TI Roundup – 4/26

Bryan Tew’s Chase Bank account was closed. Banks are notoriously opaque when it comes to disclosing why they close accounts, but Bryan hasn’t posted any of the correspondence from Chase which makes me think he knows damn well what the reason is and it’s something he did wrong.

In the past Bryan has had garnishments, I think it is from delinquent taxes (in Ohio?), I suspect that might be what is happening here.

In normal circumstances when one gets “de-banked”, you are allowed to take your money out and take your business elsewhere. If Chase isn’t returning Bryan’s money, it’s either because they suspect fraud / crime / terrorism or because he has been garnished.

Candy’s court date for the trespassing / criminal mischief charge is on May 1. She doesn’t have any proper clothing to make herself appear presentable in court.

She also has swollen legs again. She definitely should get that seen by a doctor and get on an actual treatment plan, but she won’t. She falsely states that doctors refuse to see her (her own videos prove this is a lie).

All she wants is $600 so she can lie on her back for 20 hours a day in a hotel room.

Back to Bryan again. Y’all can correct me with the correct understanding of this bible verse, but Bryan just posted this video that *to me* is describing homosexual sexual intercourse:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feAuKQu_sII (embed not working on this one)

This comes recently after another video where Bryan describes himself as being “too drowsy” to visit the ER and instead forced to nod off and fantasize about his supposed stalkers running around naked at church. Followed by Bryan immediately talking about how he takes Propecia to tame his sex drive.

3 thoughts on “TI Roundup – 4/26”

  1. Just watched her $600 dollar begging video posted an hour ago. The angle she filmed from facing the sun highlights how much she spits while talking. Every other word you could see the shines of saliva flying out. So disgusting. Yet her unwashed ass has the nerve to talk about how nasty other people are. She’s spent far too much time in those hotels, about time she’s gotten on the streets again. I just wish people would stop encouraging her behavior through funding.

  2. It’s not that doctors turn her away. It’s because she goes to the ER with no emergency, and nothing is ever found to be wrong with her complaint. She actually says “I thought I was gonna die!” about really minor crap, and that is likely to piss off the people there. When she has a valid complaint, like having an absessed tooth, the doctor/staff gave her something to help, a script for an antibiotic. That was two years ago, or round about, and she refused to fill the script and try to get better. Why? She likes “natural cures.” She has never cured anything. Her tooth is still absessed. This sets her up for all kinds of collateral damage, like a bacteria that also can attack your heart. Having a broken, infected tooth is an important matter. And she is so stupid and immature and paranoid and delusional that she never has really looked into getting it taken care of. While in Florida, she had Medicaid in addition to the Medicare she has owing to her “disabled” status with the SSA. Way back then, when it first happened I looked it up. A broken and/or infected tooth is considered an “emergency.” Emergency dental was covered 100%. She could have gotten it fixed for nothing. All she had to do was call the Medicaid office, or go online. But that takes initiative and actual thought and action, but is not related to food or eating, so outside of her minimal skill set of Adulting. She could have gotten it taken care of in Texas, too. Could she get it taken care of in Louisiana? Who knows. She probably doesn’t even think she should try.
    She also thinks that her heart is pounding and she “is gonna die.” Her heart is never found to have a problem…of an emergency nature. That is what they look for in an Emergency Room. Is it beating? Yes. Is she having cardiac pain? No. Is she histrionic? Yes. So she is told to go home. What she does not ever do is go to get a standard physical. In Indiana, as part of Medicaid, I am required to have a physical every six months. Detection of problems in their early stages saves both lives and money. I am the Poster Child of not getting what should have been regular annual testing, as the lump I have had in my breast for over 20 years never changed, and I knew that I would not get a regular mammogram, and always need a more thorough imaging done, which started out as being something in an insurance deductible and not covered by our standard health insurance. I am frugal, and I couldn’t see needing something that costs several hundreds of dollars for something I knew I had.
    And then I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
    Candy is doing that.
    She has probably late stage heart failure. She has an awful diet, the only activity is her walking to get food, she is as sedentary as a slug in winter, she has a family history of heart problems in the female side (her sister who died of heart problem when she was 40), she over-salts and over-fats everything she eats, she eats too much, her mental state is ridiculously awful, she is chronically depressed, she has mental health problems….she is a walking early death. And that her legs are sometimes not swelling symetrically means she might have entered the world of lymphedema, a whole different problem. Once that starts, it can only get worse. She need only watch a few episodes of “My 600 Pound Life.” But those people usually are more active than she is. Probably the only thing not getting her into the range of that show is her income means she doesn’t get to eat as much as she wants every day, all day. Sometimes she has to skip meals. Being a poor spender has a benefit!
    As to her case, I imagine her court date is not going to happen without her having seen a public defender. She is not competent to defend herself, nor would she have the smarts and initiative to look up all the things someone must do for court, like make motions, call witnesses, etc. That she thinks she needs to spend $300 for the videos is just stupid. It is evidence in her case and a lawyer would get those videos as part of discovery. I don’t think May 1 is her actual court date, I think it will be a hearing to see what kind of deal the prosecutors make, determine her competency, get discovery, and talk with a pub-def.
    I watch too many court videos. Will she go to jail? Only if she can’t control herself and gets charged with contempt, something I think very likely to happen if she wasn’t going to be scared mute. She has shown in too many videos when challenged, she just freezes. Heck it was mentioned in the police report.
    She also will need to do whatever is determined to be her “punishment.”
    I have always thought of her mentality to be childlike, as she talks often about how she feels people “punish” her, something most adults do not consider. Except when you have committed a crime. Which she did.
    And whatever does happen, unless someone gets the transcripts, we will only hear her side of things and she always comes out ahead, the martyr, the victim, the piteous person only trying to survive against a bunch of Masonic, Satanic, Sex-Trafficking, Gang Stalkers set on making her sell her soul or having her become a pure spirit for human sacrifice.
    Which means nothing she says about what happens can be trusted to be the truth.


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