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Bryan Tew chemically castrates himself again

Although we can’t prove it beyond reasonable doubt, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that Bryan Tew is gay or at least bisexual.

Mainly it is from his posts admitting to having homosexual erotic dreams (one of which was Bryan being “captured” by the UGA football team) and his very odd behavior at Presidio Park, a notorious “cruising” spot. His most recent incident involved some altercation that started in the bathroom there and resulted in him becoming injured.

Other odd things include his remarks about being forced into “unwanted” sexual activity and “forced” orgasms. Apparently these were not acts of rape or assault perpetuated on him but rather it was the “CIA” forcing him into these behaviors.

Being gay isn’t the issue. It’s the denial and self-loathing that is. Bryan says gay people will go to hell and has called gay people “faggots”. Very clearly he isn’t comfortable with what appears to be his own sexual desires.

Instead of coming to terms with his sexuality he has decided to simply castrate himself via the chemical route. Last time it was some pills in Ecuador, which he soon ran out of after coming back to the states.

Today it is an injection of Lupron Depot:

It is used to treat prostate disease but also works as a castration drug.


  1. AA

    Well, this drug will cause him to gain weight, grow breasts, have hot flashes and night sweats.

    It will also reduce urge or ability to do anything about what he’s thinking about.

    It does NOT take away desire, fantasy, attraction etc.

    He’ll also probably be even moodier and far more sensitive than he ususally is.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      And all of the other symptoms he thinks he has. I wonder how he got this. It’s not the usual patient request is it? With his crazy story, it can’t really hurt him, I guess.

      • Stefan Adams

        I’m surprised that a doctor would prescribe it for that purpose without a referral to and clearance from a psych first. But I dunno what the protocol for these types of requests is.

  2. RJ

    This is just an endless cycle of his monologue explaining “how it works”, interspersed with stills of his phone calling 911. With the occasional video not having comments disabled; and a bunch of other similarly disturbed individuals commenting and asking him questions like he is some kind of expert on something. Can’t this guy just screw up and end this nonsense? Jail or mental hospital – just somewhere where this will end. It’s like a TV series you’re no longer interested in following, but you’ve been watching so you just want to see it conclude. Can any of these doctors he is seeing sense that something is very wrong?

  3. AA

    I think he works mainly via suggestion in his videos. He uses one sided stuff, whatever will benefit the story he’s trying to promote. Just showing a screen shot of a Urologist and a photo of a medical informational label with his Pity-Party Poor Bryan musical accompaniment, does not mean he ever met the doctor, it does not mean it was prescribed for him, it does not mean he’s taking it.

    His last video, he tries to convince the viewers he’s just been reading his bible, which is interupted every 30 seconds, where he fades out of vision and momentary consciousness. Yet, in his 20-something minute rambling video, he never once appears to have this happen to him.

    And for some odd reason, he drove back to San Diego and is now back in L.A.? He likely came to San Diego to get across the border for goodies. He may have gotten the castration candy there, or he might not have it at all, just a screen shot of a label that he may have used at some point in years past. He likes to regurgitate videos to make it appear that he is active, when in fact he’s probably drugged out much of the time.

    He’ll post a video of a 911 call that’s 35 seconds long, then post another one that’s 45 seconds long, making it appear that he’s had to call twice, yet if you listen carefully, it’s the same call in both videos.

    He’s calculating but not very good at concealing what he’s doing. I just hope he’s really back in L.A.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah. His problems aren’t as bad as he says. He doesn’t seem to be concerned about the image he presents.

      He’s in Skid Row which is supposed to be a pretty bad part of LA (at least what I’ve heard, I’ve never been there) and doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about it. He managed to anger one of the people walking by him who didn’t want to be filmed.

      • Wet Nayrb

        To be perfectly honest, Azusa Street looks rather pleasant in that video, though I will grant it’s probably one of those areas that’s okay during the day but sketchy at night.

  4. AA

    I noted that too this morning. No problems walking at all. And he didn’t even bother mentioning he was thankful for that!

    He’s so predictable. Tonight he’ll be making cry wolf 911 calls and wasting people’s resources, which he should be arrested for.

    “I’ll go to the hospital myself, I just want people to know what’s going on.”

  5. AA

    He’s been so quiet. Mostly reloading old videos, which tells me that he’s ‘doing fine’ i.e. probably got his pain meds back. If he tries heading across the border now, he will have a big problem getting back with all that’s going on now with that migrant group. Hope he’s got himself a good supply.

    • RJ

      LOL. I’d love to see his next round of videos being of him in Tijuana after “they” stole his passport (again). He’ll be part of the migrant caravan! Claiming they are all gang stalkers. This is something I want to see.

  6. Anonymous

    In the last 14 hours, Bryan has made 124 random posts to at least one of his facebook accounts, many in duplicate and triplicate.

    103 of them were made 13 hours ago.

    • Stefan Adams

      Lol, I saw that. Didn’t actually take note of the sheer number of posts though.
      He’s cooped up in his car somewhere in LA and has had nothing to do for the past week or so.

      Nothing about his spine or drop foot. No gangstalkers. Just can’t sleep supposedly and the tinnitus.

      I guess the castration was successful, no more mentions of forced orgasms or homosexual dreams.

  7. RJ

    Actually I liked that he shared a picture of him petting a Bengal tiger. Not sure what was the situation and if that tiger was drugged up or not. But Tew doing little things like being nice to animals is nice to see. But this 1+ week of nothing out of him is definitely odd. Maybe he is exhausted like a normal person would be, running mad rampant like he has been. Or maybe he really is on those hormone drugs – sitting in the back of a beat up blue Ford Escape, going nuts.

    • Stefan Adams

      Tew’s diagnosis is schizoaffective disorder which is basically having schizophrenia and bipolar disorder at the same time. He will go a week or two acting relatively normal before becoming psychotic again.

      His trip to Israel back in 2016 (I think it was) was sort of like that, he did well most of the trip and he had some genuinely positive experiences from it (since he seems to be deeply religious at least some times).

      If he would accept treatment he would have many more of these “good” days than bad days.

      Cycles of severe symptoms are often followed by periods of improvement. Symptoms may include delusions, hallucinations, depressed episodes, and manic periods of high energy.

  8. RJ

    Now he is screwing around trying to get into the Eucador Embassy! Not sure if he was appearing too crazy in front of the security guards, but his silly attempts at pronouncing words with a Spanish dialect sounded like Beavis and Butthead.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, I saw that! I still don’t get his thought process here. How is the embassy (it’s actually just a consulate) going to protect him? The mind control rays can penetrate the walls of the consulate building just as well as anywhere else right?

      He compares himself to Julian Assange (referring to the “Assange Protocol”, as if such a thing exists), even though their situations are completely different. Plus the current government of Ecuador really wants to evict Assange (their new president isn’t so fond of him like the previous one seemingly was).

      He’s already sued the Ecuadorian government for denying his earlier asylum request; it should be obvious to him that they’re not interested in or capable of helping him.

      It’s not clear from this video if his attorneys are still ignoring his emails and phone calls.

  9. AA

    He’s posted his facebook ‘memories.’ Worth the watch, the juxtaposition of the happy little butterflies surrounding him in one of his ‘torture’ poses is intriguing.

    • RJ

      I’m wondering where he has been? This is the least amount of Tew videos in a long time. He’s clearly spending a lot of time messing with Ecuador embassy, government and attorneys. Hell, I saw one of his “memories” from 2012 then realized how long this nonsense has been going on. At least 7 years of filing lawsuits against his hallucinations, taking crazy worldwide trips running from his delusions. Never fully running out of steam, Visiting so many hospitals over nothing, or at most damaging his hearing with headphones then going to the ear doctor. Sheesh, this guy is in a constant state of panic.

      • Stefan Adams

        I’m going with the drugged up theory. He got a hold of something good from Tijuana, painkillers and/or benzos, and has been in a stupor these past few weeks.

        Hasn’t said ANYTHING about his spine or foot. The last medical thing he talked about was getting the injection to shut down his balls so he stops lusting after dudes in the park.

        I think they’re wearing off or he’s run out of them, he’s slowly starting to become more active. His trip to the consulate was the most activity out of him in a while.

        He did post a Facebook video of him acting tired while listening to religious sermons on Sunday:

  10. AA

    Oh great. Well, hopefully he drives back up to his safe parking lot in L.A. before taking whatever drugs he’s getting in Tijuana. Will keep an eye out for him here.

  11. AA

    Just a question regarding his latest post, where he admits to breaking off an olive branch at the Garden of Gethsemane. Oldest Olive trees in the world where Christ once walked. I’ve never been there, but it strikes me that if they let every tourist take an olive branch from those trees, would there be anything left?

    Seems like there would be rules against such a thing. I can’t imagine that these trees are not protected in some manner.

    If Bryan’s still in San Diego, I have not come across him in my neck of the woods. Hoping he headed back to L.A. after getting his drugs in T.J.

    • Susan

      I was at the garden of Gethcemane couple of years ago, no, you’re not supposed to take souvenirs! Those trees are so old and you would be noticed. Anyway, who knows if that’s the real garden. It’s next the the Catholic Church where the claim that the rock inside is where Mary laid Jesus down. Did he try to chip a hunk of that too?

  12. AA

    He’s back in Old Town, San Diego again. Just posted another video of himself in the parking lot. I can ID surrounding buildings. Jeez Louise I was hoping he’d get out of this area. He’s probably too drugged out to do much of anything. He’s living in a pigsty in his car. Too bad this guy won’t get help. He’s only got this one life, and his God would not want him wasting it on this nonsense.

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