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  1. I have never understood his “the last response….blah, blah, blah.”
    The last response of any action at anytime will be considered when making the next action. That’s how thinking works. You do something, the person you are interacting with considers what you did before making the next move.
    Unless they are an idiot.
    It really just continues to show Bryan does not fully grasp his “hypergame theory” shtick. It requires that one player not know he is part of the game. Just him thinking that HGT is being used on him negates his premise. If he continues with reporting, Walmart will likely trespass him. If you cause any trouble, they don’t want you hanging around. And it looks like he is parking along the road built for semis to be able to turn around.

    • Yeah, I was curious about exactly where Bryan is parking. Guess I could look it up on Maps, haven’t bothered.

      Depending on the context of the situation the semi driver may not even have been aware of Bryan’s vehicle nor aware that he struck his vehicle.

      I was thinking a hit and run, intentional or not, would be bad news for a CDL holder if they got caught so I’m more likely to believe Bryan was parked in a bad spot with poor visibility and where regular vehicles aren’t expected to be parked. But that’s for the cops and insurance companies to figure out.

      And yeah, the usual TI narcissism thinking that every thing that happens in their surroundings is some sort of test directed against them.

      • Bryan often parks in the “No Parking” access lane immediately around the periphery of the Walmart store, possibly because the WiFi signal is much stronger there compared to the actual parking spots some 10 yards away.

  2. Bryan, for like the third or fourth time, claims he is quitting YouTube. Complains about “censorship” on YouTube.

    Going to Rumble, BitChute, and Brighteon where he will have even fewer viewers than he does now. He will also have less capability to censor the comments section.

    Most of the “censorship” is from Bryan using copyrighted material outside of the scope of fair use.

    I do know some of Bryan’s recent TOS strikes have been from people flagging his videos for doxxing (in his case, self-doxxing, which shouldn’t count, but I guess their content reviewers, if there is even a human involved, don’t care to make that distinction).

  3. Bryan makes a very pointless surreptitious recording of himself going into a UPS Store to send a fax. At the conclusion of the video he waddles back to his Toyota and we can briefly see the transmission receipt. He sent some kind of identity verification to a number that belongs to “Excella Card” which is some kind of pre-paid debit card.

    (Note: the “to” number isn’t visible in this particular frame but it is 855-882-8740)

  4. Bryan has ankle-swelling, which is a pretty common symptom of diabetes but, of course, he claims that it’s due to directed energy torture.

    I saw a doctor last week about something else but he pointed out my own ankle-swelling and, no, I don’t think it’s caused by satellites zapping my feet.

    • My ankles have been swollen since I had pre-eclampsia during my only pregnancy.
      My son is going to be 42 in May. I blame him.

    • Bryan also spends most of his time seated or reclined with his feet down. I work a 12 hour desk job and if I don’t get up and move about every hour or so my ankles and feet will swell slightly. Not discounting Bryan’s other health conditions, various medical info he has shared and the inside of his car shows he is probably a type 2 diabetic (he consumes so much sugar and sodium) and has high blood pressure. Remaining seated or reclined for hours or days at a time contributes to many health problems .

  5. Bryan complains that he’s so tired / impaired that he almost got into a wreck. He then proceeds to pull out his cellphone while driving down the highway to make a live video talking about his impairment.

  6. Semi-related: Kevin’s also complaining about being “attacked” while driving, though, unlike Bryan, Kevin is at least smart enough (this time) to not break distracted driving laws of Wisconsin (or whichever other state he’s at now but, since he flew north past Chicago, I’m assuming he’s in either Wisconsin or Minnesota) by filming himself while driving and just complained about it in a Community post instead.


    The main reason I’m linking that post isn’t so much because of Kevin (since it’s really just the same old, same old) but just because of the guy who has been spamming his comments the past few days recommending that he gets a GPS/WiFi blocker from Alibaba. I’d highly advise against that because, if you use a jammer, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll soon be getting a knock on the door from the FCC and a hefty fine, especially if you’re a delivery driver like Kevin who happens to spends a lot of time in and around airports, where authorities can easily detect that kind of tech being used.

    • On second thought, I think Kevin might actually be in Chicago since I spotted a green highway sign that appears to say “Cicero Avenue” towards the end of his most recent video.

  7. Bryan’s lying on the pavement next to his SUV, having a loud freakout session.

    I’d be careful not to be too loud if you don’t want to be “trespassed” by Walmart parking lot security.

  8. Bryan’s telling a doctor that he’s a resident of China now.

    “I don’t live in this country, I’m trying to get back to China.” You live in China? “Yeah.”

    That’s a whopper even by Bryan Tew standards. I don’t think China would even let him back in the country in his current condition.

  9. Bryan is continuing with the China theme in his recent videos and posts. Here’s a infographic post that makes inaccurate claims about US military presence in the Pacific.

    This comes from either a pro-China troll farm or from some type of far-left / “tankie” types on the internet.

    There is no US military base in Taiwan. There are also two (not three) jointly-ran US/Aussie military signals intelligence collections facilities in Australia. I guess you can call these bases but they’re not bases in the sense that they have combat troops or naval / air assets stationed there.

    Could spend more time on this but got bored with the ridiculous propaganda.

    • Bryan continues to misrepresent what happened to him at the hospital in Beijing.

      Bryan, you lied when you purchased your overseas travel insurance from Cigna. You have to know this since you were required to answer certain questions about your health before you could receive this insurance.

      The US Government certainly did not call Cigna to stop your treatment.

      I would bet serious money that hospital in Beijing called Cigna when you were being wheeled upstairs for your tests to get a pre-authorization for your treatment and testing. Because the hospital wants to make sure they will get paid before they spend many more thousands of dollars on a bill you don’t intend to pay.

      When the hospital called Cigna, the hospital had to tell Cigna what issues you had, and during the triage process (where they take your vitals and discuss your concerns) it would have been revealed that you had disqualifying conditions that would be the basis for Cigna to cancel your insurance.

      Let’s call this what it really is Bryan: insurance fraud that you attempted to perpetrate.

  10. Umm, no, Candy, I don’t think anyone’s going to just give you a car, and, if they did, it would probably be a total junker that you couldn’t afford to keep running for very long without spending more than it’s worth on maintenance, not to mention other expenses like gasoline and insurance.

    • If someone gave her a vehicle, she would be constantly begging for money, because her income minus her current monthly “rent” will not even cover the cost of insurance. How will she make up the difference? How will she pay for gas? Break down expenses? Towing when it craps out? The tickets she will surely get from driving so distracted by the other cars around her?
      Candy, you would also have to pay taxes on that car. If donations are made, you’ll pay sales tax. My neighbor won a car, and he had to take out a loan just to cover the costs of the “gift.” I suggest you research how much insurance will cost. I have good insurance, but I have zero tickets of any kind. How about you? I have driven a car for 40 years and have never been at fault in an accident. My car is in good condition, but not fancy. But it still costs a lot of money to drive. Money you don’t have. You beg for FOOD and are sometimes not successful. Who is going to pay you for gas every weeks? If you don’t know, you shouldn’t get a car. And about needing a car for job, you don’t have a job now, and no prospects, so you don’t need a car. It would be a huge waste of money YOU DO NOT HAVE.


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