Bryan Tew Harasses, Assaults, & Batters Innocent Stranger in Ecuador, Calls Him “Informante”

According to Bryan’s own definition of assault and battery, he just committed assault and battery against this individual. Bryan provides no context other than to claim “high tech entrapment”, i.e. the CIA beamed thoughts into his mind to make him lash out.

“Assault is Deliberately placing another human being in the immediate fear for their personal safety.

Battery is the slightest touch in anger.”

Bryan Tew

Professional TI Beggar Candy Grandpre Discovers This Website

Is it time we have a Candy Grandpre thread? I think so. Candy won’t stop talking about me, despite me NEVER making a post about her on here. I don’t find her interesting – she’s just a paranoid vulgar professional beggar wanting attention. Well here’s your attention!

I don’t have a lot to say about her. She has a YouTube channel where she frequently posts about her adventures being homeless on the streets of Pensacola and accusing random innocent people of gangstalking her. The people who respond to her have no fucking clue what she’s rambling on about and deny the accusations which makes her in turn accuse the innocent victims of “gaslighting” her. Notice how these paranoid nutters always like to accuse people of gaslighting them?

She also has an ongoing feud with her twin sister Brandy, you can see Brandy’s frequent responses to Candy’s bullshit over on her channel here.

Here’s a video she posted today going over my posts accusing me of slander, lies, etc. Nothing I’ve posted is a lie. She also briefly weighs in on Kevin Christian’s butthole zapping.

(The stuff about tiwatch starts around 1m 40s)

Bryan Tew Departs Spain, Arrives in Quito, Ecuador

Bryan finally figured out that he wasn’t going to get asylum any time soon in Spain so he tucked tail and ran back to Ecuador.

He’s currently in Quito whining about how terrible Russian people are for not wanting to entertain his bogus claim for asylum:

Bryan is now claiming that the Ecuadorian Gov’t / CIA is running honey traps at him:

If you remember from a few years ago, Bryan engaged in the services of a prostitute but ended up arrested after the prostitute stole his cell phone and he caused property damage to the hotel he was staying at: