Drama Queen TIs

Sorry, not really a news post. Just a funny observation about how overly melodramatic TIs tend to be.

Saw several “I’m dying” posts today and started laughing. If you’re dying then call 911 / go to the hospital you lunatics!

Oh they are killing me! In fact they have been killing me for the last decade, this is an emergency!
What if I told you that nobody is “gang stalking” you and your problems are of your own doing? Your health isn’t great but you aren’t at death’s door you drama queen!
Bryan has been so “silenced” and “killled” that he was barely able to get this post out before they finally got to him. Lucky for Bryan he was able to get the same post out (or variations of it) about 500 other times over the past ten years. Any moment now Bryan will croak!

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  1. Kevin’s complaining about “gangstalkers” deleting comments on his videos.

    The default comment display option for Youtube is “Top Comments” which doesn’t show every comment. All anyone has to do is to go to “Sort by” and then select “Newest first” to display (most of) the “hidden” comments. That being said, sometimes people’s comments don’t show up even after “Newest first” is selected because they’re shadowbanned, but that’s done by the Youtube algorithm, not a shadowy cabal of gangstalkers with sci-fi mind-reading helmets.

    • Just another shared delusion. Candy is convinced that her thumbs up are deleted, the thumb downs are added to, and comments are deleted if they are supportive.
      They also seem to think that “Someone” is hacking into their phones.Because the whole Gang-stalking Cabal” has millions of dollars to spend doing nothing more than….what exactly? Make their shaky hands take crappy pictures? Make their phones, often sprayed with alcohol, to freeze up a little bit?
      It is one of the things that disproves the whole shtick. Every TI has their own proof, their own triggers, a different subset of society after them, a different reason they are targeted, and a different end goal.
      And are all having paranoid delusions so can’t notice the illogical impossibility of the whole thing. And despite the differences they all accept everyone’s story without acknowledging those differences.
      The one thing that seems to be the same is the distain of Candy. Because even though they are all mental, she is obviously the most bats#it crazy person they have ever met.

    • Here’s a Grunge filter tutorial for Snapseed and Instagram.

      I suppose that old Pentax camera is also being attacked by gangstalkers using Remote Neural Monitoring because I’m noticing the exact same fake film scratches and marks that are all over Kevin Christian’s photo edits.

      • Oh, dear…..and all of the people with similar mental health problems will see this and not do a quick search. Because reasons.
        Like chemtrail believers, who would rather have secret, windowless p,and flying overhead spraying them with “chemicals,” instead of using the free, real-time flight aware which shows all the information about any aircraft you see over your head. Not a plane targeting you, a regular computer flight. Not “no windows,” something very far away being pictured with a camera with no good zoom and poor resolution.
        And the craziness continues.
        What has always made me laugh are some of the really awful, and awfully funny thumbnails on Candy’s videos.

  2. Bryan complains in a video that the hospital in NYC (I think it’s the HSS – Hospital for Special Surgery) won’t schedule a surgery for him if he doesn’t have a stable housing situation.

    Bryan claims they wouldn’t ask any other patient this question, or at least they wouldn’t be skeptical of his answers, so therefore that proves that “they” are targeting his healthcare to prevent him from getting help.

    In the second part of this video (two clips he stitched together), he records the conversation with the doctor in which the doctor explains that the surgery won’t be successful if he doesn’t go through rehabilitation afterwards and he needs to be in a situation where a physical therapist can come and see him and work on whatever exercises / stretches they require of him.

    To me (and I think most other reasonable people) that is a very reasonable thing to require. Bryan seems upset because he just wants to lie and say he can do all the rehab by himself, presumably in his car or in the Walmart parking lot. Which likely means Bryan wouldn’t do them at all (or nearly so).

    To Bryan’s point that they wouldn’t be so skeptical of any other person, well, it seems they have possession of his VA medical file plus Bryan’s general outward appearance and overall health situation (and the rank odor he has) all give away that he’s probably homeless to anyone who has a need to ask that question.


  3. Kevin now sees a “broadcast person” in the crotch area of his jeans. I’m hoping this doesn’t escalate into Kevin removing his pants to try to prove his point.

    Meth really fucked you up, Kevin.

  4. Note: I made a new post about Candy’s e-book and moved a couple of comment threads about the book from here to there.

  5. I apologize that I was wrong. There are several Dairy Queens that are across the street from, and Dollar Generals, and post offices that are within walking distance from cabin motels.
    Who knew? She showed a Victoria, Texas location. Once again simply using “Dairy Queen,” there she is. It’s a small place with cabins very close together. Which means she will not last long. Too peoplely. It is too bad the other place wasn’t right as it was nice and roomy. These “BGs cabins” seem to be for extended stay and not vacationing. Small and cheap. I can even see why there was a question of a correct address, as depending on the view it is not in Victoria, it is in Bloomington. The office is also apparently down the street, which also matches her various statements. So while I know where she is, I have no interest in messing with her in any way. Her abnormal brain chemistry does enough of that on it’s own.
    And Candy, as long as you continue to say my name and accuse me of all kinds of stuff it is my right to continue to follow you.
    Also, I am NOT “Mormon,” Candy. A few yeas ago, the Church leaders asked us all to be more correct and call ourselves “Latter-day Saints,” as that is the name of the Church. So I have never lied I wasn’t a member of the LDS Church, in fact I will be a member for over 50 years now. I have never done anything “satanic.” I don’t even know what that would include, because unlike you, I do not dwell on evil things. You seem to know more evil than good, and look for evil with every gesture, even the ASL sign for “I love you,” you wrongly call evil. Unless you have some solid proof, more than your evil-filled delusions at least, stop claiming everyone that thinks you are not wonderful in all aspects Satanic. It increases the diagnosed “delusional” part of your psyche. That means it makes you look crazy.

    • Waddle waddle waddle, squirt squirt squirt, waddle waddle waddle, squirt squirt squirt.

      Yeah, Candy’s already making a spectacle of herself to the local population who are no doubt wondering what the hell is up with the squirt bottle. And it’s a tiny town where she can’t just blend in with the other crazies the way she could somewhere like Pensacola.

  6. Candy, this needs to be said.
    Where anyone spends THEIR money is not any of your business. You say this ALL THE TIME about when people send YOU money, but you want to criticize how other people spend their own? GET REAL. Your sister has told you countless time that you are not family anymore. Leave her alone, especially if what she does upsets you so much. Stay out of her business. She has stayed out of your’s.
    And having videos where you claim bugs and birds are stalking will make sure you will never get hired to care for anyone. And the rest of your videos prove you are unable to even care for yourself. You had your own house and you couldn’t even bathe yourself for a week? No one wants someone like that as a “caregiver.” If you neglect yourself, you will be seen as someone who will neglect your charge.
    Which is also why businesses need inspection. Because someone who neglects their own hygiene will likely not be able to produce clean edible food or manage to keep the records needed for anything.

    • Candy says her main Candy Grandpre channel was given a channel strike and is unable to post videos for a week.

      (I didn’t flag the video, but anyone who was named in Candy’s false smear campaign certainly had basis to do so – nobody is sex trafficking you, idiot)

      • She seems to think only the person taking her abuse in the video can report it. Wrong. Anyone can report any video. That it has taken YT so long to finally realize it violated all kinds of their rules of behavior. Heck, I reported it, and when nothing was done, reported it again, and asked a real person how it can remain on YT. Then Candy put it on private. When she brought it back to public, I reported it again. That it gave her trouble is a good thing. Her behavior in the video, and her choice of name calling, were horrible. And now that it is not viewable, she is saying he put his hands on her. BULLshite. Liar, liar Candy. But you also say you never said I needed to be murdered, despite many people watched the video and saw you did.
        Her “small bruise” is likely because her blood pressure and general lack of activity made a small vessel pop. It does not take millions of dollars of technology, which are more properly used making her feet vibrate and her organs squish….oh, wait. That’s just stupid, crazy, and paranoid. And more likely diabetic neuropathy and excess abdominal fat.
        She does not know what “sex trafficking” means. No one wants her sexually, and anyone that would likely doesn’t have access to the internet. I suggest you look it up, Candy. It is a crime and is something that needs to be stopped. People have suffered kidnapping and abuse. You saying that it is happening to you is offensive and offensively ignorant. You freely give away what any pervert that might want you wants– your disgusting hygiene with descriptions of how you cannot toilet yourself properly. Really. It’s a fetish.
        Birds in Texas are not enjoying Spring, they are fake and gangstalking Candy. As a former HR person, if I saw that video, I would have laughed long and hard, shared it with everyone so they can bask in the craziness, and stopped processing her application, sending it onto the main office with a big “PO” which stood for “personal observations, aka automatic NO.
        And now she is calling churches to get her out of her poor life’s choices, even though she will not go to any church. And thinks someone who just might help is against Biblical law, so is FAKE. I predict any food given her will be snubbed for not being organic and fit for consumption, despite her admitting she is 277 lbs.
        It will be too process, junk, not something she likes, not something she can use…because if you are Candy Grandpre you believe beggars can be choosers.
        She is such a disgusting, vile, hypocrite.


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