Candy Grandpre Writes Dumb Ebook, Melts Down Over Honest Reviews, Slanders Reviewers

Candy has another ebook out. It is supposed to be a cookbook based on the cover of the book, but many (most?) of the recipes are non-food related. One is a recipe for a “detox” bath and another is a “cure” for menstrual cramps, which I’m sure any person hankering for a tasty meal wants to hear about.

In the book is a diatribe about gangstalking, directed energy weapons, and a preemptive warning that people who might leave her bad reviews are actually sex and organ traffickers that you should ignore.

If you were hoping for wonderful food recipes from a Louisiana native, well, you’re going to be disappointed.

Another bizarre thing about this ebook is the heavy use of URLs. The reader is expected to read those links. The problem with this, apart from being tacky, is that eBook readers generally disable copy-and-paste, so good luck copying those links to a web browser. You might be able to click on them if you’re lucky. This would be rather annoying if you printed out pages hoping to have a hard copy of recipes only to see a URL on your paper printout.

And yes, true to the warning in her book, she does melt down about people who leave bad reviews. She made a video accusing one reviewer, Star Bricker, of being a “sex trafficker” without any evidence whatsoever. She said Star’s review was “fake”, despite Star’s review being a verified purchase!

There is another bad review and yeah, Candy Ass melts down over that too.

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  1. Candy has discovered that her right to publish whatever she chooses does not interfere with my right to review what she writes. Censorship loses again!
    She is getting all butt hurt lately about people calling her names. But what do I, someone she calls “Shits15k”, feel about this? Well, having watched her call people she knows nothing about, “Pedo,” seeing her whine about being mocked as a “child molester,” is cringy.
    She must not have gotten to the “Do unto others” verses yet.

  2. This is something I am unable to ignore, and I have time so why not. The following is a tweet made unironically.

    “Internet strangers, who don’t know you are always falsely accusing you of doing something or having a certain reputation or character that you would NEVER be accused of doing in person.
    Falsely accused of being a “scammer” but nobody who knew me would accuse me of such a thing.”

    Uh, wow. There is a lot of things to unpack here.
    Those who do know Candy, would say that about her, and worse. Ask her family.
    But what do I know? Nobody who knows me would accuse me of being:
    Stalker, Gang or otherwise
    Sex trafficker or any other type of trafficker
    A Satanist
    A witch
    A lesbian
    A “pedo”
    A CIA or FBI agent
    Mentally ill, outside of my admitted depression, for which I am completely and successfully treated
    A member of a cult
    An abuser of any kind
    And other stuff she regularly spews about everyone she meets or sees.
    Her latest narcissistic moment is claiming people in cars are rushing to beat her to a store, when she is just walking.
    What are they supposed to do, drive slower than her pace? Wouldn’t she accuse them of following her? I know she would because she has a video of just that.
    No one can do anything, at anytime, for any reason without it being something for which she will to be triggered.
    It’s why people suggest she get help, or get some meds. No one should live like she does and she does nothing to help herself.

  3. Candy is complaining about people unfollowing her on social media. She is complaining that the tools to find out who unfollow you no longer work, so she’s going into her follows and manually blocking people who unfollow her.

    Hey Candy, if someone unfollows you, it means they’re no longer interested in you. Blocking them when they’re already ignoring you achieves nothing.

    It does say a lot when even the TI community gets tired and bored of her antics.

    • Candy can’t handle the normal ebb and flow of social media like an adult.

      I’ve never even once checked to see who unfollows me on any platform, it’s utterly irrelevant to me because I’m a grown-up who doesn’t take unfollows personally.

      • Imagine being mentally and emotionally challenged enough to equate your worth as a human being to who unfollows or blocks you. I simply can’t. That is sooo fifth grade mentality. It is also proof of paranoia at a pathological level.
        And that she admits to looking these people up to block them is proof of stalking behavior.
        If someone blocks and/or unfollows you, oh well. Who cares? It’s social media. If social media is the only social contact you have, you have a big problem.
        But then she thinks that THREE ice cream bars is a single serving, complaining she can’t get “healthy” food at the local stores. How is eating three ice cream bars standing in for healthy food? Did someone force her to buy them? Did someone force her to eat them?
        She’s a hot mess in a very general way.

  4. Okay, I am apologizing, at least a little bit. I have Magnum Mini bars, but no longer had the box so looked it up online. The package does show a serving is three bars, and calories per serving is 170. But common sense should tell you that an ice cream bar, even though called “mini” are going to be more than 57 calories each. Heck the low sugar frozen fruit bars I get are 60 calories each. But the website says a single bar is 170 calories, which is much more understandable. That makes three bars 510 calories. That is a lot, about ⅓ of my daily goal.
    So Candy was right about the box information, but lacking in common sense enough to wonder why it seems so slow. And should know that serving size does not mean that is how much you SHOULD eat, just a guideline for the purchaser, set by the manufacturer. I have complained and asked for an explanation.
    It reminds me of something I found out about Cool Whip, when I was home-ec. For the longest time the packaging said something like <50 calories per serving, so it looked like an okay thing to splurge on occasionally. And then I saw the serving size, ONE tablespoon. That is a very small amount, and the picture they used of a dollop would have needed four or five times that much. That package has been changed. Magnum should do the same.
    And yes, I am a child of the late 1960-early 1970’s, raised on Dream Whip, then Cool Whip. I still prefer it today over real whipped cream. It has more flavor.

    • Candy saw your comment and replied during her 1h45m video rant.

      • Candy thinks the landowner who built those cabins on his property (one of which she is leasing) waited until Candy moved in to decide to build more cabins on his land for the purposes of a “noise campaign”.

      • Candy doesn’t understand how to soak and cook beans. The bean situation is making her anxious and keeping her up at night.

      • Candy’s sister reported and copyright struck a video containing her image.

      • Candy thinks I’m sex trafficking everyone now, including Bryan Tew and that one can be sex trafficked by merely reposting or sharing a video, which is not the definition of sex trafficking used by law enforcement or actual sex trafficking survivors.

      • Candy is upset that I called her out on her campaign to track down and bully people who unfollowed her and that I pointed out such behavior is textbook narcissism.

      • Candy thinks people should not be allowed to reply to her; she thinks it’s “illegal”

      • Candy thinks people who own cars and/or homes are doing so “illegally”

      • Candy is upset about the commentary around her consumption of Magnum bars

      • Candy thinks Himalayan sea salt and coconut oil are health foods (they’re not)

      • Candy thinks there is a “transgender cloning conspiracy” involving R&B music

      • Candy notices the new banner I made, spoofing her “I am not crazy!” channel banner

      • Candy doesn’t believe Bryan self-recorded those videos touching himself. She seems to think I somehow forced him into that situation and/or that I placed the camera there myself and waited for him to do something embarrassing. No Candy, Bryan made those videos and uploaded the footage himself, whether you believe it or not.

      • Candy thinks her sister is practicing witchcraft (witches and witchcraft aren’t real, Candy) and casting spells on her and trying to sacrifice her

      • Yeah, she ate them as comfort food because that is what she does when she is so hated by everyone. But still does not answer why she continues to buy and eat junk food. Canned fruits and vegetables will not kill her and would be much, much healthier, but she is stupid enough to fall for all the fake food myths surrounding the terms “natural,” “organic,” and “GMO.”
        First, Candy, “natural” can be put on just about anything, and is a buzzword put on by the manufacturer. It means it came from a plant or animal, and nothing more.
        “Organic” means the growers did not use the land or grow their products using a specific list of chemicals. But if the chemicals are not on that list, they can and do use them. And having processed for sale a lot of organic produce, they are dirtier, more bug infested, and more damaged than regular produce. They are more expensive for that reason, not because they are healthier or better in anyway. They have more loss, so less profit. As someone who watches the chemical load I have, the only thing I time I purchase organic is when I want to use citrus peel. But even then, anything used on produce has to be water soluble, therefore washes off when properly washed. So wash your produce, or use processed. You will save money.
        “GMO” is another internet myth about food. Any plant you eat unless you forage for it yourself has at one time or other been genetically modified. Or we wouldn’t have apples, we would just have small, bitter rose hips. “Brocoflower” is a good example. It has been modified to be the best of both broccoli and cauliflower but would never have grown naturally. Have you ever eaten sweet corn? Heavily modified. And extra-sweet corn? We have that because someone wanted a sweeter source of corn sugars. Genetically modified foods are why we have different species of ANYTHING NATURAL. It doesn’t mean it is harmful in anyway, because you don’t get genetic transfer from eating anything. That’s right, it’s not harmful. Even a little bit. How many beef people have you seen walking around Texas? How many crawdad-people walking the streets of NOLA? I’ve eaten calamari every chance I have, and am still 100% human, not squid.
        Try reading a science of food book. What you don’t know will cost you money and worry.
        IF you ever decided to diet for your health in real life and not just talk about doing it and failing miserably.
        Oh, and Magnum is getting back to me about my concerns about their packaging. You should go to their website. They consider one bar, at 170 calories, to be a serving, not half a box. Why they don’t say that on their box? They are getting back to me about that. I think they expect the peop,e to use a little COMMON SENSE, to know half a box of ice cream bars is too much.

  5. Yeah, she doesn’t need to get paid to insult people because she insults everyone she knows or is not giving her money or praise for FREE.

    • Which also shows her grammar.
      Heck, the title of this video (…HYPER…) shows she’s such a narcissist she thinks people gather in groups to hate her, instead of just hating her on an individual basis, which is much more realistic.

    • Yup. On that note, she was verbally abusive to a Social Security employee and was probably given a similar speech to the one Bryan Tew received a couple months ago when he was verbally abusing staff.

      No recording, just Candy admitting to the incident in a Twitter post / YouTube clip and claiming the worker was “narcissistic” which doesn’t make any sense. Candy blames “tourettes”.

      Does Candy ever take personal responsibility for any aspect of her behavior?

      • “She also called me at PRECISELY 11:33 AM!”

        That’s definitely an “and this is a problem, how?” kind of tweet. My best guess is that she thinks it’s some kind of Freemason symbolism since so many T.I.s also buy in to 1980s Satanic Panic-level hysteria about Freemasons as though they’re more than just a supper club for local businessmen.

          • She would! She has no sense of humor or understanding of sarcasm at all. I’ve found that out when I , in jest, said something along the lines of “yeah, I’ve been married to the same man, including having his child, for decades, because I need to cover the fact I am a closet Satanic lesbian witch.
            She said I admitted to it. Seriously.
            She is too childlike to live on her own.

        • All numbers have a Satanic meaning. As do all colors. And all day’s are for “high rituals days.”
          She claims all this information, which means she steeps herself in the study of evil, or she lies.
          Or both. I think both.
          She once told me my online name, Stars15k, is using the number 15 illegally because that is one of her favorite numbers.
          You can’t fight that kind of logic.

      • No.
        Everything Candy does is right and good.
        If you think anything else, you are a gang-stalking sex-trafficker. Because reasons.

        I do not for one second believe she has Tourette’s. She mentioned she first had a fit the first day of a new school. That is too convenient and too much like Cartman of South Park. He used it an excuse for bad behavior and to use bad language. She uses bad language all the time, and has meltdowns when she is questioned by anyone about anything. It’s an excuse.
        She was triggered, and she acted like she always acts, like a 8 year old child with bad behavior. If is was a episode of Tourette’s, then she has Tourette’s 24/7/365.

  6. There are rules for receiving Social Security disability payments, including continued verification of the disability and the mitigation of the thing for which you are disabled. It also includes receiving proper and continued treatment, especially for those claiming mental illness as a disability.
    That she has talked openly about how she received SSDI under false claims of schizophrenia, and proudly how she does not get any treatment for anything at anytime. She claims she is disabled for various reasons, from having two strokes as a child without attributing just what injury that entailed to having her feet hurts if she stands too long. She also claims her hearing condition, for which there is nonsurgical and non-medicated treatment, but which is NOT considered a disability, under ADA rules.
    If ever there was a time for someone to report her for SSDI fraud, easily done anonymously online, it is now. When you admit you shouldn’t have SSDI for the reason you were awarded that money, yet still take that money every month for almost 20 years, that is a lot of backpay or jail time for fraud.
    Or it could force her to either get the help she needs, especially when told that it is one or the other. Would she be able to survive without SSDI? No. Is she handicapped and unable to care for herself? No, but she also does nothing to make things better for herself. Heck even now that she has a steady roof over her head, something ahe has been saying is what she needs for years, she has reverted back to laying in bed on her back making videos and sometimes not showering even though a shower is available to her whenever she wants.
    And now that she has Food Stamps, she is passive-aggressively begging for the funds to be able to return to Pensacola and get things out of her storage, throwing in if ahe had her own vehicle, she cou,d get the things herself, so still wanting a car. There will always be something she “needs” more money for, and she contributes nothing of worth.
    Especially her “books.” Somehow she has surpassed herself for bad writing.

  7. I have had quite a few days.
    Candy has groomed together another book, this one about her journey involving mental health care. I read it so you don’t have To. It is as bad or worse than her last book. It has something to offend just about every racial, social and religious group, as usual. It has the same disclaimer as the last book, claiming all negative reviews are paid, false, and criminal in nature, plus the added disclaimer that any mistakes have been changed by someone to make her look bad. How Amazon, the only entity between author and publication stand stir that baffles me, as it is so obviously wrong, but hey, I’m not an editor there.
    It also has the same lazy effort, misspellings, horrible grammar, page after page of links, spacing issues, putting sometimes one link per page while other times several, use of numerals instead of spelled out….all of which are found in all her books, her blogs and her postings everywhere. The book also has a mess of characters instead of …? Usually apostrophes, sometimes, just up for debate for you tomfigure out…who am I kidding, it’s easy to figure out because she writes at about a 5th grade level.
    I made a review, which got rejected as not meeting their standards. It might have been the mention of her using the character ” ‘@’ instead of the mind and finger numbing ‘at’. ” But my 1☆ (star, in case the character is outside of this forum) stood.
    So I wrote another review, which was accepted. And then disappeared, so I imagine that she complained? She tries all the time to censor anything she doesn’t like, including my negative reviews. My 1☆ disappeared as well.
    So I tried a third time. It was published, and the one star was put back.
    I appealed to censorship aspect, stating that any author who wants to censor a review they do not like, says a negative review is illegal and that the book has been re-edited to make her look bad did not deserve any more than a single star. I applied the Socrates Three Filters as a review. Was it good, was it beneficial, was it truthful. Logic won. There is nothing offensive in anyway.
    Which means it will offend Candy, and she will try again. There is no way this can be censored. I made sure of that. If she tries again to bash me on other places, which is her definition of “conactt”, I will contact Amazon about removing the insulting disclaimers. No one should be saying that. If she can’t stand up to a single review, she shouldn’t be involved in publication. If you censor, you should be censored.
    Applying logic again, and looking back at some of the other reviews on her books , I realized that support for her books on Amazon is wanting. Why do her supporters not review her more current books? NOT a single review but my own? It is very telling. Maybe no one reads her books via Amazon? Or they don’t like it and feel it is better to not rate it than to be truthful? That she makes next to nothing should be a clue, too.

    Saints be praised! My second review, the one that was accepted and published and then disappeared remained on my clipboard.:
    Is this book good? No, again. There is a preface claiming that any negative review is a Satanic crime, somehow false and paid by Amazon, to convince people not to purchase the book, yet it is offered for free at several sites, both which negate the desire by the author to make a living by writing. The preface also claims any mistakes found within were done to make the author look bad, apparently by hijacking the upload to change it. Which is not credible. And is shown to be likely false, as the same kind of mistakes are also found in the author’s other works.
    There are grammar mistakes and misspellings. There is awful spacing problems, sometimes putting one link per page, which would greatly reduce the number of pages, had it been properly formatted. There are clusters of characters, most replacing the apostrophe, sometimes not, leaving the reader to decide what was meant. There is the weird use of “@” instead of the word “at”, as well of the use of the numeral and not the spelled out number; this makes the sentences beginning with a “1” look like the sentence is beginning with “I,” which is very confusing. Also confusing is the time-line, due to cut-and-paste of previous blogs, without clear attribution. Structurally, the book as a whole is a mess, and obviously not proofread or edited.
    The content makes disparaging remarks about racial, social, and religious groups and contains inaccuracies like false claims about vaccinating against Covid-19. Seeming without regard to the personal experiences of others, the book could dissuade someone from seeking proper medical care for their issues, or to stop taking medication as prescribed. That is dangerous, something I know from personal experience. That the author was under psychiatric care as a toddler and now is untreated colors the experiences of the author. The author is NOT a medical professional, and it shows. The book also relies heavily on links, pages of them, including the author’s fundraisers.
    That the book is not insightful, reinforces stereotypes, and is so poorly written, I find nothing to recommend this book.
    It’s not a bad review, I stayed on topic, and I did nothing approaching humor, like I did the first rejected review. She just doesn’t like me.

    • I’m not even reading it for free, I just find the title “From Mental Health to Mental Wealth” (not an entirely original title) hilarious. I’m not exactly sure what “Mental Wealth” is but whatever it is, Candy believing that everyone who has their hand out of the car window enjoying the breeze is actually giving her a super-secret signal that they’re a sex trafficker is definitely not “Mental Wealth”.

      Someone beat her to that title anyway:

      • Yeah, anyone who takes the time to research her, which she makes easy by supplying links to all her social media accounts, and is not mentally ill will see the red flags right away. For more reasons than the fundraising. And anyone who has been in a mental health facility will see the problems right away as well. What she describes happens, so that is true. But what she doesn’t say or understand is if you are treated like that, you are a danger to yourself and others. So you must be incapacitated by whatever means necessary. When you act bad, bad things happen to you. I was in the high functioning ward. In the time I was there, two people had to be confined and medicated, because they were attacking everyone coming close and throwing everything they could lift. They were a danger to everyone. Like she must have been.
        The one thing she does not explain seems to have a thread running through her life choices. She now says that from the time she was a young child she was maltreatment, physically, mentally and emotionally. BUT, when she was no longer a minor, she went back to that home. Would someone go back to that? Unlikely. And while she has been involuntarily committed, she went back on her own. If you were treated so poorly, would you voluntarily go back?
        Even being mentally ill, the choices she made puts her last two books into the fiction category. She went back to two places that made her comfort and where she felt safe.
        And now she is not mood stabilized, obvious from the number and length of the videos over this weekend. And that she is openly confrontational, It shows she is manic. Give it a few days and she will be back on her back in bed doing absolutely nothing but watching videos, making posts about things she doesn’t understand, and whining about how she needs money for a vehicle and/or a round trip back to Pensacola to empty her storage unit.
        When she is not whining about my review. I expect that as well.

  8. I take umbrage at being called “elderly.” And I’ve always thought you, Stefan, are younger than Candy. She do have an age bias, although she de,ands respect from anyone younger than her, even just 13 minutes, yet doesn’t respect any elders she has ever come in contact with, so her bias is absolutely meaningless.
    She also continues to say I am somehow jealous of her. In what universe? Let’s see….I have cancer but am healthier than her on a daily basis, I am overweight, but sttill weigh 100 pounds less than her, own a house outright, I own two cars and can go anywhere I want at anytime, I have a loving husband and family who love me, people like me, I am talented with my hands in all crafts, I am a banging cook especially baking, I serve others whenever I can, I have money in the bank and am thrifty enough that money grows….I just don’t understand what I can be jealous of with regards to Candy. And it is not because she SELF-published booklets, because it is obvious ANYONE can accomplish that, no matter how badly they write.
    I did not lie in my review. My review is not a lie, nor is it false or “fake.” She tries to censor anyone anytime they say something she doesn’t like. Censorship is bad. I do not say ever she cannot or is not allowed to write and publish books, I say her writing is poor. Because it is poor.
    And Stefan doesn’t need to make her look stupid, ever. Candy does that very well on her own.
    Candy, if you don’t want people reading your booklets, you should find a way to make them available to only those you choose. Good luck with that. Your books are public, I use a Kindle and Amazon Prime. You cannot tell me what I can or cannot read on a public website. If you don’t like negative reviews, write better.

  9. Candy, you say I contact you. How? By reading your books and videos? Yeah, I read your videos because you talk so slowly, and you repeat yourself so often, watching your videos is torturous. I cannot follow you, or comment on any post anywhere because you have me blocked. I do not have your phone number, although you revealed your address/location numerous times. That I vent here, and “talk” to you even though I know you will never answer is something you do a lot. You spin all kinds of weird stories about “if” as though you can see the future responses…or is that what your unwanted invasive thoughts are telling you? For someone who thinks psychiatry and psychology is “fake”, you use the mental health issues of depression, anxiety, Tourette’s, undiagnosed autism spectrum and unwanted invasive thoughts to excuse your behavior every single day, pretty much every single video.
    If I lost everything, I would be helped with all I need from my Church. They would not give me money, they would pay my bills and provide me with food. Churches will not give YOU money, because it is obvious you would use them simply to get money and never participate in the actual church community. So that is not a threat to me.
    You are a threat to me because you said I need to be murdered. That’s a pretty important point. You threaten me. The only solace is, like I told the police when I showed them that video, you cannot possibly get yourself together to ever come to “get” me. You are too scatterbrained and too challenged. And could never save up the money needed.


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