TI Roundup – 5/2

Some Bryan Tew news today. Be aware most of these links go to his Facebook page.

Bryan is claiming an Iranian court has awarded him $745,000. The decision is originally written in Farsi:

According to the relevant documents, the court decision based on the guilt of the accused was issued. Jazakam awarded Islamic punishment and 745,000 US dollars as damages to the plaintiff, and the assets of the plaintiff should be seized. This vote cannot be appealed within 50 days. And the execution process in the court of execution of the decrees.

Iranian court (translated)


Maybe Bryan can get Iran to seize an oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz in lieu of Bryan receiving that sum of money from the American government willingly.

Bryan visits the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan as well as the US State Department (no recordings of any actual encounters)


Bryan supposedly visited the State Department (not shown by Bryan so only his word) to demand they stop supposedly interfering with his asylum claims in foreign countries. Bryan seems to be of the belief that the reason why no country will grant him asylum is because of the State Department’s supposed interference rather than the overall lack of credibility of his asylum claim.

We also see a short video of Bryan in front of a locked US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan. Bryan says he wants to complain about the FBI. I’m not sure that he is complaining to the right people – the FBI reports to the AG, not the DOJ’s staff prosecutors. Regardless, the door is locked and no one seems to acknowledge or is aware of his presence.

As a brief aside, I wonder how many cranks actually come up to a US Attorney’s Office like he does. I presume being in a federal building he had to go through security. There’s no reason for individuals like Bryan to have “business” with prosecutors outside of a formal court setting.

Candy’s court date is postponed

Candy had court on May 1 but apparently the trial is now being delayed. Candy says it is because her public defender has not received the body camera evidence from Gretna PD due to some kind of issue with the records request.

Candy then goes up to claim, without evidence, that her defender is a gangstalker and flashed a “666” at her, a hand sign that Candy herself frequently photographs herself with.

11 thoughts on “TI Roundup – 5/2”

  1. Bryan Tew has the bright idea to sue the University of Liverpool and the Cayman Islands.

    He’s tying this together with his $745K award from the Iranian government that he will never collect. I’m not sure how he thinks they are related.

    Second image to follow.

    • Yeah, suing a large university with a ~180 million GBP endowment and access to top notch barristers is going to go well for him.

  2. Bryan Tew posted this clip of Robert Duncan (the post is from 2022 but I suspect the Duncan clip is a bit older than that).

    The OP on Facebook falsely claims this Robert Duncan is the same Robert Duncan that is the Ph.D professor and chair of the Physics Department at Texas Tech.

    It’s pretty obvious that they’re not the same people. This is the first time I’ve seen Duncan given false credentials from Texas Tech, usually it is Harvard and Princeton (I think).

    Robert Duncan (the conspiracy grifter) is frequently given inflated credentials by TIs. There’s no proof that he has a Ph.D. in anything. I’ve challenged TIs several times to produce evidence of his Ph.D. and they’ve never come up with anything other than deflections.

    For a while Duncan was using his Harvard alumni email address (he does have a Bachelors in Computer Science from Harvard, IIRC) for all of his business communication. Ultimately that’s what this is for Duncan, a money-making scam by pretending to be a former CIA agent who has doctorate(s) from Harvard (and sometimes other places) and selling books to people like Bryan Tew.


    • The Duncan thing I just don’t understand. I can understand suffering from a mental illness and having hallucinations about people talking to you or whatever (and maybe falling for the beliefs that TIs have) but like why do these people believe anything he says so uncritically?

      Ph.D. dissertations are almost always public documents that anyone can review. Duncan doesn’t have a dissertation published at Harvard or Princeton; I’ve looked for them! It took me about five minutes to look, too. They don’t exist.

      The Texas Tech Robert Duncan looks nothing like the con artist grifter Duncan. It takes two seconds to punch up “Texas Tech Robert Duncan” into Google and find his department page and click on it. Then it takes another couple of seconds for your brain to process the two images and realize they’re completely different people. The ages and facial appearances are very different.

      TIs have the same resources and abilities that I do so they are either not interested in verifying anything attributed to him, or they’re simply so emotionally invested in him that they are not willing to consider that he isn’t what he claims to be.

      • From the Former Chancellor’s page for Robert L. Duncan at Texas Tech:


        Additionally, Chancellor Duncan brought together the comprehensive mental health resources and services of TTU and TTUHSC to establish the Texas Tech Mental Health Institute in order to serve the mental health needs of rural West Texas and communities across the state.

        Considering that pretty much anything to do with psychiatry and mental health is an anathema to lunatic T.I.s like Bryan, Candy, Kevin, and pretty much anyone the other Robert Duncan is trying to sell delusion-affirming books to, that’s all I need to see to know that Chancellor Robert Duncan is a completely different person from the conspiracy grifter Robert Duncan.

  3. Candy links to a schizophrenic rant about Freemasons and psychiatry, complete with those little extra schizophrenic touches like analyzing words with Gematria and complaining about implants, on USENET (via Google Groups) of all places from 2005, ignoring that most of the thread is normal people calling the OP a schizo and complaining about the extra cents that long rant was going to add to their Internet bill (because it’s 2005).


    I didn’t even know that people were still using USENET in 2005 considering that it was essentially the pre-web version of the Internet.

    Also, Candy got kicked out of a library and, protip, Candy, if you don’t want to be banned from the premises, don’t call the person in charge of the banning “evil” over the phone.

    • Oh, there was a part 1 and a part 2 of the library banning as well (I saw the part 3 via Twitter).

      I know that the “fake Darnell William perp” troll is taking credit for the banning because he’s a troll but, realistically, I doubt he actually knew where she was yesterday prior to Candy posting videos of herself getting banned to be able to know where to call and it’s Candy’s own behavior that caused the library management to ban her.

      • Ah, Candy filmed herself complaining about various things for 15 minutes outside the library prior to entering so it’s at least plausible that “the fake Darnell Williams perp” knew where she was but I think he just takes credit for anything bad that happens to Candy because Candy prefers thinking that it is online trolls responsible for getting her banned from places instead of acknowledging that it’s because of her own terrible behavior.

        • It looks like Candy read this thread and was triggered by my pointing out that trolls will take credit for anything bad that happens to Candy whether or not they actually had anything to do with it.

          I know that people (not me) have called the places where Candy doxed herself with her videos but I doubt it’s the only reason that Candy gets kicked out of those places; at best, it gets the people in charge to pay attention to her bad behavior.

  4. Here is a clip of Candy (with some fart noises dubbed in) talking about how she can’t control her bowels whenever she coughs.

    Obviously don’t click on this if you’re eating or just grossed out by this topic in general.


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