Candy Grandpre Posts Bigoted Homophobic Screed Targeting Her Sister

I’m not going to summarize the post or even suggest that you do anything other than just skim through this.

I’m just wanting to comment generally about Candy and her enablers. Candy has found the right recipe on Twitter that get the attention of the pity-party enablers (tags like #Homeless, #HelpPeopleLive in combination with a PayPal link and a pity-party story).

I’ve seen accounts that specifically say they want to prioritize helping the LGBT community and “BIPOC” amplifying her PayPal requests. (I don’t care if you prefer to donate to LGBT, homeless people, or BIPOC, that’s not the point)

But these same people are apparently unaware of the fact that Candy herself is a bigot; Candy regularly posts videos where she makes outbursts against LGBT (including gays, lesbians, and transgender people) and attacks Hispanic people, calling them “illegal” (even when they aren’t).

I think it’s time to start letting these people know what kind of person Candy Grandpre really is and see if they still feel the same about amplifying her posts.

Bryan Tew Rants for 18 Minutes About his VA Benefits

Bryan Tew makes an 18 minute video where he goes over his VA disability claims and casually waves around his fat PTSD benefits checks like rappers wave around stacks of 100 dollar bills.

This is a Facebook video. I will reupload it upon request if anyone can’t access it or if Bryan deletes it.

He says it is suspicious that the VA approved his PTSD claim (even though he applied for that benefit and provided documentation so I dunno why that is suspicious).

He is also upset that he has been approved for schizophrenia benefits as well because of course Bryan isn’t mentally ill and there are actually thousands of CIA agents dedicated just to tracking him on a daily basis and making him beat off to tennis stars with their special homosexual-thoughts-beaming satellites.

I will give Bryan a little bit of a bone here and say if he told the VA that his physical injuries aren’t service-connected but they gave him those benefits anyway then he has a right to gripe about it.

My only question here would be, don’t you as the applicant have to sign off on a disability claim, something to the effect of “Under penalty of perjury, I do hereby certify that the aforementioned statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge?” How did he get approved for things he believes are not true without first attesting to it?

If he got those benefits without making any false statements then he is 100% off the hook.

That being said, Bryan knowingly committed fraud upon the State of Ohio BWC by claiming to be 100% physically disabled while he was out petting tigers in Thailand, riding scooters, taking boat rides, and chasing after random strangers he thought were stalkers, kinda the opposite of what someone who is 100% disabled would be capable of doing. He suddenly has developed a conscience about defrauding the government.

He alludes to something very traumatizing in the military happening to him, something so traumatizing that he was too afraid or ashamed to even go into a VA clinic for 40 years but he does not go into details.

TI Roundup – 5/2

Some Bryan Tew news today. Be aware most of these links go to his Facebook page.

Bryan is claiming an Iranian court has awarded him $745,000. The decision is originally written in Farsi:

According to the relevant documents, the court decision based on the guilt of the accused was issued. Jazakam awarded Islamic punishment and 745,000 US dollars as damages to the plaintiff, and the assets of the plaintiff should be seized. This vote cannot be appealed within 50 days. And the execution process in the court of execution of the decrees.

Iranian court (translated)

Maybe Bryan can get Iran to seize an oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz in lieu of Bryan receiving that sum of money from the American government willingly.

Bryan visits the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan as well as the US State Department (no recordings of any actual encounters)

Bryan supposedly visited the State Department (not shown by Bryan so only his word) to demand they stop supposedly interfering with his asylum claims in foreign countries. Bryan seems to be of the belief that the reason why no country will grant him asylum is because of the State Department’s supposed interference rather than the overall lack of credibility of his asylum claim.

We also see a short video of Bryan in front of a locked US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan. Bryan says he wants to complain about the FBI. I’m not sure that he is complaining to the right people – the FBI reports to the AG, not the DOJ’s staff prosecutors. Regardless, the door is locked and no one seems to acknowledge or is aware of his presence.

As a brief aside, I wonder how many cranks actually come up to a US Attorney’s Office like he does. I presume being in a federal building he had to go through security. There’s no reason for individuals like Bryan to have “business” with prosecutors outside of a formal court setting.

Candy’s court date is postponed

Candy had court on May 1 but apparently the trial is now being delayed. Candy says it is because her public defender has not received the body camera evidence from Gretna PD due to some kind of issue with the records request.

Candy then goes up to claim, without evidence, that her defender is a gangstalker and flashed a “666” at her, a hand sign that Candy herself frequently photographs herself with.