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Bryan Tew Harasses, Assaults, & Batters Innocent Stranger in Ecuador, Calls Him “Informante”

According to Bryan’s own definition of assault and battery, he just committed assault and battery against this individual. Bryan provides no context other than to claim “high tech entrapment”, i.e. the CIA beamed thoughts into his mind to make him lash out.

“Assault is Deliberately placing another human being in the immediate fear for their personal safety.

Battery is the slightest touch in anger.”

Bryan Tew


  1. Stefan Adams

    Bryan says “they” are forcing him out of Ecuador. Wasn’t it just a few days ago that Bryan was so desperate to leave but “they” weren’t letting him?

  2. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan thinks seeing phosphenes in his eyes is proof that he’s being zapped by ELF rays.

    I think for transcranial magnetic stimulation to happen, you need a magnetic coil really close to your head at a distance where it would be really obvious, unless they’re hiding it in his pillow.

    Of course, he reads the Wikipedia article for phosphenes and cherry picks the one explanation that can tie in with his delusions and ignores everything else. I suspect they’re far more likely to be caused by whichever mind-altering medications which he has third world doctors prescribe for him. Some degree of phosphenes are normal, anyway. I’d be more concerned if I closed my eyes and didn’t see any blobs of colours.

  3. Stefan Adams

    After the visit to the hospital Bryan ends up with some type of anti-fungal ointment typically used for conditions like jock itch.

    Bryan implies that this medicine is for his supposed heart troubles but that doesn’t really make sense.

    Doctors probably noticed a fungal infection of some sort (due to poor hygiene I would guess) and maybe told him it would help him with his heart (realizing that he’s a crazy man demanding treatment).

  4. Stefan Adams

    Bryan says the US Federal Courts are “institutionally corrupt” for threatening to sanction him and dismiss his lawsuit due to his failure to timely serve the defendant of his lawsuit and follow other standard rules of court procedure that is expected of anyone who goes to court.

    • Stefan Adams

      Not really relevant to Bryan but an interesting bit of trivia – the judge overseeing Bryan’s case (and threatening to sanction him for not following the rules) is the same judge that just denied Donald Trump’s assertion of executive privilege over the release of certain documents from the National Archives so that the House committee can review the events of Jan. 6th.

      (Not making a political statement, just wanted to point this out)

  5. Stefan Adams

    I’m not going to link it here but I saw that Bryan recorded a video that shows him typing his password to one of his many Google accounts.

    Bryan: change your password since you were dumb and recorded the password for everyone to see.

  6. Stefan Adams

    Prediction: Bryan Tew will try to walk in this man’s footsteps and apply for asylum in Belarus.

    MOSCOW — A man who allegedly participated in the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 and is wanted by the FBI is now seeking asylum in Belarus, the country’s state media reported Monday, presenting him as a “simple American whose shops were burned by Black Lives Matter activists.

    • Stefan Adams

      When his asylum requests are rebuffed or ignored, Bryan will be baffled and not understand why they’d give it to a rioter but not to the world’s most tortured man, TI Jesus Bryan Tew.

  7. Stefan Adams

    Bryan blew over $700 on new eyeglasses that he says are “no good”. I’ll take Bryan’s word that he legitimately needed new glasses BUT how does he manage to spend over $700 on glasses in a third world country? Surely there are much cheaper options in Ecuador.

    Even if there are no cheap places in Ecuador, he could have surely done an exam only and ordered something online to be shipped to his hotel in about a week’s time or so.

    He probably could have got new glasses from Zenni (online) for under $100. Why does Bryan always manage to find ways to waste ungodly amounts of money?

  8. Star L Bricker

    It’s almost a running gag among the TIs that they are totally sure they have major medical problems, yet have no clue of the most basic things about anatomy and health. Bryan as been clutching his manboobs for years. And no heart monitor system can pick up his irregular heartbeat. Candy thinks swallowing a salt or H2O2 mouth rinse will poison her, that her organs and orifices vibrate, and the eating starches and fats is a healthy diet……because she can’t afford “organic” salads.
    I think the strongest argument for DEW existing and working would be if the “D” stood for “Dumb.” None of them are very bright. With the entire world of the internet open to them and they can’t think enough to at least research real symptoms.

  9. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is having some dispute with a taxi driver. He started a livestream in the back of a stopped cab that pulled over on the side of the highway whining about the driver and saying the driver phoned the police on him and refuses to proceed further.

    Of course we don’t have the REAL story here but there’s no reason to give Bryan any benefit of the doubt given his history and lack of credibility.

    (I will re-upload this if he deletes it)

    • Stefan Adams

      Actually I suspect this is just a language / communication issue (or possibly just needed time to find directions) as the taxi driver ends up at the Holiday Inn that Bryan requested stopping at, but Bryan refuses to get out (blah blah its a game) and then demands to be taken to the airport, which the driver acknowledges and agrees to.

      I’ll update again if anything interesting happens beyond a communication issue.

      Edit: They end up at the airport, Bryan gets out of the cab and starts rambling on about “nothing but a game” while pointing a camera at the taxi driver. The camera goes in Bryan’s pocket and a minute later we hear Bryan yelling “Call the Policia!” in between the driver shouting in Spanish.

      Guessing Bryan didn’t pay the fare.

      Edit 2: Yeah, Bryan admits the he stiffed the driver: “He should be the one to pay me!”. The poor driver tries talking to an attendant at the airport and points at Bryan, while Bryan walks over to a currency exchange place and gets more money and says he’s calling another cab.

      Edit 3: Bryan gets some cash and coin and walks out of the airport. The original taxi is still there, minus the driver. Bryan walks by and comments on that. It sorta sounds like Bryan slaps the hood of the taxi and possibly leaves money on top of the taxi but I’m not really sure (you can hear a slap at the end of the live stream, as he carries his money in one hand and phone in the other). It looks like he tries to find another taxi to get the hell out of there (Which would be a good idea, as it does sound like they are trying to get the police to come)

      I’m not sure why Bryan does these videos, all they do is show how poorly he behaves.

  10. Wet Nayrb

    I’m not sure exactly what the guy washing the car outside the hotel is saying (“Respect [something something something] please.” is all I understand as I don’t really speak Spanish either) but I’d wager he’s not particularly fond of being filmed and is asking Bryan, politely, to stop filming him.

    I’m not sure if he’s a hotel employee or not but he’s obviously in the middle of doing something and isn’t in a position to make a phone call to a taxi dispatch that Bryan could probably make himself as I’d reckon taxi services around the airport in a major city like Quito have at least some dispatchers that can speak English.

  11. Stefan Adams

    Bryan has a airline ticket in hand to Miami, Florida and it doesn’t seem like he has a connecting flight beyond Miami. He sounds rather resigned about his situation.

    I look forward to more hijinks in the USA, if that’s really his plan.

      • Stefan Adams

        They do, but Americans are supposed to get a special license from the US Government to obtain permission to travel there for one of several permitted reasons and you’re supposed to be chaperoned by an authorized agency that is following US laws/regs on Cuban travel. It’s far better than what it used to be but it’s still restrictive.

        I can’t see Bryan doing that. Well I could, but he’d probably cause a scene and an international incident and get reported to the US Gov’t by whatever agency he signs up with.

        Basically, it would make more sense for Bryan to go to somewhere like Mexico or any other LatAm country and take one of the LatAm airlines there, they won’t enforce the US rules on Americans traveling there.

      • Stefan Adams

        Basically general tourism is still illegal for US Citizens but they have these companies you can sign up with that have activities you can do in Cuba that technically fit into one of these various categories.

        Travel to Cuba for tourist activities remains prohibited by statute. However, the Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has issued general licenses for 12 categories of travel. Individuals who meet the regulatory conditions of the general license they seek to travel under do not need to apply for an additional license from OFAC to travel to Cuba. The 12 categories of authorized travel to Cuba are: family visits; official business of the U.S. government, foreign governments, and certain intergovernmental organizations; journalistic activity; professional research and professional meetings; educational activities; religious activities; public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic and other competitions, and exhibitions; support for the Cuban people; humanitarian projects; activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes; exportation, importation, or transmission of information or informational materials; and certain authorized export transactions.

  12. Wet Nayrb

    From what I can gather from Bryan’s most recent Facebook posts, he boarded an American Airlines plane but made a stink about having to show his negative PCR test to the stewardess and was kicked off and then there was something about computers showing he’s a Cuban citizen to prevent him getting back on the plane.

    He also claims that he threw out all of his electronics because they were malfunctioning (even though he talks later about using his phone) and now that his passport was stolen… again.

    • Stefan Adams

      According to his rant, the “medical history” thing wasn’t PCR test results, it was probably Bryan declaring himself disabled so that he could get priority boarding.

      It sounds like he was challenged on it by a gate agent or flight attendant and he got belligerent and was kicked off the plane.

      That’s my take anyway.

    • Stefan Adams

      He repeatedly says that it’s not scientifically possible for two or more people to share in the same delusion. That’s ridiculous and wrong.

      • Wet Nayrb

        Obviously, some schizophrenics have very elaborate delusions that are unique but there are basic delusions that people can have such as thinking a broad swath of society is plotting against you, but a quick glance of the comment section for any popular T.I. on Youtube like Vulcan Wolverine or even Kevin Christian’s Targeted Individual Channel are chock full of people reinforcing and adding to each other’s delusions.

        • Star L Bricker

          That’s one of the reasons a more normally thinking person begins to think these people must be nuts. They really all do say the same basic storyline, but then the details are all completely different. And all claim that they know what is going on, the who, the why….and then believe every other TI’s story, because not believing another means someone will doubt you.
          Case in point: Hypergame theory. I started seeing it used by other Ti’s, so did some research. People talk about HT being used against them, because this guy, Bryan Tew, knows all about how it is used in the program. Bryan, in a video now gone, touted his knowledge because other TIs knew about it, too. This is a TI circle jerk. They do it all the time. In Bryan’s HT, he seems to be the origin of the theory, but he gets the basics wrong. Completely. He doesn’t understand HT at all.
          Candy does the same thing. She sees a gang-stalker tactic she doesn’t claim online, and she starts seeing the same thing, too. And it is a “real” tactic, because other TIs see the same thing. Like vibrating her genitals. I suggested that to her in a sock account. Because I saw someone say it happened to them. So now it happens to her, and it’s true because other people say it is happening to them.
          It’s laughable how highly suggestive these people are.

  13. Stefan Adams

    Bryan posts another rambling text update on Facebook. Says he has “been sold to the highest bidder”, as in someone has paid to enslave him somehow.

    Says “trauma burning itching to all external ports” like he is breaking out in hives or something. I now recall that a week or two ago Bryan went to the ER for supposed heart troubles and came out with an Rx for anti-fungal cream, so I’m going to guess he continues to have hygienic issues here.

    Of course when he says “external ports” (which is a weird thing to say if you’re not a robot) I think of his genitals being infected with something, and I think of his penchant for prostitutes / illicit sexual encounters (his “forced orgasms” / “unwanted sexual activity”) and wonder if he caught an STD.

    Again says he lost his passport. This man is going to set a Guinness record on lost passports!

    Says he tried 8 times to leave Ecuador but has been thwarted for various reasons (i.e. causing a scene on the airplane by being belligerent with the airline staff). He may be out of money now.

    Says the *police* now possess his luggage and won’t give it back. Could it have something to do with his misbehavior a few nights ago /w the taxi driver and his refusal to pay him?

    I remember the time he got caught up with that prostitute the police seized his passport and he was only able to get it back with the assistance of a local attorney who advised him to promptly leave the country afterwards. Seizing his luggage could be their way of telling him not to leave the country (i.e. they don’t want to put him in prison but want him to stay to answer some kind of legal charges).

    Bryan, remember when I told you it was a really bad idea to return to Ecuador after your first arrest? I know you read this website (you admitted as much). You don’t take reasonable advice from us but the things we told you could happen are now happening. Maybe you should listen.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Did he delete the post?

      Another thing I found funny from the post the other day, he’s complaining about not being able to handle the thin air of Quito as though anyone forced him to go to a city with an elevation that’s nearly a mile higher than even Denver in the first place. Wasn’t he near sea level in Guayaquil before? Why did he even go to Quito other than to once again fail at getting anyone important in embassies to listen to him (and there are plenty of consulates in Guayaquil to get travel visas from).

      • Stefan Adams

        No. Remember he has 2 Facebook accounts (bryan.tew.92 and bryan.tew.9). Here it is reproduced:

        I have been sold to highesr bidder Thats why they Will not let me leave ecuador eight times I tried they are targetiing my finances with constant games bñocking fñights already purchased and they refusing to refundi my monedas so I cannot book New tickets tried to acces on hotel computar and suddenñy all this porn popped up. Consrant… More set up and entrapment games my brain is being mapped with trauma burning itching to all external ports fisrt sight touch taste hearing smell trauma burning itching to all áreas of body to máp out sensor neural pathways. Wont refund my money after blocking fñights also targwting me in airport with set up entrapment schemes constant trauma and harassment at airport to stop flights even blocking flights or hacking attempts to booking ticket so I could not check in sleep deprivation torture to stop me from boarding fñights causes me to lose new passport have Booker múltiple flights even paid for they and cannot get out of country nov 17 2021 0312 has Quito ecuador Police Will not retorno bags they took at airport

    • Stefan Adams

      Bryan elaborated on the police baggage incident. He claims he was unable to carry his bags due to shoulder pain and for whatever reason the police became involved and took his bags from him. He went back later to retrieve his bags and he says the police don’t know what happened to them.

      Doesn’t make much sense.

    • Stefan Adams

      Bryan confirmed that he was kicked off the plane during early boarding because he refused to cooperate with staff to ensure his reason for boarding early was legitimate.

  14. Stefan Adams

    Bryan appears to have a (new?) cell phone now. He says he has been “sold” to either the Russians and/or Chinese. He presents no evidence for that claim. I appreciate that he at least acknowledges that neither of those countries have any interest in his schizophrenic nonsense.

    Whines about how he can’t get “medical evidence” because “they” keep manipulating the tests. How many fucking hearing tests does he need? He keeps going in for new audiology exams that show the same damn thing. Even if he did get hearing results that showed his hearing was totally decimated like he claims (it’s nowhere near that bad), it still wouldn’t prove that the CIA fired microwaves into his ears.

    On another Facebook post, he appears to have booked yet another ticket to Miami from Quito. He doesn’t say what he plans on doing in America.

      • Stefan Adams

        In the past he was deathly afraid of taking any trip that required him to land in the USA. He also did not post anything to show he has a ticket past Miami, so I guess he plans on camping out at the airport until he figures it out. So queue the “deadly game” while he sleeps on the floor for a while.

        A quick search shows there are plenty of cheap tickets direct to Spain from Quito, though he would have to wait a couple of weeks to get the cheap prices.

        I put a 50/50 on whether he actually plans on staying in the US or moving on to another destination. He is deliberately choosing Miami when there are plenty of other non-US destinations he could take to get to Spain.

      • Stefan Adams

        Looks like he’s not making today’s flight to Miami. Supposedly he got some of his belongings back, but some things (iPhone and credit cards) were not. And yeah, his story changes yet again – he said it was Cuba, not Spain.

        “Credit Cars taken and deliberately not returned. I refused to PLAY THE GAME and was forced to walk away from airport in Quito Ecuador. Now I cannot reach Cuba

        Cannot access account because they took iphone & apple watch and will not return”

        • Wet Nayrb

          It seems like it’s not the best few days for Bryan to travel to the United States anyway if he doesn’t want to be hassled by security for camping out in an airport considering it’s American Thanksgiving tomorrow and airports will be jam-packed today.

          • Stefan Adams

            Bryan says his credit cards weren’t returned, so who bought the (multiple) tickets to Miami for him? I’m thinking a relative must have tried to convince him to return to the US and offered the fare. I don’t think Bryan would have ordinarily chosen to come back to the US.

            This morning Bryan posts an update showing a 30 hour bus ride to Lima, Peru. We’ll see if that actually happens.

  15. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan’s now in Guayaquil, Ecuador again and complaining about the credit cards he didn’t get back in Quito.

    If getting to Cuba was such an important thing to him, why didn’t Bryan just fly to Cuba from Spain in the first place? Is it just that Bryan knows, deep down, that he’s probably on the Cuban “do not enter” list?

  16. Stefan Adams

    Bryan thinks it is a conspiracy that there are no direct flights from Guayaquil to Managua. All the flights he can find are indirect flights that require changing airplanes a few times and/or stop in the USA (he’s again reverting back to the US-phobia that he didn’t admit to when he had those tickets to Miami).

    I don’t know what particular reason there is for there not being direct flights between those two cities but I doubt it is a conspiracy against him. There could be simple economic reasons (those two cities aren’t popular with each other to justify direct service) or political reasons or something else having nothing to do with Bryan.

  17. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan Tew has finally left Ecuador and is now in…

    Panama, where he had a “Violence violent collision” at Multiplaza Mall, which appears to be a high-end shopping centre in Panama City so I wouldn’t be too surprised if he’s buying a new iPhone at the Mac Store (Multiplaza doesn’t have an Apple store per se but Mac Store sells Apple products).

    • Wet Nayrb

      Bryan shows us Panama City and writes in the title that his ticket to Nicaragua is blocked.

      Y’know, considering Bryan’s preference for staying in Spanish-speaking countries but his seeming refusal to learn any Spanish beyond a handful of tourist book phrases, Panama City seems like one of the best cities for him to be “stuck” in within Spanish-speaking Latin America considering it has a sizeable English-speaking community, largely Americans from the days when the Canal Zone was still American territory, and is quite bilingual.

      I’m not sure why he’d want to go to Nicaragua where he’d be less safe. Nicaragua was the country where that dishevelled-looking homeless guy walked towards his bus with a machete, wasn’t it?

        • Wet Nayrb

          Just in Central and South America, Bryan could go to Belize, Guyana, or Trinidad and Tobago (technically part of the Caribbean but only a few miles offshore from Venezuela so I’m including it) for countries that have English as an official language, and Costa Rica is another country like Panama that has a sizeable amount of English-speaking expat Americans living there so he could likely get by in the capital San Jose without needing to speak much Spanish, assuming he sticks to stores that cater to the American residents.

          I almost think that Bryan tries to avoid countries where English is either an official language or widely-spoken because he enjoys being rude to anyone just doing their job who can’t speak English that well.

  18. Stefan Adams

    Bryan’s latest bonkers revelation: homeless (and other) people are part of “stalking pods” that exist in every neighborhood in the industrialized world whose purpose is to walk around randomly and follow people like Bryan around as part of the CIA’s conspiracy against TIs.

    • Stefan Adams

      The homeless people who dart out into traffic to hustle people for money are actually government agents working to connect people’s brains to supercomputers according to Bryan. That’s hilarious.

    • Wet Nayrb

      In other words, a homeless person who aimlessly wanders around the world complains about homeless people whose aimless wanderings are limited to whatever city he’s in at the time.

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