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Bryan Tew interviewed by Jeff Rense

Conspiracy radio show host Jeff Rense, known for giving a platform to neo-Nazis and racists, did an interview with Bryan Tew today.

Bryan doesn’t seem to know or simply doesn’t care about the quality of people he associates with and chooses to help spread his message.

This really is just a typical Bryan Tew video but 1.5 hours long, elaborating on how he believes the “technology” and “paradigm” works. Nothing new or overly exciting.


  1. AA

    He was back in Old Town, parked in his usual area for many days. He had his Vespa parked next to his Ford. Couple of days ago, both were missing.

    So I have questions about how a guy who cannot walk or function, managed to move both his car and his Vespa. I suppose the Vespa could fit into his Escape, but seeing as how disabled he is, he could not possibly pick it up to put it in the car.

    And, seeing as how he cannot walk or function, I can’t sort out how he moved both. He would have to walk back from wherever he parked the Vespa to get the car, and vice versa. Claims to still be in San Diego but has moved from his ‘pre-set reference choice pattern’ parking area.

    I presume he’ll remain here somewhere in the city, as this is where he can easily obtain his pain meds from Tijuana.

    • Stefan Adams

      Thanks for the update. He mentioned having “perverse sexual” thoughts again in yesterday’s Facebook update so perhaps he’s been spending some time in Presidio Park to blow off some steam, so to speak. So much for his castration meds..

  2. AA

    Ah, I wondered if he’d gone up the hill. He was back in his usual spot today.

    It’s very cold in San Diego right now so living in a car would be misery. Lots of cheap motels in the area, so hopefully he avails himself of one for the next couple nights. He’s clearly got some sort of income.

    • Stefan Adams

      He’s posting from LA again. He may have taken a bus ride this time and left the car in San Diego, not really sure. He made a Facebook post about booking a bus ticket – although I see a recent video was indeed posted from his car so I’m not sure what to make of it. Not sure what he is up to in LA unless he’s decided to continue seeing that neurosurgeon that he claims was engaging in MEDICAL COINTELPRO earlier.

      Still complaining about lustful thoughts, guess that shot was ineffective or he lied about getting it.

      He’s mainly posting to his other account now (he has bryan.tew.9 and bryan.tew.92, .92 usually gets the most posts but he switches from time to time for unknown reasons):

  3. RJ

    Nice to see he is posting more videos of him pranking 911. Which I’m sure is some kind of crime. And him pranking the Ecuador Embassy office with one super confusing phone call. And who are these people in his latest video? Two screenshots of random peoples’ Facebook feeds, then a screenshot of his phone calling emergency services. Odd.

    • Stefan Adams

      The man is supposedly his brother, and the woman is supposedly his brother’s fiance. I am guessing half brother since they do not share the same last name. Anyway, he says it has been 25 years since he last talked with his family and out of the blue decided to start looking up his siblings. He found his brother but there have been no updates for over five years. Bryan says this is proof of a conspiracy to keep him alienated from his family. Makes no sense.

      I told him that his brother probably just got off of Facebook (lots of people are quitting Facebook) or increased his privacy settings and his newer posts aren’t visible. Also told him it’s not a good idea to share his family’s personal details online like that (don’t think he cares):

  4. AA

    Well both his car and scooter in regular spot in Old Town last night. He didn’t take a bus down here, he drove in his car. All his posts are b.s., just made to fool ‘his people’ who he knows are easily influenced due their shared mental illness. He may be mentally ill but he’s cagey. But he’d do well to park his life outside from where first account witnesses can dispute his fabrications. He could park on a neighborhood street as well as anywhere else.

  5. AA

    His ignorant complaint about his resting blood pressure being 110 because of the government is hilarious. For everyone else, it’s because they’re are overweight, sedentary, and live on caffeine and fatty, high sodium food.

    Hmm. Bryan lays all day in a car, living on large pizzas and junk food, evidenced by his not bothering to clean up his garbage laden car, sucks down caffeine loaded coffee and energy drinks all day to stay awake While complaining he can neither sleep nor stay alert.

    The sole entity seeking to destroy Bryan is Bryan. And it’s very sad. Imagine, were he to try to accept responsibility for the consequences of his choices, seek real medical and mental health support, what his talents (I’m sure he is in possession of some) and intelligence could provide for both himself and humanity, which is the path his God would send him on. Yet his disease is his permission slip to deny both his God and himself.

  6. AA

    Boy, he’s in rare form today. Someone apparently accidentally touched his car and he’s called police, wasting time and resources over a scratch that is minimal compared to the damage on the rest of the vehicle when he purchased it. Guess he’s forgotten he’s posted photos of his vehicle from top to bottom covered in scratches and paint loss. Jeez.

  7. RJ

    Well, he is in the San Diego airport. Going where? No idea. I think Ecuador again. His video is pretty messed up looking. He’s laying on the floor in the airport posting one of his wincing-in-pain videos. I don’t even know how they let him board the plane like that. He looks like he is about to flip out!

    • Stefan Adams

      Bogota, Colombia based on his Facebook posts. Probably will try to get back to Ecuador to continue pursuing his bullshit asylum case.

  8. AA

    His flight isn’t even unti 9:00pm this evening of the 10th. I suppose he’s camped out in the airport and spent the night, and opted to utilize the hard floor in the check in area to film his drama queen video.

    Supposedly he took the car to sell back to the dealership per the video of his police involved altercation in the parking lot in Old Town yesterday. Which appears to have been removed from his YouTube account. Guy parked next to him and he accused the man of trying to prevent Bryan from opening his car door when he was trying to clean out car to return to dealer. Problem is that the tiny ding was on the drivers side (which was probably already there, due general banged up condition of car). However, it’s impossible for the man to have done this as he would have emerged from his own vehicle on the drivers side as well. Story doesn’t add up.

    Cop probably pointed this out in the end and I guess that’s why the video was removed, it was blatantly evidence of Bryan harassing the man, not other way around. He won’t get on the plane.

    At the 11th hour Bryan will concoct an altercation or ‘attack’ of his ears or heart entrainment as he’s about to board the plane, while having the presence of mind to video it and stay here, his car probably right there waiting in the lot, and he will forget he supposed sold it and film another video from there in a few days.

    Time to get out the popcorn.

  9. AA

    As predicted, it doesn’t look like Bryan got on that plane. Another supposed attack just prior to boarding, which he didn’t bother demonstrating, just a screen shot of an emergency call and written claim. He does this every single time. Must be so bored with the life he’s created for himself that pretending to ‘flee’ (it’d be good if he’d get to a mental health facility and flee his past), that he’s willing to waste money on flights he has no intention of taking, vehicles he does not need, etc. I’m sure I’ll see the Escape right in it’s normal spot in Old Town today.

    • Stefan Adams

      Well he claims he made it to FLL in the description of one of his recent videos but nothing suggesting he made it past that:

      He might be in Bogota and took something to knock himself out.

      Or me might just be a big fat liar and still in San Diego as you suggest.

  10. AA

    I think if he were in Florida he’d probably have made a video of himself writhing on the floor of the airport. Seems to be one of his favorite activities. Or, as you say, he could be drugged out.

  11. RJ

    His latest Facebook post is a screenshot of an email telling his attorney that he’s in Bogota, and on his way to Ecuador. But does he even have a plane ticket yet? Who knows? Maybe he’ll get beat up again.

  12. AA

    Well, he’s got such a pattern of lying, l’ll believe he’s in Columbia when he begins showing proof by his surroundings. Haven’t forgotten the videos of his claiming not to be able to walk at the same time I’ve seen him strut around Old Town.

    Frankly, I’m surprised “The Man” finally allowed him on the plane to Florida, let alone Columbia.

    But yes, hoping he made it out of country.

    • Stefan Adams

      Here’s a ticket he’s booked from Bogota to Quito:

      I’m convinced he’s out of San Diego. Curious to know what exactly he did with his scooter. Presumably he sold the car back to the dealer at a considerable loss

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