for asylum in a new country, then what? Does he think a poor country like, say, Bolivia, which seems to be one of the next countries on his list, will just provide him with a home, free medical care, and enough money for all his material needs indefinitely?

      I also suspect that more countries than before are going to refuse Bryan entry just based on his physical appearance. Until about the start of the pandemic, Bryan could pass for a normal middle-aged backpacker-type tourist, now he looks like an elderly mentally-ill drifter.

    • Oh yeah I remember that now. I remember sometime soon after that he got his account restricted / flagged and he was complaining “but they told me to do that”. Somehow I doubt a banker, unless it was a criminally dumb banker, told him to structure his transactions like that!

      Making lots of withdrawals or deposits within a short period of time can be flagged as “structuring”, i.e. trying to game the system so that your transactions don’t get flagged. They’re supposed to report single transactions of $10,000 or more, but they’re also supposed to look at transactions within a period of time to see if they add up to $10,000 and that too gets flagged.

      Structuring itself can be a crime, if it can be proven that you did it specifically to attempt to evade the IRS or law enforcement.


      Structuring is one of the crimes they got former GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert for. The hush money that Hastert was paying out, he withdrew it in smaller chunks over a period of time to try to avoid detection.

  4. I know Bryan gave an address where he didn’t actually live to be able to buy the Toyota in New Jersey, which is somewhat sketchy behavior, but is that a dishonest enough action to warrant the bank shutting down his account?

    Maybe he made too many high-profile purchases in too short a time (besides the Toyota there were at least an expensive Macbook and the Facebook Rayban glasses) for his Social Security account to be flagged.

    • Maybe he made too many high-profile purchases in too short a time (besides the Toyota there were at least an expensive Macbook and the Facebook Rayban glasses) for his Social Security account to be flagged.

      I phrased the second half of the sentence incorrectly; I should’ve said “Maybe he made too many high-profile purchases in too short a time so his Social Security account could have been flagged for review.”

    • I will say I wasn’t involved in getting his bank account or SSI benefits shut down.

      The only “report” I made on Bryan was to email Moonachie Police about his behavior w/r/t his livestreaming while driving (evidence to justify the citation he received) and his creepy posting of that officer’s family photos to YouTube. I didn’t mention anything about the sketchy home address since I figured that would be a lot more work for them that they probably weren’t interested in pursuing.

      I take kind of a neutral position on the bank account. I don’t know that he did anything questionable involving his checking account. I also know that a lot of the fraud flagging is done by computer algorithm and I’ve heard of shitty behavior by banks (i.e. holding people’s money hostage for unspecified suspicions of fraud but refusing to say why, no process for appeal, etc.). With all the frequent international travel Bryan has done over the years I could easily see how that might be seen as .. something wrong somehow.

      He did film and record several of his interactions with Chase Bank tellers late last year. I don’t really recall if those were cordial interactions or if he was belligerent like he tends to be. Obviously being belligerent with employees can get you fired as a customer.

      As for the SSI, the only thing Bryan has shown us is a letter from the SSA showing his current benefits status. No explanation why his benefits are suspended.

      Knowing how politically contentious Social Security is, I am guessing they would have sent him some communication telling him why the benefits were suspended and what he can do to restore them and methods for appealing the decision.

      It may be something simple as him needing to provide some routine documentation. Maybe they require another medical evaluation. No idea. I just think Bryan isn’t telling us everything.

      • Just as I posted this, I do remember a while back Bryan had his checking account garnished by one of the states he used to live in (Ohio?) due to delinquent tax payments. I remember Bryan’s response to that was to try to close the account and open a new one to evade garnishment.

        I don’t really remember all the detail regarding that but maybe this is some fallout from that?


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