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Bryan Tew leaves VA hospital, assaults a disabled person

Bryan recently admitted himself to the hospital for sudden leg/foot issues. A few days ago he was only complaining about directed energy, making many frivolous 911 calls in the process (some of that is towards the end of this post) all while refusing medical help and refusing to go to a hospital and never mentioning anything about his mobility.

He leaves the hospital in crutches and a foot brace. According to Bryan’s own story, he had an encounter with a supposed “stalker” who was also on crutches and assaulted him. Bryan said it was a CIA conspiracy to send someone on crutches to stalk him so he had the right to attack him.

If you want to only listen to his admission of committing a crime, you can fast forward to 40 seconds and start from there:

Here’s Bryan in a hospital gurney yammering on about his stalkers:

Bryan making crank calls to 911:


  1. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Damn! He admits to assaulting someone else! His violence is escalating. All the more reason to get him off the street ASAP. People are stalking him in 7-Eleven because that’s where he goes to get coffee. No other reason for anyone to be buying coffee, in the morning, at 7-Eleven, at around the same time. Sure Occum’s razor makes it seem that other people will buy coffee at 7-Eleven on their way to work, but No! They are all stalking him.
    He’s going to hurt someone badly. And it will be not entirely his fault, because his presence and action keep getting pooh pooh’d away by the local law enforcement.

  2. AA

    Apparently, his attorney in Ecuador is avoiding him now. He really seems to be coming unglued. He must be the most lonely person, pushing away all others to continue this self-induced charade, the only person to talk to is himself, into a camera.

  3. RJ

    Well he’s one step closer to getting himself committed:


    The Dr. who Tew is trying to meet has a bio Tew posted in the comments section. “… received his undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology from Cornell University.”

  4. AA

    Putting the guy’s face and name on youtube is not exactly pleading for help. It’s just an attention getter. Though he does file frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit. And I guess he’s going to file one on this guy too for not magically knowing Bryan is fake pleading for help on youtube. Jeez……

  5. D

    He seems to be confused if it’s people – stalkers or the supercomputer anymore because I haven’t heard much griping going on about that supermachine in a while.

  6. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I would bet money that he will secretly record the appointment and call medical cointel, or whatever he says, because he will be sitting down with an intern or NP reviewing his medical history, and basic standard testing and not the guy he pictures. And will run away. Seeing he is not using his boot unless he’s recording himself, and using just one crutch and on the wrong side… It will not go well. His past experience with PT was non-compliance. And his back is not as severe as he claims, and way back at the beginning of his injury, part of his back pain was already identified as degenerative, not a result of injury. As have spinal inquiries since. He is worried about going under the knife. He is a long way from even hinting at a surgical procedure. He also suffers from somatization. Let’s face, he is a pussy. And he has shown he would rather lay on the floor of a store for hours instead of trying to help himself. That takes a complete absence of self-help. Medical specialty offices don’t like that.
    And yes, I know about lower back pain. My spine in my lower lumbar and sacrum is an almost fused mass of cancer, pinching my spinal cord enough I was close to paralysis. My hip hurt more, so that’s what I was focused on. That bone finally failed and broke while walking. I am very familiar with back pain. He’s got no real major issues.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Just a video or two ago he was saying repetition was one form of torture. So he’s squirming in pain, ears in pain, listening to loud repetitive, but Christian music.
      He can’t even keep his storyline straight.

      • Wet Nayrb

        That song makes it seem like aspiring Christian songwriters can get away with only writing two lines and x4’ing and then refrain’ing those two lines for the entire song.

  7. Stefan Adams

    From Tew’s Facebook today:
    “Motivational impulses of lust and anxiety. Forced orgasms to reinforce the Neuroprogramming.”

    That translates to “I couldn’t stop touching myself while consuming pornography”. Does he do that inside his car where other people might see him?

    This is a pattern for him. In Costa Rica he got called out by the hotel owner for doing in near women/children:

  8. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Praying a cop, investigating the car parked in the same spot for days, lights him up whilst playing with himself. It would be public indecency and they’d take I’m in.

  9. D

    Hotel review and response to it is absolute gold, wow. Would’ve never expected that
    Should be called out for his homophobia at most.

  10. AA

    I’m curious as to what he’s going to do with his car after he leaves for Ecuador, where his attorney is ignoring him. When you are planning to leave the country you don’t buy a car you can’t take with you.

    He’s not going anywhere. He just wants to make it look like he is. And thwarted at every turn so he can cry foul and blame it on the invisible man when all he intends to do is zero. What a waste.

    The forced orgasm thing is interesting. Amazing how people can distort what nature made the human body take care of on its own if yer not gettin any.

    Bryan – they’re called nocturnal emissions.

    Unless of course, he’s giving nature a helping hand, and I hope he never treats us to a video of THAT.

  11. Ima Nonomus Tew

    One thing that will work against him and shows he just hasn’t thought the whole thing through is going to be the language barrier. He has never said anything about it, but wouldn’t a sane, reasonable person at least try and learn the language of the country he wants to live in? He’s not even a good guest, imagine him trying to get along with day-to-day life.
    And typical Tew fashion, ignore someone saying don’t video here. Twice.

  12. RJ

    Wow. There are at least 5 officers on the scene. Last video is Tew sitting in his vehicle waiting for the psychological evaluation. Tew seems to be in eacape mode instead of surrendering or pleading for help. Seems they caught up to him at a time when he will be more evasive and probably tell them less than he would have just a week ago. He has his passport and tickets and is about to leave the country, for what might be a long time. That would be a shame if he manages to go back to Ecuador. This recent video is the kind we’ve all been waiting for!

  13. AA

    He’s using a bathroom that is a widely known hookup spot for clandestine homosexual activity in Presidio Park. This is not where he usually parks, which is across the street from the Hacienda Hotel, where a bathroom is available to him right in the lobby. I don’t work there but I use it sometimes on my walk home from work. Got a long, steep hill ahead of me so always good to empty the proverbial tank first. No one has ever questioned me. His regular parking location is also near MANY public restrooms opened each morning throughout Old Town State Park. Also near public restaurants open as early at 7am right across the street.

    There was NO reason for him to be way up in Presidio Park to use a restroom, if all he had to do was relieve his bladder or bowels. If he needed a different sort of relief, that’s what ya go up to Presidio Park restrooms for.

    Don’t understand why a supposed Christian heterosexual male who reads this forum and is well aware of the reputation of Presidio Park would be doing in those restrooms when there are dozens with a ‘clean’ reputation available to him right next to his parking spot.

    He’s his own worst enemy, I tell ya.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yep, this pretty much 100% confirms it. I had no idea where this was from the video but just hearing Tew say he got beaten up in a bathroom pretty much told me what he was up to.

      Put this together with his posts about “forced orgasms”, “unwanted sexual activity”, and the CIA supercomputer making him lustful pretty much says he’s engaging in a lot of this type of activity.

      He hates himself but can’t bring himself to stop doing it.

      Bryan, just accept yourself for who you are. I don’t judge you for your sexual preferences, I judge you for your self-loathing and denial of it. It makes you pathetic. Nobody believes your act anymore.

  14. AA

    At least second ‘encounter’ with same individual. Probably didn’t pay the guy so he got called a ‘bitch.’ Not a reason to follow or call police. He wanted more attention, and he’s gotten it.

    There are a lot of San Diego Craigslist prostitute hookups that take place in Old Town and up on the hill. Some encounters up there are spontaneous, some are planned.

  15. AA

    He now says he’s checked out of his storage unit- but needs to go back tonight and finish. Storage units aren’t open after 5pm in San Diego so I guess when he returns and can’t gain entry it will be nothing more than a deadly game of blah blah blah to thwart his leaving country. A plan he made, supposedly purchasing tickets etc yet buys a car he can’t bring with him and making appointments with neurosurgeon after his supposed departure date. Bryan, pretty soon even your mentally disabled followers will begin to notice you can’t keep up the charade with any semblance of reason. If you didn’t record your every falsehood it wouldn’t be so easy. But you can’t resist and I bet you spend most of your day scanning your videos to see how many views they have. It’s not the same as real life. You only get one life and you’re wasting it on this self-inflicted game, where you’ve given yourself a permission slip to act any way you want by blaming a nonexistent entity for your actions.

  16. Dave

    So I have a few thoughts I thought I could share about this entire thing, because it’s a cluster fuck and it’s actually too much for me to watch right now, cognitively at the moment. But I will begin to dissect some of this, referring to several clips but no specific time frames.
    I’ve noticed this thing with Bryan, he tends to revert into a child like mentality or something like it, when he cannot escape situations he causes or things he does with consequences.
    He begins with this weird childlike fidgeting mechanism where he goes “umm umm umm I umm like, that, umm umm “ . The Costa Rica hostel personnel mentioned his childlike mentality.
    I’ve seen it before in other videos of his. It’s something he always reverts to.
    Even more importnetly, he admitted to shoving someone, pushing them. That right there is the key and bam. Why he is a freeman, I don’t know.
    Now you have a man, I totally presume he’s in the bathroom ranting and raving to the camera prior to the incident which more than likely, caused the whole thing to begin with.
    It’s this common thing of thinking someone is following you whatever, thus you totally invade their privacy and space and stalk them in return. It’s what more than likely transpired and someone got mad, someone would eventually all do this and we knew it, have been saying it. Bryan, you need to calm down and put the camera down and at most not shove it in people’s space and have it be known they’re being filmed, it’s just courtesy and like a space thing. So yeah. A lot of people in this world themselves are weird, you will have anyone at any time coming up to you saying fucked up shit, especially if you’re homeless and are around such people who aren’t the best of influence.
    This is just really sad and pathetic and sketchy at the same time.
    Now he leaves to another country.
    Doesn’t look right.
    Then a sprained ankle, dropped Foot, and a broken spine, on top of mentally incapacitated and doozied. Someone should not be flying. Or diving, operating heavy machinery. But especially flying, goodness what if things worsen, pop or break. Similar guidelines to riding rides at Disney parks.

  17. Dave

    Didn’t I say someone should call him out on his homophobic stuff too, and look and what he just does straight up again I mean come on. He needs to come to terms with his wet dreams, and homosexual tendencies which is fine, there’s doctors and people to help you become more yourself if that’s how you feel and you should totally seek any professional to enable you to be yourself man but this just isn’t cool anymore like it’s evident now, at mall- here; it’s scary kinda cause now there’s evidence of lashing out and violence, who or what will be next.

  18. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He should know by now that if you enter a bathroom with toilets and no doors, it just might not be the place to take a leisurely dump and stare at someone. I’m a freaking housewife who has lived her whole life in Indiana and I know this. And if you think you can determine who is a “raging homosexual” by sight and try and video said person, they will punch you, as they probably should.
    Bryan, I know this doesn’ t make sense to you, but the thing on your forehead is a boo-boo, and just needs a spray of Bactine and a band-aid. Stop whining. You don’t need a hospital. Grow up. Crazy or not, at least try to be an adult. Absolutely everything that happens to you is YOUR OWN FAULT.

  19. AA

    He sure is consistent with his inconsistencies. Says he couldn’t wait for medical treatment for a boo-boo that every toddler in America gets and forgets within minutes of the bactine/neosporin/bandaid.

    Yet then posts a video in the hospital, wasting more valuable resources on his pansy owie, which he probably got from walking backward in front of the poor guy he verbally accosted in the gay hookup cruiser restroom. Bet anything he fell down on the rocks, which is why the police did nothing to the other guy.

    He CAN leave the country any damn time he wants to. Which is why he wants that passport so bad, so that he can get in and out of Mexico for the drugs he’s addicted to.

    All he has to do to simply leave country is drive through the border into Mexico. No one will stop him. Or, leave his car in San Ysidro and walk over the foot bridge. He can get a flight out of Mexico with that handy passport he just got back. He only wants the passport to get the drugs that he can no longer get here without an examination, which he refuses because he knows they won’t find a good reason to prescribe them.

    I no longer feel an ounce of pity for him because too many of his actions are clearly calculated and deliberate.

  20. RJ

    “In route to Los Angeles airport” would only mean stopping off in the emergency room to make a video from a hospital gurney for Bryan Tew. I am hoping he gets to Florida and can’t continue on. I doubt Ft Lauderdale is as easy as San Diego is on transient maniacs.

  21. Wet Nayrb

    Assuming he’s leaving San Diego and isn’t driving it cross country or crossing the border with it, what happens to Bryan’s Ford Escape? I doubt he’s selling it, so will it just sit where ever he parked it until it gets impounded and it eventually gets considered “abandoned” and put up for auction or just sent to the junkyard?

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      No, no, no… They™will steal it so he loses the money, but can continue believing that the entire world is hired to make sure he has no fun.

  22. AA

    His car still parked in his usual spot, saw it there as I left work last night. Scooter not around that I could see.

    If he’s leaving from LAX that scooter won’t do him much good on the freeway with that big luggage he just bought.

    But again, his flight was supposedly scheduled for October 29th, and that has come and gone. I don’t think he’s planning on going anywhere.

  23. Dave

    Video update of him just recently, screaming about his ears with loud music or audio. Doesn’t seem like he left the country or will be leaving any time soon.

  24. AA

    He published something on his facebook that I haven’t seen on his youtube channel, he’s at the luggage store, and claims that the CIA blah blah missed him at the gas station and some other nonsense, and states that he doesn’t need music to destroy their technology CIA scumbags etc. Makes zero sense, but seems to enjoy a public audience witnessing him spew word salad into his phone. Like he’s some kind of celebrity.

    • RJ

      I watched that one. The CIA hive mind teams missed him at the gym, the 7-Eleven and the gas station. Wait, what? The gym? Does he have a cheap gym membership so he can use the bathrooms and showers? Would make sense.

      How much longer is his car battery going to last? Looks like he is sitting there with his radio and interior lights turned on with the car not running. I’d say he will need a new battery in a week or two at this rate. Of course, the directed energy will be blamed for attacking his Ford Escape to prevent him from getting to LAX on time. How far of a drive is it to LAX anyway? Can Tew even make the drive without getting in a wreck? If he does get in a wreck, his YouTube history will be enough to ensure a lawsuit. Next thing you know, mental health checks will be required to purchase a vehicle.

      • Stefan Adams

        He’s always “defeating” the technology but goes back to suffering from its effects in the very next video or Facebook post. I guess that sort of delusion makes him feel better about himself.

  25. Dave

    His drivers license has been purportedly stolen. New video. Which means he can’t get drugs from people overseas.
    Thwarted again, damn.

    • Stefan Adams

      His passport would probably be OK for identification purposes. He said he wanted to be able to drive cars in other countries. I’m not sure what the point is though. He barely drives as is, spends most of his time in the parking lot.

  26. AA

    Well, in his latest video, he’s over across the street from Liberty Station at the Navy housing. Quite near Old Town. Wondered where the infamous 7-11 was that he frequents.
    He contradicts himself throughout the video.

    There will be yet another excuse tomorrow for not being able to flee the country. He was back again at his usual spot this evening in Old Town.

    I was really hoping he’d get a move on out of San Diego, especially my area. Quite frankly, I’m a little sick of seeing his car there day after day.

  27. RJ

    Now he is fleeing to St Petersburg Russia? And he lost his drivers license in the ambulance? He has a video telling his targeted individual community that the best thing to do is go to countries that are hostile to he US. He needs to up his game and try Iran or Venezuela.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Why would Bryan Tew go back to St. Petersburg? I’m sure he’ll get the same treatment from Russian police as the last time he applied for asylum, when they laughed in his face.

      That’s if they even let him off the ferry dock this time, since, if he’s been flagged by the FSB as being mentally ill, he’s not getting back in to Russia.

  28. AA

    He’s so convoluted in that last video I can’t tell where he’s pretending to go. Makes claims of specific countries where the supercomputer doesn’t work so well because the countries are not US friendly, then lists countries where he can’t go any longer – which were on his list of where to go.

    Now, we have not gotten a video from Bryan in 11 hours. Nothing depicting his usual ‘my ears, my ears, they’re targeting my ears,’ or ‘my heart, my heart, they’re targeting my heart’ so I imagine he got a good nights sleep last night. If not, he’d be videoing and crying about it.

    He sure likes to video in public places. Probably thinks that witnesses are impressed with his rare knowledge and intellect that the supercomputer is after. And impressed the government would go to these lengths to torture a single citizen with no significance to the government or anything, for that matter.

    His boasts that the govt. will make sure he never sees the inside of a courtroom are really dependent upon Bryan. He assaults the wrong person, he will indeed have some courtroom visits, and be put away for awhile. Lots of wealthy people in my neighborhood, he pushes the wrong one out for a nice walk, he’s toast.

  29. AA

    This morning he’s announced that when he wakes up in the morning (hence he’s slept all night, hence ‘no one’ is waking him up all night) the ear trauma is building. He’s describing a typical ear condition.

    And now he’s found a new 7-11, Fourth & Robinson in Hillcrest, renowned gay mecca of San Diego County. Interesting he’s in that neck of the woods. Plenty of action for anyone not spewing nonsense.

    He admits that he’s in a new area to fool the stalkers. Well, anyone with a brain can find out where he is, took me all of one minute because I recognize landmarks. The Pinkberry Yogurt shop across the street immediately told me where he is.

    Stop going to 7-11 and hit up an Arco station or whatever for your coffee.

  30. AA

    Another night of no targeting videos, which tells me he slept. And I am glad he was able to sleep. Being in a fight or flight lifestyle prevents good sleep, compounded by use of caffeine/stimulants and bad food and lethargy which compounds heart issues.

    On the other hand, I wonder if he got into Mexico and obtained some of those narcotics he’s been after, so has checked out all night?

    Didn’t see him in Old Town due the Dia de los Muertos festivities. They get funky about the parking on November 2nd.

  31. AA

    Interesting. So he’s just going to leave the car at LAX? I guess he’s not planning to return to the states. Wonder if the owner of the vehicle that gets charged daily for the parking, which will subsequently become impounded and fees dramatically increase, will find himself on the other end of a lawsuit or have the vehicle liened in some manner? Of course, this will be the government causing this, not Bryan abandoning a vehicle.

    I highly doubt he’s really going anywhere.

  32. Dave

    He’s rolling around in his car today, these videos are beginning to actually make me angry in some sense. The dramafilled childlike mentality and behavior, it really angers me for once. I hope the police or medical services can scoop him up sooner than later. He’s getting worse, it’s maddening because regardless if he knows it or not, he’s perpetuating this drama act, not helping himself. Loathing in a dirty diaper basically.

  33. Susan

    So he’s going back to Hong Kong where they’ve refused him asylum at least twice before? Why why why?
    What happened to South America?
    What card got declined?
    Did he ever find his driver’s license?
    How in the holy hell did he get a driver’s license?
    Where the scooter?

    • RJ

      LOL! That’s what I want to know! how the hell is he even driving around? Did he manager to purchase a vehicle and get the registration done properly? How is he buying all of this stuff; plane tickets, scooters, SUV’s, phones, laptops, and obviously food. And, How in the hell is he always clean shaven? It’s obvious he can grow facial hair, he’s had a beard and a goatee at times. But how is he 95% of the time looking like he just shaved? The little questions about Tew are concerning me more. And, the way he slips out of “crazy” at just the right time is concerning. It’s like he can post for months on end of him writhing in pain whining about “my heart, my ears!”. Then when the police are on scene, he is saying “am I being detained?” and all of the phrases to ward off police action. He slips into a mode where he knows what to do and say to avoid getting picked up for being a threat. I think he knows he’s nuts. There is this guy James Tilly Matthews, who talked about an “Air Loom”. This was in the 1770’s or something, but it was like his “supercomputer”. It’s just like Brian Tew, just 300 years ago. Look it up; if you think Tew is interesting then you might find his story interesting too.

      • Stefan Adams

        I’ve heard about that. I’ve actually tried to (unsuccessfully) reason with other TIs by telling them that their symptoms predate the technological age and that they’ve failed to meet their burden of proof to blame CIA technology. They’re so deep into their beliefs that they’ll never get out.

        We’ve always had that question re: funds of him. I don’t have a clear picture of his finances but believe he still may be on Social Security. If he’s still able to convince them that he’s disabled then he would be receiving plenty of money to spend on those things:

        He hasn’t been paying for housing his entire time – he’s been in a sleeping bag in various places such as the church in Old Town or in shelters. So that saves him a lot of money right off.

        His car is an old model (2001 I believe) so it probably cost him $1-2k. His scooter was about $3k.

        I think that’s doable if he has been carefully saving his money the past 10-11 months since returning to the US.

        He mentioned something about going to the gym in a recent video. Doubt he is exercising. He is probably just showering which would give him a place to shave and groom.

        Speaking of that – his head hair is obviously dyed. Wonder who he is trying to impress?

  34. AA

    Well, he’s been unusually quiet. I will be completely surprised if he gets on a plane and leaves. And thrilled. For all we know he made that writhing around LAX video anywhere but LAX.

    I think he went into T.J., got some pain meds and has been out of it for the most part.

    If he thinks the govt is controlling his internet business now, just wait till he gets into China where they control the youtube content. That is, if he really goes. I predict he will get into some kind of trouble that prevents his going.

    • Stefan Adams

      I think he’s leaving for real. I’m more surprised he got a passport and that he stayed in the US as long as he did – almost a full year.

      I took him at face value when he said he wasn’t going to be allowed to get a passport after losing so many. Apparently he was just too afraid to visit the passport office.

      I am super disappointed in the police and FBI not taking him seriously. He’s a severely schizophrenic individual who has on occasion expressed desires to kill people.

      I’ve notified both the FBI and SDPD about him and neither agency took any interest in him. Hell Bryan confessed to actual crimes and they just ignored him.

      Now he’ll just be someone else’s problem.

      He is far more interesting when in the US. Overseas he tends to just stay cooped up in run down hostels for months at a time. Though he does get himself into trouble whenever he goes out for a coffee.

  35. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Well, despite having used air travel many times, he thinks the air Marshall’s boarding is for HIM. His universe is so self-centric, the entire planet s concerned about messing up his day. He kept whining about his China travel visa being stolen/lost with his passport, so how is he going to get in for more than a few days? I don’t think he will. Visas are given at the discretion of the country involved, and last time he was there he skipped out on a hospital bill, and involved the US embassy to get him to pay. He still hasn’t. The reason no one gives him asylum is because his opinion and belief does not automatically make him a refugee. It is apparent he is crazy t everyone he meets and no one wants that kind of problem. He has no real information worth anything to anybody, no proof of any of his claims, and no personality that makes anyone want to help him. I can see him on a list of people not allowed in China, easily. Which means videos taken secretly (which will get him in trouble at some point) of Them™ telling lies that he is a horrible criminal, blah, blah, blah. The fact is he’s a horrible person and traveler. He’s rude, combative, insane, and so out of touch with reality he ain’t make that connection.
    Prepare for torture everywhere he goes, and yet he will still apply for asylum.

  36. AA

    I found it interesting he feels US Marshals are at terminal, ‘unable to stop’ the fleeing Bryan Tew. His flight doesn’t leave until 10:45am. It’s 7:30 am here in San Diego.

    Anything could happen at this time. I note he’s not filming these marshals and posting them to youtube. He hasn’t filmed anyone in two days, which is a rarity.

    But when you claim people are chasing you and then post your itinerary all over the place, you give anyone who just actually might be curious as to your whereabouts an idea. However, there’s also a bait and switch tactic so he may be pretending to go to China and going nowhere, or somewhere else.

    If he’s willing to buy a vehicle just to abandon it a month later, he’s also willing to purchase flights he has no intention of taking.

    I will believe it when I see a new video of him in a foreign country, providing new information i.e. I just ditched my Ford Escape in the US to fool the hivemind teams blah blah.

    • Stefan Adams

      I thought Air Marshals were plainclothed. There would be no way for him to know if a particular individual is an Air Marshal unless he happened to see his gun or something.

      Probably just a regular officer, be it local or federal. It’s not like airports aren’t always crawling with LE since 9/11. Just his anxiety and paranoia setting in.

      I think he’s really trying to leave; we can just make this a friendly bet (no money involved, just for fun).

      If he doesn’t go, it would be because he has an anxiety attack. I think all of the times he has been hospitalized for heart trouble have been just panic attacks. He claimed he tried to “turn himself in” at the FBI field office but was attacked with directed energy, which I think was just anxiety once again.

  37. AA

    My friendly bet is he is in San Diego in Old Town right now, sleeping off sedatives/opiates/whatever he’s gotten prescribed in T.J.. He can always head nearby to SD International Airport for video that appears to have been taken at any airport. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

    At any rate, interesting real-life melodrama to keep an eye on as the minutes tick by to the supposed 10:45am flight departure to Hong Kong.

    He has repeatedly stated ‘they’ won’t allow him to leave the country. He has to stand by that to look remotely credible. He’s already posted nonsense a few hours ago about not being able to board the plane due his injuries. I doubt they allow people to board a plane 6 hours in advance so that was pretty nonsensical. Oh, and he shows his drivers license that was supposedly stolen from him.

    Plus, disabled people are allowed use of a wheelchair at airports, and though his foot is in a boot he’s been pretty mobile lately.

    Remember days ago, he was in Presidio Park hurriedly walking BACKWARDS to call 911 in front of his target from the restroom. Clearly no foot issues then.

    He’s crazy as a ****house rat and I bet anything he’s drugged up right now so his posts will make less sense than normal. Like claiming he can’t board the flight due injuries 6 hours prior to boarding time.

  38. AA

    Well, due the title of the video he’s not been able to upload, which is the same as the one he uploaded which basically proved nothing, it may be the same video he already uploaded. If he’s high on something, he may not be keeping track of what he’s doing.

    The fact that he’s been quiet for over an hour since his flight began tells me that he’s either made his flight and cannot use his phone/pad at this time, or he’s in the back of his car completely out of it.

    If he were somehow ‘prevented’ from boarding the plane, he would have videoed the death out of that right in front of God and anyone else he thinks he’s impressing with his big fancy anti-govt. words.

    Stay tuned……………

    • Stefan Adams

      Ah yes, didn’t catch that.

      Earlier this morning he posted and then deleted a video of himself writhing in the back of his Escape. No idea if the video was taken this morning or from earlier. Didn’t say anything or give an explanation.

  39. AA

    He just reposted that same video 16 minutes ago. Now, if he were on a flight to Hong Kong, I suppose that 2 hours into the flight he can play with his electronic devices. However, he has not posted anything about himself actually being on that flight.

    I don’t think he can post anything during his flight, but I could be wrong about that.

  40. AA

    I would also like to add that during my lunch hour, I rented a scooter and hit all Bryans usual spots in Old Town. The car and the scooter are not around, so maybe he at least got up to L.A.

  41. RJ

    As a long time Tew follower – I think we’re finally getting some of the payoff we deserve. He’s on an extended stay in the US, speaking to and dealing with people who understand what he is saying, multiple brushes with law enforcement and hospital staff, multiple requests and orders for psychological evaluations, and we even have a local Tew follower who has seen him in person. This is so much better than years of slumming in foreign third world countries where he is tolerated simply because he pays his cheap rent. Most people had no idea what he was saying; just seemed like some odd foreigner who had earbuds that broke, trouble with his Wi-Fi, and was mad at the US government. For all they knew, the typical American could be fed up with the CIA/DOD/FBI or whatever else he was babbling about. If I had some random guy from Hong Kong come up to me talking in Cantonese about mind control and some branch of the Hong Kong government, I probably couldn’t identify if he was insane or just some guy with a legitimate problem. Maybe if someone from Ecuador did that I might pick up on a little, knowing some Espanol.

    It’s just much better with Tew on home soil. Now, he is in San Diego which from what I hear has a pretty large homeless and mentally ill demographic. I know if Tew was in San Francisco, he would blend right in with that population I’ve seen there. Just a lot of muttering types hanging about, obviously disturbed – and some kind of local government initiative is based on letting that become part of the local city-scape. Maybe I’m wrong, but there seemed to be an attitude like pushing to make normal that thousands of mentally ill were wandering about and it was just part of the city.

    Next stop is Tew going somewhere that he will be obviously not fitting in. When he had a crisis in Chicago Midway airport, that could have turned interesting. It’s just not like that in Chicago so much. I like when his layovers are in places where getting stuck would be more of an adventure. He always gets these transient friendly hubs where he fits right in. Wandering around the Houston VA hospital complex looked like another one. I’d rather see Tew at least in Dallas, or St Louis, or Detroit. Tew in a cold weather environment would be different. I like changes of scenery!

    Let’s see where he is off to next. If he is in Hong Kong until March, I may have to hang it up. He’s recently been pretty close to a trip towards treatment here in the US. I’m wondering if the videos will continue if he is committed. Or, if it will be a 2 or 3 week break then him just back on the street.

  42. AA

    Well, unlike in mainstream China, youtube, twitter and facebook are not prohibited/blocked, so we’ll be sure to see more of him if and when he gets there.

    He sure doesn’t fit in in Hong Kong, and he will stand out like a sore thumb. When his imagined hive mind teams/stalkers etc appear out of every nook and cranny, he will assault the wrong person and wind up in a Chinese prison, and then he will cry for his hated government to get him released.

    My interest here stems from Bryans causing issues where I work and live. If he makes it to China, I hope he stays there so I don’t have to worry about him getting in my path and causing issues.
    So…fingers crossed he got on that plane.

  43. AA

    So noticed how quiet he’s being. Thought I’d look up some videos he’s done in Hong Kong a couple years ago. Seems that this is not a place where he is safe from what he believes ails him. So why return? Also, saw something about his asylum request there denied. So why return?

    And look at his hair in this video. Yes, he does dye it. Here it is dark brown, not faded red.

  44. AA

    He’s still in Los Angeles, probably never even entered the terminal and remained in his car. I think he’s drugged out right now and that’s why no videos. Hope he stays up there.

    • Susann

      Yeah, he’s still at LAX, another video of him trashing around in his car while he gasps like a carp out of water.
      How long before he ends up back in San Diego taking advantage of homeless services.

  45. Dave

    I’m absoluely baffled and amazed at the fact that he does, in fact, dye his own hair. I’m just appalled and speechless. Guy is so full of it. I wanted to feel so bad for Bryan but now I just absolutely cannot.

  46. AA

    That video of him he had posted a good day or so before his supposed flight, then deleted, then posted again a few hours before said flight. He’s got to be a drugged mess right now, because he generally posts at least 3 videos a day spewing the same identical memorized nonsensical material, and at least one video each night of his supposed torture, which he has to set up his phone/pad to record, then lay back and begin twisting/writhing. Not like him to be so quiet, so again, I believe he’s too drugged out to have made his flight. Probably slept through departure and is still ‘checked out’ and lucid for moments at a time.

    I have a friend who bartends in Old Town who told me that Bryan used to come into that establishement continually wielding both his phone and pad, and pretty much juggling the two the entire time. He’s pretty agile in that manner.

    He also posted video of a Hong Kong train terminal in which you see both of Bryan’s hands holding onto the support inside the train, the camera is up high so I think he has something rigged to hold it for him on his head.

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