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Bryan Tew starts a fight in Hong Kong, decides to return back to Ecuador (or Moscow)

So it really depends on how you want to interpret Bryan’s story, but it sounds like to me that he refuses to watch where he is walking and constantly walks into people. He gets called out on his behavior and strikes the man, then gets punched.

Just imagine going into a crowded street in New York City but refusing to look around because you think that looking at people is somehow validating the mind control technology, and then end up walking into people because of it. That’s what it sounds like is happening. But somehow Bryan is the victim here, not the man who got run into and struck by Bryan.

That all said, it’s not 100% clear what his plans are. He started out saying he wanted to return to Ecuador to continue his frivolous asylum claim and where he may very well have pending criminal charges waiting for him (see my “Drunk and Disorderly” post):

I am also curious which attorney is handling his case now; he had a falling out with his previous attorney, Diego Corral, after he finally came to the realization that the rest of us did right away that he was just taking his money and giving him false promises.

Now he says he wants to file for asylum in Moscow, where he was previously denied asylum once before:

Edit: Now it seems he may be wanting to return to the United States. He’s sending mixed messages so take this all with a grain of salt. It’s probably all part of his plan to defeat mind control or whatever by being indecisive:

Bryan Tew thinks he is being attacked by a system from a video game

So Bryan made this long rambling post about the system that he thinks is tracking his every movement. It’s called CTOS 2.0.

For shits and giggles, I Googled this. It’s from a fucking video game. I don’t know if Bryan actually realizes this and just wanted to write some dystopian Sci-Fi fantasy for us to read or if he just read this somewhere else without knowing that it came from a fictional game while merging it with his other delusions.

Yeah Bryan, people mock you. ‘cuz you post insane shit that is easily disproven.

Drunk and Disorderly: Bryan Tew Arrested In Quito

According to his Facebook post, he was drinking, got drunk, and lost awareness of his surroundings to such an extent that his phone got stolen.

But it doesn’t stop there! Once he realizes it was stolen, he demanded that the owner call the cops to report the theft. Supposedly the owner refuses which made Bryan enraged. Bryan then throws a plant at a door. The cops get called – but it’s because of Bryan’s behavior.

Bryan gets arrested and his passport is seized.

Bryan Tew has falling out with attorney, lies to obtain controlled substances

Just a couple of quick updates. Bryan wants to leave Ecuador for China because of the usual psychotic nonsense.

He’s not happy with his attorney right now because he won’t help him get a new Chinese visa. He thinks it is a conspiracy to force him to fly to Hong Kong first where it will be easier for the spooks to do their spooky things to him.

He also says the attorney won’t even let him into his office; all of their discussions happen in their lobby. I can’t say I blame him. The firm probably has serious clients who would be put off by a smelly disheveled schizophrenic that thinks they are all stalkers.

Bryan admits to experiencing extreme anxiety today, probably related to the fact that he is planning to travel and thinks the CIA spooks are going to do things to him. So he goes to the clinic to get some benzodiazepines (Xanax or Valium are his preferred drugs of choice here). He admits to lying to the doctor to obtain the controlled substances which may be a crime.

He returns with an Rx for Ativan.

Bryan Tew organizes frivolous class action lawsuit against US government

So it seems that Bryan’s attorneys are communicating with him again. A little while ago, his attorneys convinced him to make a public confession admitting to workers compensation fraud and asking the FBI to come arrest him. It seemed like a last ditch effort by his attorneys to get him help – at least that’s how I saw it.

Pretty much after that they stopped corresponding with him and Bryan complained about how they weren’t returning calls or emails.

Bryan’s return to Ecuador seems to be instigated at least in part by his attorneys resuming communication with Bryan. Perhaps it was simply a matter of Bryan resuming payment to them again.

Bryan mentions in recent Facebook posts and YouTube videos that his attorneys are now at least partly involved in coordinating medical care:

He also mentions that he will be filing a class action lawsuit against the United States Government. Not so much for the supposed mind control, which he admits he cannot prove, but for the supposed organized stalking, which he claims is easily provable and winnable in court.

Previously Bryan said that lawsuits are unwinnable because the government would simply mind control the judge and jury so it is not clear why he thinks his latest attempt would suddenly be successful. Consistency of logic is not one of Bryan’s traits.

Bryan arrogantly declares that he has a right to control who can join the class (I don’t think class actions work that way, but I digress), saying that if your story is not credible enough (laughter), he’ll veto your participation.

He mentions a list of people who he has invited, the list including such people as Edward Snowden (who has never claimed to be a TI), Not-a-Dr. Robert Duncan, and Nazi sympathizer Jeff Rense.

It’s not really clear what evidence Bryan would produce or what kind of relief he would seek from the court. I certainly don’t think the schizophrenic ramblings of a man who has a long paper trail documenting mental illness is going to cut it with the court.

I don’t know what to think of his attorneys either, it seems to me that taking large sums of money from someone who is clearly mentally ill to pursue frivolous and unwinnable legal challenges is highly unethical, but I will admit that I am neither trained in law or ethics.

It’s one thing to take on a impossible case from someone of sound mind, it’s another thing to do so of someone of unsound mind.

Serial liar Bryan Tew lies about audiology results

Bryan is back in Ecuador for reasons we’ll never really understand. He complains that the Ecuadorian government is a bunch of “peasants” who do the bidding of the CIA, i.e. by running the supposed organized stalking rings in Quito that always bother him when he’s there. He continues to beg and sue for asylum from these “peasants” that he hates so much.

Anyway, first order of business for Bryan was to get yet another pointless audiology exam that shows the exact opposite of what he is claiming.

His results, like all the results previously, show what appears to be normal hearing except for some small dips and a slightly bigger dip into the “moderate” hearing loss range at a specific frequency. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he probably has reasonably good hearing for a man of his age.

The hyperbolic title of his video claims this is proof of “SEVERE” hearing loss. No it isn’t, Bryan! You lie!

Bryan Tew interviewed by Jeff Rense

Conspiracy radio show host Jeff Rense, known for giving a platform to neo-Nazis and racists, did an interview with Bryan Tew today.

Bryan doesn’t seem to know or simply doesn’t care about the quality of people he associates with and chooses to help spread his message.

This really is just a typical Bryan Tew video but 1.5 hours long, elaborating on how he believes the “technology” and “paradigm” works. Nothing new or overly exciting.

Bryan Tew chemically castrates himself again

Although we can’t prove it beyond reasonable doubt, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that Bryan Tew is gay or at least bisexual.

Mainly it is from his posts admitting to having homosexual erotic dreams (one of which was Bryan being “captured” by the UGA football team) and his very odd behavior at Presidio Park, a notorious “cruising” spot. His most recent incident involved some altercation that started in the bathroom there and resulted in him becoming injured.

Other odd things include his remarks about being forced into “unwanted” sexual activity and “forced” orgasms. Apparently these were not acts of rape or assault perpetuated on him but rather it was the “CIA” forcing him into these behaviors.

Being gay isn’t the issue. It’s the denial and self-loathing that is. Bryan says gay people will go to hell and has called gay people “faggots”. Very clearly he isn’t comfortable with what appears to be his own sexual desires.

Instead of coming to terms with his sexuality he has decided to simply castrate himself via the chemical route. Last time it was some pills in Ecuador, which he soon ran out of after coming back to the states.

Today it is an injection of Lupron Depot:

It is used to treat prostate disease but also works as a castration drug.

Tew mega update: altercation in notorious gay hookup park, failed trips to Ecuador and HK

We already discussed this extensively in the comments of the previous post but it’s time to put it all together here.

Bryan failed to make a flight to Hong Kong after fleeing San Diego. He made it as far as LAX but decided not to due to his bum leg.

He is currently living inside of his Ford Escape at a homeless shelter in the LA area that caters to homeless that live inside their vehicles.

This was prompted by an altercation between Bryan and another person that started in the bathroom of Presidio Park in San Diego.

It should be noted that Presidio Park is very well known as a place for illicit rendezvous between people looking for gay sex. I only mention this because this particular incident occurred in the restroom of said park.

Just days earlier (from today) he had a flight to Ecuador that he also could not make. This was right after he got (or was about to get) his temporary passport.

He planned to go but his leg flared up once again.

Bryan Tew leaves VA hospital, assaults a disabled person

Bryan recently admitted himself to the hospital for sudden leg/foot issues. A few days ago he was only complaining about directed energy, making many frivolous 911 calls in the process (some of that is towards the end of this post) all while refusing medical help and refusing to go to a hospital and never mentioning anything about his mobility.

He leaves the hospital in crutches and a foot brace. According to Bryan’s own story, he had an encounter with a supposed “stalker” who was also on crutches and assaulted him. Bryan said it was a CIA conspiracy to send someone on crutches to stalk him so he had the right to attack him.

If you want to only listen to his admission of committing a crime, you can fast forward to 40 seconds and start from there:

Here’s Bryan in a hospital gurney yammering on about his stalkers:

Bryan making crank calls to 911: