Bryan Tew chemically castrates himself again

Although we can’t prove it beyond reasonable doubt, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that Bryan Tew is gay or at least bisexual.

Mainly it is from his posts admitting to having homosexual erotic dreams (one of which was Bryan being “captured” by the UGA football team) and his very odd behavior at Presidio Park, a notorious “cruising” spot. His most recent incident involved some altercation that started in the bathroom there and resulted in him becoming injured.

Other odd things include his remarks about being forced into “unwanted” sexual activity and “forced” orgasms. Apparently these were not acts of rape or assault perpetuated on him but rather it was the “CIA” forcing him into these behaviors.

Being gay isn’t the issue. It’s the denial and self-loathing that is. Bryan says gay people will go to hell and has called gay people “faggots”. Very clearly he isn’t comfortable with what appears to be his own sexual desires.

Instead of coming to terms with his sexuality he has decided to simply castrate himself via the chemical route. Last time it was some pills in Ecuador, which he soon ran out of after coming back to the states.

Today it is an injection of Lupron Depot:

It is used to treat prostate disease but also works as a castration drug.

Tew mega update: altercation in notorious gay hookup park, failed trips to Ecuador and HK

We already discussed this extensively in the comments of the previous post but it’s time to put it all together here.

Bryan failed to make a flight to Hong Kong after fleeing San Diego. He made it as far as LAX but decided not to due to his bum leg.

He is currently living inside of his Ford Escape at a homeless shelter in the LA area that caters to homeless that live inside their vehicles.

This was prompted by an altercation between Bryan and another person that started in the bathroom of Presidio Park in San Diego.

It should be noted that Presidio Park is very well known as a place for illicit rendezvous between people looking for gay sex. I only mention this because this particular incident occurred in the restroom of said park.

Just days earlier (from today) he had a flight to Ecuador that he also could not make. This was right after he got (or was about to get) his temporary passport.

He planned to go but his leg flared up once again.