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Tew mega update: altercation in notorious gay hookup park, failed trips to Ecuador and HK

We already discussed this extensively in the comments of the previous post but it’s time to put it all together here.

Bryan failed to make a flight to Hong Kong after fleeing San Diego. He made it as far as LAX but decided not to due to his bum leg.

He is currently living inside of his Ford Escape at a homeless shelter in the LA area that caters to homeless that live inside their vehicles.

This was prompted by an altercation between Bryan and another person that started in the bathroom of Presidio Park in San Diego.

It should be noted that Presidio Park is very well known as a place for illicit rendezvous between people looking for gay sex. I only mention this because this particular incident occurred in the restroom of said park.

Just days earlier (from today) he had a flight to Ecuador that he also could not make. This was right after he got (or was about to get) his temporary passport.

He planned to go but his leg flared up once again.


  1. AA

    I find it so interesting that he books a flight just prior to a supposed appointment with a neurosurgeon in Los Angeles. Wheelchairs available to anyone with special needs to get them onto the plane, so leg is no excuse. He’s gone far too many hours sans torture videos so we know that’s not really why he didn’t go.

    He removed a supposed torture video then reposted it on morning of his flight to make it appear that he had made another video. He must just be coming out of whatever stupor he’s been in. Hope he informs his supposed neurosurgeon that he’s on something.

    BTW you don’t just show up at a neurosurgeon’s office expecting surgery. You don’t just make an appointment for surgery. You are evaluated (something he never allows) by your primary care physician who then consults and refers you to said neurosurgeon.

    You don’t just pick one out of the proverbial phone book (which it appears Bryan just looked this guy up on google) and then show up expecting anything.

    This will be more supposed ‘medical cointelpro’ nonsense because he doesn’t follow or acknowledge social norms.

    But I am thrilled he’s in Los Angeles. BTW Bryan, if you ever return to San Diego, they have those safe parking lots here too. So stay out of Old Town. Please.

  2. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He is so far removed from having surgery, it is not even funny anymore. I predict he will run before he let’s anyone even ask him medical questions. The standard rundown for this type of thing would be to go over his medical information, take current info, then a quick test of reflexes and mobility. If he gets this far, he will likely, based on his previous experience in PT, try and fake it (consciously or not,, you decide). But anyone who specializes in back injuries will be able to tell. And they are also used to dealing with people on painkillers, so if he is remotely buzzed, they will be able to tell. Next step would be standard blood and urine, and some type of imaging. By this point, judging by the mobility he shows in his videos, they will start with range of motion exercises and discuss his living situation, because sleeping in a car or on a sidewalk is going to be hell on anyone’s back. If he complies to this point (I’d bet $ he won’t), they will try pain management, like maybe a back and ankle brace and/or a TENS device.
    Only after months of trying absolutely everything else would they consider surgery. Skipping out on hospital e-rooms like he does means he has no current medical information any specialist is going to be able to use, so they will have to start from minimal intervention, which includes minimal pain killers, too.
    But, he is bat-shit crazy will try to record everything (illegally in California without permission, and want to show him his videos, and start his ramblings about “Them™” and he will get shown the door to the psych ward. In my dreams.

    • Stefan Adams


      He mentioned in his latest video that because the “hive mind teams” are supposedly made up of neuroscientists he is delivering himself right into the hands of the “hive mind” and says he might not survive.

      He’ll have another anxiety attack or an altercation with one of the docs, nurses, etc. that results in him being ejected like last time.

  3. Ima Nonomus Tew

    His newest video is using pictures and a story from months ago, when he was using a wheelchair. He is either really losing it, because I don’t think his life’s script would allow him to just phone it in like this.
    On a side note, I did a Google and found his lawsuits again. Or at least the judge’s orders in dismissing the cases. Priceless. He sued a hair salon because they purposely hurt his neck and give him a bad haircut. And every medical clinic or hospital he ever used. Yikes.
    I wonder if medical centers do any investigation of the people that they see. It would save a lot of time.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Correction, not *any* embassy (or consulate), just the ones with governments that are antagonistic to America,

      Though countries with governments that are antagonistic to America also tend not to be too friendly to paranoid schizophrenics or other people with obvious mental issues, so T.I.s would just be denied asylum.

      • Stefan Adams

        Yeah, he believes that documenting everything about his psychosis will somehow help him or others in the future. There will be a whistle blower and some sort of massive investigation and he’ll be proven right finally. His videos of himself making funny faces in the back of his car will be played in future senate hearings, at least in his mind that’s what will happen.

  4. AA

    I enjoyed reading through the New Orleans transcript he posted on FB today. “You know you really can’t tell I’m injured when I’m on narcotics.” A statement meant to direct attention from the fact that he has zero visible issues ambulating, but incriminates him in terms of his behavior in order to obtain narcotics, which he’s obviously addicted to.

    Complains about “yelling and screaming and sirens” in the French Quarter being directed at him so he can’t sleep. Um…Bryan? It’s the Quarter. There’s yelling and screaming and sirens all the time, whether or not you are in town.

    Then he demonstrates the level of his own temperament. “I stand up in front of the mirror and I scream. Then I rip the mirror off the wall and smash it up against the counter…I rip towel holders out of the wall and I scream…because of this compulsive inner rage of what they have done to me.”

    He’s referencing the company that required him to share a truck cab for a job in which there was no seatbelt for him to use, the truck involved in an accident which Tew has been trying to sue for negligence.

    He then admits he only has two years of law school under his belt that that the structure of law is pretty much above his head. And, “Murder, murder in my heart,” because the company he worked for is going to pay come hell or high water.

    He is nothing more than a malicious individual who wants to hurt anyone he can for a wrong done at one time in his life, involving a choice he made, to ride in a car without a seatbelt. Doesn’t care about property damage to innocent people, harming innocent people. Very sad that he puts all this nonsense out there for the world to read and realize who and what he is.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      And that is a part of his “whistler blower” claim. He is sure that the guy he is talking to is an FBI agent, and considers the really good common sense advice about dropping the lawsuit somehow is “obstruction of justice.” Anyone but Bryan sees he has no case, that the claims about the injury are inflated, and that if he were truthful and dropped the case, then investigations and questions would stop. Bryan sees that through his paranoid delusions as a threat.
      Everything about Bryan is inflated. His ego, self-worth, injuries, pain…and it is apparent to anyone but him.
      Bryan, get help. You are a danger to yourself and others.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, Bryan’s mental decline seems to coincide with that accident he was in. At least that’s what I am gathering. I always wondered if he suffered some kind of brain damage but I never saw that in any of the medical paperwork he posted.

      I could imagine how it might make me depressed but something else would have to explain the schizophrenia, I think.

      Maybe he was mental from early on but was able to keep it together until this happened.

  5. Stefan Adams

    Bryan says he’s being forced to view child pornography (2nd para). Is this all just in his head as he claims or does he have this on his computer as well? By “homophobic imagery” I assume he means homosexual / homoerotic.

    remote neural attacks of lust motivational impulses impulse injections impulse sequencing of lust using visual and verbal entrainment including pornographic imagery and homophobic imagery to force masturbation sexual activity Etc as this is used to reinforce the neuro programming. Drowsiness is used to place the victim’s brain in a state of functional disorientation with a brain is tricked into accepting the impulses imagery in memory references

    the victim is forced to watch the most perverse sexual imagery in his mind including child pronography another graphically horrific images as a form of torture remote neural torture repetition is torture by way of this fabricated falsifying stream of electromagnetic frequency waves specifically tune to the victim’s brainwave signature happening with all trauma-based mind control victims

  6. AA

    Aw, he’s back to his cry wolf 911 emergency service wasting calls. Nice work, when they’re fighting fires all over the place and he’s completely wasting resources. He knows how to call 911. He knows they need an address, information etc. When all he does is call them to record his supposed suffering for his youtube channel, he is stealing, and he is contributing to the possible death of people who really need help. Disgusting.

  7. AA

    Back in the hospital again, a fresh coat of L’Oreal adorning his head. Because hospitals in the L.A. area don’t have more important things to deal with right now, I guess.

    Wonder if he’ll let them draw his blood?

  8. Susan

    Good grief, you can get in a bunch of trouble filming in an ER.
    That second clip had an angry nurse asking if he was done with the phone and she did not want her photo taken.
    I hope she ripped that tape off in the most painful way.

    • Stefan Adams

      I’d definitely not want to be sharing a room with him as a patient.

      He’s out of the hospital now, no details about his visit beyond the two videos.

  9. RJ

    Well, he actually went to the UCLA neurosurgeon, and got some level of attention. His video appeared that he was cooled down and acting kind of normal – no talk of insanity with the nurses at least. But it’s been a full day with no new videos. Maybe he got picked up for mental treatment (institutionalized).

    • Stefan Adams

      He’s posting updates from his other Facebook account today:


      Each morning RNM Supercomputer attacking with Motivational Impulses (Impulse Injections) of LUST over and over in a LOOPING PATTERN (Impulse Sequencing) to force sexual activity masturbation etc., as the System uses forced orgasms to reinforce the Neuroprogramming. Going on for years.

  10. AA

    He’s on his way back? Dammit. He got pulled over? Probably for using his cellphone while driving.

    I can only imagine the ensuing drama when he tries to fight the unjust ticket.

    Well, it was nice not having to worry about him being in San Diego. It was going to be one of the things I’m thankful for this coming week. Guess not.

    Well, according to his latest videos, he can no longer walk. So I imagine he’ll need to get that wheelchair back. Hopefully he won’t be knocking anymore people down.

    Wonder where he gets his hair color? I’d love to see him saunter into a grocery store and plop a box of L’Oreal onto the conveyor belt. And…WHERE is he coloring his hair? Probably hogs a ‘family’ restroom for two hours while he does this, sitting on the toilet reading up on himself. He never seems to get his sideburns effectively covered so he’s not having this professionally done. Just imagine this guy showing up to sit in your salon chair. Jeez.

  11. AA

    He must be out of whatever he scored in Mexico/TJ when he got his passport back. That has to be the only reason he’s headed back to San Diego.

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