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Bryan Tew blows whistle on himself: admits defrauding the government

(Scroll down for video)

As has been plainly obvious to anyone watching his videos over the last several years, Bryan Tew is clearly not disabled, at least not in the way he was claiming to the State of Ohio and possibly the Social Security Administration.

I was willing to throw him a bone and say maybe he has some lingering mobility or pain issues from a previous vehicle accident that as far as I know is real (at least the accident was real, the actual long-term effect of his injuries I am unsure of).

The sympathy went out the door when he made videos showing himself literally running after people he claimed were stalkers and going out to the beach to snorkel. Everyone knew you were faking it, Bryan. I was happy to let the State of Ohio know about it too.

Anyway, he confessed because he think it might help stop the mind control targeting he thinks is happening to him.

I’m not confident that this will actually result in Bryan getting the help he needs. I don’t even know if the FBI will take this seriously or just laugh it off and hit the delete button.

But the hope is there that this will result in Bryan getting institutionalized. As much as I laugh and mock Bryan’s misfortunes, I still want him to get help.

Bryan, you will only get better by checking yourself into a mental hospital.

FBI, I’ve tipped you off about this guy multiple times for the death threats he has issued. It is time for you guys to do this guy a favor and have him 5150’d.


  1. Stefan Adams

    Bryan made a video (well, a screenshot + cheesy soundtrack uploaded as a video) about us!

    Bryan of course doesn’t point out and rebut the supposed dis/misinformation about his situation.

    As usual he dehumanizes me and says I am nothing but an algorithm running inside of a supercomputer.

  2. DVKleiss

    I’m not sure where to begin with this on this Sunday briskly afternoon. I ran across Bryan Tew a year ago, online. I had visited San Diego numerous times in the last 4 years, been to the church where he stakes out his sleeping bag. Very beautiful area in old town, near Coronado.
    I wish, this technology were real, so people who haven’t control over their minds and cognition, could get control over it. Bryan is a special case. While I would love to believe anyone who claims such as he does, there are far too many inconsistencies and I’ll begin. Like this website and it’s host have pointed out, the constant going back to the supposed victimizer, for more. The bombarding and harassing of public civilians on the streets, in stores; being assaulted for such moronic behavior, then playing the victim himself while he groans his heart his heart, with a classical Alabama accent. I would be an advocate for Bryan if only he could stop doing what he is doing, assaulting people.
    Now with that said we can delve into the real issue here and his cause for his panic and paranoia. Ex government worker on his words, loses 3 passports magically. I suspect these passports without any accusation of course, could’ve been sold off to foreign nationals, terrorist, or bad actors such as drug related criminals. This is purely and logically my only idea, is the man sold his passports and now he knows the government is basically after him for crimes related, I cannot confirm any of this but you begin to look at this special little case here and you can see holes through it. I do not question Bryan ever did not work for the government, I do believe he did. I think what he did on the side to get him where he’s at, in such a state, speaks volumes of what he is really, doing here. Turning himself into the authorities only makes it look even more suspicious.

    • Stefan Adams

      Anything is possible. Whether Bryan is selling off his passports to shady people or he is really losing them (and in turn, they could still end up in bad people’s hands), that’s probably the reason why the State Department doesn’t want to give him yet another replacement.

      He is still trying to get a new passport and in fact has an appointment next week to make an appeal (despite “confessing” and “surrendering” he still wants to leave).

      Bryan is suffering, not for the reasons he claims, but as you rightly point out, he doesn’t give anybody any reason to want to feel sympathy for him.

      I laugh and mock him because all of his actions are only making his situation worsen. But I still want him to get help and hope he finds it soon.

    • Stefan Adams

      No, people like you should be ashamed for perpetuating this hoax of “targeted individuals” that is keeping mentally sick people from getting the help they need. All the stuff you guys complain about can be addressed with the right therapy.

  3. Ima Nonomus Tew

    It’s another of his half-assed schemes for attention. That a website such as this can exist to talk about his exploits shows we really only know what he reveals on his social presence on the web. He has so many “tells” it’s ridiculous. HE is ridiculous and just not very good at what he is doing. He half-asses everything. He’ll take the time to write and file a lawsuit, but never shows or does anything beyond that. He tapes everything except the real events. It’s like he can’t do anything to completion. He fails at everything.
    Which is part of his mental illness. He can’t face reality. His ears are not that bad as shown by the graphs he shows as evidence, but he tells the doctors to speak in Spanish, a language he does not know, so the results he needs he feeds to the camera. Same with his “heart problems;” he runs when real medical people and tests tell him his heart is fine. He gets attacked, but never gets a video of the attack. He says he’s harassed by cops, and videos show cops doing their job politely.
    I’m beginning to wonder if a very large part of this is drama queen antics that he can no longer afford.
    So tell us, Bryan. How real are YOU?

    • Stefan Adams

      I have to agree. He posted another video from the parking lot near the church saying it has been four days and the FBI hasn’t arrested him yet. He is framing his lack of arrest as evidence that his delusions are real (“I’m the last person the FBI wants to bring to court!”). Workers comp fraud is pretty small potatoes stuff for the FBI to be dealing with anyway.

    • Stefan Adams

      I don’t even think Bryan believes he is guilty, he is just saying that.

      I wonder if his lawyers in Ecuador put him up to that; maybe they thought it would get him into custody where he would (potentially) get treated. Don’t think it’s going to work.

      • DVKleiss

        He seems angry over the fact that the fbi has not yet contacted him, when they very well could be doing their job to gather information and evidnece before they even contact the fellow out of pure curiosity. On another note he says this is how the technology works by getting a response, my question is why does he respond constantly with YouTube updates or twitter feed if he knows that’s a response which will only hypothetically speaking, will make him targeted more. It just doesn’t make much sense at this point.

        • Stefan Adams

          Yeah, funny how he does the exact opposite of what he tells other people to do.

          You have to look at it from another angle – someone begging the cops to come to a specific location and arrest them from the cop’s POV is dangerous. It could be a trap to ambush them. (I don’t think Bryan is doing that, but this is just a generic thing a cop might think)

          Bryan could just as easily walk into a police station and confess to his crimes. But he won’t because he’s chickenshit.

  4. AA

    He just doesn’t realize that anyone with a functioning brain can see through all his own ‘theater.’ This is all Bryan Tew Theater, and nothing more, used as an excuse to not be responsible for his own actions. He is a drama queen, he does want constant attention, and ensures he gets it. As much as he insists on hanging out in Old Town, NO ONE in Old Town wants him there. No one wants to talk to him, make eye contact with him or encounter him. The exact opposite of what he’s going for.

    It’s really sad. I think the only reason he’s trying to ‘surrender’ is because he realizes he’s his own worst enemy in deliberately providing all evidence needed to prove he’s commiting fraud with disability.

    There’s also something very narcissistic in his publishing a blog about himself. There’s a gal I know who unfortunately got into an extramarital affair with a complete jackass (and so was her husband). SO much drama in that regard and both engaged in an extremely popular hobby nationwide. Now, everyone in that hobby knows about it, there is a blog featuring the nasty habits of this guy. He found out about it, and began pointing his ‘friends’ on social media to it. Why on earth he would want anyone reading about the documented legal issues he has caused for himself and others is beyond me, it proves he’s the aggressor and not the victim. But he’s so addicted to online attention he doesn’t care.

    He reminds me a lot of Bryan Tew. Tew peas in a pod.

    • Anonymous

      In certain states, there are no charges for workmans comp fraud. In fact no civil penalty either, the proof is just used to stop the benefits. And to claim benefits, you have to have a residence and you have to stay in that region and attend medical appointments madated by the insurance. Perhaps some states have penalties, but again he would have to reside somewhere to even have benefits. And just because someone ran, doesnt mean they arent injured either. As far as the rest of the claims i dont know.

      • Stefan Adams

        I’ve been documenting Tew for a few years now. He was successfully claiming Ohio WC for several years while being overseas. I know he’s committing fraud because he claims 100% disability while going to exotic foreign locations where he demonstrates complete mobility. Plus he has admitted to it.

      • Stefan Adams

        On a computer (not phone) now.

        Bryan has posted pretty extensive documentation of his workers comp adventures over the years. According to what he posted, he was in some kind of vehicular accident while on the clock and received some injuries. I believe that since it comes from real doctor reports. If you’re interested I could post the PDF somewhere.

        What I don’t accept is his claim that he is completely/permanently disabled. He’s told the Ohio BWC that he’s too disabled to work and thus deserves something equivalent to a full salary in benefits. The BWC themselves have also questioned this and tried to have his disability revoked by way of an administrative hearing.

        I accept that he has some impairment but not total impairment. This is a guy who is seen on videos climbing long flights of stairs, riding motorbikes, running after his “stalkers”, traveling frequently, and so forth. For this reason I have accused him of fraud. If he was REALLY disabled then he should have much more difficulty than he does with mobility.

        The idea that someone is disabled is that someone receives some kind of injury that prevents them from doing what they are trained/accustomed to doing. Clearly Bryan is physically functional enough for office work, driving vehicles, and getting into/out of said vehicles and walking around, which is what his previous job entailed.

        He’s no longer on BWC benefits anyway; a year or two ago he asked the BWC to discontinue payments and he switched over to SS.

        Either SS pays out more or the BWC was giving him too much hassle and headache.

        • Stefan Adams

          As an addendum – I believe Bryan is psychologically disabled. In fact he has submitted documentation showing he has schizoaffective disorder (kinda like schizophrenia). The BWC refused to consider this because the mental illness is not related to his workplace accident.

          This may be a contributing reason to him switching to SS. SS would consider disability regardless of context, whereas BWC only looks at how you got hurt while on the job.

  5. Dave

    Reviewing his latest videos, he’s disabled comments once again after people were cutting through the drama nonsense.
    His French police video is very suspicious and shady the way he acts telling the police officers to open his bag to open his knife. What other way to harm a police officer than to tell them to do something for you as you try some sneaky crap. It’s so sketchy and endangering how he’s acting even on foreign soil.

  6. AA

    So, 8 hours ago Bryan is crying that he cannot sleep, he’s ‘somewhere’ in a building. 5 hours ago he’s in his car stating he was just at the Passport office. I’m guessing he made the first video in the Passport office. He’s changed his shirt between the videos.

    I guess this means that a guy who cannot sleep or function is driving that car around my neighborhood. Great. Considering how he likes to deliberately collide with people and blame the innocent parties, he will start causing car accidents next.

    • Stefan Adams

      I’m amazed that he can call 911 frivolously but refuse any help so frequently and not be dealt with by the police. Not a legal expert but to me he’s treading into 5150 territory by claiming he is sick/injured but refusing help. Guess they are OK with the pointless 911 calls.

  7. Dave

    I want to add to both sentiments above. I have been watching Bryan’s videos for the last couple days, his condition seems to be severely worsening, dwindling with time. Many things I’d like to point out in this long diatribe of evidence and whackiness.
    He complains he cannot sleep. As stated here before, you guys have. The man drinks coffee and energy drinks, takes vitamins but claims he cannot sleep. Upon further inspection, the man is either homeless at times or sleeping in his car,either of these places, are not a cooled controlled environment with shaded living space, and a comfortable couch or bed. His natural rem cycle is out of whack, and it’s due to his poor living conditions brought on by only himself. He had a house in San Diego he decidedly abandoned it due to his dwindling mental health delusions.
    Now onto using public services and police dispatchers, abusing their time and energy and services. There are multiple instances now on film where Bryan films himself either screaming and hollaring at dispatchers, or calling them and frankly verbatim, saying absolutely nothing. Why have the police not questioned him and at most tell him to cease, is beyond me. It’s all illegal, it should be stopped.
    The man is staring in front of a screen most of the day, no wonder he cannot sleep. He is highly strung, paranoid delusional and needs severe help. I am not here to attack the man, but I love calling out the fallacy of his drama nonsense. With that said, I do hope Bryan does get the help he desperately needs here, everyone here I think does. It’s sad, it’s really pathetic at this point, and we just wish the county police, some service could sweep him up and get him the help he needs so very desperately.

  8. AA

    Sounds like the poor guy has a case of tinnitus, in addition to the above stated by Dave – homeless people are in a state of flight or fight. They can never truly sleep deeply unless aided by drugs – their brain and body won’t allow it, in case they need to flee a dangerous situation.
    Again, if he’d just go to the doctors, tell them his symptoms, NOT discuss how he believes he came about them, they could possibly assist him. Again, this is NOT what Bryan wants. He wants to be in pain. He wants the attention this brings. Otherwise he’s got little to spend all day on youtube over. And yes, staring into a screen all day/night affects one’s circadium rhythm, compounded by the caffeine/energy drinks, compounded by poor diet and obesity which contributes to heart arrythmia etc. Almost all physical ‘CIA/DIA Mind Control Torture’ can be addressed. Unfortunately, this guy’s mental illness cannot be so easily handled. Copy/pasted some information on tinnitus, which sounds a lot like what Bryan is complaining about. The only person propagating a deadly game of manipulation and deception is Bryan, upon himself.

    “Tinnitus is one of the most elusive conditions that health care professionals face. It is an auditory perception not directly produced externally.

    It is commonly described as a hissing, roaring, ringing or whooshing sound in one or both ears, called tinnitus aurium, or in the head, called tinnitus cranii.

    The sound ranges from high to low pitch and can be a single tone, multi-tonal, or noise-like, having no tonal quality. Tinnitus may be constant, pulsing or intermittent. It may begin suddenly or progress gradually.

    Tinnitus can be broadly classified into two categories: objective and subjective.

    Objective Tinnitus
    This form is audible to an observer either with a stethoscope or simply by listening in close proximity to the ear. Objective tinnitus accounts for less than 5 percent of overall tinnitus cases and is often associated with vascular or muscular disorders. The tinnitus is frequently described as pulsatile, or synchronous with the patient’s heartbeat. In many instances, the cause of objective tinnitus can be determined and treatment, either medical or surgical, may be prescribed.

    Subjective Tinnitus
    This form is audible only to the patient and is much more common, accounting for 95 percent of tinnitus cases. Subjective tinnitus is a symptom that is associated with practically every known ear disorder and is reported to be present in over 80 percent of individuals with sensorineural hearing loss, which is caused by nerve and/or hair cell damage.

    Because tinnitus, like pain, is subjective, two individuals may demonstrate identical tinnitus loudness and pitch matches yet be affected in significantly different ways. The severity of the tinnitus is largely a function of the individual’s reaction to the condition. That said, many tinnitus sufferers:

    Have difficulty sleeping or concentrating
    Feel depressed or anxious
    Report additional problems at work or at home that may contribute to the distress caused by tinnitus
    Describe a correlation of tinnitus perception with stress
    It is often difficult to determine whether a patient’s emotional state pre-existed, or is a result of the tinnitus.”

  9. Dave

    I’ve has tinnitus since 14, at first it was startling and a bit anxiety inducing, I deal with it, it’s there. I don’t care. It’s like oh okay. A buzz. Whatever. I live with it. Common, Grandma has it as well. Family has all sorts of ear issues, tinnitus isn’t the least of mine. Hacking up mucus all the time, after having a deviated septum for life. Bryan wants to talk about trauma, about injury and such. He should begin to maybe work at a NICU, homeless shelter, a woman’s shelter, a foreign havoced country. I don’t know.
    It’s a bit just a bit insulting at this point to actual surviours or said, trauma. Real world illness and disease, predisposition and preexisting condition. I will continue to pray for him and hope local law enforcement can rectify his very unfortunate state. I fully agree with the above AA.

  10. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I passed along the information of his name, description of his vehicle, where he was parked, and two of his videos, one a 911 hang-up and another where he admits to doing 911 hang-up for “evidence,” directly to the SDFD, at their email address. I’ve gotten no reply, and he continued with the calls so no one must have discussed the issue with them. Perhaps they will listen to a local? There have also been other people question his sanity and story on YT.
    So, Bryan, if you read this, know you have been and will continue to be reports made about your illegal behavior. The best thing for you to do is turn up at a clinic, and not run away when they 5150 you. Let them. Prove they are wrong, that you are not delusional and that your physical problems are real. Don’t show them videos that prove nothing but that you can operate a camera and post things to YT.

    • Stefan Adams

      They don’t care. Maybe it’s a California thing. Maybe they just prefer to ignore their homeless/mentally ill population.

      Remember his arrest back in December? He said he wasn’t going to court and presumably he didn’t. No warrant out for his arrest for failure to appear. Multiple police interactions since then even.

      He can make all these frivolous calls to 911 and they won’t do anything to stop him.

      There’s a lady here locally to me who is paranoid about the government hacking her computers. She accused a cop of hacking her WiFi network (she wasn’t hacked, she just saw a cop car drive by her house and freaked out). Started harassing the cops and even bothered the chief at his home. They had her detained for mental health.

      But Bryan can harass the FBI, SDPD, 911 operators and etc, and nothing happens to him.

  11. Stefan Adams

    Off topic. Has anyone noticed Bryan’s hair? It looks like he dyed his hair red. Certainly a man can do whatever he wants with his hair but I wonder why?

    • AA

      Oh wow I thought the same thing! His hair is clearly gray/white. Can’t be because he’s trying to disguise himself, what with putting his face everywhere. I’m guessing it’s to keep younger looking. Just for who, I’ve no idea because no one, male or female, could deal with him.

  12. Dave

    His hair, on top of the Like Spike on a ton of his videos, which doesn’t make sense unless he’s doing this all day as a way to “defeat” the “supercomputer”.

  13. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Okay, as a person who had physical therapy in the proper use of a cane, he is using his crutch on the wrong side. The way he is using it will cause further pain and increases the chance of injury. Being charitable, because his latest hospital escapade he complained it was from attacks by stalkers, yet he hasn’t mentioned he’s been attacked lately. Just more drama from a queen. He also mentioned his attorney is refusing his calls and e-mails. The lawyer must have finally learned he can’t help bat-shit crazy.

    • D

      That’s precisely what I thought, in one video he complains of a spinal cord injury of sorts, some disks. But now it’s become an attack, dropped Foot. Doesn’t really check out to me…

  14. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Holy Moley! He attacked another “stalker” in another hospital! And was hand-cuffed in the back of a cop car. Surprised they didn’t pick up that he had a similar incident just a few months ago, when he didn’t go to his court case. They must not care, because if he had a warrant they would have taken him in, and likely 5150’d him after just a few hours. And came within an inch of blaming someone else for stupidly parking his scooter behind his car and backing up, knocking his scooter down and scraping and bending some parts. Too much organized hive-mind-team stalking street theater behavior and he forgot.

    • Stefan Adams

      I’m not 100% certain but my impression was that he was referencing the December incident. He was detained then for sure. I think if the cops were called again he would have been arrested for sure and not just released with a citation now that he has a record with them. At least I hope he would.

      • Ima Nonomus Tew

        Yeah, I listened again not at 130a and it is confused, but so is he. I think you are right. I really should stick to solitaire when I’m not sleeping well.

  15. AA

    The bigger issue is that he’s now posted a video where he admitted to walking in Old Town yesterday and knocking down someone walking toward him who was also impaired.

    Calls it ‘mirroring’ stalking, if he’s on crutches, the government sends someone toward him on crutches as well, to provoke him. So he knocks down an innocent individual? What a dirty bastard. And the only reason he’s gone to have that foot looked at is because he knows that there are too many videos out there denying that this guy needs disability. So he has to create a renewed faked disability.

    And now he’s afraid of other ‘TI’s’ looking into websites like this one – the risk of them realizing he’s full of crap and HE is the deceptor and manipulator.

    He ALWAYS parks that stupid scooter behind his Ford. I thought he’d traded it in, but one of my staff announced they saw him go by on the scooter a couple of weeks ago. I then noticed he’s parking it behind his vehicle. Moron.

    This is getting serious, him driving and unaware of what he’s doing, and consciously deciding every innocent person on the street is after him and deserves being hit/knocked down/assaulted.

    Going to the next Old Town Planners Meeting and raising cane with the beat cop. Last time he thought it wasn’t too much of a problem, that the guy is establishing a history that will take care of itself.

    Clearly, this is not the case, they don’t want to deal with him, and Bryan is going to target the wrong tourist, resident or Old Town employee. And some of these tourists and residents have enough money to push this envelope much further than Bryan’s limited mental capability can comprehend.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Just point out he is taking two parking spots, likely on private property and is living out of his vehicle. Nobody wants a crazy slob, who admits to assaulting people on their property. Like, where does he go to the bathroom. He does not exactly seem the type to walk to an open, public bathroom. Especially when his medical info states he is has both urinary and fecal incontinence.

    • Stefan Adams

      Thanks – I made a new post highlighting the fact that he assaulted/battered a random person on crutches. I hope he sees it. I know he won’t feel any shame though.

  16. D

    It seems like he’s keeping tabs with the website and comments and in ways trying to defy them and argue them in his most recent video, I’m not sure really. But it almost seems double faced or whatever.

    • Stefan Adams

      I got that impression too. I assume he was talking about us when he mentioned “slander”. He probably did not appreciate my comments about him attacking the crippled person, even though it is completely accurate and I referenced his own video containing his admission.

    • Stefan Adams

      He is talking about death a lot in that most recent video. I am concerned. I just hope he doesn’t involve other people if he decides to do something in that regard.

      Bryan, please go to the mental hospital. Nobody here actually wants you to die. You are your own impediment to getting help.

  17. D

    I have finally noticed this man leapfrogs from state to state abusing services and getting benefits out of them while living in other states where he can easily get away with such behavior, the homeless of San Diego. Pathological, scary..

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