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Bryan Tew Departs Spain, Arrives in Quito, Ecuador

Bryan finally figured out that he wasn’t going to get asylum any time soon in Spain so he tucked tail and ran back to Ecuador.

He’s currently in Quito whining about how terrible Russian people are for not wanting to entertain his bogus claim for asylum:

Bryan is now claiming that the Ecuadorian Gov’t / CIA is running honey traps at him:

If you remember from a few years ago, Bryan engaged in the services of a prostitute but ended up arrested after the prostitute stole his cell phone and he caused property damage to the hotel he was staying at:


  1. Wet Nayrb

    The Russian Embassy in Quito doesn’t look too welcoming, does it?

    Judging by how heavy-duty the closed doors look, it looks locked down and it doesn’t look like they’re entertaining visitors who don’t have a very good reason to be there. And, like I said in the other thread, I suspect they’re already fully aware who it is because they probably scan the phones of everyone within 50 metres or so of the embassy. And I wouldn’t be too astonished if they have other ways of scanning anyone who approaches, probably with some combination of facial recognition that partially works even with a facemask on (which Bryan routinely wears below his nose anyway) and infrared.

  2. Stefan Adams

    He’s getting more pointless audiology tests done in Quito.

    He’s also enlisting the help of a local law firm to try and obtain a new passport because apparently he’s too incompetent and/or cowardly to go to the US embassy by himself and apply for one. But things aren’t off to a good start with the lawyers.

  3. Stefan Adams

    Bryan thinks the NSA is behind the fact that nobody watches his content on Rumble or Brighteon. It couldn’t possibly be that those websites have hardly any users and nobody wants to watch his crap.

    • Wet Nayrb

      It probably also doesn’t help his viewership on Rumble that he brands his channel “liverpoollaw” instead of just plain “Bryan Tew” when 90% of his viewers will only search for his channel using his name.

  4. Stefan Adams

    I’ve been following this dude, Mathath-Ya’Oh. I call him a Tew Groupie because he copies and pastes Tew’s paranoid garbage into his videos and claims it is happening to him. He also tried (but miserably failed) to dox me by obtaining my IP address using a disguised link.

    Anyway, that wasn’t the point of this post, I just wanted to show some of the silly stuff he’s been posting recently. He’s wearing a tinfoil hat and claims the CIA is messing with his tongue.

  5. Stefan Adams

    This really made me giggle. The absurd name of the brewery and Bryan taking offense to it.

    Does this mean Bryan is out drinking again? Bryan, you do remember what happened the last time you got drunk in Ecuador? Something about a “woman”, a cell phone, and a temper tantrum that resulted in your arrest.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Bryan seems to believe that a woman intentionally walked in to him today or yesterday so, yeah, if you put two and two together, Bryan getting drunk again sounds about right.

      • Stefan Adams

        There he goes comparing himself to mass shooters again and saying someone is going to get hurt, implying that he will go on some sort of violent rampage.

  6. Stefan Adams

    Noticed that Bryan’s last couple of livestreams no longer actually feature Bryan in the livestream, he points the camera away at the wall. It shows absolutely nothing of interest – even less interesting than before.

    I guess he’s wised up to the fact that we’re all watching and laughing at him crap his pants and touch himself. I’ve also noticed all the energy drinks he has been hoarding and guzzling during his episodes of sleep deprivation.

  7. Wet Nayrb

    I don’t think Bryan’s paying the lawyers enough to not check messages from their better-paying clients while they let him blab on and on about his conspiracy delusions but are the random third world lawyers he hires actually checking their messages or are they doing something more productive with their time such as playing Candy Crush on their phones?

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, he’s having a manic episode / meltdown over this. As confident as Bryan is about his paranoid delusions, he scoffs at anyone who tries to ask him for simple proof of what he is saying (and blocks them from asking further questions – which is what he does to me).

      The cameras on airplanes one made me laugh – he’s so sure of that (and he also thinks there are cameras in his room, other than the ones he points at himself) but never once points out where the cameras are. It’s just pure faith that the cameras are there.

      • Wet Nayrb

        Even if they did have cameras on airplanes, so what? It’s not like you aren’t already being monitored by dozens of cameras at the airport before getting on the plane and dozens more cameras after getting off the plane.

        I don’t want there to be in my country racks of cameras on every electrical pole and highway signs the way there is in China but, in a high security area like an airport, it’s to be expected.

        • Wet Nayrb

          Also, isn’t Bryan trying to get back into China? Regardless of whether or not they’ll let him in again after being a nuisance at the hospital in Beijing the last time, shouldn’t Bryan be a little more welcoming of the idea of his every movement being tracked by cameras if he’s wanting to be accepted as a “refugee” in China?

          I don’t like the idea of uber-AI-powered-surveillance myself but I’m never planning on travelling to China (unless they dismantle the mass surveillance state within my lifetime).

  8. Stefan Adams

    Bryan’s heart rate monitor is flagging an abnormally low heart beat rate. Bryan is blaming “sleep deprivation” but the real explanation is that he’s abusing sleeping pills and anti-anxiety meds. Both of these type of drugs are designed to slow down your central nervous system. When you take excessive amounts of it, this can happen.

    Bryan, this can literally kill you if you go further with your abuse of these drugs. You were warned by me and you were warned by the drugs themselves that have a warning box on them.

  9. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is in the airport in Quito trying to figure out how to get out of Ecuador. He got accosted by security for sleeping on the floor right next to the ticket counters and the cops were called when he didn’t scram.

    Here he is with the police calling them “corrupt”. Got to admit it takes balls of steel to call cops over there “corrupt” to their face.

  10. Wet Nayrb

    Is Bryan seriously thinking about getting to Venezuela by foot via Cúcuta, Colombia? My general impression of Colombia is that, the further from the Pacific side you go, the riskier it is for tourists and Cúcuta seems like the sort of town where he’s not going to find a lot of people who can speak English (even compared to Ecuador). I’m not sure he’ll even be allowed in to Venezuela by foot, not that Venezuela’s exactly a safe country either judging by all the travel advisories.

    The U.S. State Department website openly states, “Do not travel to Venezuela due to arrest and detention of U.S. citizens without due process or fair trial guarantees, or as a pretext for an illegitimate purpose; crime; civil unrest; poor health infrastructure; kidnapping; and COVID-19.”

    If Bryan thinks airport cops in Quito are bad, I’m not sure why he wants to take a chance with the legal system in Venezuela and its tendency to detain Americans for merely being American in Venezuela. Maybe Bryan should consider putting a Canadian flag on his backpack?

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, that’s crazy even for Tew. I don’t think he’s going though, he’s claiming “they” don’t want him to get out of Ecuador and get treatment in either Venezuela or Cuba. He’s using this incident at the airport as the excuse for not going. See:

      Sorta like how he chickened out of going to Iran by claiming he was prevented from completing Iran’s online visa thingy at the eCafe when in reality he just needed to convert file formats (and likely understood that was the issue).

      Sounds like he wants to file yet another bogus lawsuit so he’s ordering *another* laptop. I guess he’s going to spin the incident in the airport as a violation of his human rights and spin this into a FSIA lawsuit. I hope someone in the court system realizes what he’s doing and sanctions him for this behavior.

      Game is beginning as I try to order new laptop for new federal lawsuit against Ecuador October 27 2021

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