Candy Grandpre Bails From Pensacola, Moves to Cincinnati

Candy Grandpre says she has a “gangstalking emergency” and had to leave. She references being banned from so many places (for her bad behavior) and the locals becoming increasingly aware of her antics that she was becoming such a celebrity (in a negative way).

By the way, this video seems to be clipping / stuttering really badly.

I predict she will have the same luck in Cincinnati as she did in Pensacola, because the problem is not the city, the problem is her:

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  1. I predict she is going back to Pensacola, because the cold and her important stuff she had to pay $$$ to keep. She does things that are not just well thought out. If she just admitted she need help, REAL HELP not money, she could have a better life. Instead she flits around being her, weird people out, gets all paranoid about everything and everybody….and remains homeless and begging. She cannot learn.If she could, she would be fluent and translating.
    I looked up “homeless help in Cincinnati ” and it seems they have several avenues and agencies who try to help. But one word really stuck out, ASSESS. If she thinks no one will ask about her background, look her up online, question her claims of disability, ask her to budget, take courses to improve her employability, etc, she will be upset. They will expect the truth from her and insist she be in treatment and compliant, just like all the housing help has said to her all along. It’s part they don’t have a place and a larger part they don’t want an unstable person with so many challenges in their care, because they will know she cannot be successful, as is proven by her life in Pensacola, and all her past attempts.
    Candy, you will be researched online. They will contact places you went for help and question why you take zero respond for ANYTHING. You have UNSTABLE tattoo on your forehead, just from talking with you for a little while.
    And if you try to claim that your disability benefits are for your hyperacusus and OCD? They will know you are lying. You get SSDI because you are mentally ill and have several “challenges .” Until you realize that truth, you will be chasing people down for money for food and sleeping stinky and on the streets for the rest of your life. You have heard you are “not right” and have been that way from preschool. You can’t grow out of that. The only problem you have is YOU.
    Oh, and you leg swelling is because of your weight and sitting as long as you have been. That’s all. Cutting all salt will help. But it is severe and should be treated by a doctor. You could damage your heart and your kidneys by your own inaction. Your legs should be wrapped in compression bandages and/or socks. It is nothing any bath in mud, salt or anything else will help. You could cross the line and get lymphedema, something you do not want. It needs immediate attention. Real medical care, not some holistic/natural/bullshit internet search. Given the huffing and puffing after walking a block and your bladder issues, damage might already have happened. Your usually irrational “I feel like I’m gonna die” histrionics might be closer than you think.

  2. Stefan, have you ever been able to figure out how we sex traffic her? I know everyone has a kink, but she gives away pictures and video of herself free online, so just what exactly does she think is happening? I would distance myself from anyone I even thought was turned on by her. I mean, EW.
    Oh wait….she has been professionally diagnosed with paranoid delusions. I guess that is just one.

      • Amen. That she thinks any person is lusting after her is disgusting. You do because you are a guy, I do because I am a “dykester” who has spent the last 42 years married to the same man as a cover for my gang-stalking, Satanic, Illuminati, NWO, Masonic lifestyle.
        Right. Nothing delusional about that at all.
        She is always saying people have told her she has no common sense. Usually her all inclusive “people” I would not believe. This time I do.

  3. Candy is whining because people are telling her to eat off the value menu (maybe she saw my comment on “Menace to Pensacola”’s latest video where I said something to that effect).

    She says eating off the dollar menu (is there even a dollar menu anymore /w inflation? lol) is “punishment”.

    OK, I eat way more fast food than I should even today but when I was younger, you could get a 5pc nuggets from Wendy’s for only $.99 and a Frosty for the same price (so two bucks total excluding tax). I enjoyed the heck out of those meals and I still eat those today (just costs way more than a couple dollars now). Far from punishment.

    • OK, I started listening to Candy’s rant. She claims that she’ll get cancer and die if she eats off of the value menu (i.e. that it is unhealthy), and that McDonalds is part of the Illuminati (lol!).

      It’s an exaggeration to say McDonalds will cause cancer but I get that their food is fatty, salty, and etc. But, but, but, the $30 meals you get Doordashed from restaurants are not any better. Please!

      • Candy,

        I eat off of the value menu occasionally. I get a chili and Frosty from Wendy’s from time to time. (I’d like to think that the chili is a little healthier than the fried chicken).

        Because of inflation, I eat more home cooked meals now.

        Eating off of the value menu isn’t punishment. It’s a smart way to manage your money when you aren’t cooking.

      • I think her cancer claim, or really any health claims she makes, are crazy. She doesn’t understand anatomy, nutrition, cancer, virology, immunology…..heck, she has a hard time just understanding the importance of personal hygiene. She thinks her heart drains either through her bladder or into her legs. She claims both that anything pertaining to the mind is of the devil, yet uses psych symptoms to explain away her lack of ability to move beyond her bed. Is she trying ANYTHING to relieve her depression? No. Not even St John’s Wort or chamomile tea. She just wallows in her self-inflicted misery and expects people to throw money at her because…..WHY? What does she really do? NOTHING. What does she contribute to the lives she crosses? NOTHING. She says she is an author, vut anyone can self-publish and claim that title. The real test of that title is getting someone else to publish what you write or when you actually get PAID for what you write. Instead she sells a chance for someone with some extra to give to someone else who has none, so they can feel good. She’s a pity whore. Not much more than that. If people in Pensacola even notice she is gone, there will probably be people relieved she’s not around.
        Candy, you need a life. Your life does matter, and you treat it as though it doesn’t. Church is not for the Saints, it’s for the sinners. Start there. Look for a “non-denominational” congregation, or a church that says “Come asYou Are.” Be prepared to be uncomfortable, but also prepare to be asked questions. No one can help you if you think everyone is out to get you. And READ the Bible, don’t listen to it. You gain more understanding, more brain action, if you read anything out loud. You do NOT understand much of what you claim, so be prepared to have your beliefs challenged. You need a “point” in your life. You currently have none. Your entire existence is spent in fear and want. You don’t need a house, a car, a career. You need to be you, even though you are flawed. Even God’s creations can have flaws. Your life is measured by how you overcome those flaws. You can’t do it on your own. How do I know? How is your life now, on your own?
        The rules at shelters are there for equality, routine, and stability. Three things you need to learn to live with, because that is how happy, successful people live their lives.

  4. And, because she just picked a spot on a map without doing any research, Candy has found that it is cold AF, both figurative and literal. She is not known for her slow quirks by bus drivers, so they do their job, driving off when she is still paying her fare, people expect that as long as they don’t hit her they will use the street to drive, and shelters will ask if she is mentally ill and take meds. She later said something about “compliance.” Yep, I knew that would color her day a bit.
    And she got notice that housing in Pensacola would not be helping her. I’ve read their web page and likely compliance with mental health treatment is something they require as well.
    The only people who do not want her in treatment are herself and people who too need meds and treatment.
    Yes, Candy. Considering yourself TI is something called “persecutory delusions.”
    Your job today should be looking for a place to sleep. Your lack of common sense shows in that you did not take a sleeping bag. Now you are stuck in a hilly, fading, post-industrial city with a fairly large homeless population, a problem to which you have added yourself.
    Get to know the budget menus and grocery stores. You can get three items three times a day for $9 (+ tax) instead if eating at $12.99 buffets and eating $15 hamburgers. It likely will be the only way you will be able to eat.

  5. She’s complaining about her Truman Show life (a common complaint among T.I.s).

    There’s a simple solution to the Truman Show problem, don’t turn on the camera (and don’t give other people a reason to film you by overreacting in public).

    • Oh, but they don’t like simple solutions.
      Or don’t have the common sense to think of a simpler solution.
      Or both. With Candy it is both and other quirks on top of that.
      Like being cold. Well, if you know you are going north, why would you put your sleeping bags (plural) in a storage unit. Which you cannot access because you are 100s of miles away, with no ready source of transportation.
      Which you PAID for before leaving. And have been paying for for over three years.
      And she will likely have a hard time getting in a shelter without a CV19+ vaccination. Because in her stellar educational experience, she cannot understand basic things, and has Which I doubt.not a clue about any of the science involved, but she knows it is bad.
      Which is dumb.
      Yeah, Candy, you are dumb. Stupid, nonsensical, absent minded, and so enmeshed with confirmation bias, you cannot have a normal adult conversation. If you ever could.
      The thing she doesn’t seem to rea.ize about the “Truman Show”–beside the obvious that it is fiction– is Truman’s quality of life was extremely high. He was given a home, bed, job, never was hungry, was healthy, well educated, all things you on your own are not. Because despite the travesty of his lack of self-determination, there were people who made sure things went well for him. He had what you call “handlers”, but would more appropriately be called “keepers,” since it was an experience not unlike a zoo. And they care about him, because that is what people who are tasked with assisting those who cannot manage on their own are like. You don’t get certification for being a Social worker, or a nurse, or a helperin a group home, or any other position involved in that kind of care because you want to be rich or famous, you do it because you want to help people live better.
      How are you living now, Candy? How have your own choices got you to this point? How can you manage all on your own?
      Don’t you want better? Get help.

  6. Read or watch “The Three Body Problem” series to understand why humanity is under electromagnetic surveillance and sabotage and our science and tech is hindered so we can’t defend ourselves.

    Religion is just a fraud to prevent scientific progress, but attacks with radiation are done to scientist also.

    • Hey, you need go look up “persecutory delusions, too. I am a (almost) 62, Us citizen, middle-class, middle-income, have some college, I am LDS, have some college but no degree, politically leaning to somewhere between Republican and Libertarian, stay-at-home, fighting cancer with Medicaid…..there is no reason I, nor anyone I know even remotely, needs millions of dollars in technology to do anything to or with. Get a clue. No one cares what you think. You are nothing to anyone important. And you never were.
      Heck, if we are so suppressed and damaged, how are you able to spread that $#it on the free open internet? If you were controlled, that would stop first. You are not special, nor “woke.” You are having persecutory delusions.
      Get help.

  7. Candy, in the middle of winter, chooses to move to a cold midwestern city. Did she NOT KNOW it gets colder the further north you go? She could have chosen any other city with better climate for the homeless but she chose Cincinnati!

    Now she’s worried that she’s going to freeze to death and shaming everyone for not buying her a hotel room.

    Candy, I’ll buy you a bus ticket to a city like Phoenix or Los Angeles. Reply to this comment if you want it.

    • If you think you are becoming hypothermic or suffering some kind of injury from being out in the cold you can call 911. The paramedics and hospital will help you regardless of your ability to pay. 911 may also possibly be able to help find you a place to stay for the night.

      So that is why I won’t be purchasing a hotel room for the night. Plus you will just keep asking for more nights in the hotel so it’s not sustainable.

      If you’re not going to take care of your mental health then all I am willing to do is give you a bus ticket to somewhere with better climate.

      But you’re going to have “gangstalking” issues everywhere you go because it’s all in your head. The burned out headlights are normal things that happen to cars, they are not stalkers and don’t care about you or pay attention to you until you decide to confront them and make rude comments / gestures.

      Being rude to restaurant staff (or other staff) will get you banned in any city (you don’t seem to realize that you’re rude, but you are very rude and entitled to service workers who live paycheck to paycheck).

      You perceive things to be happening to you that aren’t actually happening. The people you accuse of targeting you aren’t targeting you. Sometimes people play loud music because that’s what they want to do, not because they hate you specifically. The sirens are normal sounds in any city that has police and Fire/EMS services.

      Until you get these ideas out of your head, you’re going to continue having a miserable life wherever you go.

      If someone or something bothers you, turn around and go the other way instead of letting it get to you.

  8. I fully admit that the guy in this series of videos that Candy posted seems like someone I wouldn’t want to encounter in a park at night either but, if I saw any sketchy individuals like that, I’d keep well away from him and not escalate the situation by filming him while making wild accusations towards him.

    Nobody sent him there, he’s just a nasty person who also seems to like frequenting that particular park, which Candy doesn’t own.

    Isn’t that Paycor Stadium (where the Cincinnatti Bengals play) in the background? This is probably Smale Riverfront Park, across Mehring Way/Ohio River Scenic Byway/US 27, from the stadium, which seems to be the kind of major city park where you can expect to see other people, even at night.

    • “These bus drivers, they look at you like you’re crazy.”

      Or they look at you like they’re trying to figure out whether or not you’re going to cross the street in front of them (considering you’re walking around erratically) because they don’t want to accidentally hit you. It’s called “civil inattention”.

  9. And now….. SSDD.
    Candy, you spraying rubbing alcohol around is the equivalent of someone smoking. Yes, it is. You are being selfish, rude, entitled and narcissistic every time you spray around people. You are putting something in the air that would not be there without YOU, and seem to thi k that is your right. NO, IT’S NOT. As someone with asthma, your entitled narcissistic claims of OCD could trigger an asthma attack, a REAL medical problem.
    The same applies with you handing people anything you have made wet. Would you accept from anyone something wet? No, you’d be having an e titled narcissistic tantrum. That works both ways. I know you don’t understand the Bible, but “do onto others” should not be too hard to understand. If you don’t like someone doing something TO you, you should not be doing the same thing to other people. That you called her names shows how entitled and narcissistic you are. That you got mad, shows them you are potentially unstable, and probably OCD is not the only mental health issue you have. And you act like that ALL. THE. TIME.
    You got a tax form because they gave you INCOME. So you should be taxed for it. It’s not how much you work, it is money you received from ANYONE. To not think you need to pay taxes in your entire INCOME? Narcissistic, entitled and greedy. To not pay taxes on your donations, you would need to file for tax-exempt status. I doubt you qualify. Your income from both SS and your attempt at work do not even cover your expenses. Your lifestyle relies on the donations and kindness of strangers. It should ALL be taxed. So, you are not repaying your student loans, not paying to stay in motels and eat at restaurants, and now we learn are not paying taxes on your income. Wait until the IRS comes after you. They charge interest and are tenacious.
    No one is going to let you move into to a house without knowing you will pay your rent and bills. And you have provided proof every single day that you cannot manage money. Your next check comes in 16 days. So far, your only income has barely lasted 7, and you are now completely bankrupt. To live in a motel, get meals, get your “necessities” until your next check will need donations of about $1500 (going by what YOU ask for: $60/night and $10/meal.) And then you’ll need “necessities” including overpriced soap, mud to drink, and fat you eat by the spoonful. You have no major bills right now, no housing, utility bills, or car loans and expenses, including insurance. And you have documented it all online. You will be Googled, Candy. No one will want someone you can’t make $800+ with no major normal expenses in their property. Also no one will allow anyone but a close family member cosign for you. Your last short story is unrealistic, naive, displays immature “wishful thinking.”
    Oh, and the story about the porcupine? You don’t get that right either. Porcupines are not scavengers, so would not fight for a carcass, they only fight to the death with a predator trying to eat them, and you have made another continuity error about what the skunk is fighting. And wrapping up another story looking decades into the future in the last paragraph is not good story telling. It’s a confusing mess. Again. Also, please stop saying I give “false” reviews. I don’t. I gave a real review. You are not a good storyteller nor a good writer. Your stories are childish, not childlike. And your writing shows you have zero experience in love, children, pets, church life, family, cooking, and everything else. Just like your videos, they show a disconnect between your mind and reality.
    Like the disconnect that you state psychology and psychiatry are evil and of the devil yet claim psychiatric and psychological symptoms for your behavior and current life choices. OCD, major depression, major anxiety, “meltdowns,” your self diagnosis of “Asperger’s,”… all are things for which there are treatments, yet you CHOOSE to not be treated. Being in treatment and compliant are two things most agencies look at before renting to anyone. You prove that wise.

  10. Candy, your views are flawed. People have houses, cars, money, and everything else because they have worked and saved for those things. No one needs to sell their soul, and you keep insisting that they have. Get real. You are 39, you think getting $16 dollar soap is okay, that eating $8 fat with a spoon is a good idea, that eating mud is food, that you need $25 supplements, and that what you want is what you are going to get because after someone gives you money it is your’s and no one can tell you how to spend your own money. That is childish, immature, and why people stop giving you what you want. You accomplished nothing but gaining weight and making the back of your head/hair flat while you where asking for $365 a week for a motel, plus money for food and things. NOTHING. You always have an excuse. Sleep deprived, depressed, both of which are conditions I have too. But I am an intelligent adult who understands the science and take one pill a night which takes care of both. One pill, Elavil.
    Your problems are totally because you do not think anything you do is your own responsibility and everything you need should just be handed to you. Get real. You keep saying you are an independent grown ass 39 year old, but you act closer to just 9, who needs a parent to provide for everything for you. If you are “starving,” and you are most certainly not, go to a soup kitchen and practice some self-control. You make stories up in your head and never really try anything. Stop thinking about what might happen and DO SOMETHING. If you are that hungry, you’ll eat what you can afford, which seems to be nothing. If you are that cold, your first job should be figuring out where you can stay/sleep at night. Then you won’t have to worry about wasting someone else’s money on another motel room that you will only complain about, including how you slept for 12 hours yet still feel tired. The body and brain don’t work like that Candy. If you still feel tired, you need to see a doctor and get treated for depression.
    And taking two showers in a single morning is just wasting time, water, and soap. You can’t get “super clean;” you can’t bathe ahead. If you you wet yourself after three showers you are still going to smell like pee.
    And you won’t need to worry about tornadoes, at least at night in February. Learn the difference in “tornado watch”, “tornado warning,” and just a storm alert. You are in tornado country now (Cincinnati was hit by several in one day in 1976. Someone I knew was killed the same day from another tornado. So you do need knowledge, so learn about the local weather. )
    And tell me exactly…how can you possibly think I, or anyone else for that matter, can be jealous of you? Because you have “published” on Amazon? Anyone can do that, Candy. It is nothing special. Stop saying that. It only makes you look more immature and foolish.

  11. Candy, much like Bryan, has an incident at the Social Security Administration.

    She won’t share the video because it likely does not support her version of events.

    I went to the other (2nd) Social Security office, & the fake #gangstalking security guard created a fake street theater incident to prevent me from getting to handle my business & change my address. Everyone in the waiting room was laughing at me. If you want to see the videos, ask me for the link. (I’m not talking to you online perps. I’m talking to my trusted supportive subscribers!) What makes y’all think it’s so easy to get food stamps at the snap of a finger?

    I’m disabled, but I never asked to be cursed with being forced against my will to be on Social Security, in the 1st place! The former foster mom & fake social worker did that for their own GREED

    • She explains some of what happened in this video:

      Basically, the security guard didn’t want her bringing bear spray or her other spray bottle filled with, as far as he knows, an unknown substance into the office. (Yes, we know from her other videos that she says it’s rubbing alcohol but he doesn’t know that.)

      She complains that they had large bottles of hand sanitizer in the office, not recognizing the difference that those bottles were purchased by the government and are mandated to be there, unlike whatever she’s bringing in. And, if she just kept her bottles inside her bag, there probably wouldn’t be an issue unless it’s the type of office that inspects all bags.

  12. I’m not going to share the direct link here but I was just on Candy’s twitter page (@CreoleTargeted) and she shared a graphic photo of a TI’s dirty underwear. Said TI says the CIA made him poop his pants.

    This seems to be a preoccupation for Candy.

  13. Yeah, another Freudian concept she doesn’t quite understand, being ANAL. She thinks it means poop reports from both herself and any other nutter who can’t control their sphincter.

    Candy, you really need to learn to think. Just generally and then about just why YOU put yourself in your current condition. YOU chose to leave Pensacola. YOU chose Cincinnati, without researching the most basic things about it. YOU spent your only sure money in one week, meaning nothing but begging for everything you need for another two weeks, after begging this week’s. YOU are the one that decided you were a “targeted individual.” YOU are the one who has eaten yourself into morbid obesity and YOU are the only person in the world who thinks you are anywhere near starving. YOU let yourself be triggered by everything. YOU insist everyone you meet follow thee “rules” YOU have made about your place in society. YOU think following standard rules and behaviors are not for you, they are just for everyone else, unless you don’t like them, then you disregard those rules, too. YOU demand 100% agreement with your life’s choice. YOU. YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU….ARE THE MOST NARCISSISTIC PERSON I HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE TO KNOW.
    Now as for your beliefs that every single person on the planet who does not agree with you 100% is somehow “brainwashed,” not even close. People see the same things you do, yet you are the only only one triggered. Why are you triggered by the most atupid list of things? Because you saw a thing on the internet that posited some people are part of a big conspiratorial program, run by every single faction in the world that people have always been leery of, and you matched your experiences to a list, and said, “Hey! That happens to me, too!” and decided YOU Rea “targeted Individual.” YOU CHOSE TO BELIEVE IT, BASED ON INFORMATION FROM PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW, WHO HAVE NO EXPERIENCE, WHO HAVE NO CREDENTIALS, WHO HAVE NEVER VERIFIED ANYTHING THEY BELIEVE, they just believe.
    Like you.
    YOU are the brainwashed one, not the world.
    Why are you triggered by white-black cars? That was on the list. It was an example, you do not have good reading comprehension, and thought the person who made that list was saying it will be white to black cars, or red shirts, or a broken light on a car. Who made this list? What was their criteria for including what they do? How did they research? How many people were used to verify each item should be included? And best yet, why do people who have used that list, a .pdf posted on an old crappy website with no accreditation or source work, BELIEVE IT? Because they are mentally ill, looking for a way to avoid the consequences of their inaction when it comes to their mental health, and they don’t think about the important things like “Why is that one list?”
    If you had thought to think about it, you would have learned that almost 80% of the cars sold in the US are colors between white and black, which includes grays and silver. EVERYONE sees more of those cars because there are more of those colors. It’s not something to be triggered by, but YOU have been brainwashed to believe it is. Same with red shirts….red is a very common color for people to wear as most people look good in a shade of red. Same goes with black and blue. Those are three of the most worn colors, yet you see something to be triggered by, because it was on a list.
    Who is brainwashed again?
    Head lights have changed, and for people who don’t have your triggering in mind, having one out is something they are probably not even aware of. And if one light does go out, replacing just that one light means you might have an LED and an incandescent. What does it mean outside of that? Nothing, unless you have been brainwashed by that list.
    Oh, and some car lights have lenses that cause the light to be seen only head-on, not from the side, so most of your “funny” lights is just you not seeing the thing correctly. And really….”funny” lights? If you can’t be more exact than that, it shouldn’t even be said. And I remember back when I first saw your videos that I explained to you how having lights on all the time, even during the day, was common place for safety, because you were being triggered by headlights back then. Now you are triggered if lights aren’t on during the day. Your own triggers change to match your experience because you have been brainwashed into thinking any petty fault in a car is ABOUT YOU. Your narcissism again. People see the exact same thing you do every single day and don’t even notice, because they have not been brainwashed into thinking that everything is about them.
    I know you won’t mess with your own “reality, and I doubt if you would understand, but you really should research “gangstalking ” and “targeted individual” and look for actual peer reviewed papers. You are having something a wee step beyond mere “paranoid delusions,” you are having “Persecutory Delusions.” It describes your behaviors and beliefs. Your “truth” is only YOURS. Only people who are mentally ill in the same way will believe you. The rest of the world sees lots if white cars, red shirts, minor faults with the lights of their cars and go on about their lives, because they are mentally well and aren’t swayed by an anonymous list they found on the internet. YOU ARE.
    You are the one who is brain washed, at the very least.
    You need to get help. People are going to notice that what you claim is also true in their lives, and they don’t think what is say can possibly be true. You are an independent grown-ass 39 year old woman. Act like one. No one cares what you look at, video or say. No one gets paid to go about their daily lives, just to trigger you.
    And it is narcissistic and delusional to think they do.
    You made your bed, Candy. Lie in it.

  14. Candy gets into some kind of trouble with the Day’s Inn near Cincinnati. I don’t quite have a full understanding but it has something to do with an issue with her online reservation.

    The motel doesn’t have a way to resolve the issue since it is a third party booking so Candy needs to follow up with the booking company but she can’t or won’t.

    She starts insulting the Indian dude behind the counter and tosses in casual racism to the conversation.

    Thx to The Obsoletist for covering Candy in this video. Note that the bit with Candy and the motel starts around 32 minutes (or so) in the video. I can’t make the embed start at a specific timestamp.

  15. Candy had a phone interview for a gas station except she says it turned out to be for a Subway sandwich restaurant inside a gas station.

    She answered a few questions but, about halfway through the interview, the interviewer said, “On another note, have a nice day.” and hung up on her.

    I strongly suspect he was Googling her name during the job interview, found her Youtube channel, and could instantly spot all of the red flags of mental illness.

    • Amen. And something I have been telling her for three years. One of my favorite and most successful jobs I had in grocery was store level HR. This was pre-Googling people, but we were allowed to not interview some people if their application was clearly done by someone we would not hire, like they guy whose “resume” was a rap sheet and the instructions to not call his personal references until he had a chance to schmooze the woman first, because she didn’t like him. We were just beginning to use the internet in HR when I had to shift departments. This needs to be said again.
      CANDY: This might make you cry, but oh, well. There are many reasons you will not be hired, and a simple Google search of you, which WILL be done since you have no former employer references, or even any personal references and are in another city, which is bigger and has a big homeless situation. And you will not get hired. Likely your videos will be passed around and laughed at. You have done many thing unbecoming a prospective hire, and today you have gone above and beyond your past gaffes.
      NO ONE will hire someone who is 39 years old and poops her pants and then talks about doing so, and having hemorrhoids, on social media. NO ONE. What are you thinking? The “I’ve wet myself” and talking about peeing just about anywhere you think is “private,” were bad enough, but today was TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Anyone who does look you up online will look at the newest things first. Your newest information is that you crap yourself, can’t toilet well, and have no cap to your mouth and thoughts about what is and is not socially appropriate topics of discussions. You are daily self-sabotaging yourself out of jobs and help with housing, because no one will want to rent with someone, a 39 year old grown ass woman, who shits herself and then broadcasts it to the world.
      Normally I would say, “Are you INSANE?” but already know the answer to that. Your videos do you no good Candy. They show you to be intolerant (recent rants about ‘Indians’ and ‘illegals’ as well as thinking people on the street need to STFU so you can talk,) illogical (moving to a cold city without researching first,) rude, argumentative, and now unable to care for herself on a most basic level.
      Get help. Or remove current presence on the entire web and start again, this time looking, acting, and relating things on an adult level.

      • Yeah, that video is something else.

        Putting on an “HR” hat for the moment (I am not and never was HR, but I’m going to pretend I am for the purposes of this comment)

        • The way she talks about being interviewed sounds extremely unprofessional. She doesn’t know what job she applied for. Makes me wonder about her reading comprehension. Even if she has good reading comprehension, it still suggests (and she kinda admits it anyway) that she just mass-applied to jobs but did zero research on what she was applying for. I wouldn’t want to hire someone who had no clue what job they applied for unless it was for something like manual labor or whatever. If you can’t spend five minutes figuring out that you applied for a job at Subway, it doesn’t look good for you.
        • She is disrespectful talking about the person interviewing her. My take away from that is that she would be insubordinate in the workplace.
        • She is extremely disrespectful to passersby (and there is no justification for it). Telling them to “shut up” and cursing them out. Is she going to have these verbal altercations at work? With other employees or worse, customers?
        • The bit about her poo issues is extremely disgusting. While I understand her plight of being homeless, her lack of discretion is alarming. Does she have a filter at all or does she just casually bring up poo as a topic in front of others (i.e. customers)?
        • The lack of hygiene is extremely alarming for a food service job or any job where she needs to be presentable. I imagine that Candy smells something like a landfill or a sewage treatment plant now.

        Welcome to Subway, please ignore the foul stench emanating from my rear end, what kind of sandwich can I get you? Oh is that your car with the funny headlights? Perp!

        Here’s the thing.. You have a RIGHT to say whatever you want (assuming YouTube or other platforms are willing to host it). But you’re going to get judged for what you say by the people who are looking to hire you when you apply for a job.

        Talking about the poo in your butt and harassing people on the street is NOT A GOOD LOOK to prospective employers.

        • Candy has also applied for another job for which she needs to be fingerprinted (possibly the same job for which she had the drug test).

          If it’s a job that involves that level of security screening, I think the chances are very low that they won’t also Google her name and find her Youtube channel.

  16. Candy is in a bitchy mood today where she’s under the psychotic delusion that every single person on the street at the beginning of the video is a “perp”, and she’s especially being a cunt to some guy who is merely returning to his car after getting take-out from a restaurant.

  17. Candy is ALWAYS in a shitty mood.. Because of things that she caused and causes 100%.
    She has zero problems she even tries to fix by anything other than begging for money. Too cold, can’t sleep, smell like a public toilet, GIVE ME MONEY!
    For those who watched her channel a year ago, saw her being given $365/week, to hear about how “sleep-deprived and depressed she was. No one should lay around in bed long enough to flatten the back of their head. Yet that is what she did.
    Her attitude is such that everything she does is without fault. She can do no wrong. So she needs to never take responsibility for anything that happens to her.
    How can a woman in a motel room continue to wet herself IN A MOTEL ROOM? Yet she talks about it. Once is an accident, every freakin’ day is a HUGE DISGUSTING PROBLEM. Yet why does she do it? “Forced urination?” Oh, please. It is likely related to an unknown health issue, but she is scared (I would say “shitless”, but we know too much about that) that her obvious mental health issues will be addressed.
    Hey, Candy! Everyone who speaks to you knows your mental, intellectually, and emotional health are a very big issue, then when you smell like you wet yourself and have poop pasting your buttcheeks together, they will NOT give you a job. Employers want people they pay to represent them. You are not able to do so in a manner that will get you hired anywhere. You are homeless, cold, dirty, rude, delusional, argumentative, and not the brightest person. You act like a foul-mouthed petulant child. No one wants to deal with a smelly, bratty kid, and they certainly don’t want them dealing with potential customers.
    As some who hired people, you are not ready for a job. Wanting money is not enough. You need to want to work, actually try to deal with other people, and be an adult. Just working in a grocery store, people who came dressed li,e they were going g to church are peop,e who are ready for a job. People who know what the company does, what the job may require, and how they will be able to actually work and be successful. You look at the money and the words “no experience required.” One of your rejections was from a company who works with clients to keep ATMs working well. It involves a lot of electronic/computer knowlege, a good secure background, and people skills. “No experience” and “Will train” both mean “…THE RIGHT PERSON.” Those ads do not mean someone off the street who can’t manage her own hygiene or how she is messing up her phone. That job certainly would not want someone spraying alcohol (or anything else) over sensitive equipment. Remember how you ruined your laptop?
    Until you get the proper medical treatment for all of your problems, you will continue to be right where you are now. If you go to a social services organization, your needs will all be met. Because no one can live for free, you will have to pay, because keeping room and board is expensive, more than donations and administration costs by far. That you think people are cheating you in a shelter yet co tinue to asks for money for room and board? Stupid. Childish. Greedy.
    In my town, we have a United Way organization called Turnstone. I have worked with one of their facilitators, after hiring a woman with Down’s Syndrome. That is likely the only way you would be successful with anything. You might know what to do in a job, but you are a crappy worker.
    Think about this: every future employer is going to watch your videos showing you making videos on company time, bad mouthing every single person you have worked with and for, saying you can’t work with “people,” that breaks should be decided by you, that using your phone while working is okay, that bathroom breaks are long, and that hygiene is a problem for you. No one will hire a PROBLEM.
    You are a problem. A really big one.

  18. Watching this video. Don’t know if I’ll get all the way through.

    How does she know that the Latino people at her hotel are “illegal”? That’s kinda racist. She wonders why undocumented people are able to have work, homes, and a family life. Not being a mentally ill troglodyte helps.

    After having doxxed multiple people, she’s complaining about other people attempting to dox which hotel she’s staying at. She says it is a “felony” (it’s not) but curiously has nothing to say about her own examples of doxxing.

    Complains about how everything she touches is sticky and slimy, blaming other people’s poor hygiene. Apparently she forgot that she’s walking around with a soiled rear-end based on her own admission!

    • I don’t really have any desire to try and figure out which hotel Candy is staying at but I like the picture above the bed so it can’t be a total dump.

  19. Candy was denied a job as a babysitter / nanny because she doesn’t have a car. I don’t really take a position on whether she can effectively do the job without a car but I do not think she has the emotional maturity to take care of someone else’s children responsibly.

    I am vaguely aware of some YouTube comments accusing Candy of doing something inappropriate with children. I have very little knowledge / detail so I’m hesitant to say anything about it, but I’m sure it will get mentioned again if there is anything credible to those allegations.

    • Oh, you just know that, even in the unlikely event that they ignore her massive Internet footprint of video evidence of her untreated mental issues, Candy would have a hard time not filming the kids the moment they do anything that she interprets as a “Masonic Satanist Narcissist etc…” gangstalking signal and then post the video on the Internet.


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