Bryan Tew Rants for 18 Minutes About his VA Benefits

Bryan Tew makes an 18 minute video where he goes over his VA disability claims and casually waves around his fat PTSD benefits checks like rappers wave around stacks of 100 dollar bills.

This is a Facebook video. I will reupload it upon request if anyone can’t access it or if Bryan deletes it.

He says it is suspicious that the VA approved his PTSD claim (even though he applied for that benefit and provided documentation so I dunno why that is suspicious).

He is also upset that he has been approved for schizophrenia benefits as well because of course Bryan isn’t mentally ill and there are actually thousands of CIA agents dedicated just to tracking him on a daily basis and making him beat off to tennis stars with their special homosexual-thoughts-beaming satellites.

I will give Bryan a little bit of a bone here and say if he told the VA that his physical injuries aren’t service-connected but they gave him those benefits anyway then he has a right to gripe about it.

My only question here would be, don’t you as the applicant have to sign off on a disability claim, something to the effect of “Under penalty of perjury, I do hereby certify that the aforementioned statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge?” How did he get approved for things he believes are not true without first attesting to it?

If he got those benefits without making any false statements then he is 100% off the hook.

That being said, Bryan knowingly committed fraud upon the State of Ohio BWC by claiming to be 100% physically disabled while he was out petting tigers in Thailand, riding scooters, taking boat rides, and chasing after random strangers he thought were stalkers, kinda the opposite of what someone who is 100% disabled would be capable of doing. He suddenly has developed a conscience about defrauding the government.

He alludes to something very traumatizing in the military happening to him, something so traumatizing that he was too afraid or ashamed to even go into a VA clinic for 40 years but he does not go into details.

Christmas Season 2023 Updates

Just want to have a fresh comment thread since it has been a couple of months.

Bryan’s life has been mostly uneventful, or at least he hasn’t obsessively documented his life as much as he used to.

This week Bryan suddenly appears in an arm sling with no explanation. It’s not clear if he was further injured or if doctors are telling him he needs to wear it until he gets surgery.

Bryan does not elaborate meaningfully but it appears he has surgery scheduled soon. Someone (hospital, VA, insurance, etc.) is paying for him to be put up in a hotel, which I am not opposed to, but Bryan is complaining that the hospital is “two hours away” and he says he cannot safely drive. I guess it is implied that the big bad “They” did this on purpose but it just sounds like bureaucratic incompetence to me.

If I were in that situation I would just ask them to pay for a cab or Uber if I couldn’t afford it myself.

Bryan had some kind of altercation at the New York Presbyterian Hospital on or around 12/11 where he claims he was physically assaulted by a nurse and had security called on him. I doubt this happened the way he tells it.

Candy is currently using the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport as her personal homeless shelter. For the most part, this is being tolerated other than the occasional security officer telling her she’s not allowed to sleep there.

I’m generally in favor of leaving homeless people alone if they’re not actively causing problems. However Candy is definitely causing problems. Candy thinks nobody else is allowed to charge their phones and that anyone who charges their phone in her vicinity is a satanist and a gangstalker. The idea that airports especially during holiday travel season can get busy is lost on her.

Bonus clip: Candy lies about her panhandling activities. She says she is polite and never gets rude to people; it’s always everyone else that is rude to her. This clip is followed up with another clip of Candy being rude and nasty to someone who doesn’t give her any money.

Bryan Tew Has “Gay Panic”, Flees From Shelter, Demands Shelter Where He Won’t Be Tempted By Unclothed Men

Okay, this is just an update to something that happened three or so weeks ago.

Bryan’s surgeon won’t agree to operate on him until he finds some place to live besides his Toyota. Bryan says this is “MEDICAL COINTELPRO” but whatever. I’ll side with the doc on that determination.

So Bryan did get a place to stay in New Jersey but was there for like 24 hours or so before he ran away, because he was “harassed” by a nude man. No elaboration but it was serious enough that upon (presumably) seeing this man’s penis, he ran away as quickly as possible.

(Side note – Bryan did serve in the US Army. How did Bryan survive a sausage fest like the Army being surrounded by other men in various states of undress?)

Today, he’s emailing the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, rudely demanding private accommodations where there is zero chance of him encountering another man’s genitals.

His stated reasons are, of course, irrelevant. It’s because he saw a naked man and freaked out.

Bryan Tew Relocates to New York & New Jersey

This is more of a recap than an update but the previous thread was getting long with updates, so it’s a good time to make a new one.

If you want the full update, please see the comments of the previous story, but these are the highlights:

Bryan misbehaved and got kicked out of the VA shelter in Los Angeles, so he booked a ticket to New York. For several weeks, Bryan was living out of a rental car he got at JFK Airport while he searched for a suitable used car to purchase.

The search took a while because car dealers couldn’t or didn’t want to sell a car to someone with out-of-state residency. This resulted in Bryan issuing bogus legal threats to car dealers (that went nowhere, obviously). Then Bryan gets in touch with a TI in Stewartsville, NJ who agrees to let Bryan use her address to claim residency.

Bryan purchases a 2006 Toyota 4Runner in New Jersey and he’s been living in the car since. He shifts between a parking lot in Valley Stream, NY (Long Island) next to a Dick’s Sporting Goods and Buffalo Wild Wings, and a Walmart / Costco parking lot in Teterboro, NJ as his actual spot to live.

Today Bryan purchases yet another laptop (a MacBook Air) that he says will be used to file more frivolous lawsuits. While Bryan is setting up that MacBook, he is driving his car around the parking lot and the police get called on him.

Bryan very deservedly receives a citation for driving around with a phone in his hand and a laptop in his lap.