Bryan Tew posts cryptic video about “surrendering” to US gov

It’s not really a video, it’s just a photo of FBI agents and some filler music that lasts about 6 seconds.

In the video description he says he is “surrendering” to the authorities and to please stop attacking him with “directed energy”.

If he actually goes to the cops and “surrenders” I hope it results in him being placed into a 5150 psych hold that puts him onto the path of mental recovery.

I have a feeling that he isn’t actually going to talk to the cops and that instead this is just another online cry for help that goes unanswered.

5 thoughts on “Bryan Tew posts cryptic video about “surrendering” to US gov”

  1. He’s not surrendering himself to a darned thing, and he uses the same melancholic, pity party filler music for all his videos. It’s kinda getting old.

    He acknowledges that he believes all police, emergency responders, medical practitioners and government officials are in on ‘the game.’ Yet he continues to approach them for assistance. This is where his mental illness shines – taking the same approach again and again and expecting a different outcome.

    This is for attention and nothing more. He has worked himself up to the point where he cannot sustain a normal, healthy relationship with ANYONE. And that’s a hearbreaking thing.

    Unfortunately there’s probably not a soul on this planet who has the patience to deal with a relationship with a person who refuses to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and continues to ingest substances that create health issues that keep him awake…and keep everyone else awake with incessant blame, finger pointing, baseless accusations, whining, crying and calling 911. He’s all about HIMSELF.

    He’s not a targeted individual – he is an individual who thrives on targeting other innocent people for his own emotional gain.

    God forbid this man educate himself, stop living on caffeine, fat, carbohydrates and sugar. Because if he did that, he could sleep. He’d lose weight and feel better. God forbid he go to the doctors and focus on his health during his visit, not talk about the crazy stuff so they don’t feel the need to call a 5150 on him, and actually do what they tell him and accept treatment.

    Bryan doesn’t WANT to feel better because has a persecution complex and wants the attention of everyone. EVERYONE. And frankly, while an interesting case study, not something healthy people will continue to give their attention to. My interest stems from his targeting and harrassing people where I live and work.

    I bet the next time he harrasses the staff at Congresswoman Susan Davis’s office, they call 911 behind that closed, locked door and report a 5150. He’ll never see or hear them doing it. If I wanted to forward them his videos, they’d be sure to get him a first class ticket to a few weeks at Mesa Vista Resort.

  2. I think sending his videos of his visits to the Congresswoman would be a great idea. California needs you to have permission, on tape to video anyone, and he does it sneakily. I tried but contact is vetted by zip code, so could not. If nothing else it will be a wake-up for her office security… Especially when he entered without permission, taking advantage of a delivery leaving.
    Even with his new wheels, his FitBit is still showing him walk thousands of steps and almost 10 miles walking a day. This is a real sore spot for me. I have stage four cancer, including tumors on my spine. I worked for thirty years, took a few years off to care for a family member, and didn’t return to work because I felt to sick and tired to work. And I can’t get SSDI, because I chose not to work for too long. It was a misdiagnosis, I’ve had cancer for a long time, but not a diagnosis until 2016. No $$.
    So it pisses me off that he gets a physical disability payment, when it is so obvious he’s is not disabled. If he had the same payment for a mental health disability, it would be fine, because he is disabled mentally. Hearing him whine about not being able to walk, then cliff climbing, swimming, walking miles a day, using a scooter, and traveling all over the world really offends me. I need to use the electric cart in the grocery because it is too far for me to walk.
    Done venting.

  3. I’ll give Bryan credit – he’s making good on his promise to surrender. Keep you fingers crossed that this might actually result in something meaningful (i.e. a 5150).

  4. Interesting that he’s showing images from this blog now. I knew he was reading this. Also see from his videos he’s still parking in Old Town. Wish he would move on. We’ve got enough issues with mentally ill transients. One less to have to deal with would be great. There’s a entire fabulous city here at his fingertips now. He should at least do himself the favor of going and seeing some nice places.

  5. Balboa park for example. Instead he’ll just harass and congregate upon immicaukate conception church property some more until they ask him to leave again. Such a darn beautiful place to live, imperial, Coronado, it wouldn’t matter. Man gave up , abandoned his house, people would die to live in SD.

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